: I honestly don't know what you're complaining about. He seems pretty easy to dunk on and deny both with AP Nasus and with bruiser/predator Garen. You're just sads/bads
lol imagine dreaming about a game instead of playing it
Barso55 (NA)
: was jungle noc last game against a horrible top lane kench. Guy overextended 24/7 and picked every fight he could even if it was unreasonable (by normal lol logic). I ganked him and killed him like 4 times within the first 10 minutes. He had sunfire cape and a kill or two. I was like 7/1/4 and he was like 1/2/0 with even farm. He was gonna take top turret if I didnt ult in. I ulted in and used combo, feared him etc, he killed me under turret with like 35% hp left. This is supposed to be a support champ. Absolute bullshit. Although, if I timed my spellshield for his devour would have probably won. Still, broken AF.
Exactly. One tahm just right clicked on us 1v2 and killed us both, even as he had less feed than us. Except not in case of extreme outplay, how could this be acceptable?
: That and release tahm was also a scaling champ, riot slowly powercreeped his early game and took the damage off of his ultimate and put onto his passive so he doesn't have to get points into his R to get his damage. The only way tahm can be balanced as a solo laner is if he is a scaling champ, his kit is literally designed to stall the game and prevent picks / rotate lanes but when it gets the damage it needs it`s effectiveness on the offensive explodes....and right now its getting that damage earlygame for free. Right now, the only thing tahm scales with is how many points he has in his Q..
spot on if he was like a nasus or trynda, and had to go through a phase of passive (boring) farming, early, at least that would be fair...
: Please nerf Tahm Kench and Riven for the love of god
Everything riot can do to screw the game, they will do it. They don't give a fuck, it's purely a random cheating game. There's no skill at all in this game : you have to pick the meta champion and have the right team, or you never win. Pathetic, to think they gain billions from this!
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