: holy shit, the GP and MF updates were in 2015? man time sure flies
I know, right? xD
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 6/6 - 6/12
Hi! I have AVG installed and had the disconnect bug (AVG belongs to Avast, but I didn't know it). Disabling AVG solved the problem. What are good alternative free antimalware suites to install in the meantime?
patmax17 (EUW)
: Ages ago IronStylus said that Cho'Gath was a candidate for an update (although not a very urgent one), and said he could have a model that evolves and changes with the stacks of his ultimate (kinda like they later did with DS Cho). I've been waiting for a VGU for Cho'Gath ever since, he's my wife's first champ, and Gentleman Cho'Gath was her first skin. It could be so awesome, given what Riot has done with other updates. I'd also be very interested in what his new lore could be, though I think the quality of lore content released recently has been mostly mediocre, with a few very good ideas and stories (I think Silence for the Damned is Riot's best story so far, but e.g. Qiyana's BG is very bad) There's so much potential in a VGU for Cho'Gath, and an update for his Gentleman skin. Fingers crossed! Though I guess it will be at least 2021 until we get to that TT____TT
Found IronStylus' posts again: this https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1ymhlb/will_chogath_be_receiving_a_visual_update/ > Just FYI, we don't consider splash as a primary reason to do a VU. Yes, it's part of the package, but it's just part of the deal that when a champion undergoes a VU, the splash (at least the base at this moment) is updated when we do the overhaul. >That said, I want to say that Cho'Gath might be relatively close to the top, though I can't remember off of the top of my head. He's not in the top immediate 5, but maybe a bit after that. What I think the best thing about the prospect of a Cho VU is that we just got Vel'Koz out there. We have a defined look for the void due to that champion. While in the past we were sorta like.. "Well what is the void? Just bugs and purple?" we at least have a more refined precedent with Vel'Koz. Yes, actually, the Void is very much "bugs and purple", and maybe that's not really touching on what the void is in and of itself, but it's a reliable trope set we're now sorta locked into. >I'd like us to go back and reexamine Cho now that Vel'Koz is complete. I think there's a lot of form language, color and other notes that we can incorporate. Right now Cho is preeeettty much Violator from Spawn crossed with a giant Zergling, or at least was highly inspired by back in the day. I think we need to dive back in and come up with some more unique things to work into him. >Right now, he's a big confusion of arms and protrusions. I don't know if that'd change (I've seen a couple of concepts lying around where he has fewer than current) but I don't know if we could get away with lopping off any arms/claws. At the very least, we have to reduce some of the noise. That might come from just giving his various appendages a bit of differentiation in terms of size. We'll see. Nothing concrete yet. >I do consider him an "easy win" however in that a) he's a pretty straightforward character b) he doesn't need to be thematically re-defined and c) we've got some great standards set by Kha'zix and Vel'Koz to refer to in terms of quality and style. and in particular this http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4626580&page=2#post48005529 > My feelings. >Short answer: Yes. But not right now. >Long answer: It's going to depend exactly what the scope of Cho is. Because.. ****.. we could scope creep the hell out of him. Because he a) has a lot of real estate, that model has tons of crazy possibilities. b) he has a great, clear theme behind him, and c) all of his abilities are ripe for pumping up to 11. >All in all, as I've said before, Cho'Gath is what I would consider one of our biggest potential successes if we manage to pull it off effectively, efficiently and build in the time for the scope we're going to want to tack onto him. He has SO much possibility and potential. Some ideas that may or may not ever happen: >- A model with the cabability to expand/extend/bulk as he gets stacks. - Anatomy that supports all of his abilities, like how Kha'zix's has biological aspects to his spells. - SIZE. He should be a terrifying Kaiju-type thing. >I'd love to hear some crazy ideas. Throw 'em at me. >He probably won't happen any time soon. My hunch is maybe sometime next year but that's assuming a LOT. I want to get concepts on him ASAP just to map out how big of an investment we're talking. He has the potential to be really epic, my hope is that we can hit him sooner than later. These posts are from february and june 2014. To give some context and perspective: Sion (the first "modern" VGU) came out in september 2014. Burning Tides and the updates for MF and GP were in summer 2015. Poppy (the second "modern" VGU) was in december 2015. In 2014 there were some graphics-only updates, e.g. Karthus, Heimerdinger, Maokai, Nasus.
: Gentleman Cho
Ages ago IronStylus said that Cho'Gath was a candidate for an update (although not a very urgent one), and said he could have a model that evolves and changes with the stacks of his ultimate (kinda like they later did with DS Cho). I've been waiting for a VGU for Cho'Gath ever since, he's my wife's first champ, and Gentleman Cho'Gath was her first skin. It could be so awesome, given what Riot has done with other updates. I'd also be very interested in what his new lore could be, though I think the quality of lore content released recently has been mostly mediocre, with a few very good ideas and stories (I think Silence for the Damned is Riot's best story so far, but e.g. Qiyana's BG is very bad) There's so much potential in a VGU for Cho'Gath, and an update for his Gentleman skin. Fingers crossed! Though I guess it will be at least 2021 until we get to that TT____TT
: Homosexuality probably isn’t taboo in the freljord. Unless it affects your obligations— and roles. But probably gender norms are pretty severely enforced. (Though what they consider “normal” is very far from what we would recognize). I think the relationships between the various oathbound are kinda up in the air. Sometimes brotherhood and a tight bond other times drama and fighting. I dont think these bonds are taken lightly and thus aren't done without a fair amount input and discussion. It would be poor leadership to force someone on the group. But its important to keep in mind they have very different idea of marriage than we do. It’s about protection instead of property. So probably unit cohesion and battle synergy is a marriage consideration too. You might “marry” someone because love them, but more often you are marrying them because you think they are strong and will protect your children—you might especially marry someone because you already have different lover/spouse and are looking for a way to secure your current children's position. I think several if not most of Grena’s oathbound never slept with her— maybe they were single, maybe they had families (which would make those kids “kin of kin” and thus a part of grena’s family/retainers. Maybe they married her to cement the peace between tribes. And I think Grena married Yriel because he was a natural leader and a strong warrior. He completed the unit because he was older, experienced, and got along well with the other men. Then seeing him lead, working with him, Grena fell for him. Hopefully the complexity is all something we can see Sejuani and Ashe struggling with in the future. Because i will say— in my proposed timeline. Tryndamere is not the first man ashe asked to “marry” her.
Thanks for the reply. As I said, I love this kind of explorations of society :D
: Well my real name is Odin. So I kinda feel like I've been hyper-aware of all the shitty version of norse myths and that sort of germanic gothic fantasy my whole life... and largely disappointed by how it was approached by media. (Thor: Ragnarok being the first I've liked) But also as an American, I was interested in finding a way to make those myths more universal-- so even prior to working on it I was always looking for (and finding) parallels to-and-with Native American cultures, northern asian cultures, and norse cultures. **But probably a much, much more important factor was when I started at riot no cared about the Freljord. ** A lot of the chief mucky-mucks thought it was kinda a dumpster fire-- and didn't care about it. So unlike Noxus or Demacia, I knew if I did some work in the freljord I wouldn't have to go thru ninety layers of approvals and feedback. So I might actually get to do something cool and unique. Actually, a lot if not most, of the work I've done in riot were in the places our IP that our leadership didn't like, places that didn't previously exist, or characters leadership didn't have strong opinions on how everything should be. ( Illaoi from buhru in bilgewater, Freljord, the vastaya, mythical creatures of legend, a ninja's dead dad etc...)
I definitely liked what you did with the freljord, their culture has a distinct and interesting flair that I love, and I appreciate that it makes sense in the context of the region: survival is difficult, and thus there's a strong sense of family and protecting women and their offspring, and fighting and war are important parts of the everyday life, since tribes have to fight over the scarce resources. I was wondering: what is the relation between the different Oathbounds a Warmother has? I.e., how do they see each other? I guess they all live together and thus spend their time with one another, but does it matter if they like each other? What happens if a Warmother takes an Oath from a man her other Oathbounds don't like? Can they say anything? And/or on the other hand, can Oathbounds love other Oathbounds? Overall I think the family of a Warmother has resemblance to an open relationship, and these are situations that do arise
: I read manga as a kid and teen, (I'm old, so it was kinda the first wave-- i.e. when Akira, Appleseed, Ranma 1/2 etc first landed) , but didn't really get into American comics till art school. My college roommate (Chris Walton a concept artist-- his stuff is good check it out) was horrified that I hadn't read Dark Knight, Sin City, Xmen, etc.. He literally put a pile of Hellboy books on my bed and told me he couldn't live with me if I didn't read them. I did. Then bought my own copies (and later some BPRDS) After that, I kept up with comics, buying mostly Dark Horse and Image ..in addition to manga purchases. I was never an every Wednesday guy, but I went to the comic shop once a month and bought stuff. However, I think my buying reached it's peak when i was working on_ The Walking Dead_ TV show and the first version of Bendis's _Powers_ (The FX version never aired. The Sony one you can download-- i didn't have anything to do with). Because I ended up talking to Kirkman and Bendis about comics writing during those shows-- I never thought I was gonna work in comics-- but I was trying to understand where they were coming from and how to better work with them. Their viewpoints really helped me understand of the medium's artistic language and made me appreciate American comics more. (I think my taste in terms of pacing and storytelling still leans towards manga though) So I was probably going to comic store every Saturday during that period of my life. But my wife then having a baby cut it completely out for a couple years... I was too busy being tired. And my wife (who also reads them) was too tired to read them, let alone have fun convos about them. Fast forward 5 years and I started going to the shops again (a little before I started writing Ashe) because my daughter was older.... and she loves, loves, loves the Avatar and My Little Pony books. So now I'm going almost every other week. I usually buy a floppy or two for me plus a trade or graphic novel and then a graphic novel and couple floppies for her. sorry. -long answer
Thanks for sharing! I've also been reading mostly manga my whole life and only recently started buying a few american comics (Ms.Marvel in particular), and they are definitely different in terms of pacing and character developement. Though my sample size is still really narrow, I have to read some more before making any sensible statements ^^ What do you think of My Little Pony? I definitely liked the first two seasons, though I stopped watching it around mid-fourth season.
Reav3 (NA)
: I want to take a minute to answer this from my perspective. First of all our intentions of doing less VGUs and more New Champs was actually based on caring for the playerbase as well as from player feedback we have gotten over the years as we have done New Champs and VGUs. Let me go into a bit more detail though. First when I said less VGUs I didnt mean we would stop doing them, I just meant we would slow down. Expect to still see plenty of VGUs in the future, just not as many as we have been doing last year. The reason why I feel that his is coming from a caring place is this. There are many players that share your perspective, that they want their main updated, and changed. But you have to understand there are also many other players that love their Champion, and find it very frustrating when they are updated even if many other players think the update makes them way better. We have to care about these players as well, and whenever we do VGUs we also cause a lot of disruption and frustration from players over their Champion being changed. New Champions generally don't cause this player pain. Last year we actually saw a lot higher player frustration over change, partly due to how many old Champions we were updating and changing, with many older players feeling alienated by the changes. At this point, after Morde, many of the Champions we would consider for a VGU have much higher players bases then the Champions we were doing VGUs on in the past. This isn't to say there isn't value in doing them, but if we were doing them at the rate we were doing them last year, on Champions with bigger player bases, then that is many more players that would feel frustrated or alienated by the changes, even if many other players like them. This isn't to say we want to stop doing them as we feel there is value in the game feeling modern and up to date, which means we value updating the things that are getting old and dated. The Champions on the list just aren't as dated as some of the ones we did over the last couple years, and as a result the value in updating them isn't as high, and also has a higher disruption and player pain cost since the Champions have bigger player bases.
People are making a huge deal about this, but if we talk about numbers I think it should be clear it's not the VGUpocalypse: in 2018 we had 6 VGUs and 3 new champs. What I get from the roadmap is that for the next years we will have something like 3-4 VGUs a year, with 4-6 new champs a year. I don't even ask you for confirmation since I know if you say this is right, people will jump at riot when they make the fifth VGU or the seventh new champ in a year :/
: So because it takes more time, spend 5 minutes on 5 dumb post over 25 minutes on a good one? And since that's the case don't do it at all? Do... do you work for Riot?
I definitely do not work for riot, in the first post I said that to me, he shouldn't have replied to that post at all ;)
: Because why spend the little time you have to reply to a legit post when you could dis this guy?
I guess because replying to a legit post requires more time, effort and ressources ^^
: I don't understand your comment. Are you trying to say you want the artists who make skins to become engineers and work on matchmaking or learn to be game designers and balance things? Or were you just looking for a chance to say 'garbage game'?
I don't think that post deserves a serious answer, but I have a minute to waste. He's obviously asserting that the ressources (in terms of people working on) for the game are limited, and that Riot must either put people to work on skins, or balance the game, as if one exluded the other. And he's whining that Riot is making moneygrab-y skins rather than balancing the game Why do you even bother replying to such a provoker?
: I’m trying not to be snarky about this, but I’m skeptical of the view Riot has regarding morality. Good and evil are subjective for writers, but why would an audience be critical of Ashe wanting a united nation? To what equality for humans? How can anyone empathize with a Darwinist willing to kill children?
I think the key here is that good and evil aren't subjective for the writers, but rather for the characters. A good character needs an understandable motivation to do what he does: if a villain does evil stuff for the sake of being evil it's a bad written character. This doesn't mean that a character should never do evil or good things, but they should have a reason to. Think Thanos from Infinity War: most would agree he *is* evil, but what makes him such a compelling character is that he doesn't do what he does just because he's evil, but because he honestly thinks it is the best thing to do to save the universe. Sejuani is clearly doing evil stuff, but she has a reason to, and that makes her a better character than if she just killed innocent people for the sake of killing them. I'm not sure it's the best motivation she could have, or the best execution on a character with that specific motivation, I haven't completely made up my mind on this part of the story yet - but I can nonetheless see where the author was going with Sejuani in order to make her a character with depth. On the other hand Ashe is "doing good for the sake of doing good", on that front I think the comic doesn't show much of her depth yet. In that regart I liked Ashe's short story better, where you can see her internal struggle and the compromise she makes to achieve her goal. She does want to unite the Freljord and protect the weaker population, but she's not perfect, it's something that requires her an effort and puts her on test. My two cents ^^
: Y-Yeah, that was totally what I had in mind and not some yordle yuri.
Thre suggested alternative doesn't really disappoint me either :P
: maybe the witches become demons when they die
: Visual Effect Updates: Kennen, Olaf, Wukong and Riven
Hi! First and foremost, thanks for the work you are doing on VFX, everything you've done so far has been a great improvement :D I like the changes on these set of champs too, and I'd like to give two pieces of feedback: First, the pickup indicator on olaf is a bit strange to me, given how Olaf bends forward to run. He seems to pick up the axe when his *feet* enter the indicator, while I'd expect that to happen when his *model* (i.e. his head) enters the area. I'm not an Olaf player and haven't tested these changes so maybe it's just something to get used to, but I wanted to point to the issue just to be sure :) The other thing is riven's VFXs. Reading the other comments helped me clear my mind about what seemed off, and I agree with what seems to be the general consensus that they are too plain green and look like Zaunite poison rather than wind rune magic. But I want to give some idea on how to improve the effects: I do like the choice of green as the color for her VFX, maybe to make it more different from e.g. Urgot's VFX the hue could be changed to a cooler, more teal green, or have some other shades mixed in (maybe blue, or red, or orange, dunno). But I think it would be more effective to change the aesthetics of the effects, and I like the idea of linking them more strongly to wind. Riven's VFX never really related to wind (except maybe for her ult), and this seems like a good chance to work on that. What if the borders of the AoE had a dust/wind effect to them, like the Q blows some (green-colored magic) dust up? I'm trying to find other LoL spells that have a VFX similar to what I'm talking about, maybe Corki's W? Rakan's Q comes close (though i'd make Riven's Q more subtle and going into the direction Riven is dashing), or even sunfire cape. Something like this, basically, but in a circle shape: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/008/995/135/original/alex-redfish-smoke-bb-3.gif?1516550983
: Nice observation. When we discussed and aligned on Riven's face for this video, we decided that given the circumstances it would be appropriate to take a little license with Riven's traditional "makeup heavy eyes" look and turn it into something battle functional. In a stadium type setting with intense sunlight beating down on white-ish sand, an athlete (a gladiator sentenced to die, maybe) would definitely like some eye black to prevent sunlight from hurting her ability to perform.
Imperator Furiosa approves \ù_ù
: Sorry But yeah, i don’t know that story, or even if it was an internal writer who wrote it. Like many older champs, Zyra is problematic overall imho. I would argue what they are describing sounds like spirit magic to me... but their is alot elemental magic used in the south... so this could relate to that.
IIRC that's from Zyra's recent lore update, thus it *should* be canon, up-to-date and in line with the broader setting ^^
: {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I actually thought about SG Urgot and how he could fit that AU some time ago, and I was playing with the idea of a Madoka Magica-like team of star guardians who discovered that they were manipulated by their mascots and decided to rebel against them and the Star Guardians. So, a team of ex-magical persons who are kinda the bad guys but for kinda the right reasons, and who still have their powers even though they...killed(?) their familiars. And I liked the idea that their outfits could be inspired by Bōsōzoku, the japanese motorcycle gangs. I mean, SG Urgot (and friends) doesn't need to be all bright colors and hearts ;)
: All ponys believe that. And yes 100% canon. Ornn is a brony. This is undeniable because only his beard hides his “Twilghtsparkle” tattoo. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I'm disappointed that I can't find a "orrn my little pony" fan art online ù_ù
Hupsis (EUNE)
: Levels beyond 18 sound boring. Games rarely last for that long and the bonuses would be marginal. Probably wouldn't feel like a defining champion mechanic.
I agree. From a gaming satisfaction perspective, levels past 16 are already quite boring since they only give you stats and the chance to max out your least interesting skill. There are no really high points after you get rank 3 on your ult, imo, adding levels after 18 wouldn't be that much interesting except giving you more stats (which **are** strong in game, but not really appreciable) :/
: I mean the name is... Iceborn. Ice. Born. uh... I mean it's kinda hard to spell it out more than that.
: Yes there is people gifted with elemental magic across runeterra. I would bet you could find someone with ice elemental magic in the northern mountainous regions of Ionia for example. Different regions probably are more or less likely to display particular elemental gifts, based on the magical elements and elemental magics presence in that region. And yah, different regions are likely to have different terms for people gifted with elemental magic.
Just to be sure, since I think it's heavily implied but maybe it's not stated clearly: is the connection to ice elemental power inherited by bloodline, i.e. do iceborn get born, ore are they somehow *made*? Is it a genetical trait like, e.g. blond hair, or is it something more profound? In the latter case, they would basically be a different *species* than humans/hearthbound, right? (although if I'm not mistaken they can have children with hearthbound)
: > [{quoted}] > Odin,if youre reading this, I would LOVE to her the Iceborn prayer because Ashe only talks about the first and the last line.. > - Im LOVING the way Liss was portrayed in the very background and it is incredibly striking "The Ice is not Pain. It is Surrender. " This is whole prayer of the Iceborn. It's short and sweet and just about the burden of using true ice and being iceborn. (Even for an iceborn wielding one of these weapons is constant and sometimes intense pain-- but also it is about the burden of responsibility for an iceborn to their tribe. ) An important prayer within the cult- often repeated as a mantra. "The ice is not pain. It is surrender. The Ice is not pain. It is surrender. The ice is..." Don't worry you'll get more juicy tidbits on the Cult of the Three going forward. But it will be a slow reveal. I want to introduce Lissy's cult without big exposition dumps and without confusing non-league-player comic fans. So hopefully all of our readers get an sense of them within the Freljord-- from our character's perspectives-- eventually including people within the cult. > ##Final Thoughts > This is the first comic the next one will continue Ashe story with the title DRAKLORN!. > The only negative I have is that I wished there would be more Extra material for the paid Version, I wanted more something was still missing. > I was very excited about this the writing was perfectly executed and we found out everything we needed to > for the first comic. > The Art is very nice so big thank you to Nina Vakueva on doing the story justice!! > Odin Shafer wrote this and I it was all I imagined it would be, great attention to detail,precise expansion on our knowledge and great implementation of Detail (how an Iceborn becomes, True Ice danger, further explaination of other Tribes and their skills and so much more!) I was hoping we would have the first script in the bonus materials-- but some deadlines moved forward and made localization of that into 22 languages impossible. Hopefully the scripts will be included in later bonus content. Thanx for reading!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hi Odin! About the prayer, there was something about it also in the story about the iceborns descending into the howling abyss. I immediately made the connection when reading the comic (even though the prayer itself is slightly different) To anyone interested in Freljord world building I suggest you go read that short story if you haven't already, it's really good! https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/story/the-eye-in-the-abyss/
: Is Bloodmoon Aatrox the idol of worship?
His muscles sure are the idol of *my* worship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scathlocke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=wHRpJILc,comment-id=00010002000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-16T03:20:43.659+0000) > > "have the capacity to" =/= "will always" Oh, absolutely. I wasn't assuming I could just take twenty men and go kill, say, Ornn. I was more wondering whether it was even *possible*. Basically, we see a lot of tales of heroes, and we often see them alongside mortals (typically displaying their relative excellence), but it's often hard to tell if the ordinary champions are simply highly skilled mortals or closer to, say, Batman: impossibly exceptional mortals capable of taking down a dozen or more men single-handedly with relative ease. We (the community -- I assume you guys know) don't really know if the demi-deities are nigh-invulnerable figures like the titans of legend, or closer to simply extremely powerful figures that a sufficiently skilled hero like, say, Beowulf or Achilles might be able to take down in combat.
Sorry if i throw my two cents in here, but I don't think there's really a general rule or a comparison you can make. I guess if the authors want, they can make anything happen, they can also orchestrate that, I don't know, Annie takes down Aurelion Sol. I don't think for story and drama it's really useful to think in terms of straight(ish) cathegories and power levels. Is Ornn more like Nagakabouros or Aurelion Sol? Is ASol stronger than an ascended? Stronger than a Darkin? Who knows? I don't think what matters is who is strongest, but what happens in the story: If Asol and Ornn ever fight, what I'm interested in is: what are they fighting about/over? What are their motives? Who do I side with? Then of course I'm interested in knowing who wins, but does that say anything? If Ornn wins, to me that does not mean ASol can't ever win against him, it just means that *that specific time* Ornn beat Aurelion Sol (and that takes the story in that direction). What matters to me is not who is strongest, but what the stakes are and what the outcomes and consequences are. Also, what applies to a member of a group does not necessarily apply to other members: An Ascended might be stronger than an Aspect, but maybe Pantheon is still stronger than Renekton, who in turn is stronger than Taric, who in turn can beat Nasus. But maybe Renekton or Pantheon would lose to Nasus if they fought. I've played D&D and video games for years and I'm a lore consumer (though far from an expert or addict), and I definitely understand the hunger for detailed information about power levels. But in recent years I started to focus away from data and towards story and drama, away from general cases and towards specific interactions and situations, and I find that more enjoyable. And ad that point, talking about power levels becomes less important. Then again, I'm not here to say you're wrong, unfortunately english isn't my native language and I may come off as worse than I intend to, I hope it's not the case. What I want to say is that maybe Scathlocke isn't giving you the direct answers to your questions because you two are just looking at the issue from very different perspectives (which doesn't mean that one is right and the other is wrong). Thanks for reading this, again I hope it didn't come off as aggressive or offensive :)
: OK, "harder way" was just a shorthand, and I'm ready to admit it was not a good phrasing, but my intention wasn't to be misleading. Consider this: they will get the same end-of-season rewards, delayed, with a (relatively) tight time constraint. "Relatively" because it still needs to be reasonably doable to be an effective incentive to reform, but still, there is a time constraint which is quite short compared to the full one-year duration of a season. And they still don't get back all the keys, etc. they missed by not being honorable. Also... > they're being given a second chance to be a decent person after already demonstrating that they couldn't manage it the first time around ... huh, yeah? I mean, that's the **definition** of a second chance right there. If you never failed to prove something the first time around, you never need a second chance to prove it again. All in all, I think the important thing is this: will that lead to more player having a better attitude in game? Riot'll know for sure *after* the experiment, but for now, I personally think this is likely enough for the experiment to be worth a shot. I, and all other honorable players, lose practically nothing with it (a negligible amount of bragging rights), a tiny fraction of players might get something they shouldn't get, and there is a chance the community will improve overall for that very small price. I'll take it.
I agree with you. Another thing that I want to stress is that they will only get the rewards **if they get back to honor 2 by February**. If a player gets a chat restriction and never really reforms, if they continue in their toxic behavior, they might not get other punishments but they will also never get to honor 2 in time. This rewards is for players who **actually **reform, I honestly see no problem in this
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
Hi Meddler! People were quite upset that 8.22 didn't touch some of the strongest pick as of lately, e.g. Urgot, Irelia, Kai'Sa, Aatrox, Camille. What's your stance on them? I'd guess the reason is that with preseason approaching there will be a large balance disruption and thus balancing now has limited sense, but maybe some of these champs aren't really out of line like people think, and/or have been indirectly nerfed (I'm thinking of TWT/elixier nerfs especially)?
: Visual and Sound Effects Update: Anivia
Not a main here, but fwiw I feel the ult on base skin is a bit lacking, doesn't it have a "hail" effect, with ice crystals falling down? It looks a bit empty I also think the E is a bit too uniform, maybe some stronger shading could help, making the tips of the icycles brighter and the "back" end darker? I definitely like the new wall though :D Also, is it me or the explosion on the Q has the shape of a bird? :D Thanks for these fx updates, they look overall very good ^_^
Meddler (NA)
: For base Lissandra Thralls will look like the killed champion with a layer of blue ice over the top of them. They'll therefore have the victims model and animations, but the victim's texture will be overridden. Likely we'll change from blue ice to other looks for Lissandra's different skins, haven't had those yet though, been making sure the base and gameplay are right first before committing time that might have to be redone otherwise. 'Thrall' is an old English/Norse word for slave/captive basically, hence the pairing with subjugation.
Can we imagine something like Morde's ult, but...blue and less transparent? ^^
: I am late, nice to meet you {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Meddler (NA)
: LoL's always had ramping gold bounties. Those have been based purely off champion kills up until now however, so they do 'punish' you for doing well/give the enemy a chance to catch up, but only reflecting certain types of success. We're looking to shift bounties from being 100% champion kill based to something like 70% champion/30% minion or monster. That better reflects actual advantage and removes a soft incentive to just farm and minimize risk (so many reasons to do that already regardless).
I'm curious to see how that affects splitpushers and proxy farmers. The former IIRC are worth relatively low gold atm and get the most income from cs; the latter is based on not being worth much gold when killed, and this should change with the new bounty system. Do you think there will be any noticeable impact, or will those cases be affected only slightly?
Meddler (NA)
: Ezreal's update's the next champion update due out. It'll be a full update in terms of art and audio, with lighter gameplay changes. Does involve a different W spell, it's nothing that changes him dramatically though (still a secondary spell relative to his other abilities, just hopefully one that feels better).
now that I think of it, will it be around the scope of {{champion:18}} Tristana's update? I.e, new model/animation/skins/VO/lore, most of the kit left as it is or slightly retuned, 1-2 major spell changes
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 5
Just to be sure: you write that the ez update will be mostly focused on his w, but IIRC story- and art-wise he'll still get the full Vi-treatment, right? So, full visual (model, skins, vfx) and story (theme, lore, voice over) update, plus rather small and focused (mostly around w) kit update?
Reav3 (NA)
: I mean we are building Ez completely from the ground up (He has a whole new rig), so we have no choice but to update PFE as well :)
That's what I thought but one can never be too sure So then I'm curious to see if you're going to stick with the overall concept and "just" give him a visual update or if you're going to work on his overall look too ^^
Reav3 (NA)
: I mean we would love to update these kinds of things one day, they are just much lower priority then many other things. Anything we do has to come at the cost of something else, and there are tons of Champions that are in much greater need of VGU's then that work atm. Any work we did on those would delay or push back current New Champions or VGUs in development, which just isn't worth the cost right now imo.
I have a feeling that riot is moving away from those partial updates (vu or gu only) and rather putting all the resources in full VGUs, even if maybe the gameplay part is less prominent (see aatrox, ezreal or Morgana) And honestly, I'm all for it, the average success rate for full vgu seems to be a lot higher than that of partial reworks (be it gameplay-only or visuals-only) I'm looking forward to the ez update. Are you going to update PFE again, too?
Meddler (NA)
: From memory: * Goes on the non Flash key * Can be swapped between hotkeys on Nexus Blitz * Can be removed entirely on SR (it's a suggestion, not a requirement there)
I will be really glad when smite will be automatically selected for jungler, unfortunately it already happened a few times that I started a game and didn't chose Smite as a summoner spell :( Would it be possible to also remember rune/summoner spells settings per champ? i.e. I pick Garen and the runes and summoner spells automatically switch to the ones I uses in the last game as Garen That would help a lot, but I don't know how much work it would be to implement (my guess is: not much, but you never know)
: The game is primarily in C++ Most of our tools are built in C++, with some Python. A lot of the game is built on in-house tooling, so I wouldn't be able to show it to you, but we have an editor that's like a much less nice version of Unreal/Unity. We use a variety of different tools for deployment orchestration, deployment, and builds. (Jenkins, Cooker tool, and some others). Not sure what else you'd like to know :D
every time someone mentions python I can't help thinking of this: https://xkcd.com/353/
: I'm sure there's an internet rule that predicts this very question... :-P The Ascended are humans who were gifted with celestial power by the Sun Disc, changing their form to a cultural ideal of what they think they should be (assuming they have the strength of will to go through with it properly!) So, therefore, I imagine that if an "Ascendee" decided they should still have genitals afterwards, then they will. (Unlike the darkin, who eventually learned how to craft themselves into whatever they wanted!) Ewww. I feel sullied and unusual, now.
now THESE are the important lore trivia! xD <3 :*
: tldr, don't give up hope!!
TLDR: you (Riot) learned from Magma Chamber and Ao Shin ;)
: Hey again :3 I can't go into too much nitty-gritty, but it turns out the issue was related to some network code changes we made that had an odd interaction with the Base Gate we added to ARAM a couple of patches ago. The movement restriction packet for a hero was supposed to only be sent to the clients that can see the hero. However, one of the recent changes somehow sent the packet to *all the clients*. Later in the game, the clear restriction packet was correctly sent to *only the clients that can see the hero leave base*. So, anytime an enemy hero (who did not see the champion leave base) saw the champion attempt to do a moveblock, the client didn't properly know where to position it due to this missing information. Hope this is enough to satiate your curiosity. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Stephiroth,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=UlYv4mX5,comment-id=000100020001,timestamp=2018-07-26T23:32:56.165+0000) > > Hey again :3 > > I can't go into too much nitty-gritty, but it turns out the issue was related to some network code changes we made that had an odd interaction with the Base Gate we added to ARAM a couple of patches ago. The movement restriction packet for a hero was supposed to only be sent to the clients that can see the hero. However, one of the recent changes somehow sent the packet to *all the clients*. Later in the game, the clear restriction packet was correctly sent to *only the clients that can see the hero leave base*. So, anytime an enemy hero (who did not see the champion leave base) saw the champion attempt to do a moveblock, the client didn't properly know where to position it due to this missing information. > > Hope this is enough to satiate your curiosity. > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} It is, thank you very much! :D
: Hey! I have a small update about this. :3 We finally isolated it to a specific change, and are now trying to identify why it's broken. Hopefully we'll find a fix soon and be able to get it out!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Stephiroth,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=UlYv4mX5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-25T02:24:51.506+0000) > > Hey! > > I have a small update about this. :3 > > We finally isolated it to a specific change, and are now trying to identify why it's broken. > > Hopefully we'll find a fix soon and be able to get it out! Thanks for working on this! Are you allowed to share what caused this bug? I'm a programmer myself and am always fascinated by unexpected interactions of different parts of code (e.g. this change being related to the scoreboard not mirroring anymore ^^)
: I love seeing how the changes in lore and the world effect this board
: Champ Memotions Contest Voting Begins
I just wanted to say that I didn't participate to this contest but I definitely like it: the theme is clear but also REALLY broad, and there's a lot of variety in the submissions. Of course there are lots that don't follow the rules, but that's normal with such a large playerbase I guess. I definitely like that there's a lot of variety in drawing skill, people didn't shy away from submitting even if they're not professional artists. Good luck to everyone! :D
Wuks (NA)
: I believe this may be due to a larger platform issue that has been occurring for the past few days. A resolution has been deployed recently, so hopefully, we shouldn't see any issues in the near future. If you do notice anything, however, don't hesitate to reach out!
I've been having a few "Error 500"s today, but now that seems to be solved. QGT seem to be visible on Red Tracker again, too, so... issue solved for me so far! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: No - Akali's bio was deliberate. We're trying out a common player request, for lore at PBE. :-) We often see a lot of players getting upset about new champs and VGUs on PBE, because there is no lore context around their VO and visuals, and so head-canon and speculation run wild. It's actually surprisingly painful for us to get the bio ready for PBE, without everything else we'd normally put into the champ/faction update, but I'm happy for this to be the new normal if it helps portray the character better/more completely. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I imagined the reason was something similar, I definitely like the chance to better understand the champ when it's revealed, past releases caused quite a lot of confusion and misinformation (that lead to unjustified critics). Thanks for trying to give us the bio earlier! :)
: Open to EU residents!
Except Italy (and Greece)! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Option to turn detailed on by default will release soon, actually! (Even if it technically only applies to Aatrox atm) As for the details you listed above... I really really like the format you showed there. I'll definitely try out that idea. :D We'll also definitely iterate more on item colors and tooltips in general. Fun (not really) fact about item tooltips: The reason for the all caps wording of "UNIQUE" in "UNIQUE Passive" was to draw attention to them before the (oooollllld) item shop supported new lines. I fixed that issue in 2012 (before working on building a new item shop), but we never really went back and adjusted the text to match the times. So, yeah, there's plenty to iterate and adjust here that's been waiting a long while. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I definitely like the scaling+value example posted, but I'd still show the total damage too > [Q] Mystic Shot 5,5s 28Mana >Ezreal fires a bolt of energy, dealing 84 (15 +79[1.1AD] +0[0.4AP]) physical damage (applies on-hit effects). >Ezreals cooldowns are reduced by 1.5 seconds if Mystic Shot hits a target with 84 being orange colored (or whatever physical damage will be), 15 with the neutral grey color as the rest of the text, and the two scalings with their physical and magical damage colors. And with "AD" and "AP" replaced by the "axe" and "magic missle" icons
: Colors: We're at least splitting colors based on magic/physical/true damage and are still iterating on what may work for other types of values. Coloring *everything* results in a rainbow wonderland of unreadability for quite a few tooltips, so we're looking to be a bit careful about spreading the colors too far. Arrows: If you're hovering over the level up info it will still show arrows like it does currently communicating "if you press this button, these things will become those things". Tech / Monolithicness: Different technical sections of allll of League (out-of-game client, the "platform"/services, the website, the game itself...) have different requirements and structure. If a problem exists for some architectural decision in one area that doesn't mean it exists elsewhere. In short, no, the issues tooltips have are very quite different from problems relating to Clash. Very very different code bases.
I'm not sure I understood you correctly: what are your plans on color-coding of tooltips? At the moment, there are quite some colors that instantly make clear where numbers come from: orange is AD scaling, green is AP scaling, bright white is true damage, purple is magic resistance, yellow is armor, red are HPs, blue is mana, (another tone of) green is healing... I find the colors very useful to immediately get information. No problem at all with changing the specific colors! Green for AP is...meeeeh! I like the preview at the end with light blue for magic scaling :)
: That's my bad, I retook screenies and neglected to include the AD I had in the original. Retaking them now. :)
I actually still see 79+15 both in the screenshot and in the text beneath it, but in the text it says 79+15=104 (actually it should be 94). Come on Reinboom, I know you can do it! :D (ps: I always hope "Reinboom" is a mlp reference, but I see it comes from "Reina" /sad)
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