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: It was meant to nerf them though, the only reason i wouldn't put Fiora on here is because her Q and E are already on really low cooldowns when maxed, and her W still wouldn't be reduced enough to warrant essence reaver. Kayn is the same way, talon as well and Kha'zix maybe but he burst you so fast it wouldn't really matter. Like you need to be able to survive a fight to use essence reaver in it's current state, Master yi probably could but probably not as good as the bruiser's/juggernauts you listed, same with Jayce.
Are you from riot games? Essence river’s passive “essence flare” doesn’t work on jayce! Is this a bug? They don’t answer me
: It's a wider range. You _draw_ cards to draft, you _draft_ cards to slot them in or discard them.
Thanks, English is not my first language and the Italian version might give confusion, it was very kind of you to answer me :)
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pls gimme a name

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