: The model really ruins the skin for me. I'm the love with the splash art and the effects are decent, but the model is just so . . . stiff.
i say ditch the staff. nearly every mage in the game has one and i think janna using her hands to shoot out air would be more unique
: I know that. I know that originally when League of Legends was just getting started, Katarina's base skin was her Mercenary skin, before they swapped it to the red hair and black jacket. When I say classic, I meant her current base design, because that is what most people see as now. No one thinks of her white-haired green-jacket Kata unless you say Mercenary. Her base design is red-haired and with black clothes, and it will remain so because everyone sees her with it. They've become core Katarina design traits. Also, I respectfully disagree with you about her clothing. I do think there's merit to not have a lot of armor or heavy coverage on her midsection, but leaving it completely bare? It just puts me off. Plus her crop top seems more designed to show off her breasts then to keep them in place. At the very LEAST, you could replace it with a sports-type bra that effectively holds her chest and doesn't need to show extensive clevage. On top of all that, it doesn't sound like the Katarina in the lore. Also the spikes on her armor seem like bad design. She's moving her limbs around a lot, so having spikes just poking out... Kind of sounds like an accidental stabbing waiting to happen to Kata. I'm not trying to say Katarina needs a total makeover on the level of Swain or Galio. But a small Ezreal-level update might do her good to make her design more modern, make more sense, and for it to fit better into the universe she's in.
The reason her stomach is out is to show off her badass tattoo. But i will agree that her breasts look like they are about to jump out. Maybe something like the costume in A new dawn with less spikes and a less sexualised bra?
: Katarina needs a visual update
i agree, Katarina looks pretty boring. Her abilities are amazing but look as if they dont belong with her. Her animations are slow, almost as if shes exhausted, her idle animation is just her fighting stance. It would be cool if she had a out of combat stance where she is resting her blade on her shoulder whilst blowing her hair out of her face. She is a cocky, cold hearted assassin and this is not the vibe i am getting out of her. I do agree, other characters need a VGU so us Katarina mains are going to have to wait, however we have seen what riot can do whilst reworking characters, im pretty sure they can change Katarina to look more lively. Her recall animation is DREADFUL, and most of her skins are pretty bland. When she returns to base she could pull out daggers from her back just like she did in the twisted fate cinematic whilst fighting Garen. Her running animations can be better, take Akali for an example, she is always changing and moving whilst running or stopping. Katarina's model isnt the best and i feel as if they can give an emphasis on her tattoo and just change her costume to make it look like the cinematic trailers. Her hair looks very...weird. In project, her hair looks 10 times better so maybe something like that for models would be great. Her daggers i feel like they need to be more sharper and slighty smaller, they are daggers after all, not swords. Her face needs to be changed COMPLETELY, she looks lifeless and i feel like she needs to represent noxious through her facial expressions as Draven, Darius look bloodthirsty and cold hearted.


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