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Vanic998 (NA)
: About your complaint that enemies can easily dash out of velkoz's ult, its because velkoz's e is the worst skillshot in the game. It's reward is not worth it for its difficulty to use it. In addition to having a delay and most likely hitting only one enemy champion despite being AOE, you have to put yourself in danger to land it since its range is close to the average dash range. I've been saying this for a while but all riot has to do is increase velkoz's e suspension duration by .25 sec from .75 sec to 1 sec. Currently velkoz already has the damage he needs, all he needs is to dish out his damage more reliably because currently, velkoz's e suspends enemies for only .75 sec while velkoz' ult deals damage over 2.5 secs. If you do the math, the suspension duration is a little less than a third of his ult duration which is why you can land your whole combo with velkoz and the enemy champion could still get away while your ult is still active. It frustrates me when other mages like lux, brand, and syndra have hard cc durations over 1 sec even though their ults are all instant. Velkoz is more dependent on hard cc than any of them. You're right, currently this is the weakest state velkoz has ever been in not counting right after his rework and right after his release. As of typing this, velkoz is at 49.29% winrate with 1.17% playrate.
i completely agree with you but i guess velkoz doesnt have the fanbase for riot to keep him in active roster :(
: Other people can do it too, i mean like Lux designer is no longer working at riot, but her last changes worked pretty good
I am actually asking who is the new guy that works on Vel'koz.
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: it's also because her clear isn't as efficient as most ad junglers + her level 2 dueling power is bad
almost all the ad junglers are better than every ap junglers.
: Yes, but she's probably a bad jungler rn because of jungle changes (you can't contest scuttle early vs most ad early junglers) so be wary
Yea she kinda feels on the squishier side of things.
: What about {{champion:55}}? She's cool. She's not too mechanically complex, and it eventually all comes down to decision making and game knowledge.
Ill give her a go as well. But ap assassins are not something i am good at.
Salson (EUNE)
: {{champion:245}} is a good start, as he has a reset button should you screw up. {{champion:7}} and {{champion:103}} are also good picks, as they have some Mage attributes.
Ill give them a try. Ekko i already play. Thank you for the suggestions.
: {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:28}}
So you think Evelyn is something i should try? Her kit kinda looks nice.
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: Shen is a protector his kit really shows this with his ult + W Pyke looks like scum that hits below the belt and his kit reflects that
Oh i dont hate Shen's kit its pretty unique for a tanky top laner but suits a samurai more then it would a ninja but that's just my opinion your's is just as valid.
Awhegark (NA)
: I agree most people here only watched naruto, and have no idea what a real ninja is.
Dude my first Ninja anime was Ninja Scroll (1993) ah the memories.
: We have Zed for that.
We have Akali and Kenen (before the disgusting play by Smeb during the worlds, after which they gutted his R) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} both do justice to the whole Ninja theme plus one can never forget the mightiest ninja of them all, the unseen OK is the deadliest.
Zerenza (NA)
: You should read Shen, Zed and Kayn's stories oh and Jhin's, then you'll understand why Shen is who he is.
Ma man i am still waitingg for the next part (4th one i think). And by the way i loved the part where Shen thinks to himself about the mental and physical state Zed is in. Also i should add i always believed that Shen's father kinda let down Zed when dealing with Jhin, the point where Zed.exe kinda broke.
: Unfortunately, no. Despite the fucking mess that is Shen (A ninja, with literally no stealth, nor any assassination potential, that's supposed to tank hits? Nani the fuck?) we can't just scrap Pyke's whole release and come up with a Shen rework on the spot. Pretty good for a first post. I shall be the one to welcome you to the forums. May you have a great time and may your intellect bring up many a interesting discussions in the future.
Thank you for the nice welcome i hope to be a responsible member of this community and only do a rant post every few weeks after dying to fizz as a velkoz{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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