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: So how is Dota 2 doing with this then ? Because if they made good money and didn't lose much from it was only the question of time when Riot tries the same.
dota actually has a prize pool for worlds that isnt tiny too, league going downhill fast rip
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: probably cause {{champion:43}} tank top exists
isnt that about her mantra renewal rather than the shield?
: Teemo can rarely be a lane bully anymore.
teemo is trash, he prob needs a buff i stomp him everytime playing Poppy
: When has ankles gotten out of the early game? He is a lane bully that is beat by other lane bullies and doesn’t scale besides his ult. And when does a jinx get close enough to a renekton? Jungle is probably the second strongest role after mid and if you play right and not like a total monkey you can do stuff in the late game as long as you don’t play a super early game champ and even then you still can do well.
feel like support has way more impact than jungle, my mobi boots support has more impact than that dead role (dont have an agenda to get jungle buffed btw honest opinion)
: Unfortunately he's actually dead on. Poppy is absurdly oppressive as her dmg scales with her opponent, is generally unavoidable and she's such a strong stat stick that most top champs can't actually "win" against her, as her kit is a big "fk u" button. The only thing holding her back from being god tier, is not having an ultimate
so looks like if you respect her early damage you are fine! she cant farm under tower so just shove the lane and you win, she has low mana and you can abuse that if you have a champion with more waveclear, sure if you stand by a wall your are going to get 60% of your heath gone move away from her when her passive is up and you win the lane unless you are playing a low tier tank, farming undertower as poppy is awful, but maybe you have already decided she is busted rip, (kinda feel like a lot of champions damage scale with enemy max heath tho) but for real, poppy is a free win if you stand next to a wall, guess you deserve it if you let it happen
: So now we'll have Toplaners and Junglers playing the victim trying to be the most opressed minority Man what a fun time
how about we call every role oppressed and try to cater for everyone, im legit down to try it for real :(
Slade25 (NA)
: Why Toplane is currently the worst role in League
feel like everything you said is true, except i personally feel like teemo is a free win champ but yea i think you got the most of it, one day rito might read all these top lane posts and do something :(
: Top lane controls the game, adcs are garbage in the current meta. Pre-nerfs riven told me about how broken my Poppy is.
> [{quoted}](name=5or6stores,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Zy9hJRsu,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-07-05T00:21:11.022+0000) > > Top lane controls the game, adcs are garbage in the current meta. > > Pre-nerfs riven told me about how broken my Poppy is. i tower dove an irelia at level 6 as poppy "wow that is balanced" feel like i can safely say that poppy is not as much of a problem as irelia, right?
: It's time for Yasuo to be nerfed
he is a free win top lane imo, feel like he has a lot of counterplay early one, dodge third q and you win so, idk what you mean unless youre talking about how adc is countered by his w then that is fair but adc is a trash role that i dont want to play so,
: I'm really tired and burned out from adcs.
i can miss every skill shot as zyra and do double damage that my adc does, adc is the worst role in the game, i salute anyone who chooses to play it, surely noone has fun as adc
RaaMunee (NA)
: Just a Silver player looking for simple mentality advice..
people will find a reason to flame you, even if its something like you shoved the wave to tower when he wanted to freeze or the other way around. Or if bot lane is losing and you choose to camp or roam top instead. lol people are toxic so the best think you should do is mute and ignore them all. Imagine how stressed you would be if you could see what they were saying
FâgLord (EUW)
: Riot, What the f*ck
poppy used to counter renekton, makes me sad i might not be able to beat him anymore if he has this and ignite :(
: > [{quoted}](name=2Charmnot2Charm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EIEtoFYI,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-05T18:44:29.650+0000) > > Grasp of the undying GP. Wow, the 62 DMG Q early with a bit of Grasp DMG. Damn that must hurt. Let me tell you a secret, everyone he pokes with it can trade back with better poke or engage on him since he has no real cc and his 'escape' is running away, which doesn't work that well before Trinity. If you stay in his Q range and just chill, yes you will get poked out just like from everyone with ranged poke, even a Thresh will poke you out this way. Every Meta Toplaner is better than GP, has a better early and can shit on GP. Renekton beats him easily. Darius beats him easily. Riven beats him easily. Akali beats him easily. Ryze beats him easily. Neeko beats him easily. Karma beats him easily. Jax beats him easily. Jayce beats him easily. Kennen beats him easily. Irelia beats him easily. Vladimir beats him easily. Vayne beats him easily. Aatrox beats him easily. Sylas beats him easily. Yorick beats him easily. But if you think he is so OP, play him a few games and he won't feel like that. Or you know, be board people and watch hashinshin and rant together with him about a champ he does neither understand, nor play. To read other peoples comments on the BS he blabs in his stream. For example here is one: > Ranged cheese isn't the best way to counter him. Matter of fact, champions like Yorick, Riven, Urgot, Yasuo, Xin Zhao completely obliterate GP in lane and completely dominate him in the sidelane. > He cannot spam heal in lane (that's just meme tier babyrage tho) > His "Grasp" spam can be countered quite easily, and I don't mean just by taking the runes second wind/revitalize with dorans/health beads/cloth. You can manipulate the wave by keeping casters alive and having them attack GP and go to the brush he's trying to run towards for deaggroing minions, AAing him in the process. He plays quite similarly to a Garen, only he has ranged poke. > His kegs require you to know the tick timers, and once that is known you just walk up and earn your 10g, as GP's early damage is a big meme. > > Those "late game" carries that can nullify a weakness isn't because of their access to said runes. It's because Hashinshin plays way too aggressively in lane when he doesn't respect the jg, and doesn't work around his jg whatsoever. He's built up the persona of anti-jg so far up that nobody cares to help him, thus he gets annoyed and makes stupid mistakes in lane, costing him the lane and possibly the game. Believe me, those "late game" champs you speak of don't stand a chance in lane vs a competent player that understands the current meta.
i can beat gp with poppy and fiora, think he is kinda in a bad spot imo, dont play him but, feel like he is bad rn
: You know what tanks need to be meta again in high elo/pro play for Toplane?
im a poppy one trick, more base damage for tanks is a massive mistake, it will only make things worse. Although, i would love to read the angry threads by adc players afterwards
Barkley (NA)
: highest win rate jungler on,,, and others. Are you laughing at yourself, or.....?
: People call her anti tank because she does %max hp true dmg with every 2 autos. tanks usually build resistance, true damage counters that Tanks usually buy hp, %max hp counters that. Q gives her invisibility to dodge and avoid being clicked by tanks. and she's ranged, so, she can attack tanks before they get in range. And she can also push them back and continue to kite and kill them. Now, while fiora is having the same%max hp true dmg. she is melee, she can't kite and kill tanks around. She can only avoid dmg or cc with parry. And no steroids. While vayne ca still get blown away by assassin, fiora usually can't in the late game.
fiora does have a steroid don't forget
: How was it in the other thread? WHaT iS iT wItH yOu BrUiSeR pLaYeRs Ezreal stupidly fuckin broken beyond believe for half a year now. Yeah we know he is broken but we nerf him next patch x) Vayne buffed beyond stupid. Not even mentioned. Lucian gets a meme nerf. Draven unmentioned. Caitlyn actually gets buffed. Mages get ignored. A bruiser does well and gets played competitively? Nerf the champ, nerf the keystone. Nerf the keystone again. Nerf our items. Nerf our items again. Nerf every single bruiser directly and hard. Then rework the keystone. Nerf it again, then nerf it again and again. But not riven tho. God beware she isn't toptier every single season forever and ever. How every support player floods the forums whenever riot dares to slightly touch them despite them being SO broken for SO long but it obviously cannot change cuz otherwise low elo won't play support. WHAT IS IT WITH US BRUISER PLAYERS I WONDER !?
I would trade a vayne nerf to get rid of ezreal any day
: Can we please address vayne for 9.6?
they haven't reached the firecracker vayne profit goal yet :)
iiGazeii (NA)
: New Kayle - Inspiration + Resolve
I feel like manaflow band is needed instead of resolve, mana has proven to be an issue more than the health gained from revitalize and second wind, this however isn't reflected in probuilds where it seems you either do what you suggested or take Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter. Ill have to give those a shot
: > [{quoted}](name=RedPannda,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r0MLTjRq,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-03-08T03:47:20.911+0000) > > That's a real neat thought you have there, care to elaborate on how you would get any group in yolo q (the primary means of which 99% of the playerbase engages with the game) to pull that off? > > Or why would a pro team funnel her when they can just funnel an adc and get all of the benefit without any of the risk? Well usually you duo with your jungler in solo que. The way it works is that you have a carry jungler like Master Yi and then you pick someone like Lulu. Lulu can easily survive and probably annoy the other top laner. Master Yi comes up top and takes all the cs in his jungle rotation and lulu just supports him. Later on top lane is a free turret and tower dive. The same thing can be done with Kayle because of her R and heal. You wouldn't funnel Kayle, you funnel the master Yi. Kayle just has a really good late game so she could replace Lulu for less utility in exchange for a potential carry position. It's best done with lulu, but if lulu is banned you usually pick Taric, Kayle is probably on par with taric for this strat. This strat is like insanely good for getting carried to challenger because it's just op in solo que. In pro play it wouldn't be as good of a strategy. A. Master Yi sucks compared to other junglers in pro play and B. this strategy can be beat with a really good top laner and jungler that know how to work together. This strategy is like the singed proxy farm strategy. It takes advantage of your opponents always being different, never working together and never learning how to really play vs it.
I would just play lulu unless I feel like increasing my chances of losing
: To everyone complaining about Kayle
kayle has no eyes, how can you win if you cant see...
Qués (EUW)
: Oh the irony. Everyone cried about {{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} ,but in fact they were holding all this ranged/mage sh1t away from top {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:13}}{{champion:85}} . Are you happy now ?
: I'm kinda confused though... if this is true shouldn't Rene be destroying the top lane meta right now? He absolutely dominates ranged match ups (except viktor with armor) with his higher base stats and double dash stun combo. So why isn't he? Am I missing something?
he is, he is showing up in pro play now, nice to see him back imo
: Riot has proven time and time again that they dont care about how big of an advantage range is, especailly in a lane where the melees that go there are designed to only be able to go there.
Moody P (NA)
: Top lane is shrinking to range tops and the fighters/tanks who can deal with them
sion is only good because he isn't balanced, if he was we wouldn't see any tanks being blind picked. Its not save to blind pick any tanks except sion, might be another I cant think rn
: Question: what if the top guy makes the tops so good against ranged that we suddenly see darius vs jax mid?
Couffe (NA)
: Complains about Riot forcing champs into one role, but complains when there's ranged people top lol.
nGio (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChristmasEvelynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m8j5dEqy,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-03-06T19:29:21.666+0000) > > she is straight up broken at 16 And completely useless until then. Why wouldn't I just pick an ADC, have a ranged early game, and still carry late? She is basically a melee ADC who gets to be powerful from range long after the surrender vote has passed. She gets absolutely fucking oppressed in every lane, so if she still manages to hit 16 then the only reasonable explanation is that your team lost a 5v4 after the laning phase. Long gone are the days of "just wait until 35, and then I can carry this".
early and late is bad, but is expected, so riot can buff her appropriately
Sillae (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JackMcSnipeyz,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V8N25ZEF,comment-id=000d000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-05T17:20:59.721+0000) > > No champ is truly "high skill cap", after a certain familiarity with their mechanics it's pretty easy to grasp their KIT and use it, hit skillshots/know how to trade, very few are actually hard to play after the first skill curve. > So when a champion is strong, picking them up and playing them is much much easier, Riven is a good example, same with Vayne. > > Skill in league is more about macro and decision making, what fights can you take, what should you trade, when to push and how to utilize your advantages and power spike. > Unlike FPS games, league is more about decision making than raw mechanical skill. I'm aware, and that was my point, but all Rivens talk about is Micro, animation cancelling, and call "bullshit" on whenever they can't 1v5 despite having "perfect micro." It doesn't help that Riven's laning phase is pretty much that mindset. She can all-in incredibly early and reliably, and if she takes ignite and lands even one cc, you're probably going to have to back, if you're not dead, and you can rest assured Riven took a LOT less damage than you. In my experience, anyway. However, to the "no champ is truly high skill cap" I think Azir would be considered a true high skill champ. Lots of fun and very strong but it really is a struggle for the average (i.e. non-challenger) person to be aware of your soldiers positions as well as your own in a hectic teamfight where a slip up could mean chain-cc to death. It gets easier with time, obviously, but still requires serious micro. Riven? Just memorize the combo and slip in some animation cancels and you're ahead. Unlike Riven, however, he gets nerfed horrendously when he even gets close to meta due to pro play :(
just fight with riven lvl1 proc conq and use ignite, don't need to animation cancel to win, Azir is pog
: Remove spear of Shojin
This item is going to get Jax and Riven nerfed into the ground so they are forced to buy this item in order to win, which goes against riots "build whatever you want (6 wits ends)" which means that nothing will change because riot hates removing items. not much we can do, except nerf conq :D Kappa (wanted to meme)
: Galio state better be looked at rn, his champion spotlight is already completely 100% outdated.
galio is a fun champion, I hope riot has time to bring him back into mid lane
: > [{quoted}](name=sho ayane,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZJKZT4fY,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-03-06T00:23:42.965+0000) > > i think super metroid said these changes were buffs to vi..... > > (I think?) Doesn't seem like it based off twitter. "Super Metroid ‏ @supermetroidlol @RiotAugust these changes are bad and you should feel bad" [](
: These VI nerfs are a joke
i think super metroid said these changes were buffs to vi..... (I think?) ____________ (I was wrong), might have been thinking of some different pbe changes for vi or something
Alkaîd (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=sho ayane,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Vpg853UW,comment-id=000200010004000200000000,timestamp=2019-02-22T23:08:00.890+0000) > > Idk where you are going with this, you just want a riven buff? What do you think riot should do? Legit asking I was countering the guys point? By breaking down each patch exactly how /r/rivenmains looked at it objectively when each came out. Didn't say I wanted a buff anywhere in there.
i thought your whole post was to making a point about how bad riven is, guess not mb then
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Riot didn't take into consideration that a rune like this will be extremely abusive in ranged vs melee scenarios. What made it even worse is when viktor top started becoming a thing, riot buffed klepto by making it have double proc, making viktor top even more abusive. Next thing riot will probably make klepto actually steal gold because "thematics", and then they will try to pass it off as "interesting and interactive gameplay" by saying "if you are playing a melee vs ranged with klepto, you now have the decision of going for cs but having being able to steal gold from you, or not going for cs."
yeah, not sure how the other laner is expected to have fun being farmed all day, now I know how dairy cows feel
: What you miss is not having to worry about being counter picked. However, that has always been a part of the game and you are simply dealing with it more noticeably. If you are a first pick garen, expect to get klepto abused. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
true actually, I didn't think about that. I guess its more about counterpicking in top lane :/
: play a ranged tank that mainly counters ranged top laners? if only thats a option. the closest i can come up with are caster users like swain.
ranged tank, your amazing!, probably will be the next top laner released actually now I think about it
: ***
I think he cant beat garen with riven
Alkaîd (NA)
: ***
can you just make your argument without insulting people, its supposed to be a discussion
Alkaîd (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pïco de Galio,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Vpg853UW,comment-id=0002000100040002,timestamp=2019-02-22T20:39:05.201+0000) > > The last time Riven was nerfed: Patch 5.21 > > Since this patch, Riven has been buffed in 5.24, 6.1, 6.17, 7.24, and 8.13. > > But yes, Riven has obviously been nothing but nerfed in these past years, not biased at all. 5.24 - health regen "buff" by 2hp/5. When she previously had lower health regen than soraka who had one of the lowest in the game. Still not really a buff because it doesn't affect anything 6.1 - 5% more AD on her passive, which hmm seems like a blanket buff at lower levels that doesn't actually change anything since you have no AD to affect it yet. 6.17 - 20-40 more base damage and 60-120 more top end damage on ult. Wish I had more time to pull up the posts about this and how insignificant this change was. We begged for the missile speed to be reverted over getting more damage on it because our ult damage isn't nearly as important as how fast it travels. 7.10 Big nerf to DPS and effectiveness of her Qs, which is a fair marginal amount of her damage, because they "normalized it" basically making all previous "buffs" (psst, adjustments because of how minor) meaningless. Losing 30-50 dps on Q combo at level 6 with just a long sword, translates into a lot of lost dps when you actually have items. 7.22-7.24 - already went over this somewhere else. This wasn't a buff, this was when runes reforged and the new keystones came out. A lot of champs were hit with these adjustments to their damage and Cooldowns because of CDR per level runes going away, and flat AD runes going away (as we didn't have minor runes for adaptive force yet in the initial runes reforged) 8.13 Again... health regen is insanely inconsequential when she barely made it into rank 70 on the Hp/5 rankings against all champs. And 10 and 5 seconds off ult CDR on a champ who already builds CDR... that's funny.
Idk where you are going with this, you just want a riven buff? What do you think riot should do? Legit asking
Alkaîd (NA)
: ***
don't think review from ls teaches you how to play the game lmao, although its funny af
Alkaîd (NA)
: ***
they did the opposite with cait, nerfed cait, destroyed crit items, buffed cait, crit items are back, now she is really strong. you guys are going to have to accept that its the way things happen around here
: Is it really ok to nerf a champion because items and runes make her broken tho? First you released spear of shojin which is like an item Riven benefits the most, then you rework conqueror to make her have perfect synergy with it. I mean by nerfing the champion itself rather than the actual reasons you force champion to keep abusing those op factors, and then when you finally nerf those op factors which are conqueror and shojin in this case, champ becomes weak and underpowered until you finally decide to buff it again after 8 months. I have seen this happen so, so many times and i am afraid that we will see it again with Riven. Even if you would just buff a couple tanks and a small meta shift she would barely see 49% percent win rate like she always does in tank metas.
it will happen, you said it yourself, you have seen it with many champs. Most likely riven will be nerfed so hard and will be forced to use conq
Neekð (EUW)
: I want to say something just so Riot knows: The fact that AP champs need to get damage boots is a huge power loss. {{item:3111}} and {{item:3047}} are both extremely impactful, and AD champs can get them without having to give up ANY damage. Maybe you can consider that before nerfing AP champs more.
we could just buff sorc boots again perhaps to 20, :l
: Hey Meddler, how you feel about Kennen? I main him, and was wondering if he in the right spot in your guys opinion
what are your thoughts on kennen right now as a main? Just wondering what mains are thinking about him
: Hey Meddler, Even thought AP Bruisers are now a bit better off because they can actually run Conqueror I was still wondering if you would reconsider looking into AP Bruiser itemization. Also, do you think that some champions may fit the same role too closely? Example: Leona and Alistar, they both seem to fit this kinda of pure melee CC machines, but Alistar has some sustain and more CC, just with a little more delay to it. Personally I think Leona should have a little work done on her kit.
one day meddler will read this post
Saezio (EUNE)
: Be glad they thought about removing bandit xD Imagine that
true actually I forgot about that, wow that would have sucked
: I only put the option up to change grasp because ive seen a few people complain about it, I don't really have a stance with or against it and im trying to be as objective about it as possible.
grasp is the only way you can win lane as a tank, without it you would hard lose lane, and be a shield for the team in teamfights, which riot doesn't want, at least I think they said that.
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