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: Tanks do kind of feel bad to play at the moment, but not sure that they are underperforming by much. Their play rate is low but win rate wise Maokai and Sion are doing fine, and Poppy is getting a big buff next patch which will help her out. Even stuff like ornn, malph, and gnar are not exactly doing terrible (even if they are in the lower half of win rates overall), so small buffs to the class as a whole could end up causing a hard meta shift. Not that I mind, quite like tanks myself, but doing that just before worlds is probably a bad idea.
I think some of the individual tanks could get buffs before worlds, but if they don't, I would at least like some confirmation that the state of toplane tanks is being worked on for preseason.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 12
Do you have anything planned for toplane tanks? Outside of Tham Kench who is getting nerfed hard, they have low winrates and very low pick and ban rates. They are also not seen in competitive much. Tanks in toplane basically only have one keystone option and that is grasp of undying. Tanks struggle against melee enemies because conqueror is stronger agaist a tank than grasp is for a tank. Grasp is also very bad against any ranged matchup resulting in tanks just being free gold because of kleptomancy. Turret plates are also an issue for tanks because tanks will rarely have the opportunity to get them because of lane pressure, resulting in falling behind too much.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 20
Anything on on hits? They kind of feel on the weak side after nerfs to them in kits like varus and kai'sa and rageblade. The only one that does not feel bad is vayne and that is because she was buffed.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
I don't like how kai'sa is becoming just another crit adc after the unique parts of her kit were nerfed. To me she isn't interesting if she is just a crit adc, because that way the unique interactions of her kit are just neglected, especially the fact she can build ap.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 9
Anthing on Ornn not feeling like a tank because his only defensive mechanic being unlocked at level 11? Anything on the first row of resolve feeling bad because of all runes being very niche, especially bad for jungle tanks?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 26
I have some concerns about some of the current rune changes. champions that use movement speed in some form to get to their enemies are losing quite a bit of power because of celerity no longer providing movementspeed to power conversion. This is especially true for juggernauts as they in general have issues proccing most runes as often as other champions due to limited range and movement speed I also have concerns about the top row of resolve, because in the current state none of the runes is genericly useful: demolish is not what most champions want, either because they deal enough damage to towers without it, or because they don't get much chance to hit towers in the first place. The first is seen on juggernauts, the second mostly on weaker earlygame tanks and junglers. Font of life is pretty weak outside of specific supports because it needs another nearby champion to have any value. Shield bash isn't good if you don't have either a shield in your kit or a support that can provide you with a shield This means that the top row of resolve will feel really bad for any champion that wants a resolve keystone but doesn't get much use out of any of the current options for that row, because it feels like getting punished by having one less minor rune.


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