: Autofill is pointless in a region like EUW which pretty much never has a player shortage, only situation I ever understand it existing in is NA Challenger or smaller regions like OCE and things like that. That's not even going into how terrible for the game and playerbase I think Autofill is, but that's a more pragmatic response. It's pointless if you're an EUW player.
Yeah, and I also think they didnt even care about other options, given that they ignore everyone who hates autofill, and just slam their comments down on this rant board, but people talk about it because its indeed pointless in EUW
: Sounds like you want team builder to return to live servers. I think thats the perfect remedy. Riot said it was bad for the long timers, but I'm sure a lot of people are willing to wait however long it takes if it means getting the roles they want. Hell, I'll wait 15 minutes for the role I want over being stuck in a 30 minute game any day. If people hated the long queue times, then let those ppl fill. Teambuilder gave us the option to do both. #bringbackteambuilder
Yeah exactly #bringbackteambuilder
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