: What season has there been a viable pool greater than 40+ champs if you were serious about climbing?
I just think the gap between "good" and "bad" champions has increased. There have always been a limited amount of "meta" champions, but these have not been _too_ restricting, whereas now it's closer to trolling (than before) if you pick something other than the strong champions.
: Umm Senna Is fine. whats wrong with a support also playing a different role? Pykes issue is the amount of gold he generates his kit is fine, but the fact he Generates a obscene amount of gold riot should have taken the time to nerf riots gold production not his hp and survive. Senna is perfectly fine where she is, a Support should be able to adc as well.. nothing different then a Support. Going into mid. God knows how many times i was sick of seeing Support annie. Blowing me up in lane or the days of Support Malz
Nothing _inherently_ wrong with a support being in a secondary role, but when it ends up with 54.7% winrate in diamond+, that's an issue: https://u.gg/lol/champions/senna/build?role=adc
: I'd like to see the official guide that says "dodge if you're autofilled". Are you sure this isn't just some random asshole?
I've never heard of this official guide he's talking about, but I have seen both Riot support and Rioters themselves encourage dodging.
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: I've literally been playing disco nunu and running it down 30%~ of my games, you can guess 3 times if I've ever been punished for it.
It's sad to hear you've ever done that in the first place, but honestly it's even more saddening to hear that you haven't been punished for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=FSRER,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KroOmpzu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-10T08:28:29.866+0000) > > How about you go into the game and try it for yourself? Try what? That things are working? I know they do, this dude is just making it up.
I tried it. Things are working as expected. OP is making shit up.
: Post clip... You are just making things up.
I have zero clue why you're being downvoted. This guy is straight out claiming that Morgana root takes "approximately 2 entire seconds" with 76% Tenacity with no proof whatsoever. His claims are simply not true and make no sense, anyone can go test it right now in a custom game and see that it takes around one second. Maybe he misunderstood how Tenacity works, but even then it does not take two seconds with Merc's + Runes.
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: While it's from last year is still pretty accurate data wise. https://imgur.com/a/7ClMRFs TT play rate's highest in NA, moderately lower in EU, lower again in most regions and effectively zero in some like Korea and China. Entirely understand that its removal really sucks if you like and play the mode. Our conclusion was that the time we currently spend on it would be better spent doing things like getting Nexus Blitz to a state where it can be a mode we bring back moderately often. I know from the outside it looks like TT doesn't have any work done on it, given lack of balance patches especially, but things like testing and bug fixing of items/champs adds a pretty measurable cost for what's a very small proportion of the player base.
Your answer does sound very reasonable at first, but under further inspection, is not. You are defending the lack of work and balance on Twisted Treeline by it having "a very small proportion of the player base", and then linking the data from last year. At this time the map had not gained any proper updates already **for seven years**. I would love to see the data from seven years back, before you reworked the map after and abandoned it into the funneling meta. Must have been falling yearly ever since (proportional to new players coming in to the game overall)? Do you believe Summoner's Rift would still be popular if you hadn't given it any proper updates for seven years? It's obvious by now that you're taking TT away for good, but don't give us this *"oh apparently people don't like it so we have to remove it"* crap. It used to be extremely popular back before the map was reworked, you guys abandoned it for good, and finally after 8 years of slowly losing everyone but the most loyal people, it will be removed.


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