Verdade (EUNE)
: i know that skin exists, but it has nothing to do with any other traditional skin
Well I did some research just for you. Apparently he got a Visual Update, but he had it even before his release. Apparently you do not necessarily need a Gameplay Update for a traditional skin. And it has some to do with the other traditional skins. It is to honor the former appearance of the champ in all cases.
Verdade (EUNE)
: Dude what? Traditional lee sin? Lee sin wasn't reworked or anything.
Don't know about rework, but here you go fam:
: Rest in Peace the Galio mains out there ... All 12 of them.
Xonra (NA)
: And the dude is still being a hypocrite, so his point isnt invalid.
Alright let me give you an example here. I'm a serial killer, and I say killing is wrong. Just because I'm a serial killer (a hyprocrite, you might call in this sitation) does not make the statement "killing is wrong" wrong. You can come up with other arguments to counter the statement, such as "the population is too high to sustain itself, so killing is not wrong". But simply saying "nah dude, you are not the one to talk" is, ad hominem, correlating an idea's validity with the person it comes from. So, his (Pepsilemon's) point, regardless of being true or not, is not a valid counter-argument. Have a good day.
: > [{quoted}](name=snarin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uJKrE0hv,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-22T15:52:29.127+0000) > > No man, not me. I probably have 2 hours of playing Galio, tops. But like somebody said in the comments, we used have traditional skins for these champ ups. Or exclusive summoner icons for certain retired game modes. > > If this was implemented, I wouldn't get anything out of it personally. I main more up-to-date champions, or have picked some of them up after their rework only. 3 champions ever got traditional skins - Karma, Trundle, and Sejuani. That hardly establishes a precedent.
Well, you are wrong about it being 3, because Lee Sin has a traditional as well. I don't know the exact number of traditionals myself. But even one case is enough to set a precedent, by definition. Personally, I think a traditional skin is more rewarding to the old mains, but since it requires relatively much work, they can also look at quicker options -such as excl. summoner icons.
: > her ult is instant after a short delay What?
: You still have Gaio, and all his skins. His new kit persevered a lot of things his old kit had, but made him streamlined and a helluva lot more fun to play. Just relearn him and enjoy him. Things change, so roll with it and don't dwell on the past.
No man, not me. I probably have 2 hours of playing Galio, tops. But like somebody said in the comments, we used have traditional skins for these champ ups. Or exclusive summoner icons for certain retired game modes. If this was implemented, I wouldn't get anything out of it personally. I main more up-to-date champions, or have picked some of them up after their rework only.
: Your last 3 games you played {{champion:19}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:157}} . I feel SOOOO outplayed when killed by them
Ad hominem, dude. Doesn't make any of what he said invalid. Lee is a steaming pile of bullshit.
Galiö (NA)
: 5th highest mastery points I. The world. Top 20 Galio. Galio one trick. And new Galio is bad. Fml.
I don't even own Galio, but I played him a few times in free champion rotations. So I'm not really qualified to say whether this rework is good or bad. The low play ratio can suggest that he needed a rework, but the fact that there are 3.5mill mastery point Galio mains around shows he was certainly appreciated by some part of the community, albeit very small. I like that Riot is keeping the game up-to-date, and are willing to pay attention to their old, relatively forgotten champions. This would just be a nice jesture towards the people who clocked out hundreds of games with those champions.
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: What are some good counters to Yasuo?
Fizz comes to mind. Riven, too. Edit: You do not necessarily need a counterpick against Yasuo, though. Yasuo is too much gold reliant, so you gotta figure out a way to starve him there.
: Why is there no 1v1 one mode?
Not saying agree or disagree, but check out the Custom lounge. I have seen lots of people in there looking for a 1v1.
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: Good response. Well thought out and well worded.
It's what he always does. I have just got 3 threads where he ridicules OP's idea, and starts to double downvote you with his other accounts while upvoting himself. Wanted to give you a heads-up for the future, all he wants is to report you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Joxcab,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fgj4TgEb,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-05T00:43:23.521+0000) > > Oh look, a completely different game. > How completely meaningless. > > git gud garbage. a support main who has never played an assassin ever is trying to downtalk me. who has played every champ in teh game since season 2, owns all champs, and all runes. and has probably 10k+ hours in teh game.
It's the guy's main occupation. He has other accounts just to double downvote you and upvote his own comments. So don't listen to the troll, all he wants is to report you (if this happens ever again).
: {{item:3152}} This counts right? :D
Yes, like I said, if you push it veeeery hard.
WolfBV (NA)
: He isn't resourceless. Edit: What are his 4 escapes? I can only think of 3.
You have to push veery hard to get four (technical) escapes, altough you are right, not all of them would be inherently in his kit. 1- Q to a minion or jungle monster 2- W to anything friendly 3- Ult somebody away, if you would count escape by proximity 4- Flash :) Oh and a bonus one- Blast cone
VladTheMage (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=snarin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9neshqy4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-06T20:45:52.295+0000) > > As far as I remember, a buddy of mine who got Gold in TT did not get gold border nor did he get the Victorious skin. And it's honestly a risky mode to play, Riot can retire it anytime, and the most you would get from it aside from personal fun would be a special summoner icon. Still it is a flex Q and this is what Riot says about flex: This year we introduced physical rewards for players at the very top of the ladder, in addition to the Victorious skin for anyone who hits Gold or higher. For 2017, anyone who achieves Gold rank or higher in either Solo/Duo or Flex queue will receive the Victorious skin, along with an extra reward for those who manage the climb in both.
Check the last sentence there: who manage the climb in both. If they would include TT they would say "in any two". It's a small chance a Rioter will come out and say how it is exactly, so I suggest go write a ticket to support to get an exact answer.
VladTheMage (EUNE)
: If I get Gold on Flex 3 v 3, will I get a gold Border?
As far as I remember, a buddy of mine who got Gold in TT did not get gold border nor did he get the Victorious skin. And it's honestly a risky mode to play, Riot can retire it anytime, and the most you would get from it aside from personal fun would be a special summoner icon.
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: i like it when ppl say they've watched his stream and dont give anything else but vagueness. i watch his stream to. and every queue he went through he literally wrote a paragraph of what he planned to do. and said i can answer any question you want to ask me. but instead of hearing him out and asking him question they straight up wasted one of THEIR OWN BANS just to troll him and make sure he didnt play the champ he was best at. and in turn they got like a leblanc or rengar or some shit and gutted the fuck out of their team. and then HIS team blamed HIM for THEIR LOSS. AFTER THEY BANNEND HIM CHAMP. THEY WANTED TO REPORT HIMMMMM FOR TROLLING AFTER THEY TROLLLED HIM. THE DUDE ALWAYS TRIES TO WIN HIS GAME. he's not trying to troll his team. his team is making HIM play they way they want him to play. are they getting banned? but you know what i cant say *team*. becuz most of the time it's just one asshole who just wants to be an asshole to him. but he's not getting banned. mostly becuz the dude doesnt report him. even though he could justifiably report him. but Take The Draw is just trying to play the game. the other four ppl are not a single unit. theyre all random. most of the time. all it takes is one asshole who wont even try his strat. honestly i wouldve stopped trying becuz it's just too exhausting trying to get past ppl's general toxicity on this game. i had the same problem playing ivern. ppl said he sucked. when the reality was they had no intention of learning how to play with him. i would give them a link--wasnt long-- taking them too a thread i made for ppl playing as an ally for ivern and half the ppl didnt want to. one person said "dont play a champ we dont have to read about" like what kind of shit is that. and im fucking good at ivern. like im fucking goood. im not gonna try and sugar coat it im fucking good. but ppl didnt want to win. :/ but what could i do. four against one. who's gonna listen to that? it's easier ganging up on one person than it is two. cuz it's never really all the four ppl. "we dont enforce the meta. we let the players do it for us"-- Riot
Hey buddy, I have seen your comments in posts about this double-jungle situation. Do yourself a favor: let it go dude. There will always be people disagreeing on things. Some of those will be very informed about their decision, while others will be dumb as a rock about it, regardless of their sides. You clearly are informed about your decision. Whichever side you are on, your efforts are useless and self-damaging. Brings only frustration for you, and wastes your time. Riot's already taken the wheel, enough blabber on this situation.
: Just tuned into the support/smite/jungle Nunu steam
So what new thing you are saying here exactly OP? Were your thoughts not given in hundreds of other comments in here and Reddit already? Nobody is intentionally losing the game, there is only a disagreement of strategy. And so far you have not proposed a solution which leaves both parties satisfied in your post. Riot said they will discuss on this, enough with this already, it's a waste of time.
: The meta isn't enforced. It's what is the best at the time, as decided by popularity and strength. **M** ost **E** fficient **T** actic **A** vailable.
> [{quoted}](name=xXrushaXx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OqAX7WbJ,comment-id=00010000000000000003,timestamp=2017-03-03T04:38:48.568+0000) > > The meta isn't enforced. It's what is the best at the time, as decided by popularity and strength. **M** ost **E** fficient **T** actic **A** vailable. If you think Meta is the acronym you said, you gotta catch up on some reading: It basically means something pertaining to and transcending itself. Like this meta-sentence: "This sentence has exactly six words." It is a sentence that has information about itself, so goes beyond the scope of a sentence by its basic definition. Now take LoL for example. In a Garen - Darius toplane matchup, from the point of view of Garen or Darius, there is no maths. They just hit each other. That is the game. But you, as the summoner, know how much AD you have, and you can print everything out in a math equation. That is the meta-game. There was a time when the meta was 2v2 toplane and no jungler. Some people figured the math out and left the toplaner alone in a 1v2 to go jungle. They got reported for a few weeks, but once people saw pro players doing the same thing they jumped on the train. What Nunu is doing is a viable tactic, and is not a bannable offense. If everyone copies the same strategy there will be no innovation. When Riot banned Singed and Nunu, they enforced a solo-jungle meta. And "what is best at the time" is just very subjective. The players have their own strengths and weaknesses. LB has a really high ban-rate for example, which means it is one of the best at the moment, but not everybody will be able to do well on her.
imp1313 (NA)
: if he wants to run dedicated counter jungle he should pick - jungle - . then tell his team what he plans to do . top/bot can use their jungles for extra xp between waves .
There is a missing part to what you are saying. He says Nunu has the best potential to counterjungle, but it is not the best jungler. Since right now ADC is the least important role while the Jungle is the most impactful one, he hinders the enemy jungler while still having an effective jungler in the team. Sure, ADC stays behind, but so does the enemy jungler. The math dictates that it is a plausible strategy at the current state of the meta.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dextix LT,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OqAX7WbJ,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2017-03-02T21:25:49.138+0000) > > Did the initial "HATE RIOT" uproar die down now and we can actually speak the truth without getting downvoted? You've been super rude in almost every post you've made on this topic. In addition to your entire argument being baseless and invalid. It's unlikely you will ever not be downvoted. Considering how many times you've broken board rules and harassed other posters you should probably be banned from the boards. People don't respect toxic posters or players. People who aren't respectable tend not to get upvotes. Fix your behavior. You might get some.
It's the alt-right personality in a non-political sense. They see somebody agreeing to their hateful thoughts, and grab their torches and pitchforks immediately. When you have to bottle up your frustrations because of your overall one-sided ideas and extreme belligerence to anyone against you, it has certain effects on the person which I'm afraid can never be taken back. It's a sad sight to be honest.
: people just queue of for support for faster queue some of the them tilt you if you dont give them what they want
Although it does happen, this is not the case for the Support Nunu.
KenEH (NA)
: I still think it's a deeper issue and that flex queue is shit.
I agree on the deeper issue part, but what the hell dude, where does the flex q come into this? Did you mean role select?
: It may have been mentioned, but both the Singed and Nunu cases had their bans lifted before the 14 day length by Riot. They are now actively discussing how to handle situations like these as they are happening a bit more frequently. At some point, they will either have to enforce a meta, or allow "trolls" to exist. The thing is, this Nunu player is not trolling, he is trying to win, a troll is defined by trying to bring others down under the bridge, people who are supposed to be on their side even, this guy was not doing that, he is trying to win. The real issue is the non adaptive teammates, suggest your ADC go mid or top to a solo lane, let your tanks too go bot and just soak exp since they care more about levels than income (still worse off than a tank that is fed but less important than the ADC who needs items to be useful at all). By design, marksmen are a weaker class, reliant on itemization to be useful. This is a flaw they tried to alleviate some in the MM update. The issue is, as long as they are completely reliant on itemization we will have these issues, but then if itemization is tuned down some of the assassins will feel the bite because they often utilize similar items. It is a balance issue worth working on however.
Something funny about the whole situation: they call this Nunu is playing non-meta, but he is actually abusing the meta of "Junglers>everyone else>ADCs". Such a well-thought out strategy, but it is very hard to teach others a new trick when they are only used to spamming whatever is being played by the pros at the moment.
: RIOT Hates Him! One Weird Trick To Climbing ELO!
Fuck me in advance for being racist right now, but when you get Spanish speaking teammates in EUW, you might as well dodge on spot. Almost every single time, they chat the entire game and throw it when ahead 10k in gold. It is as if we are not playing ranked but it's merely a chatroom. So many bad memories dude.
: Thank goodness for this thread, finally some reason.
The other 200 comments agreeing with the thread didn't make me flinch, but yours made me sad Mira. I liked your last 4 posts in the Hot page, why must you be on the darkside :(
Elikain (EUNE)
: >Riot said they dont enforce a meta but they are. Examples please. Because if that was the case, there would be a lot more cases like these. So where are these unfair and unjust bans that we don't hear about? In 3 months, only 2 cases crept up on us that people disagreed over the verdict.
2 examples is 2 examples. Riot interfereing with the specific disagreement in the high elo is plainly enforcing a meta, which is Support lanes with an ADC. They could have banned him for his attitude, but no, in both cases they openly said "leaving your adc makes the game unfun for them". There are no written rules Support should go Botlane, so it is an unjust reason for the ban.
Raoul (EUW)
: The Nunu Support player was NOT BANED because he played Nunu Support...
An extra comment after your edit: I did watch his VODs, and I still do not defend the ban. Your arguments are invalid and I did explain them spread around this thread. Also your belligerence and antoginizing way of speech doesn't put you in a good light. You sound like an angry child yelling "BUT I WANT IT THIS WAY, HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME???"
: It wasn't that they were wrong to ban him. Its that the rules aren't currently clear. He might get banned in the future after they set up clear rules.
Which means they were wrong to ban him at that time, since there are no clear rules.
: I get that people hate the idea of having to "babysit" someone in a game, but when your adc has to go bot by himself and gets dumpstered on by 2 or even 3 people playing together as a team, it's complete bullshit to tell him "hey I don't have to babysit you I'm not your bitch, haha deal with it." You put your teammate at a severe disadvantage and induce feeding for the sake of proving the point that you can "play your champ wherever you want cause no one tells me how to play my game!" It's just childish spiteful bullshit. So, what are you gonna do otherwise? Go top and "babysit" him? what's the difference? You are playing support and as the word support suggests, implies, really just flat out _says_... you are in support of your other teammates. That is the _role_ you are playing, it doesn't make you anyone's bitch or babysitter. If this is how you or anyone else feels about the support role, then I highly suggest that you do not play that role.
It is not necessarily Nunu's fault his botlaner gets dumpstered. The meta dictates that the botlaner should pick a glass cannon ADC with low mobility, and it doesn't work against a 1v2. There are other champions who can hold off 1v2 in the botlane, but it is the botlaner's decision what they want to pick. The communication here doesn't work both ways. Somebody in the team wants Nunu to adapt to the meta, and Nunu wants _them_ to adapt to his strategy. Riot picking a side here is the dangerous thing, because disagreements happen all the time. I have no problem with laning alongside the botlaner personally (I play support 99% of my games), but there are no rules stating that Support needs to do exactly that.
: IKR??? Everybody wants to rage at the guy who dares to not think their point of view is genius. But yes, my only point is that he wasn't taking strategy into account when he was doing his counterjungling. See, I would be fine if he analyzed how the game was going, then decided to either counterjungle or stay bot or wherever, adjusting as needed. But nope, he just runs into the enemy jungle no matter what, and that is what I have an issue with.
Btw sorry dude, I did not see your reply to my original comment there, so my attempts to combine the conversation to one place failed.
: The way he played he got his due reports. His off meta role wasn't an issue. His playstyle wasn't an issue. How he went about it, even when it was inefficient to do so, even when it purposely hurt his team by doing this, he did it anyway. In these situations he was trolling. HOWEVER... Riot banned him for the incorrect reasons. If they had decided to dig deeper and ban him for playing like a jerk instead of narrowing on his off meta pick it would have ended better. Watching his twitch and other various videos should clear it up. Cheers.
Yea I did watch his VODs. Had Riot banned him for being a dickhead, I would understand. As for him going double-jg Nunu regardless of its efficiency: then Riot would also have to ban all the other one-trick ponies who pick exactly the same champion into all comps and play the same strategy, regardless of what their teammates thought. There are many others doing this, but what got him banned in the first place was he was reported a lot, because it is a very high risk strategy with a certain lose condition if anything goes wrong, and of course because he was antagonizing when people disagreed. I don't agree with him there, but when you got an unusual idea it is hard to get everyone on board. It is possible, like his game against Phreak, his whole team agreed to it and liked the strategy. So I understand him forcing this, but I don't condone it.
: Dude, supports can roam. But roaming implies that you have a homebase. He didn't have one.
I know that you get Support's aren't bound to any lane though, I saw your other comments while reading through this thread. The meta of the role right now is protecting a ranged glass cannon ADC. But playing Support that way is a decision, not necessarily enforced. Just like in the first season when the first junglers left their toplane 1v2. So you could say that his homebase is the jungle (mostly enemy's jungle, that is), although I know you disagree that he should do it even if it's not legally bannable. I wrote another reply to you apparently, so I'm gonna combine them here: > _tyrek: _ Bard actually leaves health pots for his ADC, has a near global ult, and can portal through walls. Can singed or Nunu do that? _ snarin: _ They have other ways of being effective, like screwing the enemy jungler, which apparently has a higher impact on the game then helping an ADC. _ tyrek: _ Not necessarily. It doesn't work all the time, especially if the enemy understands this tactic. Not to mention the dude does this constantly regardless of whether it's a good idea or not. Yea, you are right about this one. While Nunu wins 53% of all double-jungle games, he still loses the 47%. Although some of his losses are not his fault, some of his wins are not necessarily only carried by him either. But I'm gonna say the statistics are with him most of the time, so the math looks solid to me. Thanks for being an adult by the way. Man, two man, respectfully disagreeing with each other and explaining their point of view in this board does not happen very often.
: Bard actually leaves health pots for his ADC, has a near global ult, and can portal through walls. Can singed or Nunu do that?
They have other ways of being effective, like screwing the enemy jungler, which apparently has a higher impact on the game then helping an ADC.
: At least they stay in their bloody lane.
Now where does it say that Support's lane is botlane?
Raoul (EUW)
: The Nunu Support player was NOT BANED because he played Nunu Support...
Do you know about the first seasons of League of Legends Raoul? The 2-1-2 lanes with no junglers? The people who came up with the idea of jungling left their toplaners alone in a 1v2, and the lone toplaners hated it. It is a common knowledge right now that 1-1-2 and a jungler is a better line-up than 2-1-2, and you don't even need to do the math of it at the moment. All pro teams are doing it, and it makes sense to collect the free Exp and Gold in jungle while giving all the minions to only 1 toplaner. Right now, what this Nunu guy is successfully doing is using a 1-1-1 line-up with 2 junglers, and there is a math to it. Your solo botlaner will probably have a hard time if they are picking a squishy champ, and might die several times. Although, the solo laner will get all the Exp of the minions since it is not shared by two laners now. So there most probably will be a negative sum in the botlane. And since Nunu is counterjungling, the enemy jungler is in an Exp and Gold deficit. What the Nunu guy correctly states is that his effect on the enemy jungler outweighs the negative effects of having a solo botlane, since right now Jungle is the position with the highest impact to the end result of the game. He has all kinds of stats proving this in high elo, therefore nobody can deny that this strategy works. And a little sidenote: If you ignore about teamcomps are counterpicking for a second, the person in the botlane alone decides what champion they want to play. Unless they want to play a traditional squishy ADC with little or no escape, there are champions who can hold off against a 1v2. There is a meta to the line-up as well, and not only this guy goes against meta by playing Nunu, but he also goes against the 1-1-2&1 line-up meta. There was a time when people reported the innovative guys for leaving their toplaner alone in a 1v2 to go and jungle. I don't know if you are gonna believe me on this, but there was even a time when marksmen went mid. Doesn't that sound stupid to you right now? Mathematically, ADC doesn't need the extra ability damage since they scale with gold and items, and going AP+Support in a lane just taxes the AP carry's valuable Exp. Fnatic won the first world tournament by figuring out a better way (the same line-up we still use today) to maximize their gains and their enemy's losses. To the "He is not communicating" argument: he is communicating, but getting an entire team to accept this strategy without changing the Role select system means the guy has to wait for a team in the LCS to do his strategy. Only then people will say "Yeah man, CLG did this in LCS and won, I'm down, go Nunu double-jungle." If you think that I did not answer some of your concerns, please tell me what they are and let's have a discussion. Cheers.
: This community makes no sense at all
I made a post about this around 6 months ago in Boards Feedback, and some Lux main told me that it is not the issue at all. To prove their point to me, made a post in Miscellaneous that simply said "hi." and got more than 40 upvotes. At the time autofill was a big-deal and came up with a proposition to help smoothen it a bit, with a Yes No vote. Although I had more "Yes" in the post for a while, the post was constantly in the negative. So in the Boards feedback I said downvote was a bad mechanism on a board, because once you are below 0, your post does not get in the Hot page even if you have 30 comments in the first 10 minutes, which can imply that the post is something worth discussing over. These were my first posts ever though. After a while I realized while waiting how my posts were doing in the Recent and New tabs, I saw some micropenis people downvote every other post to make their post stand out. And the worse part comes now. In reddit it is a common knowledge that the first 10 votes decides the fate of a post, whether it will ever the daylight or it will get buried. So some people with nanopenis are actually upvoting their posts from multiple accounts. Yes, people create 10 or so Board smurfs, level them up to be able to upvote their post and downvote everyone else's. Once you get rolling to 7-8 and go to low-Hot, the board readers do the rest. You think I'm a conspiracy theorist now, don't you? I assure you dude, just monitor what happens in the New and Recent tabs of several boards here, you will confirm all of these yourself.
: Where are the Camille compensation buffs?
I guess you meant Memes & Games.
Blasteriz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=snarin,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FZRMXIIk,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2017-02-22T20:18:55.967+0000) > > Do you ever int, afk, or act toxic outside the chat? Because if that's the case, a perma chat ban will not fix your toxicity, you might try and look for other ways to lash out at people. No, I have never inted since it's the worst thing anyone can possibly experience on your team, Never been afk. Well actually I been afk once during a flex game because my internet shut off but it was only for 10 minutes of time we still won the game though. And no I'm not actually a toxic person outside the chat.
If that's the case, I don't see why the Riot Support can't help you. I say send them tickets requesting for a chat ban until they respond you with a positive answer.
Blasteriz (EUNE)
: I'm a toxic player
Do you ever int, afk, or act toxic outside the chat? Because if that's the case, a perma chat ban will not fix your toxicity, you might try and look for other ways to lash out at people.
xScarfy (EUW)
: I thought that most recall animations have a shorter version for the shorter recall (eg Baron Buff, recall on dominion). They don't have a new animation but their normal animation is shortened (for example Vel'Koz: in his normal recall animation he starts spinning for 7 seconds before flying out of the screen in the last second of the recall and with baron buff he only spins for 3 seconds, before flying out of the screen).
As I was watching Blood Moon Jhin recall through the stream, I got the feeling that it was incomplete. Now that you say this I'm doubtful if I saw that correctly.
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: i think riot should allow people to change their summoner spells and mastery pages when the game starts (like a 2 minute window to change your stuff) in case someone forgets to change on accident they can do it in game
But the reason people have wrong spells/masteries/runes is mostly they went to the toilet, eating, or doing anything that's not League related, because they already locked in. Game starts, and they say "shit, I was ordering food dude". If there was a 2 minute window, people would abuse that and join the game a little later. And you have to put a system like once you use a summoner, you can't change it. Otherwise people would drop wards on red and blue, and just 5-man TP invade enemy jungle, get first blood and change the spells back to what they should be. Would be interesting, but not from the jungler's point of view.
jmp231 (NA)
: That plant ai made her so weak in my opinion and I'm an ad carry minion that used to get dumpstered by her plants auto locking on to me
If you can land your skillshots (which is not a hard task in low elo because people don't try to dodge), they still lock onto you. AI did help farming against a Zyra, but the damage is still OP with only Spellthief's Edge and Sightstone.
: You should try out AP / thunder lord thresh
I played against one as Lulu. It is obnoxious I give you that, but way below Zyra with no real items.
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