OHminus (NA)
: Remove Ez Azir Kalista and Corki and this post becomes more legitimate (seriously where did you find these champions using rageblade. Ez bulid tear into sheen, kalista builds bork but doesnt have the on hit effects for rageblade, azir LUL, corki builds crit) Seriously, you include these guys and NOT master yi, who builds/abuses rageblade 2nd most after vayne and maybe kai'sa.
Yi is getting gutted alongside the rageblade nerfs he is a victim not a casualty. Ezreal is fun with rageblade and it funnily enough synergises with his build. Kalista synergises with her being able to put more spears on champs. Azir does nothing with rageblade yes. Corki can use rageblae if you go the ap on hit Corki build I invented, wich now is useless since riot ruined wits end too.
cars3n (NA)
: Ezreal? Azir? Corki? They don’t use it, you’re just exaggerating.
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Scryble (NA)
: Can we talk about Neeko?
China already banned gays on TV and movies. Once they do the same in videogames wich is likely considering how fast the industry grows there Riot will die cause of this new champ.
: Unpopular Opinion: It is now more enjoyable to watch league than actually play it.
Obviously, you would also rather watch a car crash happen than be in the cars yourself
saltran (EUW)
: Teleport Nerf coming on Preseason Patch (MapleNectar twitter)
Riot just remove tp at this point and remove top lane too just have people pikc their faverouie top and have them walk at the enemy jungler and give them free gold
: Repairing the tank class.
Imagine writing this much text only for me to skip it and make this comment
: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQjHN1jU2AfMunIXuk0Kty4CU2w767_PHLRtUSEbTcPc2CWRTj4 LITERALLY where?? Don't get me wrong, the new skin looks fucking great but we really tryna act like Camilles tits weren't made twice the size for it lmao
Just cause your eyes are constantly looking at her hips doesn´t mean they aren´t there. You just gotta look behind the giant crystale on her head
: Nerfs aren't coming for a reason.
Riot never not nerfed a champion cause the meta might change. Stop believing them. They are only not nerfing champs cause Akali has a new skin for people to buy and it would be too obvious if every champ got nerfed except her.
: Is the game really in a good balance state right now?
Like other people said Riot is just making the meta themselves now. They pushed the game in a way where players can not affect it any longer. Back then if Katarina was OP you could find a champ wich could shut her down or disrrupt her enough. Now you can´t do that since the damage is so high that you can´t do anything. Atleast in Dota 2 it´s a 2 way street. You pick X and my Y ruins your day and doesn´t allow you to play the game, but someone could pick Z and do the same thing to my Y. League it is I pick Y and since I got a small lead your X lost and the guy who picked Z also can´t do anything against me. At the same time Riot is selling skins for Y and refuses to throw any nerfs at them.
ZEDxi (NA)
: Just a discussion on veig, nothing serious.
Veigar is only good if the game goes on long enough and even then he still has short range. If that is considered OP in this meta then I wish to be part of your universe cause it sounds way better than mine
: Vi has bigger boobies. Wait... what's that? Camille has a skin with a giant rack? Scratch that. Camille the new OG.
Camille had bigger boobs even without skin smh
kargish (EUW)
: I know people don't like truth but... https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/akali/all
Just ignore the banrate and pickrate cause this is lol boards double digit IQs need not apply
Kaisha (NA)
: And the fun is, even if you kite him away and somehow (magically) survive, you get bitched at for not being in the fight. You die you get bitched at. You play like a god, get fed, go 8/0 at the 20 min mark, top dmg on your team... and you still lose because you're a support and you don't matter. Get back to warding... cause apparently that's all they're good for now. I remember one game against a Yi as Vel support. He ran right at me... no abilities... straight line. I landed a full combo, W, Q, E, W, ult... he was terrible, ate the full thing. By the time I was done channeling he had made his way up to me, right clicked on me and 2-shot me with autos, before running off with over 1/2 his hp... Apparently I was outplayed? Once had a level 5 Talon dive me under the bot turret (again on vel). I was level 4 at 100% hp with no minions around. He 100-0 me and flashed away only taking a single turret blast... Dying/losing to people who outplay you is fine. But this insta-kill, hypermobility, right-click'n'win, gameplay means that FOTM classes are basically god-mode, and the rest of us are just there to feed the whales. Doesn't matter how well you play or how poorly they play, once they get their 1 or 2 items, its game over.
You are the one who chose to play a support wich can´t do jackshit against assasins despite being the role wich is there to stop hem
: Let’s talk about what it actually means to be overpowered and why Winrate doesn’t necessarily fit
Dr Dog (NA)
: remember before yasuo was a thing
I remember when lee sins mobility was impressive. Now he is Karthus tier of mobile
: KogMaw has such a brutal curve
Riot really needs to remove such win conditions since this is the Yu Gi Oh equivalent of trying to play Exodia when your opponent beats you in the first turn
: I hate the negative bias toward Riven for the past year in terms of balance changes
But Riven is a gimmick champion buff her and you will open a can of worms. Since if she is buffed what can you do against a Riven when she jumps you and deals the damage of her entire kit by the time your Q animation is over.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: trash trash and trash basically they had no more idea on how to make guinsoo shit in early game, so this happens: "hey guys, change %bonus ad/ap to %pen, and while %pen is weaker in early **WE WILL MAKE IT 6% RAMPING UP TO 15 THROUGH LVLS**!!!" basically, {{champion:96}} lost a huge amount of powerspike, and late game is similar or worse idk, the numbers would be tough to make but his %bonus ad made him critting way more.
"{{champion:96}} lost a huge powerspike" How though he is the one rageblade user who benefited from the extra stats the least after Master Yi
: Add the zed w effect on Lb’s w
This would be great that way she has to t go back to her R first and not do 2 jumps trough 2 walls one shot you and be back at fountain by pressing W
Gntex (NA)
You should not ask Riot to balance her. You should ask Riot to make her a normal looking girl so they can sell skins for her and make her op every few months to sell another skin.
: Balanced in your opinion is making entire fighter champion roster useless huh? Balanced in your opinion means {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:145}} those are only viable ADCs? Balanced in your opinion means slashing entire top lane roster to 1/4 of picks and making 4 adcs mandatory. Cool balance I guess. All because tank meta is "balanced" in your opinion.
Guy mentions season 5. Mention a adc wich didn´t even exist during that time. hmmmmmmmh
: Leblanc is such a great design.
But her W is her best spell wich is as good as other champs ultimates in terms of damage and mobility, her Q is unavoidable point and click and her E gives her a stun on a assasin wich you can´t even flash out of. She is balanced stop saying she is good when she doesn´t have a 100% winrate.
: I'm excited to see how bad things get once the jungle exp is nerfed this preseason
You can´t be punished for failing a gank if your jungle camps are not even worth farming
Moody P (NA)
: Why even let anyone other than CertainlyT rework champions?
You say the right thing but you say it for the wrong reasons. We should only let CertainlYT rework champions not cause of him doing good reworks (he only did a single one) but because his champions are DOTA 2 tiers of broken that every other champion can not compete them with in any way that isn´t just having better numbers.
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: Diana needs some tweaks to her kit
She can already one shot people faster than a Rengar why try to remove the clunki stuff wich allows her to get her teeth kicked in in lane
: Because they said they don't want to change a lot of stuff before pre-season. S9 will already have a new rune system + new runes + reworked runes, you don't want them to start nerfing and buffing stuff before these are released, because these buffs or nerfs wouldn't "fit" the new system
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: Crit Kog'Maw was a thing. It would be fine.
This comment was brought to you by hot air head gang
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: Holy f***, the damage!
I also quit until the time-to-kill and snowball is toned down.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: Ability for everything? Define it
She gets free vision with her W, she gets free mobility with her passive, she gets even more free mobility with her Q and CC from it, she gets perfect CS from her E, she gets a free smite from her E, she gets a superioir Tham Kench W for free on her ult.
: Can we revert Guinsoos yet?
Explain pls. I would want to know the secret to Guinsos making every champion ,wich doesn´t have on hit items or on hit in their kit, deal tons of damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=no to toxic,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y5ZcyfBe,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-02-03T10:05:47.629+0000) > > I don`t get why people hate tanks doing dmg. Have they ever played a Battlefield game? You get one shotted by them while their are immune to anything but explosions and blowtorches. How are you so stupid?
Ironic he called other people stupid without realising he himself became it
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: Ashe is a Healthy Champion
If Op wasn´t literally just trolling I would be quite mad
Zelnick (NA)
: Let Jinx actually ride her rocket!
She can ride my rocket anytime. hehe
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: League of Quitters
Even the votes show that the never surrender mentality is stupid. It´s just delusional to think you can win the game after being behind. You might aswell play Call of Duty and try to shoot someone back who got the first shot on you. 90% of the time it´s useless since the time it takes to kill people is so short that there is no way to react.It would be like playing Starcraft, having all of your buildings destroyed but 1 and thinking you can still win. Next you will try to compete in pay to win games with the best players who spend hundreds of dollars a day by not paying a cent.
: This patch showed how one dimensional the ADC (bottom) role is
If a class is designed for a certain lane but is then nerfed enough to have champions not even intended for that lane do everything better than them than we have a problem since we either buff adcs to be solo laners or make them the best option again otherwise we just made an entire class of champions irrelevant outside of a few outliars
: If assassin is high risk high reward why havent i seen an assassin feeding since 2016
Please send me your assasin teammates. Would do anything for a LeBlanc wich doesn´t lose lane to a Zilean mid with a score of 0/7 while having 30 less farm then our support with relic shield
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: oh a bunch of 0.5% pick rate low sample champions how awful
Let´s ignore the 10% Mordekaiser or how only 5 adcs actually have higher winrates then most of the bruisers or mages wich are being picked bot. But you are not smart so you can pretend do be stupid online as much as you want.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
Yes please bring the heal back. Maybe even add 5 movemenspeed so that Mordekaiser isn´t outrunning Kindred.
: i think i'm starting to like hashinshin
Hashinshin is a comedy genius with a warped sense of balance the majority of the time
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