Meddler (NA)
: We've got some Yuumi work being done at the moment though it's not stable enough yet to be worth sharing details on (pretty experimental). Does include a somewhat shorter passive CD so with you there at least. Certainly agree with the need for a more interactive lane experience for both sides too of course.
shorter passive cd wont help anything if the payoff is not worth playing aggressive for. The removal of the mana passive was a big mistake that pushes her into the completely wrong direction
: Please help me to understand why you are nerfing {{champion:350}} ? In_** Diamond+ ELO she has a 44% winrate**_. {{champion:92}} immediately gets a buff when she drops to 48% WR... I'm sorry but I'm very confused.
The answer for this is obvious... she is top 2 pro presence support for the entire existence of the champion. until 9.16 dropped her down to 70%, she had been at 90%+ presence for a while. Its obvious why she is getting hammered on the worlds patch. I just hope they revert the majority of the nerfs in 9.20 and give her some large scale work between competitive seasons to make her playable in soloQ. Also bring back Mana on passive
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
Why arent you looking into W range for tuning? that seems like the most impactful lever if her counterplay is insufficient?
: Curious if you can share your thoughts on the following as they relate to this. Note that I've selected these without concern for their current balance, but more for how many of the above they match up to. * **Vladimir **-- Wave control, sustain, harass, powerful defensive cooldowns, low cooldowns, minor mid flex. * **Jayce** -- Low cooldowns, decent clear, mana retention, harass, range advantage, some flex potential, knock-back and speed as an escape. * **Lee Sin** -- Fast cast times, low cooldowns, soft CC, shielding, healing, multiple dashes through walls with rather soft targeting restrictions. * **Maokai** -- Healing, CC, low Q cooldown, ranged harass, untargetability (albeit highly limited) * **Kha'Zix** -- Low cast times, untargeted mobility, healing, stealth, strong early game. I'm basically curious because I see a lot of kits surpassing the 1-2 mark and coming closer to the 3-4 mark, and I wonder what your thoughts on that are.
yeah, the 1-2 mark was really surprising. a lot of champions have about 3 and i think thats fine. 4+ is where it gets problematic IMO
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotScruffy,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=qzzu5y4t,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2019-02-06T18:17:54.197+0000) > > Lucian is a bit OP right now but I think his worst in class range (500) gives him a clear weakness relative to other ADCs. Some nerfs might be needed but I think his design isn't problematic. How is his design isn't problematic when he is always either high winrate high pickrate high banrate adc or the has the lowest winrate outside of kalista? you can't ignore history
champions that are high WR/high PR/high BR are not necessarily a design problem, the balance team just hasnt fount the right spot yet. The design problems are champions with low WR and still consistently high Banrate
Bogsay (EUW)
: To add to this, are there any plans for Azir and Ryze? I recall some changes months ago but they never developed further... ☹️
fairly certain that their approach to those (and 1 more i cant remember, might have been kalista) was to just balance them for pro play. they are certainly not too weak there, so i wouldnt expect buffs to them anytime soon (if anything, ryze might see some further nerfs).
fed7 (NA)
: Not to sound ornn-ery, but why does he need changes? He seems fine the way he is
because the only reason he is ever played is as an ult bot
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
can you see your opponents stat shards?
: World=/= SoloQ.
yes, but that doesnt really matter here since competitive generally has less champ diversity then soloQ because it is more optimised. The more optimised environment having great champ diversity just shows that concerning power levels, mid lane should be diverse. its just common preferences making it seem like there are few viable champions
: Hey bro where is the "avoidable dmg " on camille if i can ask. Cuz her Q is an auto att ( cant avoid) , W can be avoided but depends on where she jumps ( and she heals and slows too ) , E she can sit on the wall for a sec and predict where u are going or can just flash stun in u and the ult is a point click. U say here dmg is avoidable no its not cuz 90% of the dmg is the Q (normal attack) if u can tell me how u avoid a normal attack without a flash every 2 sec it would be good :). Oh yh and tell me not 10 not even 20 champs but just one champ with 0% ad ration and 10 dmg on any spell on lvl 1 :).
there is no way camille ever oneshots you without landing E, who is very avoidable unless she has flash advantage. Same can definitely not be said about wukong
: what do you think about the midlane ,I'm talking about the champ diversity, i have the feeling to see every time the same champ ({{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:38}} ){{champion:157}} and it's little frustrating .Have you plan do to something to saw these champ more frequently ({{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} )
Mid lane has the most champion diversity of any lane at worlds. The reason why you might see those champions less is not balance but just preference. most of them are absolutely viable but people just dont like to play them as much as the flashy assassins. that is pretty much impossible to fix without Gameplay updates (wouldnt even be a great idea. turning everyone into an assassin would suck). Just turning up their numbers would be a terrible idea since most of them are pretty balanced at the moment.
: Hi meddler, any plans for any High presence champs at worlds so far like Aatrox or Urgot?
they are not a soloQ problem at all (both around 50% WR) and there wont be a competitive patch for a while, so not reason to do anything about them
Meddler (NA)
: Changes we were testing a few patches back haven't worked out overall, pulling back on those. Will be looking at some simpler changes potentially in the next patch or two, can't make any promises about what or if something will ship though yet.
replace her W pls. that ability does not fit on a poke mage and would make a lot more sense on a champion that wants to actively stay in battle (like old swain types or even tanks)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 10
can you not make essence reaver better pls. Its super not fun to play against on everyone that even considers picking it up. leave it as is until you remove that ult passive
: There are many reasons Wukong needs a straight up rework, so ill put it in an organised list: Passive - Wukong's passive is incredibly boring and dull, it basically gives you MR and Armour depending on the amount of champions in Wukong's vicinity. It has no interactivity and it is bad, nobody even thinks about this passive when they are playing the game. At max level, the passive gives 40 MR and Armour when surrounded by 5 enemy champions. Sounds good right? NO. This passive gives absolutely no benefit to Wukong because of the way his kit is built. Role - What is Wukong? Is he a tank? An assassin? A bruiser? I have over 1 million Mastery points and have hit Master multiple times and I still have no idea. 99% of games building full AD is the only option, as building tank items means you have no damage, whereas champions like darius/renekton/irelia can build tank items and still be a massive damage threat. Also, even though Wukong has a garbage 'tank' passive, his natural bulk is incredibly low in comparison to other champions who fill his 'role'. This makes you a "one shot the ADC" champion which other champions who build semi-tank can do too. Laning Phase - Oh boy, this is the one that makes me SO salty. Despite popular belief at low elo, Wukongs laning phase is UTTER TRASH. Almost every top lane matchup is "try to farm and go neutral so you can do something after laning phase". Its boring, Wukongs kit doesn't have the skill factor that champions like Riven and Fiora have, which leaves you NO room to outplay your counters. Lets take Darius for example, a classic Wukong counter. To trade with Wukong you need to put yourself inside enemy minions with your E, and to avoid taking damage back you press W. But wait a minute, Darius just pressed E, what do you do now? NOTHING, there is nothing you can do, you are truly fucked because you dared to hit your opponent and you have nothing left in your kit. This isn't just a problem with the Darius matchup, almost all of Wukongs counters are like this (which is 90% of top laners). Damage Types/Resistances - Almost every champion in the top lane has some form of %HP DMG/TrueDMG/MixedDMG. Wukong only has physical damage. You could argue that his clone deals magic damage when it expires, but its so negligible its not even funny. Why is this a problem you ask? Because every motherfucker instant counters Wukong now by just building Tabis or some other basic armour item. This is such an annoyance I cant even begin to explain. Are you laning against Irelia, a classic Wukong counter AND outplaying her? Well guess what monkey, she just built Tabis and now she does more damage than you, has more cc than you, deals true damage, has more mobility than you, and more tankiness than you GL HF. "Well then why don't you build Tabis on Wukong?" you ask, let me tell you why. Wukong has shitty base damage, zero sustain, one damage type, and shitty base bulk. If he builds Tabis or another armour item, you are basically crippling yourself even harder because the enemy STILL has mixed damage types and higher base stats. Jungle - A lot of you are probably wondering "You could avoid all of these problems by jungling!". Wukong has trash jungle clear, he has hardly any AoE and as I stated earlier, his base damage and tankiness is BAD. The only way to have a remotely healthy jungle clear is to take clone second so you can clear the camps, but even then its so slow its unbearable. By the time you have cleared 3 camps, the enemy has either cleared his jungle and done 1-3 ganks, or they have cleared their jungle and invaded you and now you are dead (if you play lee sin you are insecure). Clone - This spell has so much potential, but it is so dated. Right now, your clones only usefulness is the THREAT of using it, i'm sure you all know the classic "S stop" where you press S and pretend you have cloned. The problem with this is anyone who knows Wukong can actually see the difference between an S stop and an actual clone, when you clone its a lot more choppy. The only way to fool anyone with it is by running into a bush and using S stop at the edge so they cant see you stop. However, the higher elo you go, the less this trick works. The clone itself is pretty useless above D5, the only useful aspect of this ability is the 1.5 second stealth so you can reset duskblade proc. In fact, i'm certain if you just removed the whole clone and made this ability a stealth ability it would be just as good. That sucks, because a clone sounds like it could be super fun to play around with. For example, what if you could trade places with a clone that you set down, or what if the clone used Wukong's E at the end of the duration instead of just uselessly spinning around and disappearing. Ultimate - Whilst Wukong's ultimate is pretty good, it does not match the rest of his kit. You give him 3 basic assassin abilities, then you give him a team fight ultimate? Also, your ultimate's base damage is 20 (lol), which means if you don't build AD, you will be like a mosquito buzzing around in a team fight. Also, the tick rate of this ability has screwed me over so many times it makes me want to cry. When you ult, enemies can literally DASH THROUGH YOUR ULTIMATE without being knocked up, the biggest offender being Fizz Q and Irelia dash. Solution The best solution to these problems would be a rework. I honestly would not mind a full scale rework, maybe moving Wukong into more of a top lane bruiser role that has a lot of interactivity with his clones. You could also remove his current ult and give him something like a powered up mode (yes, like SSJ from dragon ball).
Exactly this. Give Wukong a full kit rework and pls dont buff him until that point (at least not in a way that lets EQR reliably oneshot people) EDIT: on the other hand, there are other champions that need the rework quite a bit more, so just leave him as is for now
Jësüs (NA)
: Let's compare a newer champ, camille, with the old and crusty wukong. She has: 2 auto attack resets, wukong has 1 an 80% attack speed boost, wukong's is 50% a stun that's not on her ultimate, wukong has no stun, and a knockup only on his ult an improved jarvan ult that is impossible to escape without displacing camille, you can flash out of wukong's ult before it even does damage and knocks you up a silence, wukong has none an aoe knockback, wukong has none sustain, wukong has none a slow, wukong has none can engage from 1200 units, wukong can engage from 625 a reliable disengage that reaches 800 units and can traverse terrain and for some reason doesn't get stopped with CC, wukong's invis is incredibly predictable and is only really good for blocking skill shots and cannot traverse terrain true damage, wukong has none % max health and %current health damage, wukong has none of either a shield that can reset in combat, wukong's passive is basically nothing. It's probably the worst passive in the game, stat wise and doesn't even do anything with or make sense with his kit at all. Also she actually has a mana pool. Wukong at level 3 can combo 2 times and he's oom. Camille just spams everything in lane and doesn't care. Literally the only thing he has over her is that he can invis for 1.5 seconds every 18 seconds. But, this doesn't matter because he doesn't even do any damage anymore. And they basically have the same base and scaling stats, except she has better hp/5 and starts with 73 more mana but has 9 less base ad at level 18. If you think this is balanced, you're a crazy person.
its really simple: wukong does all his dmg in one undodgable pojnt and click combo. pretty much everything Camille does is a skillshot or melee range, so she is allowed to do more dmg, because her dmg is avoidable while wukongs is not. I hope it stays this way until riot reworks wukong to have some more outplay potential and less point and click oneshot
Harambe (NA)
: STOP IGNORING WUKONG..... FIX HIM... Revert the nerfs, you guys already nerfed Items and Runes he didn't deserve actual ability nerfs he's been unchanged for over 6 seasons now. The Items and Nerfs were the problems you guys did the monkey dirty. FIX WUKONG. GIVE HIM ATTENTION ALREADY STOP IGNORING
getting oneshot out of stealth by EQR is terrible to play against. i hope they dont buff Wukong until they have made sure that combo pretty much never oneshots anyone. I would be fine with them making a tank playstyle for him more doable, but any stealth champ with instant oneshot potential is just terrible to play against (also applies to Eve and Shaco. hope they get nerfed soon)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 5
the 2nd point (volume scaling with distance of the ping) could be very useful on the danger pings as well
: Oh that's cool to know! Regardless, it seems like a really easy and effective fix without much downside. I mean I remember there being some minor tradeoffs when I looked up the difference, but none that really impact the cases of "I tabbed out during loading screen to do something else" or "I tabbed out during my death time to change my music."
in Fullscreen mode, the game basically stops running if you tab out. in borderless, it just doesnt get shown on the screen so it uses more resources while in background but the transition is smoother
gubigubi (NA)
: This is from my experience on Fiora but even if you removed conq entirely from the game taking BC on Fiora really isn't worth it the vast majority of matches. The build path is horrible and even once its finished its not better than {{item:3078}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3072}} or {{item:3812}} as a second item. BC is a boring mediocre item that doesn't feel fun build or use.
Fiora is really not a core user of BC with all the true dmg throws around. If they make it a decent choice on Fiora, its a 100% must buy on like 5 other champions (unless they mess with the Armor shred)
: Cursor Update on PBE v2
what about the cursor showing if it in the brush or not (it currently only does this in ward place mode, but having that info (or at least some way to access it) always would be nice tbh)
fabfan (EUW)
: Hi @Meddler, With the Bounty changes, do you think Ignite will be a good choice vs Teleport on Top ? It's my dream to see ignite back on toplane like in S3 (and also see teleport disappear). Also any plans for Garen ?
the reason why ignite top was more common in S3 and before was that the game was less optimized back then and people were worse at staying alife. Ignite top is very doable in low elo, but will likely never really come back in competitive or even high elo soloQ because the reason why its not taken anymore is less about balance changes but more about players learning how to counter it.
: What do I have to do to get Leona to be able to proc Sunlight herself on jungle monsters, even with reduced damage? She's so close to being able to clear fast enough to be a good jungler with her ganking power, but she needs just a little kick in clear speed to not get invaded and lose her jungle all the time. The Q CD may help a bit, but it also destroys her mana at the same time.
that will never happen. leona is not supposed to play anything but support and would have to get nerfed quite a bit if she could because of the increased gold income in the other roles
Meddler (NA)
: At present it's: IE TF Abyssal Mask Rabadon's Black Cleaver Sunfire Redemption Locket Talking about potentially swapping one of Redemption/Locket for a different (non active in part) item though.
Why Sunfire and Abyssal for the tank items? both are situational at best at the moment. this will probably just make most tanks pick up locket if they have ornn on the team. IMO Spirit Visage and Thornmail would be a better fit for generalist tank items at the moment.
: We've been thinking about this a bunch. It basically depends on your playstyle, I guess. Like I really get stressed editing masteries in champ select now, so I'll probably have 20 Rune pages for the ~10 champs I play so I don't have to spend a single extra second on building one from scratch every time. That way I can just change like a few runes on one of my preset pages and then have time to grab a beer or whatever. So this plan works really well for me, but you might not use it. I guess the question then is, is that fair enough for you? Like you're still getting all the other improvements to the rune system (including free runes, editing them in champ select). So does the change overall still feel fair for you even if you don't use the extra rune pages? I'm genuinely asking.
Aside from the fact, that i dont like the fact that none of my runepages will get refunded, this is going to cause a really backwards distribution of runepages: the people that are very familiar with league and thus probably dont need a lot of pages will have a lot of them, while new players, that tend to netdeck pages and as such need a lot of them will have very few. I really dont like that.
: Runes Corner: Runes Content Development Peek
what happens to magical footwork if you have a full inventory at 10 minutes? also, do you get the boots wherever you are or do you have to go back to base?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
on the rune that leaves behind a ward when you clear a ward: (how) does that work together with the fact that both the champion that kills the ward and the champ that revealed it get kill gold now. I feel like revealing the ward should be enough to proc the ghost ward or you have a (probably not very interesting) conflict of interests
: Why the sudden interest in ninja tabi use? The rise of ninja tabi is due to the fact that the 10% dmg reduction, specifically against lethality adc's and lethality-building champs in general is currently more valuable than CDR or tenacity. Notice the word **currently**. The boots weren't the be all end all before you implemented lethality. People bought tenacity and CDR boots. Junglers loved swiftness and mobility. But this meta isn't full of CC tanks and CDR is plntiful outside of boots. It's full of low CC assassins and adc's bulding lethality. And in order to **survive** long enough to do anything WE LITERALLY NEED THOSE BOOTS! The boots themselves have been fine for an extremely long time, and have only now rose in popularity because they are a need against the currrent lethality meta. Not a want. Hell I'd take any other boots any day of the week if lethalty wasn't a problem. Kinda like boots enchants. We didn't buy the best one, we simply bought the least shit one. In this case ninja tabi are the least shit pair of boots against lethality users.
I would expect NT to be a lot more valuable against crit adc's then lethatity adc's because crit adc's usually deal a larger portion of their damage in autoattacks. I dont think the rise of Lethality (at least in the adc position) is what makes NT so good at the moment. Its probably more due to the fact, that there are a lot more autoattackers (and physical damage in general) in other lanes due to the strength of lethality.
ploki122 (NA)
: **Riot :** In your opinion, what is your issue with Vladimir's Q. **Interviewee :** I'd say that mechanics are outdated... and visuals are outdated... and sounds are outdated... So yeah... literally everything? **Riot :** Nice, you're hired!
this is about the game design, not the visuals. the correct answer is that it has really low counterplay and there is almost no decision-makeing involved with the skill. you just use it whenever it is off cooldown.
Lyte (NA)
: Q&A about Dynamic Queues and new Champ Select
will support alway be first pick or is it random? (i only saw the s@20 video, where both teams seemed to have the same pick order)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NzjhxoyR,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-21T00:17:12.087+0000) > Mordekaiser: > > * Morde's a pretty topical dude at the moment. Our belief is that he's too strong in a duo lane, despite previous nerfs, so we're going to be reducing the amount of bonus XP he gets from his W in 5.21. Our hope is that that will then give us some room to buff his base stats, bringing his solo laning closer to his duo lane performance. That's something we'll likely do as a follow up change though (potentially in 5.22), once we've got a read on what the impact of the XP reduction was. Or... You know... REMOVE IT. Just remove the damn thing and put power everywhere else in his kit, it's a dumb mechanic anyways. His w is really lack luster past the early game/non ap, it would be worthless without the xp boost. Remove the xp boost, put actual good scaling damage on his w, bam. Also fix the weird range on it, he can auto things but w will be out of range sometimes (try it on gromp).
while i agree, that they should remove the xp gain on his w because its the same kind of invisibe pover they try to remove with almost every rework, it wont work, because if they remove it, he will be mainly a solo laner again, and riot stated multiple times that he is not balanceable in a solo lane. based on this, riot has basically 2 options: 1. they remove the xp gain on his w, but introduce something in a different place in his kit that keeps him in duo lanes 1. they olaf him (again..) and give him a full sion level rework with a new ult ( <-important), q and e. w might be worth keeping because its kinda unique and fits him pretty well. a couple thoughts on a possible rework: * it would make sense to make him a tank, because it fits his visuals way better then a bursty kind of role. this would probably include introduceing cc into his kit, but i would also really like to see riot try out a 'damage-tank' * his ut has to go if he stays in a damage oriented role. there is just no way to keep this ult on anyone that has a remote chance of bursting you * i would still like him too keep his immobility. i feel it is more core to his identity then his lack of cc and is actually very easy to support.
: Hey guys! I am one of the devs that worked on this feature and want to answer some of your questions. **Where's my updated tooltip?** We're still in the process of rolling it out. We've enabled it in NA and LATAM regions so far. We are rolling out slowly so that we can keep an eye on any issues that may come up and isolate them without affecting other regions. **What do these icons mean?** As many of you noticed, these icons are consistent with Team Builder. The first icon represents the position you typically play the displayed champion in. The second icon represents the role you most commonly fill with that champion. **What even is "Recent Playstyle"?** Our goal with this is to help people looking at you get a quick idea of what you like to play. We look at your recent games, find the champion you play most often, and then the role and position you most often play with that champion. We have special handling for game types where you don't have agency over you champion choices. This includes the random display for people who play a lot of ARAM, and exclusion of data from other game modes (such as Nemesis Draft). We think there might still be improvements on what is shown here, so please keep the feedback coming!
You should make the tooltip different depending on what que you are in and only include games from the same que for determining the recent playstyle. for the firendlist one youshould just generate it off ranked>normals>teambuilder>aram>botgames, and only consider the games of the que with the most priority as that is probably the one where they play most seriously
Ypherion (NA)
: Let's talk about the jungle
why dont you make jungle camps apply a debuff that lowers regeneration from potions and make the jungle easyer. this would lower the amount of money, junglers have to spend on potions and make build in sustain more valuable.
: What the hell is going on with my clicks?!
repairing my client fixes this for me (at least for a few games)
Ruhd (NA)
: Responding directly to Adam because I have actually been mulling this over for quite some time. I recently became a frequent listener and participant within the Trinity Force Podcast community, and there are just some features that I would love to see added within League. While I have not been a player in quite some time, I would like to reference the World of Warcraft guild system (I am unfamiliar with other MMOs and how they function). When creating a guild, you spend an upfront of in game currency in order to secure a title, and then had to find several members to join before the guild could be fully formed. I am not looking up, nor looking to argue, exactly how this functions now, or if these events are backwards, as that would not change my point. This sort of system, if implemented in League, could allow us, as a community, to create groups of similar minded individuals. For example, if Adam was to create a "TFORCE" community, for a set amount of RP or IP, he would have owner's rights to that community. As owner, he could designate power, such as moderation, to those that he wanted to dole out the power to (so nobody, in this case... kidding of course). The price should not be high enough to make communities cost prohibitive, but should also not be low enough that "troll groups" form. There needs to be a high enough price so that creating and managing these groups is a decision that wouldn't necessarily be done on a whim. Furthermore, within this same vein of logic, if multiple people wanted to create a community, perhaps they could share the initial cost. This would allow for many more sub communities to form among friends. This is just my two cents, take it for what it's worth, but I really think that there is quite a bit that focusing on the chat as a possibility for expanding communities could really benefit from. As a final food for thought, perhaps, highly rated communities (such as TFORCE, wink wink) could be "Featured" within the main client, or, for newer communities, possibly, "Sponsored," through RP/IP (again, potential to cost-share between members). **TL;DR: Communities should have a start up "cost," RP/IP, that keeps them from being an "at whim" decision. This allows for greater focus on communities with value behind them, due to the nature of investing in the community itself from the beginning.**
I personaly dont like gateing something like this with RP and makeing chat something to pay for this way and with IP gateing we have the problem that there are many players that have everything they could buy with IP so they dont care about spending any amount of it they want, so there would still be 'troll-groups'
: I dont agree with turning Kassadin into a pure antimage, if it would succeed he would just end up creating unfun matchups for mages and get stomped by ad´s which is unfun for the Kassadin. Also AP focused champions tend to be on the weaker side of the meta the majority of the time. You see regulary 1-3 fighters every game and ad assassins arent rare as well, also with ADC´s being a static position there will always be one role he is ineffective against. Also making an assassin weak against adc´s kinda defeats the purpose. In my opinion Kassadin should be a ap melee dps champion like a SwordMage, we dont have any ap melee dps champions right now and the closest ones are Fizz Vladimir and Karthus. In terms of feral, i think it is slightly too strong but especially toxic because it basically feels like once you purchase wriggles anytime you dont spent jungling is wasted, i highly recommend turning down the bonus you get from killing monsters but increasing the bonus you obtain from kills and assists. I also think objectives like Dragon Baron and Towers should give stacks as well. I also think the stacks you get from objectives and killing should already apply to obtaining feral because 15 minutes pveing really isnt fun and often times just ends up with laners losing hard enough that you lose parts of your jungle and with this item you dont exactly have much influence since the time you do not spent jungling is wasted.
dragon and baron give stacks
: I think if there's one thing URF showed us, its that champions like {{champion:6}} , {{champion:14}} , {{champion:57}} , and {{champion:120}} could be more viable with slight buffs to their mana/cooldowns. At the moment, there are a lot of champions that just cannot compete with the popular picks these days because they run out of mana too fast (looking at you Sion, 1.5 ability rotations and you're done). Do you plan to make any small changes to some of the champions that were powerful in URF but fail to find favor in the normal game? I know Sion has a rework coming up, but I feel like a reduction in his ability costs could let him become an acceptable pick in both mid and top lane as a stopgap until the rework is ready.
at least for sion he is definitely intentionally 'olafed', because his play patterns ( on click stun) are just unhealthy
: I'd be happy to have a dialogue with you guys. I suppose my question for you is: what is your use case for refunds? What makes a player want to use one? I think locking down the reasons players refund items is really important for figuring out the best strategy for both players and Riot. Thoughts?
I only used refunds one time so far and that was when there was a 2for1 Runpages sale, because i didnt have enough IP, but since these sales dont exist anymore there is no real point for refunding for me.
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: Recruit @Keddrick ( me so you know I'm worth it)

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