: Dumb Team Decisions
Ugh your guys view point is rly hard to get. Btw there are other items that reduce healing. U can buy one yourself if you think it's necessary
: Who was Nasus as an ascended and how does his kit play into his lore?
: Another game lost because of executioners calling not build on our AD dps.
Are you being serious? Just because some ppl don't understand how they game works by now is no need to delete an item lmao. Yours, a bit in disbelief, Chris
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: I'm sick of seeing an assassin in every game
Hey there, I'll bet that u play a lot of adc or squishy Champs. Learn how to build against assigns and you won't have a problem anymore. And btw if u go for 4 tanks and one adc you will lose if the ennemy has one assisin since the adc is the only one doing dmg then. That's why bruises where created. Next time think a bit more before you post pls. Yours Chris
: Dumb Team Decisions
Hey there, Bad decisions can be made and it's nothing u usual to blame other for your bad. I don't get it why you rage on the boards tho. Literally makes no sense. Yours, a bit confused, Chris
Salron (NA)
: Studies show that 99.9% of league players suffer from negative memory bias
: I suck at farming
Hey there, It's just practice and getting a feeling for it. You can't do much more than practice on this topic. Yours Chris
: tutorial wont end
Just Re open the client. Had this issue too and it worked. Yours Chris {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: It is possible that if someone reported you, there was still a minor consequence (chat restricted). From personal experience, it is best to ignore flamers, because they will try to bring you down with them.
You were faster than me damn haha
: How To Download Your Match?
You can download it in the client. Yours Chris
: I’ve titled this the: “My botlane always feeds illusion.”
Hey there, I'm someone who is currently studying psychology and the only thing I can say is that he is absolutely right! Just accept that ur brain is a mess and that this is normal. Yours, a bit more happy to be studying, Chris
: > [{quoted}](name=my nunu is gg,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=etZMidA3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-25T16:01:06.015+0000) > > Hey there, > > Even tho I'm pretty new to the boards I try to help as many ppl as I can here. Especially explaining mechanics to "low elo" players. I'm only just silver/gold but know a lot about the game. (just having a rly bad reaction time. XD) > > About me > Well there is nothing rly important but you can all call me Chris. > > > Also feel free to ask me anything I will do my best to reply you. > > Yours, a bit tired, Chris Nice to meet you Chris.
> [{quoted}](name=Rowanstar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=etZMidA3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-25T16:02:55.011+0000) > > Nice to meet you Chris. Nice to meet ya too buddy.
Ignika D (EUW)
: hyper scaling champions will never work in this game
Hey there, I don't get your problem. There are several way to punish those champ(f. E. Vayne spotting) you just have to learn them. This is what league and life is build around. Knowledge. If you want to know some strategies go and search on yt. Yours Chris
: RIOT! Please stop giving me...........
Hey there, Since the majority of the players don't own all of them there won't be much to spend ur BE on. But riot opens the BE shop from time to time. Also some the new player icons (ahri, yi, Darius, mf, lux) can be bought with BE (5000 each) So just wait for the be shop and hope that it will come back soon! Yours Chris
: Hello Boards!
Hey there, Even tho I'm pretty new to the boards I try to help as many ppl as I can here. Especially explaining mechanics to "low elo" players. I'm only just silver/gold but know a lot about the game. (just having a rly bad reaction time. XD) About me Well there is nothing rly important but you can all call me Chris. Also feel free to ask me anything I will do my best to reply you. Yours, a bit tired, Chris
Rustypug (NA)
: avoid player option?
Hey there, I ei give you a few reasons why this will never be implemented in the game. 1st everybody can have a bad game no need to avoid that player function. And if he trolls etc. he wi get punished by the leaver buster system. 2nd very long queqe times, especially in high elo since there are less players. 3rd You are literally just saying "it will fix a few issues" and don't name any of these. Also there are no issues if u dislike someone just block him. He won't be able to add you again and won't appear in ur friendliest. Also if you get in a game with him you won't read anything he types jn champselct, ingame and after the game. Yours Chris
Galiö (NA)
: I'd be more sad than I currently am if they never will. It was his most interesting/best mechanic and was the reason he was even playable previously. I have multiple posts as to why it's better than his current DR, fits with his lore and is healthier as a mechanic as a balance tool. Many champs that have heals dont even seem to have a rhyme or reasoning (Darius, Fiora, Mundos cleavers, Morgana Passive, Sylas, Yi Meditate, Lee Sin). For for then to have a heal and having Galio be left out, although healing was part of his gimmick initially, is uncool.
He there, I get ur point and support your ideas, but they won't bring back on git heal 'cause it's just very unskilled. Just because it was part of his old kit dosent mean it was good. Imagine a galio building sprit visgae, pressen w hitting 3 pppl and gaunt about 500 health for doing nothing skillful. Galio is an a good state as he is right now viable in mid and support.
Dr Dog (NA)
: i getting REALLY sick of blantant matchmaking working against you in promos
Hey there, I know it can be frustrating but there is a reason why those ppl are in your game. They all have nearly the same mmr as you do and there is no doubt about it. So congrtas that u won ur promo but this is no issue or something that they are doing intentionally.
: Instant Feedback Report - Toggle please?
Hey there, I get ur point but also this is a very specific problem. Not many ppl think as you. So they won't change anything to the system. "Never change a running system"
: Rework the ranked system
Hey there, It's not that I don't get ur point but mby you should stick to the meta if you want to win. Everybody gets players that have the same mmr as you do. Also there is a reset from challenger-dia 4. I would say plat and low elo aren't affected that hard with this issue.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Talon doesn't sell as many skins. No skins, no buffs. That's the Rito way.
: Banning words
Uhm you can't see the chat when you download replay. fail.
: Never ending bugsplat error
Hey there, There is one more option called hextech repair tool. It's an official repair tool for the game. Try it out and if dosent work write a support ticket. I wish I would be able to help you more. Yours Chris
: Extremly bugged deathrecap
Hey there, I case you didnt see the sneaky clip here you go : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuVRopVtfTY
Rioter Comments
: Extremly bugged deathrecap
Hey there, I case you didnt see the neaky clip here you go : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuVRopVtfTY
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: An ability that can deny the enemies' benefits to debuffed enemy
Hey there, interesting concept, but pretty overpowerd. Also how should the abilitys from supps work? are they just not able to cast them or will they go on cd? I think it would be better to put this effect on an item and its debuff hould only last about 2-3 secs. I simply think this idea better fits an item than a champion. Would be an great item for supports. The con however is that that it will be a must have item as a support.Tell me what you think about my idea pls. Yours, Chris
Blåsigt (NA)
: Champion: Naz, Queen of Thieves
Hey there, So there are many problems with he concept. I think the 2 biggest issues are that her q is very similar to zoe w which basically is the same passive but zoe has no cd on it. Also a disarm of 2 secs is very long. The E is a cool concept but the more you think of it its getting worse and worse. If u are extremly unlucky your e will never block anything casue its a 50% chance. The other spells are okay but how are yppu supposed to play her? Also is she melee or range? Hoe exactly does her passive work? with spells? auto attacks? As you can see you will have do add a lot to your cancept, but it is a great idea. Yours Chris
: Kayle, Morg, Lux, and Garen skin.
Hey there, I get the idea behind it but the champs, beside they already have a lot of skins, dont have anything to do with each other. Also this has to be a vs event then. At my point of knowlede they already chose the one of this year ( cats vs dogs) mby you will have some luck next season or at the end of this season where they will prob look for new ideas. Yours Chris
: Rework Mecha Rengar
Hey there, I think you should explain the problem more detailed so they can adjust it.
: Braum shield
Hey there, It has to do somethink with the concept of braum. He is designed to take dmg, cc for the team. He is helpign others. Its like he takes a shot for them. Also braum would be pretty broken with his current kit if he wont get cced with his e on. I get your point but it would be unbalanced if he qouldnt get cced during the time. Yours, Chris
Terozu (NA)
: No, perma muting or even just extensive muting is ineffective. If the person who would flame, can't, they'll most likely advance to forms of trolling that are harder to verify.
I get your point but trolls, inters get punished harder than flamers. They will probably instantly recive a 14 day ban since they have to be under honor lvl 2 to not chat they were toxic etc. at one point. Btw I dont htink that they wouldn't go for harder things like inting, trolling. Most of the gyus who are toxic and have a normal chat ban, where you write some messages, dont go for inting etc. Mby you are right and players below honro lvl 2 should just be punished with the normal chat ban or a bit harder version. Thx for your comment Yours, Chris
: Malphite Rework Concept
Hey there, I think its a rly cool concept but his e seems a bit overpowerd with the shield at the end. I think you should add a self root at the end since the magma hardens he will get stuck. otherwise you would just build him ap/off tank and he will r into the ennemy team and just has to press e Also the lava rock is very similar to orrn. Another thing is that he has a magma skin which will get completly useless. Also malphite is not in need of a rework atm compared to many other champs like mordekaiser for example. I still think its a cool concept but I dotn think It will be implemented in the game. Yours, Chris
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my nunu is gg

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