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: [CLIENT] [BUG] red triangle in all game modes with the message(something unexpected happened while..
Cat5ll (EUW)
: same me, dunno whats wrong with it :(((
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: Post MSI Gameplay Improvements
SHEN has recieved a little buff last patch which helped a little bit with csing under tower but it looks like his winrate in soloqueue is still going down patch after patch , with meta champions that he used to do well against aka : urgot {{champion:6}} , kayle {{champion:10}} , nasus {{champion:75}} , camille {{champion:164}} .... getting stronger and stronger , and AD items getting buffed , also tower platings hit him so hard after he ults to other lanes , and most toplaners taking demolish. are you guys working on that and do you think shen could have a little more love , or is he allways going to be a (proplay champion) forever , and a pick to lose champion in SQ. much love RIOT TEAM :) {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}}
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: Pulsefire Shen or Warlord Shen
(best skins of shen from left to right): TPA -- glacial - pulsfire - sergeon - warlord - yellow
: Demolish & Ohmwrecker
as a shen main , I do agree with this , since when my enemy toplaner takes demolish , and I go for an ult , my turret goes down faster than speed of light . not no mention that the whole (tower plating has already set up shen as the worst toplaner in this meta , adding to it versing a nasus , yorick , jax .. with demolish , I don't know why RIOT doesn't see how this is unfavouring shen as a viable toplaner.
: Tank supports are still too strong.
you can't be serious bro , these champions litterally suck in soloQ , having them means losing botlane and getting flamed by adc .... , just the amount of damage meta supports could do , like Sona , brand ... makes tank supports think 10 times before engaging with 10% hp . and adding shen to them shows how you never played shen , cuz litterally shen is the worst champion in game this patch , being the worst in both Top and Support roles
Kanzler (NA)
: You have it backwards. The distortion caused by the Mercator projection would indicate that Europe is slightly larger on a 2D map compared to reality. That being said, Tunisia could work as a North Africa server, if the return on investment is there. Although, I'm just not sure the population is there for it to be so, especially since a server in Turkey already exists for the Middle East. Perhaps a West Africa server? Again, it all depends on the number of users in a geographic area. In general, does Morocco have the infrastructure in place for fast internet? You could be 2 meters from the server, but still have awful ping if the physical connection is a string of yarn. this was 3 years ago , you can check how Morocco is growing faster than any african country , probably the same as South africa , they were , about to recieve the world cop 2022 Organisation until the (Usa , Canada , Mexic) got in . ''Are you sure that Europe , is slightly larger in 2D map than in reality ?? I've been thinking the oposite through all my studies . If you are sure , then thanks for correcting me the information.
: Yea idk about millions, let alone a few thousand..
probably hundred thousands ,in every game I play in EUW there are at least 2 to 4 north african people
Kanzler (NA)
: Morocco is pretty much the only stable North African country where Riot could place a server without a ton of risk. That being said, will putting a server in Morocco have a significant improvement for a large amount of people compared to having them just connect to EUNE or EUW? Geographically, It's pretty close to the EU servers such that someone playing in Kuwait may get the exact same ping from the North Africa server as they do the EU servers, and they would get even better ping playing on the turkish server. From what I see, it comes down to 2 issues. 1. Regional stability and 2. Return on Investment. Without knowing the numbers at all, a gut feeling tells me that it's currently just not worth it.
I don't think Morocco is The Only Politically stable country out there . I think they should pick up a centered country like Algeria or tunisia , it's true that Algeria is in a bit of trouble actually , it's not that big, so tunisia remains the best option , libya is in the Center of north Africa too but it is totally unstable atm . Morocco is kinda isolated to the side . it would have a really big impact on the ping since Euw server is on Netherlands which is technically so far from Tunisia . As an example if you take a map , you will see that Niger which is a bit into the center of africa is of the same distance to tunisia , than tunisia to netherlands , while truely it is a lot shorter since the earth is rounded , so in reality europe is a lot larger than it looks on the 2D map. So someone playing on niger would have half the ping he has actually at most since internet would travel less than half the distance it did normally , Also the distance between Morocco and tunisia is about 2/3 of the distance between Morocco and netherlands , add to it the mideteranian ocean . Basically Morocco and spain are 17kms far away which is literally nothing considerable , but spanish people have a very good ping compared to Moroccans , that could be explained by one thing , is that the ocean manages to slow down the signal somehow Technically if I'm playing on a 120 ping , I would only have 50-60 by then , which is so playable These are not 100% true since I don't have any diploma or studies in this domain , it's just some (quick maff) lol.
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Hotarµ (NA)
: Shen needs to be reverted or reworked again.
come on RITO do something to our SHEN !!! I'm done with this , I want my favourite champion back
Antenora (EUW)
: Now I'm not an advocate of using for stats but I had a look at Support Shen synergy with ADC's. has 6 recorded ADC's that have played enough games with a Shen Support ** NO ADC has above 50% win rate when paired with Shen.**
the thing is that all these adc's are all the best 7 adc's of this meta , that would tell how shen can't synergize even with the best adc's
: actually.. the worst champion in the game is either gnar, aatrox, or ornn. yikes bro, shen can at the very least get a yi to 25% hp if hes fed enough. Come on.
not really , yi is the king of 1V1 , it's normal that you lose 1V1 to him , he is kinda like udyr in the earlygame , maybe orn is a bit weak too , but the amount of tankiness he got is crazy , and he is so useful in teamfights , gnar and aatrox are a little good , they aren't stupidly strong but they could carry games ,unlike shen , who has the lowest winrates in both top and supp role , and haven't seen RIOT's attention yet.
Hotarµ (NA)
: I only have about 550k _ish_ mastery points on Shen (spread across 3 accounts) but I've gotta agree... _** Shen fucking sucks.**_ I hate to be that blunt and to-the-point about it, but Kian987 (the guy with 5m mastery points who made the post on EUW) is spot on about everything he's saying. If you want an unranked, fairly casual player's opinion on Shen, read on. _Warning, salt incoming:_ (TLDR at the bottom in quote) _______________________ He's got one of if not the _lowest_ winrate in the game across every single ELO and in both of his main roles. Think support Shen is better than top Shen? [That's cool, too bad they both hover at a 44 and 47% winrate at the highest levels of play (which is largely carried by dedicated mains)]( It's _nearly_ impossible to take any keystone other than Aftershock since he gets punished so hard throughout laning phase that he needs the bonus resistances to survive. The only viable keystone other than that is Grasp but taking that is a huge risk since you're losing out on so much survivability. There's no wiggle room for keystones which _normally_ is fine but considering Shen is supposed to be a fighter/tank, it hurts his viability since he can't reliably take Press the Attack or Hail of Blades. He has no offensive option _but he's supposed to be a duelist/tank-duelist._ _Also_, Hail of Blades doesn't even work on him anymore as of patch 9.1. His empowered Q is not a traditional auto attack reset (like Jax's W) but Hail of Blades considers it as such. I've reported this multiple times (with video evidence) through the bug-report option and by filing support tickets. Still no mention of a fix for _4 full patches_. Riot legitimately just doesn't care. It would take a minute, maybe 2, to fix such a glaring problem. Tower Plating and the Teleport nerfs hit Shen harder than any other champion in the game. If Shen got a good ult off, he'd propel himself further than his laner (similar to GP or Karthus) but because of the teleport nerfs, he can't return to lane quickly/consistently enough to stop his laner from taking tower plates. Even if he could return to lane quickly enough, due to most top laners being good splitpushers, they'll get an additional 160 or 320 gold from taking 2 plates. Plus the xp and gold from clearing waves to get to the tower in the first place. _**He often gets punished rather than rewarded for landing good ults. Let that sink in. **_ His kit feels so clunky to use which is a huge problem on it's own. You can't reposition your blade without pulling it directly to you, meaning if you're getting bodied in lane you can never land an empowered Q to help CS or duel with. His W is lackluster considering most champions in top and bot have AOE/knockbacks (Alistar, Morgana, Lux, Janna, Pyke, & Thresh **who are some of the most popular and strongest champions in the game**) it's nearly useless half the time. I've gotten some good plays with it but it should be changed entirely. I understand his ultimate is strong as hell when used correctly but the cooldown _is so unbelievably fucking long_ it's ridiculous. At rank 1, his ultimate's cooldown is a full _three minutes and twenty seconds long._ >#TL;DR - Shen is garbage at almost every level of play with only pros making some use of him. >- His ultimate single handedly restricts every other aspect of his kit. You _cannot_ completely redesign someone as a fighter/duelist and keep their old ult intact because it restricts their ability for growth. >- His kit is clunky and awkward to move around since he can't redirect his Spirit Blade on it's own. **It feels like it's shackled to you like a ball and chain, rather than being an integral part of his kit.** >- Hail of Blades doesn't work on him (Riot doesn't care though :))) and taking any keystone other than Aftershock is like shooting yourself in the foot unless you've mastered the champion. >- I'm salty as hell because I can't play one of my favorite champions anymore, even for fun. I'm an unranked, casual player whose champion has been ruined by the top 1% of players.
same feeling here ,we just need to make this post climb the (hot) discusions to the top , in order to be seen , but look , only 8 upvotes , people don't seem to understand how important is upvoting the post to be seen , and 5 downvotes , like if I was insulting people or idk what , that tilts me a lot , I can't play my favourite champion either , so frustrating how this community is , and how RIOT is ignoring us.
: they target nerfed shen's Q dmg to minions SPECIFICALLY preventing him from killing caster minions under turret. Why?
I've been asking about that with every nerf he gets , but sadly , no answers , I hope now that I'm posting in Na , RIOTERS will see this
: I'm an Ekko main, but Shen is my secondary at 140k. I agree with this post. I think the turret plating hurt him far more than people let on. For example, he is classified as a warden, he can peel and ult across the map to save allies. The only way ulting is worth it is if you get a kill and a drag to go along with it, and a plate to boot. If not, you automatically fall farther behind in gold since the enemy top laner can whack on that turret and get 160 gold per plate. He's always had problems against people who knock down towers quickly, like Tryndamere. As a result of turret playing, his weaknesses became much more pronounced, especially because the top lane meta is so volatile. He struggles to lane, struggles to even CS under tower, struggles to split push, and in general is under-statted for his role.
you just said it all , totally true , I hope RIOT could take that into consideration . by the way I have ekko as My second higher mastery points in my champion pool , I have a mastery 6 , I've been spamming him today in a couple of games to get mastery 7 but I couldn't , I got S- when going 12-0-6 203 cs in 32 mins with a good vision score ? BUT I couldn't do more , any tips?
: I think they should rework him into a fighter that uses his shield for sustain. But maybe work his stats to match that of a bruiser and then have more shield prices for sustain. Edit: also have you seen the shen art on the story page for Ionia? They should update his model to match that. Maybe the rework can be a “shen realizes he can’t sit on the sidelines any longer” type of thing.
yo , that would be cool xD . yeah I've seen it , it looks amazing , but I think his look is fine , he's got some good skins , like TPA and frozen , but why not , at least if it means he is getting reworked.
cheex919 (NA)
: yea sure, i somewhat agree, shen is weak. not because of those reasons though. It's because he's been untouched and so has his items. the only thing good about shen is going support because of taunt. also, maybe make his abilities scale more, so that going AP shen or something is actually not considered troll.
thanks bro , I agree shen supp is a bit better than shen top , at least you don't have to miss 3-4 minions each wave .
: they deleted him in 2016. they refuse to bring him back.
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: "Oh boy, I'm back to League. Hmm I guess Imma play some Shen top, this will be fu-"
SHEN is so weak now sadly , he doesn't have any winning lane matchup , he just loses all of them , farms undertower , and misses a lot of cs due to his best waveclear in game
: Shen Re-Rework Kit Concept
I don't know what to say , as a shen main , I would buy all his skins and start playing him again in my ranked if they do that , I really hope RIOT gives this ninja some ''ninjativity'' , great ideas.
Meddler (NA)
: Is in an ok though not strong state in solo queue in top lane. Win rate isn't everything but he's been hovering around 50% at all MMRs so the argument he's a 46% champ doesn't carry weight. Some issues with his pro presence being so support skewed versus both preference for top lane and better performance there in solo queue. Ironing out that clash somewhat could be useful in making him easier to balance for both contexts. Possible he gets some light work in the moderate future, can't make any guarantees yet though.
he is not ok in low elo , his laning is so hard as he struggles against all (not most ) , but all matchups , and his waveclear is under the ground , he's been having the worst waveclear in game, and he relies on an AD item which is titanic hydra , though his abilities scale with AP , and on an armor item which is sunfire though he might lane against vlad , teemo , sylas .... who are ap champs that destroy him in lane .otherwise if he doesn't rush those he won't be able to neither push lane to ult or to farm undertower . and his cooldowns are so high which makes trading harder , please do something to make the champion playable in soloQ again , for all elo's {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}}
: Currently, Shen is in the worst state that he's been post-rework since launch. The idea is to keep him balanced around pro play. His post rework kit is centered around teamwork and coordination with nerfs to his solo laning. Creating a very lackluster experience when playing him top. Early levels in his q is still insufficient to farm under tower, the idea of his empowered Q autos is a neat mechanic the problem with it is having to constantly reposition it to make use of it which leads to being at risk of being out of position, you can be punished by the enemy top laner as well as getting caught by the enemy jungler trying to reposition your sword. With his high Q cooldown early game you have to either use it to trade with an enemy laner when they go in for harass or use it to kill minions to farm effectively due to Shen's low base damage. This ability currently suffers from very low reward for what it's supposed to do. Shen in the top lane, suffers from many bad match ups usually resulting in him getting shoved under tower. Leaving Shen to scrap up what he can and wait until 6 to make a play elsewhere on the map. The problem with this, due to the current meta of tower plating, the enemy top laner will just take free plates resulting in Shen being even further behind. His W, is very powerful when going for an Ult play to save an ally, and comes in handy to mitigate damage in a team fight, again in Solo queue the lack of coordination can cause this ability to not be used to its greatest potential but has a ridiculously long cooldown as well. His E has always been extremely satisfying to use, landing a taunt on multiple people can change the fight entirely, but also has a long cooldown. His ult has been standard, nerfed at times, but a lower cooldown teleport at 3 minutes and 20 seconds at level 6, and 2 minutes and 40 seconds at level 16. Pre-rework Shen was ultimately more satisfying to use. his in lane sustain with vorpal blades, the on hit heal, as well as his old passive ki strike which made shen a decent duelist as he built more health. The most important thing that made pre-rework Shen enjoying to play was his build diversity, ranging from Tank, bruiser, on-hit, as well as Ap off-tank. As opposed to current Shen's cookie cutter build Tiamat/Sunfire, and the non-AD ratios make building any sort of AD useless on Shen. Shen is supposed to be Zed's counterpart; a kickass ninja fighting in the name of balance, his current abilities doesn't fit that thematic. It's to the point where playing Shen is a constant frustration, he's just not fun to play in his current state. Shen is considered a tank but with one of the lowest base tank stats in the game, even below some mages and marksman. Shen is a champion that relies on two items because his wave clear is one of the worst, if not the worst clears in the game. Tiamat and sunfire. His Q damage to minion is so low that he has to pre hit minions under tower. The Shen community has been struggling playing this champion with a dropping winrate. We'd love to have a small sejuani/ezreal rework treatment done to his kit, or at the very least number changes like CD reductions or swapping out those useless AP ratios that shen never builds AP for, into AD or HP scaling. I'm stuck playing Shen as support because he has better utility there. No worrying about farming or having 2x-3x longer ability cooldowns than most top laners. Copypasta from the Sad Shen Bois
litterally every shen player is suffering from the same proplems u mentioned and both EUW and NA boards are filled with posts claiming that ,just type SHEN in research, and u get to see hundred of posts . but RIOT just don't React , this is above frustrating to see ,when RIOTERS comment to some useless Posts like (RIOTERS U SUCK UR GAME IS BAD ) , and not ( RIOTERS u need to do something to bring back shen to the meta he has not been in for years ) . now I just wish they get rid of his ultimate at all , cuz I know they hate seing this champ in proplay.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
hi , any plans for shen? he's been one of the weakest toplaners in this seasons , is he getting some love?{{champion:98}}
Redneca (EUNE)
: Shen buff please, With the past nerfs, he is not playable, you depend on your jg so much, ADCs wiith Conq. kill him and mages as well, you dont always buy Sunfire your first item sometimes you dont need to build it, you buy tiamat to farm, or Thornmail{{item:3075}} or SpiritVisage {{item:3065}} So that one item that you build(Sometimes not) is 150 gold cheeper it DOESN'T make a difference, He loses to Mages now, because a year ago he got nerfed the bonus dmg on his q, then he loses to other tanks like Mundo Sion Cho gath, because they have a better poke and sustain then him, you cant even get them because the slow when the spirit blade goes through someone the slow now skales from 15% to 35% and before the nerf it was 35% all ranks, you could at least maybe hit 3 times you enemy early, maybe and then you would def, and now you cant maybe one time in the early game, all you do with Shen now is just farm under your turret and hope your team needs you. And if your team is bad there is no way you can carry with Shen. And about Bruisers Like Kled Olaf Yassuo Irealia Ornn, They just ruin your day! have more dmg that you, have better poke. and have shields or some dmg reduction, He is in such a bad situation now, so either he should be reworked or given a buff. Pleas there are a lot of Shen mains and we hope you hear us out! Thank you! {{champion:98}}
So true please meddler , that's so true ,all shen mains are asking . We can't allways be punished if shen has 50% winrate in proplays . Shen now is , weak , doesn't have enough damage to cs ranged minions after towerhit , even with Q empowered damage , we need some earlygame damage buff , or making Q execute minions bellow 25%hp that passes through . We can't allways rush sunfire especially against ap champions
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hello . I think what shen needs is more earlygame damage on Q to minions , Or making Q execute minions bellow 25%health that passes through . Since toplane shen is usually pushed up to his tower , especially vs ranged champions and earlygame bruisers. He is most of the time in a situation where he needs to farm under turret , Basically melee minions need 2towerhit and an aa which can be done easily , but ranged minions survive with 5hp after 1towerhit and 1 aa with empowered Q which is really a big problem for me and all shen players around the rift, you can hit them once then towerhit then aa again but it only works for the first one as the tower attacks the other minions before you can set up your first aa. The thing that makes Shen more focusing on getting tiamat to fix that cs issue and have more ad ,more than thinking what to build to outsustain your opponent , I hope that you get my point , you can try csing underturret by yourself . Thanks.{{champion:98}}


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