: Guide on how everyone could get Urf Warwick 150000 BE
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sandyxwg (EUW)
: My story about Dynamic Q
That plot twist :)))
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: My problem with Dynamic Que are not toxic premades or it being unfair
: Yea I agree 100%. If they wish to keep their dynamic queue it's fine, just please rename it please. Just "Ranked" doesn't apply. Boosted Ranked, Individual performance doesn't matter Ranked, boosted by friends Ranked, Make gold thanks to friends Ranked, You made gold? Haha I made gold 2 months ago thanks to friends Ranked, I can keep going....
: S3 Rank: Platinum 3 S4 Rank: Platinum 2 S5 Rank: Platinum 1 S6 DYNAMIC QUEUE BOOSTED ANIMAL RANK: Diamond 5!!!!! DYNAMIC QUEUE OP!!!!!!1!!!! How else did I possibly climb to diamond?!
Yup, you're a boosted animal :)
sandyxwg (EUW)
: I love dynamic que! Haters gonna hate
Everyone is competing for the best boosted animal crown in S6
: My friend did that with me but stopped because I kept trying to hang myself with it :^(
: > [{quoted}](name=sandyxwg,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pxrBgr6b,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-02T17:31:00.452+0000) > > Besides that, I don't feel inferior to anyone anymore. You measure your self-worth based on you LoL rank ? DQ is not the problem, you might actually need professional help.
Uhm, are you a therapist? Cause I'd gladly talk with you about it
: Worst reversed ability
Warwick R. Enemy jumps on him , immobilizing and dealing damage.
: So you got boosted?
Nonono, my friends just handed me some rope and I climbed
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Vekkna (NA)
: Hey! We got 5-man teams back!
Greetings riot! I'd like to thank you for the new team ranked restriction. This way no one can have an advantage over me. My mom is quite stubborn and she only lets me play 3 hours per day but due to this change that's all I need, everyone gets the same play time as I am! ^_^ .I'm so happy, I love this change! One more thing. If you could restrict ranked on Sundays? I mean everyone should go to church and pray not game. My mom makes me do it, so please make it fair as you did with team ranked and do not let anyone play on Sunday during 8-12 am CET. Thank you!


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