kile147 (NA)
: I mean, 3 AD was seen by Riot as a reasonable nerf to Vayne when she was dominating at the end of last season.
AND IT WORKED! It dropped her win rate from 52% to 50%.
Bârd (NA)
: So I started leveling my smurf, and I have to say that I early levels are hell.
After a few games (I think it is 3?) pretty much every smurf has been detected and filtered out of the newbie pile. That is why levelling your smurf is hell. After the first couple of games you are basically only against smurfs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wsqIR0nQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-30T04:16:27.950+0000) > > Because we believe he's overpowered and that that will be an issue we need to act on before patch 6.8. We're nerfing him in 6.7 as a result, because we feel he'll be a clear issue soon even if that's not widely visible yet. Something to do with new AP itemization in the upcoming mage update?
Probably something to do with learning curves. I doubt he is Azir level, but he looks pretty difficult to pick up to me.
Divewing (OCE)
: It's something that confuses me a lot. GP/Ez Qs would suggest that minion aggro is an on hit effect. Azir disproves this. Azir would suggest it's on auto attacks, yet not an on hit Ezreal and GP disprove THAT. It hurts my head @_@
AgiLagi (EUNE)
: RUMBLE 41% winrate toplane 47% win rate jungle, 58% for experienced players. Granted it is a small sample size so the experienced player win rate may be wrong (although we don't know in what direction). A 47% win rate in the "best" role with a high experienced player win rate warrants concern, yes, but Rumble isn't too much of an outlier.
Lissoul (NA)
: @Riot do you actively discourage morde from building spellvamp
Well. Technically one press of Q deals damage in three instances and can be to more than one champion. It *could* be considered an AOE because of this. It definitely isn't your standard single target spell.
: Why discourage champion mastery?
Because it isn't really related to champion mastery. It is tied to the system called "champion mastery". What they use to find out if you get a chest is you having good games on a number of champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lemon Graber,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a5ziHhP6,comment-id=00000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-03-25T07:26:08.450+0000) > > Of course they can they are probably the 2 most broken champions in this game since sated devourer has been out. The only thing that can beat broken is even more broken XD A farmed Nasus can own both of them. 1500 bonus damage is a lot to lifesteal back, only Yi has a chance because of his mixed damage and attack speed slow immunity. Even then he's liable to get bursted.
1500 bonus damage? Are you really 80 minutes into the game? Actually, closer to 100.
Droogzy (NA)
: I mean it sorta makes sense that it sits under Relic Shield and Spell Thief. They both require at least SOME form of interaction whereas the coin requires zero. It's a low risk - low reward item. Makes sense to me. And the two top users of it are Janna and Soraka, both low risk support champions. Again, it makes sense to me.
It isn't just risk - it is reliability. It is a low input high reliability item. So long as you don't die, it will always give you the same benefits. The other two items have some variability, and so are stronger in the average case.
WarWork (NA)
: Why? Global ult, long range poke weak disengage, no escape, no tankiness and you want to get him closer to danger? If you do this what will you do about other characters that can deal reliable damage and have more reliable ways to escape or protect themselves?
My guess would be that they don't want to go back to a Ziggs who can clear waves almost indefinitely, making certain team comps impossible to win with. Too much stalling is a bad thing. Provided he doesn't lose power in other parts of his kit, buffing the riskier parts won't make him weaker as you can choose to opt out of them. You don't *have* to take the risk. However, it will give Ziggs extra power in windows that the enemy can take advantage of (or not if Ziggs is good and takes note of the enemies cooldowns, positioning etc.).
: Yas was also intended to be a bot lane replacement for a marksman. There's a lot of things that don't work out as far as paper vs actual games; especially when CerT is involved.
Not quite. During initial development Yas was intended to be a bot lane replacement fora marksman, but they realised it wouldn't work before his current kit. The kit that we know now was intended to be for a solo lane carry.
: Let's get this straight: Maw/Steraks/Mercurial are NOT defensive items.
The trade-off is that (theoretically, anyway) their defensive powers aren't as high as a tank item would give you but their offensive powers aren't as high as the aternative, for example, another crit item. The tuning may be wrong at the moment but there is a trade-off.
: That's a reasonable response, but it's still unfair to the champions who invest time stacking a tear or RoA.
Now *that* is a difficult question. At what point do we consider those choices "meaningful in-game decisions"? To a certain extent it is fair that a champion investing heavily in mana should give up other stats - you can't have everything. On the other hand, a champion investing heavily into mana-regen doesn't give up the same stats even though the effect is similar - you have enough mana to keep casting. Rather than CDR on non-mana items why not more CDR on items with high mana? I don't know if this would be done better with new items or reworked items.
: With the mage update, now may be the only chance to add CDR not related to mana regen.
I recall a Red post a while ago. I think it was MEddler who said something along the lines of Manaless champions opt out of a resource system. This brings benefits, but should also bring limitations. One of those limitations is item choice and build flexibility. Of course, he said it in a much clearer way than I did and gave several reasons.
Shonjl (NA)
: This is basically what I say when people used to cry about Garen, old Garen was stronger than this Garen until lvl16 so people that cry about him just suck. Since old Garen killed you much faster and was way more durable, also had a lot more power in faster and longer silence Q, his W was free tank stats as well as %damage reduction. People have it easy when they forget that older versions of the champ would shit on you much harder.
I think the item changes boosted Garen's power by quite a lot. Old Garen with old items would have been stronger than new Garen with old items. Old Garen with new items would have been stronger than new Garen with new items. Old Garen with old items would have been weaker than new Garen with new items.
skullzx7 (NA)
: Yasuo didn't have BT, he had Maw thanks to him laning vs an annie, and how is that in any way a bad build? Also how is thunderlords bad on him, sure warlords is useful but the extra burst of damage from thunderlords is pretty crazy And I had right around 4k, not 4.5k.
Maw would have given him a lower output. 4000 is still too high given that Zac would have over 200 armour, Duskblade is... sub-optimal on Yasuo. Warlord's and Grasp of the undying (depending on lane) actually beat TLD in win rate by a significant margin. TLD is nowhere near the best for Yasuo.
skullzx7 (NA)
: Add in thunderlords, statik shiv, infinity edge, and duskblade. All it took was 2 autos and 2 q's and thanks to hyperscaling AD items thats all it took to kill me. Next time ill post every last detail so someone defending his senpai doesnt try to call me a liar =D
Okay. so 4.5 K HP with no armour. Yasuo builds SS, IE, BT, DB and LDR? So, Yasuo has 40+75+75+65=255AD + base = 365AD His auto attacks will deal 365*2.5*0.9 = 821 damage His Q will deal 465*2.5*0.75 = 872 damage. A Shiv proc will be 300 damage. A thunderlord's proc will give him 256.5 So, two Qs and 2 AA will net Yasuo 3686 damage. Add in Duskblade proc, 90+(0.25*3686)= 1011 So if Zac has no armour (**and Yasuo has a bad build and mastery choice**) Yasuo *can* take Zac down with two Qs and 2 AAs. But of course, Zac has 450 armour. Assuming all of it is bonus armour because that works in your favour Zac still has over 200 armour. Even with Giant slayer runes and masteries, Yasuo cannot kill Zac with just 2Qs and 2AAs. If somebody calls you out for exaggeration, don't fight it.
: Typical thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive people that probably had a hand in implementing the reporting/banning system in the first place. IIRC, they did this with end of season rewards as well. "Reformed" you say? Well... care to elaborate? Perhaps there is a certain time period without offense? Or maybe it is after the the friggen reprimand has been completed???? Christ man, it's like the blind leading the blind.
It is a tiered system. There are four tiers, each with a different punishment. (10 game chat restriction, 25 game chat restriction, 2 week ban, perma ban) Your tier decreases if you go a length of time with regular play showing neutral or positive behaviour - I think it is 3 months of neutral behaviour. Your tier increases if you continue to be negative. Note that the severity *and* frequency of behaviour matters. If you are incredibly toxic (hate speech etc.) you can be perma banned after one offence. IF you are only a little bit negative it will take a number of games. Riot have made this information public.
: Any champion can get Randuin's though. There was a time when plenty of ADCs picked it up or GA as a 5th item because it makes it very easy to kite and still trade well with other AD champs that didn't buy a defensive item.
I understand. The first person in this comment train said "early armour items". Banshee's is hardly an "early" MR item. Furthermore, the discussion about armour items is typically around the laning phase. I was assuming that here too.
Arakadia (NA)
: Yes, but towers are weaker then before, and too weak for much of the communities taste.
Tower's aren't actually significantly weaker than before. All of the towers have 4000 health and 0 armour. This is the same as 100 armour/MR and 2000 health, the value from S5 for outer and inner turrets - with the increasing armour over time they are actually stronger! The defence of inhibitor turrets and nexus turrets has fallen, making them weaker in a siege, but the attack has not, making them offer the same strength in a dive. They therefore offer the same amount of protection (and siege comps probably deserved a little boost as they were performing fairly poorly). The change to resistance when no enemy minions are nearby is actually a buff to towers. 200 Armour and 4000 health equates to 12000 EH. 300 armour and 2000 health is 8000 EH. Of course, this doesn't change how towers protect you. The only change that weakens protection is the removal of the shields from inner turrets. I am not willing to comment on how significant this change is, but I doubt it is responsible for all the complaints we are hearing. I don't think that I have missed any changes. Have I?
Nekusen (NA)
: its DFT, it isnt doing any real dmg anyways. you need 16 ticks of dft in order to deal half the damage thunderlords deals.
But you deal it to multiple champions much more easily and with no cooldown beyond your ability cooldown. It makes sense that the you need a lot of ticks. Maybe you need too many, but you would expect a lower damage output *per champion* from DFT when comparing it to Thunderlord's.
: Exactly my point. They have 1 option while any champion can get banshee's, any champion can get merc tread's (while still being optimal), and any AD champion has 2 extremely gold efficient, powerful, fit into any kit options.
You may want to rewrite that comment. I don't think you meant to say that "any champion can get banshee's". That would be like saying that any champion can get Randuin's.
: why is solo lane lulu not a problem? every other sup is not allowed to be in a solo lane and for good reason i think. tahm was given his ult dmg so that he could play outside sup and that was absolutely horrible for everyone involved(it was so bad that even after all the nerfs that dropped him down to a 46% winrate and he still has one of the highest ban rates in the game at 35% with a **2.5%!** pick rate, because everyone hates him and will use a ban to keep him out of the game even though there are TONS of better bans)
I believe the bonus damage on the ultimate is there to allow Tahm to contribute in fights beyond "eat you own carry". Having a reason to fight the enemy leads to better overall gameplay. Top lane Tahm was a bugger for different reasons.
: > [{quoted}](name=qetzel,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=yJynMosJ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-15T16:24:16.832+0000) > > The scream isn't actually buggy - It works in the same way that Morde's E (without the delay), Kassadin's E, Darius' E etc do. It deals damage at all points in the cone at the same time. No, it's buggy as hell. I know because I've flashed it watched it go off after and still get Silenced/Damaged. I even had a picture. I flashed before the scream went off. After flash went off I was silenced and took the damage. Which then of course prevented me from being able to shield myself from the burn.
> [{quoted}](name=DotEleven,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=yJynMosJ,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-03-15T16:44:47.186+0000) > > No, it's buggy as hell. I know because I've flashed it watched it go off after and still get Silenced/Damaged. I even had a picture. I flashed before the scream went off. After flash went off I was silenced and took the damage. Which then of course prevented me from being able to shield myself from the burn. In the same way as Darius' pull, Kass' E and Nidalee's E it checks to see if there is a target in range before the animation goes off. It is a weird way to do it, but technically not a bug.
: You know, at first you don't think it's that much. But then again, it is an extra 180 health at max stacks which isn't too bad a bonus. Also, can they fix his buggy ass scream before buffing him?
> [{quoted}](name=DotEleven,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=yJynMosJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-15T16:19:06.051+0000) > > You know, at first you don't think it's that much. But then again, it is an extra 180 health at max stacks which isn't too bad a bonus. > > Also, can they fix his buggy ass scream before buffing him? The scream isn't actually buggy - It works in the same way that Morde's E (without the delay), Kassadin's E, Darius' E etc do. It deals damage at all points in the cone at the same time.
nami tf (NA)
: a championi ability you want irl
I would definitely take Tahm's W. If I cross the street but a friend misses the light, I can just wait for her, then eat her.
: Honestly Azir is fine right now
Looking at win rate, the last two patches have benefited Azir greatly. From 43.7% to 49.7% (So expect nerfs, Azir fans!). I can understand the change in 6.5 - that was a heck of a lot of bug fixes - but I can't see anything in 6.4... What caused such a big change?
Jacknife (NA)
: @Riot Can you answer if you'll decide to make any new/change any items with the mage update?
Riot have said probably, although only small tweaks. Probably not as big as the AP item changes last year. That is from memory. I can't be bothered to find the source - it was on the Boards some time ago.
: Normalize Lissandra's MP/5 Already
I don't think Riot want to buff LIssandra. She is fairly strong at the moment. As such, I doubt you will get this change any time soon. My opinions on the matter are that the passive is one of the few like it that doesn't reward playing around it very much. I would be okay with the low mana regen if the passive could be used to Lissandra's benefit. For example, clever positioning and use of minion waves and abilities lets Xerath get his mana restore by attacking an enemy champion without putting him in too risky a position. Lissandra doesn't really have this skill element to her passive, and as such, the best case use may be lower impact.
Arakadia (NA)
: Towers Don't Protect us anymore, We Have to Protect our towers.
I think that this has always been the case. Towers only ever protected me when I was really really shit at the game, and hence playing against really really bad players. Now that I am only mostly shit, the players I am against know how to play around towers better.
: No, no I wouldn't. Yea, Zhonya's is good, feels great to use it just right and completely shut out an engage, vital skill shot, anything of the sort. But when it's so agonizing to build (No Mana/5, no CDR, not enough Armor to really make a difference), especially when it often needs to be rushed, and feels bad to try and finish (ex: Dying after you have Seeker's, which doesn't help anymore, and being unable to afford an NLR meaning you have to walk back into lane 0% stronger while sitting on 700+ gold.) while having to sit on a 1050 combine cost for +5 AP and the active just to _live_? If the Zhonya's active is _that_ strong, _REMOVE IT_. Replace it with something far more healthy. I'd kill for an AP/Armor item with the Quicksilver effect, seeing as how I prefer reactive measures over preventative measures.
It isn't the active just to live though. It is an offensive active too - it gives champions like TF and Lissandra a decent engage, gives champions with PBAOE spells an increase in damage and lowers your effective cooldowns.
: Is Soraka really still that bad?
Her win rate actually went *up* with the last patch. So it is possible.
: Does Azir ever go a patch without getting a new bug?
How many of them are release bugs that just hadn't been fixed? How many are actually new bugs?
: Hey Riot how about instead of nerfing Lulu's ult base values you nerf the ap ratios instead
The answer is that Riot wanted to lower Lulu's safety in lane. In lane, Lulu doesn't have much AP, so lowering the AP ratio won't do much.
: An idea for a Karma rework to solidify her identity
I don't think this will work gameplay wise. It will lead to situations where your best move is to waste a spell to switch between darkness and light. It will also make Karma incredibly difficult - the mess up potential is huge! There *might* also be clarity options. Given that Karma will change so much in the middle of a fight it will be hard to work out how to deal with her. That isn't to say dealing with a champion should be easy - you should have to work for it - but some of the most frustrating champions to play against are those that it is hard to work out how to deal with them (for example, Heimerdinger's during the laning phase, Zed if you don't know that he will always appear behind you when he ults).
: Nice gif. Upvoting.
You probably don't care, but that gif is perfectly in time with Uprising by Muse.
: I have to disagree with that last statement, a similar example would be Darius where he heals on an outer ring and not inside the inner ring. Maybe they could do what they did with Darius's Q. Make it heal more outside and none or less inside.
That would work. So long as they are large, discrete areas there is no problem.
: Due to our requests. The idea of frequent gamemodes has been around for quite a while now.
I was questioning the word "finally". The idea has also been mentioned by Rioters for quite a while. They have been working on it for some time.
: Looks like they finally gave in lads
Finally? I bet they've been working on this for months.
: The only compensation Gangplank needs after all those consecutive nerfs.
I don't think so. That would be pay to win, which Riot does not support.
: On my old account I got 3 2 week suspsension then got perma banned why is that after i get 1 i get perma
The system has changed since then. It was fairly well publicised.
: @Riot, lets talk about magic pen
I thought that magic pen was overall less important than armour pen because of auto attacks. You get two main types of AD users - casters and attackers. Attackers build a lot of AS/Crit for that multiplicative scaling, casters prefer flat AD and armour penetration to increase the damage their abilities do. The two classes of champion cannot share the same item system because they do things quite differently. If you let a caster do their job well while buying crit then their attacks would do far too much damage. Similarly, if you let an auto-attacker do high sustained damage while building AD and armour pen their abilities would get a little bit out of hand. Ignoring LW (Which most AD champions should buy if there i a tank on the other team) from a design perspective, low overlap in items is the best. Then you consider AP champions. With the exception of Azir, Kayle and maybe Teemo, all of them use their abilities primarily. This means they all fall into the same class of item users. AP can increase the damage an assassin type champion deals, increase the shielding etc of a utility type champion, the burst of a burst mage, the DPS of a sustained damage mage... You get the picture. As AP ratios are changeable (unlike auto attack ratios, which are 1 in all cases except for Kalista), only one class of item is really needed. Tl;dr - On AP champions that want high damage, building more AP has exactly the same effect as building more magic pen. This is untrue on AD champions due to the presence of basic attacks - crit and AS are different to AD and armour penetration.
: Riot on the next patch "we see sunfire is being picked so we will gutted again"
Randuin's OMen got a buff in 6.3 Sunfire got buffs in 6.1 and 6.3 The 6.3 buff was actually quite big. You don't really have an argument here.
: Why no real Fiora nerfs?
Viktor and Azir were given a lot of time before they got major nerfs. They were given smaller nerfs at first - just like Fiora is getting now.
Supafed (NA)
: Game 1 Supafed: i like how he picked blitz into ez lel Supafed: watchout for the invade Supafed: start red Supafed: graves Supafed: theyre going to steal it graves Supafed: we dont have a tank .. Supafed: fun Supafed: getting camped Supafed: is so fun Supafed: what a joke Supafed: ff at20 Supafed: this ones done Supafed: wake up Supafed: GNAR Supafed: dude Supafed: look at ur map Supafed: agree to report gnar graves? Supafed: why Supafed: ur all a premade? Supafed: lmao Supafed: then why didnt gnar help Supafed: im screen shotting this Supafed: i always solo queue and get reported by 4 idiots Supafed: that made no sense Supafed: i never attacked them Supafed: theyre a 3man premade Supafed: ur a premade Supafed: ur camping me Supafed: I have the slowest movement speed in the game Supafed: go ahead report me Supafed: Idc Supafed: thats fine Supafed: I did nothing wrong Supafed: but ill get banned Supafed: because im solo queueing Supafed: in a dynamic queue enviornment Supafed: im 23 Supafed: youre the only one that isngt grown up here Supafed: youre complaining nonstop and threatening to report me Supafed: while im trying to play the gmae Supafed: no Supafed: get a blade of th eruin Supafed: we dont have a sightstone Supafed: so free Supafed: if u were even close Supafed: to that fight Supafed: the zil Supafed: what are u even talking about Supafed: zilean Supafed: u really need to stop Supafed: getting caught Supafed: we can easily win this game Supafed: gettign trolled in my promos Supafed: riot behavioral staff please read the entire chat from my team and the other team when going through this report thanks. Supafed: i did ward Supafed: i got camped by 3 ppl and im the slowest champion in the gmae Supafed: lets group Supafed: no coordination Game 2 Supafed: its ap malphite -.- Supafed: wish i had my cho gath Supafed: ... Supafed: what was that Supafed: gg Supafed: thanks for banning my mid champion Supafed: HELLO Supafed: TEAM? Supafed: HELLO Supafed: HELLO Supafed: HELLO Supafed: wtf Supafed: ru doing Supafed: im done Supafed: Please Supafed: u said u were going to gank mid Supafed: u didnt Supafed: ive been ganked 4 times Supafed: the one time u came mid Supafed: u gave up a free kill Supafed: u dont have any map awareness Supafed: ignored Supafed: you shouldve gone bottm Supafed: so Supafed: u never come back bottom Supafed: lmao Supafed: ok Supafed: gj Supafed: sat in a stun for literally 3 seconds Supafed: wtf Supafed: ru doing Supafed: zac Supafed: we couldve killed all of them Supafed: and ur runnign away at full hp Supafed: trying to play like trick2g Supafed: with ur zzrot Supafed: banner Supafed: and u stole both my kills Supafed: they stacked armor Supafed: gg Supafed: gg wp
Any chance you could post the link to your reform card? There have been far too many people who have edited their chat logs before posting them that I am instantly suspicious.
On the PBE: Hecarim Devastating Charge (E) knock back distance also now scales based on how far Hecarim has traveled during E. [NOTE: I believe knock back is 250 to 450 from ~300.] I also remember that the movement speed was back to being %total rather than %bonus, but this may have been reverted as it is not on the last list posted.
: How about changing the amount of health gained depending on how far/close the target he hits is? You could add the haste here too instead of on ToB. Like: If you hit a target at max range you get a small amount of health and large speed boost and if you hit a target at a close range you get a large heal and a small speed boost?
That might have readability issues. If you want the heal to be important to Vlad then it is necessary that both players know how much he will get at any time he casts it. Having the change be dynamic (to that extent) is risky. Neither player will know when they can fight.
Nahui (NA)
: This is an example of poor game design that Riot is guilty of when it comes to perks of a champion, and there are some examples later. Basically, Riot gives a champion a sort of "advantage" unique to that champion. Sion endlessly stacks health, Thresh stacks AP and armor, Lissandra gets free spells, Orianna's basic attack etc. So, the idea is "I'm gonna have a shit ton of health as Sion" or "A shit ton of armor as Thresh" or "A shit ton of mana as Lissandra." or "I'm gonna have high auto damage as Orianna". And you are correct in that assumption. That's how it should be. That's the point of the champion, and partly why you pick them and why they incorporated that mechanic in their kit. However. Riot implements a counter measure to these boons that serve to not really put your champion ahead ever. Sion has the lowest base health in the game. So sure, you stack health per creep but at 18 your max health is only like 1600 or so. Notice what Riot did there. So the amount of creeps you need to kill to contend with other champions at a base level is absurd and some of the higher end ones can't even be achieved. It's a mechanic in Sion's kit that makes you feel big, but was nerfed in terms of base stats by Riot. Same with Thresh. Each soul gives armor, woo! Tanky thresh! Except...he has no armor gain unlike all other champs. So, his armor is actually..about the same. It's dumb and nonsensical and just bad design. Riot couldn't think of a legitimate passive so they give him a stacking passive that seems unique but they nerf him so that it really doesn't do anything. Same with Lissandra. Sure you have a passive that lets you cast free spells here and there. So you'd expect your mana should hold out better than other champions. Wrong. Your mana regen is slashed to keep you "Even". So you are basically a champion with 4 spells and half a passive. Orianna has her passive that augments auto damage. Scales with AP. So you assume "Hey, I'll have an advantage in CSing and auto trading with my laner because mine are stronger. right?" Wrong. Base AD slashed down to what I believe is either 40 or 41. Galio used to be a victim to this but they realized he was useless and fixed it. His whole basis is being an MR tank. He acquires AP off of MR. So you're thinking, "I'll have lots of MR and be an effective MR tank and have some good AP to boot." Wrong. He had no MR per level. Another nerf to the base champion to somehow justify the kit they gave him. But, after nerfing his core item Athene's, they gave him 1.2 MR per level I think. I'm surprised champions like Nasus don't start with like 10 AD, or Veigar doesn't get 80% effectiveness from building AP items. It's a poor design to incorporate a strength into a kit and justify it by nerfing the base champion.
I disagree. Passives like that are desingned to change the way you play your champion. In Lissandra's case it didn't work - and unfortunately she is too strong at the moment to give her a better passive - but it is good for other champions. Take Thresh. Having souls means he is giving something up if he doesn't occasionally walk towards the enemy's minion wave. It effectively lowers the amount of time he can spend sitting in a bush fishing for champions. Orianna's passive encourages attacking later in the game. It makes Orianna players focus on more than just the ball, giving her an extra layer of complexity and mastery. Also, the base damage of the passive compensates for her lower attack damage. The AP ratio and the wind up bonus give her attacks more power than other champions in her class from level 1. So yeah. No, this was a bad example from you. Sion's change emphasizes farming over other things. It means he can't just stick with his team once mid game comes around - he has to get that side lane farm. Possibly... In Sion's case I actually think that people just wanted the HP per kill to stay (because lets be honest, it is really cool) but Riot wanted more power in his abilities than better health stacking would allow. Passives aren't necessarily there just to increase a champion's power - this is exemplified by Grave's and Jhin, who don't really have passives, just explanations of their auto attacks.
i am jin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Magus Polaris,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ecGEnAKP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-01T09:56:53.208+0000) > > No, "damage", "CC", "map prescence" and "taking advantage of his need to take twenty minutes to reach a powerspike" are his counters. Just pink the spears.
That is not relevant use of the meme...
NiDizio (NA)
: Proposal for Karthus buff
I don't think this is a good idea. Part of the counterplay against Karthus is killing him quickly and then disengaging once he is dead. Giving Karthus mobility after death would remove this, which I do not think is healthy. For your root idea, an enemy that stays in Karthus' E for 3.5 seconds will have taken an additional 385 + 70% AP plus any Qs Karthus can land (which would probably be several given that you aren't running away... Anybody you would really want to root would be dead by then (provided your team aren't awful. 385+70% AP +Qs is not a small amount. It also isn't thematically relevant, or useful if the enemy knows anything about Karthus - it is stray power that Arthus has no real power over. If Karthus were to be buffed, there are better things to change. His late game teamfighting is actually pretty strong even now - helping him get there more easily would be better.
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