: You can't build a comp around a draw that shows up once every 10-20 games, they are that rare.
I’ve consistently done it... morde early and a kindred mid game. She ain’t hard to come across and I pair those two up with some other rangers, Nobles and glacials... I’ve consistently finished top 4 with this build and the phantoms are the easiest synergy to get, it’s the glacials that I always struggle getting enough of.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=EbZiPqnj,comment-id=00200000,timestamp=2019-06-28T17:53:45.009+0000)We're talking about possible tweaks to TFT item distribution. We do believe though that significant randomness, including variation in early power, is pretty valuable for the longeivity of the game. Examples of that in other genres are things like starting hand in Magic/Hearthstone, what you draw in poker, early loot in a Battle Royale etc. Playing from positions of strength or weakness result in a wider variety of experiences. On this note -- a solid argument could be made that in Battle Royale games every weapon leads into my playsytle of "use gun, kill opponent" and in Magic/Hearthstone my cards -- even if they're bad -- are still from the deck I've built and thus applicable to the strategy I'm aiming for. While you can get a better/worse hand, I know my deck and my cards, so I can make reasonable predictions about the strategy to take. In TFT my items acquisition is random, yes -- but so are the items I get (which may or may not synergize well with my team) *and* the champions I have available. Perhaps I haven't played the mode enough, but I feel the card game or poker parallels don't fit especially well, as in every one of those games mentioned there is a single random factor that is leading into other predictable and non-random systems. If items only dropped early (so you have to adapt to the items you have) or similar I think there'd be a good argument to make, but the fact that both champions AND items can randomly pop up things that so dynamically alter your strategy even into the mid/late game is...perhaps a little more subject to randomness? Maybe I haven't played it enough, but as someone who likes the RNG of card games, poker, etc, this feels a little heavy even then. It feels kind of like having my deck change in *addition* to a random starting hand when playing magic, which would make it difficult to play the game proactively.
One of the things DotA underlords has is after each PvE wave you get a screen with 4 random item choices that you can choose from. I feel like doing something perhaps similar would help without removing the RNG entirely.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
In regards to the Little Legends appearing outside of TFT you could do something similar to the clash banners, where the little legends can appear outside of the field of battle to cheer your team on, or have them hanging around the spawn platform. That would let them venture out of TFT without interfering with gameplay
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
IE: I feel like the first one is the better option, 5000 gold items run into the same issue as what IE had straight after the rework, too expensive to be considered despite how important it actually is. Hexdrinker: I’m agreeing with others that stopwatch shouldn’t be on an item that you need to rush reactively... plus having one stopwatch upgrade for ad, ap and tank seems much more fitting. PD: that’s a good change, removes the invisible power that PD has which is very good for its health. ER: I’m honestly not sure who’d buy it... adcs focus whoever is in front of them this is a golden rule, that’s usually someone with a lot of health, so chunking them fast enough to proc this could be problematic... getting to the back line to get a target who could be chunked fast enough isn’t realistic for an adc. It’s an improvement but perhaps it being tied to auto attacking the same champion X times would be more appropriate. Stormrazor: the first one defeats the objective of the item... it’s supposed to be a strong first purchase for adcs, but the change makes it more like the current IE which makes it need more items to be effective. The second one is the better option imo, though it’s a nerf to jhin which is a shame (not too big of a deal tho) Last whisper: does it need buffing though... tanks are still struggling as is Maw: good update to the build path... ___ Question: how are you going to combat these affecting other champions... these are to help adcs but you’ve got changes to crit so yi, yasuo and trynd are all affected, and changes to maw which gets picked a lot on assasins, something counter productive to helping adcs... is there going to be a close watch on these champions or do you have plans to limit the effectiveness of these items for them.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
I think there should be a strong mythical element to him (not sure if that's the right word for it)... like the story of naut should be something bildgewater citizens have all heard, few believe in and he has passed into myths and stories to scare children into behaving. Like many myths of this style it should remain tragic, I feel like that works well for him... a cautionary tale of what happens when you go out to sea foolhardily and the tragedy that await you. A tale most people don't believe but take its message to heart, yet the tale is true and the result of it is naut. As for the rest of it... the others have that nailed... strong lovecraftian feel, and him being the personification of the sea... unrelenting and powerful yet mysterious, something not to be messed with foolharditly, just like the cautionary tale he spawned b
Vekkna (NA)
: It's also not nothing. At the very least, it's a red flag when a champ can consistently have a 16% play rate and ~54% win rate average across all ELOs for months on end. Beyond that, the "beginner champ" argument doesn't fly here, because WW's win rate is lowest in Bronze and doesn't fall below 53% at any point between Silver and Challenger. What you're describing is correct with something like Amumu, Blitz, Garen, Teemo, etc. They crush in "beginner" brackets and then drop off hard between gold and diamond. The simple fact is that Warwick is overtuned, and that's why he sees universal success. He's a little too good at a little too much and a little too reliable at doing it. Ahri was in the exact same position for a very long time, but her numbers never got as high as WW, nor did she pull those numbers in every ELO. Lastly, there was no buff to GW. It hasn't changed since 6.9.
There has been a buff to GW, morrelonomicon now applies it to all magic damage instead of after a certain health threshold which is a massive nerf to drain tanks like Warwick. And the argument does still hold... a 54% win rate isn’t that alarming for a champion as easy as Warwick... more so the win rate wouldn’t change depending on what elo you are in because your not having people master the champion thus increase its win rate nor are you having players drag the win rate down by playing him wrong... so the win rate should stay consistent around 52-54% across all elos. Warwick might need tuning, but the morreloes change hurts him a lot as his main counter is even more readily available, and his win rate shouldn’t be the the indicator of his strength as like a difficult champion like LeBlanc an easy champion will have a naturally skewed win rate.
SalterinoK (EUNE)
: Yes i fucking do Its funny how Volibear becomes a playable champion for the first time EVER and immediately oh we will probably tune him down pisses me off it isn't fucking fair why did Tristana plague the game for 2 years with 0 nerfs and now Volibear finally becomes viable and he's going to be hit with the nerf bat?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
Read what he said... they aren’t sure if he is too strong or not yet, he is looking strong but riot don’t have the data yet to say if he needs a nerf or not... and it’s not like it’s not common practice to nerf champions who just got very large buffs if the buffs push them over the edge, they do it to every champion if they are in this situation. And also they are looking into trist nerfs and frankly trist has been up and down for years, even getting reworked so you can’t say that it’s not fair when riot have given trist the same treatment... especially considering the voli buffs are just to get him into a stable condition to be left till his rework... if he ain’t in a stable condition then the changes have fail regardless of if they made him too strong or weak.
Vekkna (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=X3P0v1Vh,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-02-23T17:00:21.629+0000) > > Warwick - Nothing planned. WW's win rate has been 53-56% consistently over the past month in Silver through Diamond, and it's gone up an additional 1% in almost every ELO in the past 24 hours. How do you justify that? Or are you seeing drastically different numbers?
Win rate isn’t reliable for champion balance. It’s affected by mastery, easy champions will have high win rates, difficult champions have low win rates... this is regardless of their overall strength. So 53% win rate on a champion who is designed to be a beginners champion therefore shouldn’t punish inexperience much which causes lower win rates in difficult champion is pretty much expected... So this doesn’t mean he is too strong... plus he has been hit hard with the buff to grevious wounds.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll give that a look. Not sure personally how easy it would be to hook the existing ping system up to that portrait (code's not my thing). Seems like a good use case to support though that we should at least check out.
Also what is the possibility of allies/enemies being able to see how close he is to unlocking one of his forms, like having the progress bar be in the buff/debuff bar... would be useful in order to see how well he is doing in the game and how much you need to accommodate for him.
: Just curious but what DFT users are you refering to that migh suffer I can only think of Jhin and Brand but Jhin doesn't take it anymore for a while so just curious
Brand, karthus, rumble and velkoz are the ones of the top of my head, swain as well maybe... karth and vel particularly as I've tried theory crafting stuff for both of them and couldn't find anything that really fits them.
: Anything for/on Morgana? Like changes or w.e.
I'm pretty sure riot have said she is high on the priority list for a VGU at some point... and as she is in a stable condition we can prob not expect to see anything major happen until the proper rework whenever that happens, maybe a few balance changes depending on how well she reacts to the new runes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 3
What's going on with the current changes on the pbe, as there seems to be a large sweep of champions getting +5 damage to most of their abilities... is this to do with the new rune system or something else?
: ***
Demacians never shattered the walls of noxus... they where gonna but sion led troops out of the gate to meet the demacians and he was killed while dragging down king jarvin which halted their advance... noxus's walls stood strong that day because sion faced demacia face to face instead of hiding behind a wall.
: alot of tanks have high base ad stats... lets take maokai for example one of the highest base ad in the game and the most common runes for him are attack speed marks... if he has a wave with him he has great wave clear and can push a turret easily... this would just make it easier.
But that high base AD means nothing... nor does the attack speed. They still have some of the slowest animations, still have garbage attack speed, they still push towers slower than all other top laners, and mid to late game their ability to split push is butchered due to how long it takes them to kill a tower.
Ralanr (NA)
: _Sees Demolish_ {{champion:14}}: I SHALL SHATTER THE GATES OF DEMACIA!
I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who straight away thought of sion when I read that rune...
KoKoboto (NA)
: Only problem with Font of Life is that it only really synergizes with marksmen / on-hit based champions. I understand all runes and stuff have niches but I don't think marksmen need more powers like that. I do like the mastery though in theory, CC = heals for team, I just wish the heals weren't so tied to one class. I like perseverance, very interesting. I like the thought behind Demolish, much like how I like new Rift Herald. My only problem with it is that towers are already useless and this mastery will make them more useless. If there's a plan to deal with towers being paper towels than I'm all up for this mastery, otherwise considering the current state of towers this mastery makes me kinda sad.
But it's the exact same as the current stoneborn pact... just with self healing in exchange for the bonus health it used to give. So it isn't really any more power than before, it's the same bonus adc are enjoying when coupled with a tank support right now.
: there are some champs while tanky can split push effectively
And they might want a different rune... Remember they have to choose this over other options, while the option for more tower pressure exists they are likely to want something that covers their weaknesses instead of pilling onto a single strength (take nasus for example... tanky champion who can split push, but could prob kill a tower faster than this can activate anyway so he can look for options which will benefit him more). And there are tanky split pushers who are garbage at taking towers, for example sion and vlad... this is something they really can do with.
: so with the entire boards crying over how weak turrets currently are you wanna give a rune to help the tanky champs who can tank the turrent damage a easier way to take the turret seems like you are doing the exact opposite of what the boards have been crying over. that the turrets fall to easy, and are no threat to any one with the less bit of armor or hp. hmm and then you put this on a NASUS with his ult and Q and turrets just nothing more then a super minion
Tanks struggle to kill towers, simple as that they lack any stats to contribute. Ad champions has ad, ap champions get bonus magic damage, tanks get nothing. This would be ok if all tanks where supports or junglers but a lot are top laners, champions who are expected to be able to take a tower if their opponents tp away or to split push, something they really struggle with. This opens up options for them. And let's face it... if you had a fully built adc with you and minions at the tower (so less defences) it wasn't gonna survive 4 seconds anyway so this rune would be a moot point.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=I5AEKAI3,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-08T16:25:09.017+0000) > > * Malphite: Significantly increased armor while his passive's up that's kind of a weird effect since the armor doesn't really apply to his regular health making it functionally very similar to just giving him a bigger shield, albeit one that only works against physical damage.
Don't forget that his W and E both scale with armour as well as thornmail and iceborn gauntlet... So while for the actual use of armour you are correct the change also has the indirect effect of giving his abilities a bigger impact while his shield is up.
: Why are you making an anti shield item instead of nerfing shields?
Because individual shielding champions aren't too much of an issue... it's when you've got multiple plus locket to burst through which creates the issue. So no point nerfing shields when most are perfectly fine, but adding an item allows them to have another balance lever, shields too weak? Nerf the item, shields too strong? Buff the item... long term solution as well as a short term fix... Same as adaptive helm.
Quackas (NA)
: I feel like just getting MORE SHIELDS or MORE RESISTS is too beneficial for people that already want to do that ie. Soraka/Janna and this doubling down is the exact same thing Windspeaker's Blessing is currently doing. I think a better solution would be to combine the effects of Windspeaker's blessing with Stoneborn Pact. It gives an ally a shield that redirects all incoming damage to the person who gave the shield while the shield is active/unpopped. Once the damage limit is hit or a timer is done the shield deactivates. This gives supports/tanks the ability to sacrifice themselves to shield an ally making it more able to differentiate between good use and bad use of the skill.
Issue there is that this is meant as an option for both wardens and enchanters... So people who do want to be protecting allies but not necessarily a tank. Having it redirect damage might be fine for a warden but suddenly a janna or soraka won't want to take it or will be put at a disadvantage by taking it... this rune needs to be equally accessible to both squishy and tank. > I feel like just getting MORE SHIELDS or MORE RESISTS is too beneficial for people that already want to do that ie. Soraka/Janna and this doubling down is the exact same thing Windspeaker's Blessing is currently doing. That's the idea... windspeakers is unlikely to be returning (as they haven't mentioned that it will be and when they had the vote it was one of the least popular, same with stone born pact), so the new runes need an option that allows wardens and enchanters alike to be able to perform the acts that their respective keystones allowed for without punishing for not being tanky nor alienating those without built in shields or heals.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
> also really interested in hearing thoughts as to why though of course. I choose windspeakers purely because it's been the most stable... least changed over the years and its always had a nice little niche in the meta which it doesn't often get kicked out off... if the idea of runes is to promote specing for a particular play style that your aiming for I'd say keep the keystone which has done this job the best which is most definitely windspeakers
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=L97PHhaf,comment-id=0000000100030000,timestamp=2017-06-02T19:15:28.065+0000) > > By making it avoidable they can put more power into it... But if its avoidable, then there is simple no power to it period. This is a point and click ultimate ability, you have no control of whether it'll land or not and thats the flaw in this design, and the channel adds more moments for mobility spells on the target to come off CD as well. Rek'sai could easily be left with only 3 abilities if the enemy team simply has a karma, or if they consist of nothing but mobile champions like talon, camille, ezreal, elise, rakan, etc. Yea the ult is powerful as all fuck, and the scaling is actually stupidily high as it is, but theoretically with all that power it should be broken, and it feels it needs buffed and that alone speaks for itself on how putting power into this ult doesn't matter when its more the issue of how it works.
> if they consist of nothing but mobile champions like talon, camille, ezreal, elise, rakan, etc Couldn't that be said about every skill shot ult... if you've got someone who is quick enough they can negate your ult. Rek'sai is sitting in a better spot than them because even without the damage you've got a long range gap closer. > it feels it needs buffed Well firstly meddler has already said they are toning it down so that whole karma thing won't happen. Secondly if you incorrectly use any ability it will feel like it needs buffs... the thing about the new rek'sai ult is that we don't actually know how to properly use it yet, if we do then it might not need buffing after all. Consider this... instead of using it to get on top of people just use rek'sai's natural mobility for that, I mean she has been getting onto people for years now and none of that got changed... when you jump on them they will use their mobility, let's say you jump on an ez, do your knock up combo and he uses E to disengage, you've already got him marked so you can ult him then and either he flashes (win for you as a flash for an ult is a worthy trade) or he gets hit because he has already used his mobility. Honestly this is how the ult is likely designed to be used... it relies on you damaging them first and is % missing health damage so it implies your not supposed to start with it... So these things combined with this way negating your issue is why this is prob a better way to use ult, instead of combining with prey seeker to turn her into a glorified Lee sin.
: Honestly it shouldn't be this avoidable, especially for the huge risk it puts rek'sai in when using it in a team fight, and the likelyhood of her using on isolated targets higher up the ladder decreases, making her feel more "low elo monster, high elo weak pick". I think I speak for most when I say we'd rather see consistency and satisfaction come from the ultimate with the removal of its incredibly easy counterplay (if you really are tightening it up to your description, that still sounds awful to use since nearly every champion will have mobility or flash up and throw rek'sai into 1v5s for nothing.). If that becomes too strong, cut into its damage, we rek'sai players are very disappointed with these changes to her ult, and the fact that the tremor sense nerf from season 6 was kept in so we can't even land Q to ult despite the rest of her problematic utility for pro play being taken out. EDIT: Reworded for clarity.
By making it avoidable they can put more power into it... I mean compare old warwick ult to new warwick ult, almost double the power in various places in the ult in exchange for it not being guaranteed... because guaranteed effects have to be on the weak side to balance out their reliability. So by allowing people to flash it and such riot can put even more damage and range onto it than they would otherwise... Plus it is behaving no differently to any other dash which behaves in this way.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 2
Quick question about one of the runes you've already shared with us, essence thief... Will there be a cap for how much health someone can obtain from it or will it be effectively infinite like sion health gain... cause getting 200-300 health like you would in a realistic game sounds more like something from a keystone rather than a minor rune.
Atanchan (NA)
: Oh, I guess that's true. I thought they were working on it side-by-side the tank update, with lower priority but still.
They where separate updates but the artists that would be doing rek'sai where also doing the tank changes, and those took higher priority... So rek'sai had to be put on ice while the tanks where being worked on.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 12
I really like the idea of the new ult for rek'sai... she should feel like an inescapable animal like in her teaser trailer so this change does capture this so much better....good job on that. Also quick question... what's happening with tremor sense... you haven't mentioned it here but I feel like that was the main thing which made her so different in pro play to solo Q so if the goal is to make her easier to balance in pro play I'm guessing tremor sense has to have at least small changes coming.
Atanchan (NA)
: To be honest, I'm surprised it took this much time for the art assets and stuff. I feel like you could pretty much use 90% of the old ult wholesale for this new one, with maybe a neat animation of her diving out of the ground and onto her target tacked on at the end.
Tbh it didn't... the tank stuff got finished 2 weeks ago so the animation stuff only took that long at most... Plus it does depend on what they are going for honestly... the end part of the ult will prob be different so that's gotta be done from the ground up which does take time, plus the mark.
morris1 (EUNE)
: {{champion:432}} (passive damage) {{champion:31}} (in a future update) HP {{champion:203}} (passive damage) {{champion:75}} (Q damage) {{champion:14}} HP {{champion:412}} Armor + AP {{champion:45}} AP
The cho one was removed from the pbe... some of it might return but the infinite stacking part might not, it's still up in the air (the change was highly experimental).
: ok so currently announced: URF Poro King Ascension pretty nice lineup so far. Even though im not the biggest fan of urf myself, it belongs it here
If we are going off popular I think it's safe to say we will be seeing all for one, doom bots and hexakill as well (purely speculation but those 3 added to that list would cover the most popular game modes so it makes sense riot would include them).
: What's Blood Thirster's identity then? Is IE still the "main" crit item?
I think BT is the tanky option... at least it is to me. It's got the shield and the huge life steal so it's good of you are forced to tank some damage as an adc.
: So basically Hurricane Kog is gonna be a thing now =] Anything more you can tell us about Last Whisper being a component now? How many items does it build into? Do the items it builds into also give % penetration?
Hurricane kog with his new W... oh that's going to be beautiful (5 attacks per second each having 2 hurricane bolts...).
ItemsGuy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Reinboom,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=whbJ5lH1,comment-id=001e000000030000,timestamp=2015-10-28T20:48:07.642+0000) > > If ER isn't bought over IE on who we made it for, then we'll adjust ER up. > > Currently it's actually been very scary in testing. Essence Reaver now scales up its cooldown reduction with other items. > > For example... > Essence Reaver + Zeal = +30% Cooldown > > We want Essence Reaver to be your definitive Marksman caster item. I'm mostly trying to figure out where the crit comes into play with this--unless you plan on having AD caster abilities scale with crit (much like how Tristana's Q does), it seems like AD and armor pen are always going to win out over attackspeed and crit, which are more tuned for DPS Marksmen.
I think the crit is going to be converted into CDR by the ER, so auto attack adcs get their crit while casters get CDR without them conflicting.
Retillin (NA)
: I'm sorry I'm confused. What do you mean "it scales up it's cooldown reduction with other items"? Does it gain extra Cooldown for each CD you get?
From the whole ER+ zeal is 30% I think it means it converts crit into CDR.
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
How do kindred get along with aatrox, tahm and/or bard as they are all myths so do they see kindred as such or have they had a run in with each other.
: Crashes Affecting Mac Users in 5.14
I've got both the bugged shop texture and crashes. OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 IMac (20-inch early 2009) Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB I've tried repairing the client but that made no difference.
: We actually used our new 'Convert-to-Fish' button. Brand new tech, we thought we'd give it a spin.
What happens when you use that on fizz? Does he just get fishyer or does it go the other way and make him not so fishy.
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
1. Where did the idea to give him a top hat come from? 2. What's his relationship with fizz? 3. Is he a fish or an amphibian?


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