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: Sorry it feels like no one has been giving you substantial info in those tickets, but I did take a look through those to see what was going on. You did have quite a few tickets open, and each of them was addressed explaining what happened and why. You can always go back and reference what was said, but I can't go over personal account info here on the boards.
yeah every time they kept saying the same thing "your account has been hacked many times" and they never explained further and gave me any proof , please help me if you can
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: Am I the only one going, why the *F* would you take a screenshot of all of these "milestones." Is using a refund really a milestone? I thought it was me just being an idiot and not paying attention when I clicked rp instead of ip to buy a champion. Your first champion purchased, am I supposed to remember that 90 champions in? Also you say you got hacked once, got your account back and then 2 months later you got banned. Is maybe the problem that the person that hacked your account originally then created their own support ticket to try and get it back during those 2 months and Riot couldn't tell which of you was telling the truth?
I always take screenshots , these kind of things happened to me in other games and i got used to take screenshots to make sure i have proofs of the ownership of this account. also the hacker would never guess sensetive infomations like creation date, refunded hampions , first champs bought, even my old passwords
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: > [{quoted}](name=mfw Lee banned,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=83FbYZGF,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2017-08-29T17:06:39.375+0000) > > man , i already made it clear that my account was hacked only ONCE Hacked once, Banned twice? Was it 2 permabanns or just 1 permaban and 1 2 week suspensions. I have questions. See this list that I will post. Read it and tell me if you did anything wrong or against the T/C. I got permabanned out of nowhere once but if you want to contact me for private information( don't give address and stuff like that I'm not stalker) contact me on omgtat smurf ( no spaces)
how is this helpful ? i got hacked once , contacted player support and restored my account . Playing fine and everything is good till one day i got banned out of no where . Also no , i didnt share my account with anyone
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: The issue is that at some point you have to ask yourself the question: Is the person "recovering" the account really the account owner? There are people who sell accounts, then "recover" them and stuff like that. There are sometimes people who share their account with another person and thus get it "hacked" by somebody who simply knew their password. There was one case I've seen on the forum where there were actually two people that kept recovering the same account claiming it was theirs. Generally speaking, after a certain amount of recoveries it becomes very suspicious. Now, I absolutely agree that Riot should offer better functionality to protect your account, but ultimately they can only **help** you protect your account; you do need to put a minimum amount of effort into keeping your account safe yourself.
: once that you know of that is, people can hack it log in and log out, it also flags systems if lets say the hacker logs on in cario egypt then logs out and another hacker logs in seconds later in canada, then a third logs in at the same time in paris. its a dick move but people do this for the lolz
but i changed the pw after recovering it of course :(
: How can i get hacked without knowing it lol.. i literally log in everyday
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: Sorry. I'm tired, dude. Cut me a little slack. I'm only explaining why companies like Riot have policies like that. Don't take it personally. EDIT: Also, all the replies weren't here when I posted. So I didn't see the reiteration.
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: I can make a general guess as to the why. (I used to do something similar to support work for another company.) Constant recoveries are a sign of one of two things. The first is that you are up to something sketchy, trying to game the system in some way and then using support to cover your ass after the fact. I'm not saying that OP is doing this and I don't believe they are. But, unfortunately, people suck and many people do pull crap like that. The second is a sign that you are very poor at keeping your information safe: in which case your account becomes a security liability. So, companies lock it down for good in order to prevent that liability from taking root. This is probably the case with the OP, depending on how many times that they've had to get their account recovered. It's a crappy fact, but a fact all the same. It's the reason why "account security" is so highly stressed with companies like Riot.
man , i already made it clear that my account was hacked only ONCE
: I've seen this once or twice before. I believe there is a limit to how often an account can be recovered: past that point it's partially your responsibility to select a safer password and/or guard your information better. I can't speak for the WHY of this process, but I think that is likely what happened.
i already made it clear that my account was hacked only once and i was playing all fine then i got banned out of nowhere
: Add the conversations with riot support to the post if you don't mind.
i dont know if that is allowed or not but here is the final response i got "As mentioned previously, we cannot get into details related to the investigation that was performed for your account nor all the factors and circumstances that led to the permanent suspension. The fact remains that the account was extensively compromised."
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: That's probably a good idea, all you'll get here is Riot Tantram sass. I really hope you're able to get this sorted OP, best of luck!
thank mate , i posted it there , yet nothing
: Is there a way to talk to any riot agent ?
support agents are not that helpful imo
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Boards can't really help you, we are just players like you. Yet I hope you will get your acc back
Is there a way to talk to any riot agent ?
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mfw Lee banned

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