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: ***
Yeah cuz obviously being gay =/= being a normal human, lol. Why would it matter if he's gay or not anyway, like, why do you care ? Gay or not, a Star Guardian skin on him will be awesome.
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: Nice Master Promos
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: I got the best news of my life
> [{quoted}](name=Captainn Ginyu,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=cnVRgO6h,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-13T14:46:26.761+0000) > > After my doctors appointment iv been told by my {{champion:157}} doctor im {{champion:157}} free! i know this has nothign to do with teh game but i felt like i needed to tell everyone > > really the biggest news iv ever gotten in my life _Actually, it has everything to do with this game_
ItsOrval (NA)
: Nerf LeBlancs E Already
> [{quoted}](name=ItsOrval,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vE6f0UpI,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-06T06:32:30.078+0000) > > once it lands on you good luck getting out of that stupid range. Once snared, _**you're dead.**_ here comes snare #2, and then youre dead _**again**_. FTFY
God feels like he's almost crying at the end
: That'd be terrible; right clicking isn't an inherently bad thing, and there are champions whose kits focus entirely around working with their basic attacks It would just make things horribly confusing when it doesn't need to be, and the main appeal of League is that you have a lot of build options
I didn't say right clicking was a bad thing for every champion, look Udyr, his kit is based on AA but I find him pretty fine, not like Vayne. Let's say for example, we have a Karthus and a Vayne Karthus will start his AA at lvl1 with idk maybe 50 damage. And at lvl18 ~150 damage But for Vayne ( and I'll say every marksmen ) She'll start at ~70 at lvl1 and ~300-350 at lvl18. AA could change in therm of damage for each type of Champion, Marksman, Tank, Mage, etc...
: 'amburger
We, French people, do not pronounce the letter H, do not laugh at us {{champion:32}}
: > I'm gonna try to explain it as clear as possible with my poor English, and French accent. Tbh I couldn't tell you had an accent at all.
Oh rrrrreally ? Well thanks forrrrrrr the compliment ! ######_baguette intensifies_
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: What do you call a Kha'Zix sacrificing himself for the team?
I guess we could say _Kha'zix love... Kha'zix life._
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Skelenth (EUW)
: []( Face it, mister. Nothing is slower than Mordekaiser
{{champion:69}} _ain't wearing boots, still faster than Mordekaiser_ ######Kappa
: My experience so far playing AGAINST the new Warwick on the PBE
+1 Upvote for Digimon reference !
: {{champion:202}}
... _Sees 5 upvotes_
Zacster (NA)
: Sentences Only League Players Will Understand
_Yeah, that was a banana !_ **giggles** _No one expects the banana._ {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}}
Sid88 (NA)
: Wrote a Chillstep track for DJ Sona (Ethereal)
Wow, I love it ! I can totally imagine myself playing with the Ethereal form while listening to this, the beat is really cool ! Keep the great work ! s( ' u ')--b
Zarvanis (NA)
: Hasagi. It's Hasagi. With a "g".
I actually know. It was just a pun. A bad pun, yeah... But a pun :s
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cFlake (NA)
: How to trigger 101
I just realised we don't have a shit-based champion. I mean... Could be cool, no ?... ... _cough_
: When you're a cyborg steampunk vigilante working overtime
I don't know why, but I think I see some Shingeki no Kyojin inspiration here
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: fed not feed
... I hum... _cough_ I don't know what you are talking about... he he... _cough_ ...he he...
: Fizz's Fifth Anniversary
#**Happy Birthday toxic little fish ! ** Hope you'll still find a way to be THE most toxic champion in the game. You don't need shrooms or poison fangs to give tumor to other Champions in the game, and this is why we love you, because you're just yourself ! **Don't listen to people complaining about you ! Just get fed on them ! ** _-From your enemy midlaner in 0/13_
: I would say dragon trainer, combining the bot lane combo of Tristana and Lulu and hoping that Riot would do more skins for yordles for Teemo, Rumble and Heimer for the same skin line... Doubt it will happen since Teemo got too many skins, the last one being completely disgusting and undeserved to good players...
Does this look like the face of mercy
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: SSG picked Lee Sin
You know, it's the first time I cringe on one of your meme thread. ... Feels actually good, thank you ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: But what about her _nice_... Headphones?
Yeah.... yeah... the headphones
: When a low health enemy is right over that wall, but flash is down
And then he taunt you and show Masteries
Zarvanis (NA)
: Can Rito add a unique passive...
{{item:3078}} _unique passive: the best way to trigger {{champion:202}} _
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: Rito tried before. Wriggles: armor, AD, lifesteal, chance to deal bonus damage to minions/jungle monsters. Everybody built this. ADC, top lane, even midlane sometimes. Madred's bloodrazor: AD, armor, attack speed, on hit 4% max health magic damage. Nobody built this except occasionally warwick. Atma's impaler: armor, crit chance, 1.5% of HP as bonus AD. Was good when it was 2.0% of HP as bonus AD, after getting nerfed nobody built this.
Oh okay, but why did they nerfed Atma's impaler if it was good ?
Ralanr (NA)
: Marksmen and assassins getting more durable than they need to IMO.
But then, why is there the {{item:3156}} ? I mean, it's basically the same thing, just for the AP damage
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: Oh yeah, I forgot about that... Then... What's coming out of my nose?
Ketchup. ######...obviously
: Courage of the Colossus
Fool ! Real Sion mains can't bleed !
: How to respond to all the Teemoing stuff...
: Wandering in the Shadow Isles may result in awful consequences
Wait.... You are Mastery 4 with Jhin ?! {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}}
: Eh, I think most lions in zoos are bred in captivity, they kinda lose the hunter instinct. I've seen a video of a russel terrier chasing lions around.
Still, they are lions. Animals like that are always unpredictable. Even tame
Knoyle (NA)
: When you flash your mastery after trading kills with full ap Nami.
: A simple guide on how to rank up
I was expecting a "git gud" or something like that. Not disappointed
: When people ask me who the hell that (certain) champion is
: can't you stop being good just for ONE second?
: [Poll] Which Star Guardian are you? Revamped
I'm Star Guardian Braum ! ^w^ "Sorry Urgot, it's just some Star Guardians things" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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