: Gonna necro this post but again do we have any new info? I'd like to go to Paris but my broke ass needs more than a couple months to plan for it.
> [{quoted}](name=KRUX3N,realm=NA,application-id=okOuNvuT,discussion-id=wTopX22Z,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-13T14:48:27.202+0000) > > Gonna necro this post but again do we have any new info? I'd like to go to Paris but my broke ass needs more than a couple months to plan for it. Nothing yet so far, following the schedule for last years tickets, it'll probably be September before any tickets start to show
Kei143 (NA)
: Top: 2 Jg: 13 Mid: 12 Bot: 3 Support: 0 Looks like you've been getting a decent amount of mids in your past 30 games according to Far from what you would call *barely*. Top: 1 Jg: 5 Mid: 3 Bot: 1 Support: 0 Even for the past 10 games, you still had your a far amount of mid games. Though it may feel like you aren't getting your mid role as you've only gotten 1 mid, 3 jg, 1 top in the past 5 games.
> [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Ui4W6usg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-19T01:36:20.696+0000) > > Top: 2 > Jg: 13 > Mid: 12 > Bot: 3 > Support: 0 > > Looks like you've been getting a decent amount of mids in your past 30 games according to Far from what you would call *barely*. > > Top: 1 > Jg: 5 > Mid: 3 > Bot: 1 > Support: 0 > > Even for the past 10 games, you still had your a far amount of mid games. > > Though it may feel like you aren't getting your mid role as you've only gotten 1 mid, 3 jg, 1 top in the past 5 games. So I know I never got filled bot, so I'm guessing thats ARAM or something, and I know I've played a lot of jungle games with my premade in flex (which is definitely intentional), but following both your sets of numbers, it still shows that I'm getting Jungle more often than mid. Admittedly its a small sample size, I've only started putting jungle secondary in the last maybe 10/15 games, but the fact I have more games in my secondary role than primary says a lot. Maybe it will average out and I'll get mid a tonne more soon, I don't know, the only way to know is to sink even more time in
Reksee (NA)
: Just take a break if you're feeling too stressed. What I usually do is play a co-op match or practice game where I obliterate an enemy bot.
> [{quoted}](name=Reksee,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Ui4W6usg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-19T03:12:49.131+0000) > > Just take a break if you're feeling too stressed. What I usually do is play a co-op match or practice game where I obliterate an enemy bot. ARAM is my drug lol, but definitely right.
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: Was it intetional to make galio from the best mid to the worst mid laner in 1 patch?
A Galio in my last placement game got the most kills, farm and fewest deaths (and that was me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} It DOES help that even though I had an early pick, the enemy team then picked Akali mid and Nunu jungle....
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Never again a Yasuo in my ranked game!
I don't think it would be nearly as bad if people knew what "cc" means, the number of comps I play in that have zero reliable ranged CC, my typical Lux pick almost becomes mandatory (and of course playing Lux a lot means 100% Yasuo banrate, not going to handicap myself trying to trade with a champion that has a built in shield AND a way to block my primary engage and farming tools).
: The next Victorious Skin will be for Orianna
Planned to make this Season the season I get to Gold, and as a mid lane main with Orianna being my highest champ mastery score, I have no choice now, I WILL be Gold this season. Silver I now, not far to go <3
: We need more assassin shitters
Have you played the champion known as Sion in the midlane? Used to be a bigger thing earlier in the season before his E was nerfed a bit, it still chunks anyone squishy (ie Assassins), the secret behind the damage is the Absolute Focus rune, he's so tanky you can stay above the health threshold for extra AP without much difficulty, plus it scales for respectable wave clear and damage (and don't forget, that bot lane might not be intimidated by a Twisted Fate ult, but when dat Sion is speeding down the river for a tasty gank they better be scared).
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: I think today is finally the day i quit league
Every time there is a Yi, EVERYTIME there is a Yi, I am seriously staggered that the balance team has fucked up this badly. I'm playing the once in a while top game against Malphite as Ornn, it was actually pretty even. But here comes the Yi, two items or something I don't know, chasing me down with ult, I have Stopwatch so I think I'm good when i get under tower and go golden. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. Literally sits there tanking tower, aaaand I'm dead. And this was when I was almost full health when Yi engaged XDDDDD I might have lived if I played a little better (not a top lane main), but fuck me if I think that I should be able to survive, under tower, with Stopwatch, as a tank, against a Yi with a jungle item, Rageblade and Conquerors, at level 11 or whatever, without playing the god damn Mission Impossible theme at the same time. Seriously Riot, what the fuck have you done.
: The meta is good* and can finally improve
Its definitely great having bot diversity. Just imagine, the assassin mid thinking "I'm gonna get me some adc booty" roaming bot to dive tower, and as the dive begins, they think "wait, who am I diving again?" before they get destroyed by the Donger. Or ulted by Swain. Or feared by the Fiddlesticks. I'm genuinely fine with ADC's having a place in this game. However, their late scaling is too good, and too many games were decided by which ADC won bot lane. I really don't want it to go back to this, on top of that the funnel comp needs to die too.
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Zoe and Yasuo are only tolerated because of outrage fatigue
I just ban Yasuo 100%, regardless of whether he does well into my champion or not, all it takes is 1 overextended bot lane or 1 bad play and BANG, double kill for Yasuo, and now he's bursting champions and objectives down thanks to League of snowball. And they said Yasuo isn't even good because he's never played in competitive, oh wait, yes he is. What's weird is, there has been acknowledgement that Zoe is way too strong. My question is, how the fuck did she get released with none of the development team realizing what they were putting into the game? "1 hit kill champions. League needs more of these. Lets throw in RNG and a new type of CC that can't be cleansed" I was reading posts a little while back about how the development team went through a period where they were making oppressive champs like {{champion:429}} and {{champion:268}} that were either stupidly weak or OP. They said that was their mistake. And despite they said they had learned from their mistakes, the big ball of cancer known as {{champion:142}} still gets into the game? Just, wow. At the very least, {{champion:39}} will probably be able to be pushed away from her burst-y play style with some stat shifts, no idea how Zoe will be dealt with.
Wygol (EUW)
: The Darkin lores are incredible, I just have one question.
Similar to what the Rito guy said, Rhaast, Aatrox and the daarkin inside Varus had all lost their bodies, and could only take the form of the hosts they possessed. In the bio, it said Aatrox was released when a man wielded the sword, at that point he was taken over by the Darkin. That would mean losing the animal features they once had.
: > [{quoted}](name=Krotux,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zvu1Bl0K,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-13T22:06:04.693+0000) > > I don&#x27;t want ranged adcs to be removed from the game or something but those changes were good and I hope they dont buff adcs again just because some people are crying about it God forbid that 10 or so champions are useless for 40 minutes every game. OH WAIT Games are ending in 20-25 minutes. As much as the anti marksmen circle jerk doesn't want to admit it. Crit ADC's need a buff. Maybe in 8.13 I'll be able to play {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} again and not feel like I'm a dead weight to my team.
Crit ADC's dont need a buff. The snowball effect needs reducing, thats all. Early game champions are ruling because the advantage they get early is too big to surpass for the enemy team. If snowball is reduced, late game carries become more viable. If early game champions get nerfed, late game carries become more viable. If itemization such as Duskblade, Trinity Force, etc that can cause a snowball effect get nerfed, late game carries become more viable. And note, when I say late game carries, I'm not just talking about Crit ADC's, as a lot of people forget that there are carry champions in every role. Crit ADC's should not go back to being the only viable choice for a team when choosing a scaling carry champ. I do believe assassins should be nerfed too, considering the nerfs to ADCs and more recently shields. Because of these nerfs, assassins no longer require as much power to do the job. If assassins are nerfed, you will have a better time running a marksman bot or wherever. However, remember that marksmen are now on a more even playing field with every other class (which is what a lot of the community has wanted for a long long time), so a marksman bot may not always be what you want to play. And unfortunately thats something every other lane has already accepted
: League of edge... and {{champion:142}}.
Zoe makes everyone want to kill themselves when playing against her, nothing more edgy than that.
: Aram has been so fun during this event
No joke, I can't bring myself to play summoners rift with the 20 minute meta going on right now, with ARAM at least there's some good fun if you get the right champion. Got super excited playing Garen and spinning over everything without dying (wasn't even doing massive damage minus the ult, it was just fun being able to fight without being deleted in seconds).
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: FYI: Critbased adc's are still the best lategame scaling champs and therefore shouldn't be buffed
It was probably inevitable, by moving ADC damage into the later game, as well as the nerfs to tank itemization and mages, the untouched classes rise to the front, those being assassins, onhit and lane bully ADC's, and more assassins. The reason why its a problem is that, although these chanpions have a place, EVERYONE PLAYS THEM. Draft games are full of Pykes, Zeds, Vayne's, Lucians, Miss Fortune's. These are incredibly popular champions, and they all do a hell of a lot of damage. And they're all meta at once. With this, it forcibly changes the meta to the point where games are ending even earlier. Tanks arent viable, as all the armour in the world won't help if there are multiple ADC's on the other team with Press the Attack. Mages are out, unless they can survive laning phase and bring some good burst and CC (champs like Lux and Anivia are doing quite well atm). Scaling champions in general are out, even if you can reach 30+ mins plus, the team that focuses on the early game will have already taken control and stacked their snowbally runes. Please take note Riot, CRIT ADCS DO NOT NEED BUFFS. I swear to god, tanks and mages are having the exact same problems as Crit ADCs are right now, if you nerf these classes, you need to nerf the competition. The early game damage of Assassins and lane bully ADC's need to be nerfed so they fall in line with the nerfs to the other classes. DO NOT BUFF CRIT ADCS. WE NEED LESS DAMAGE FLYING AROUND, NOT MORE.
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Handin Out Naps,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=65Tw0lAA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-09T23:28:07.374+0000) > > Out of curiosity what is &quot;their biggest problem in mid lane&quot;? 7 assassins having a combined 60% play rate in plat+? Most mages being non-viable outside of pro play? The midlane champion pool is a shambles and top laners are beginning to take over. They wanted to open up the map, they succeeded in destroying several champion types
It's not even just assassins, did people not see MSI? The only consistent mage pick mid was Taliyah, and she got absolutely WRECKED by Irelia. Vladimir showed up from time to time, but that was more because Shurelya's worked really well on him. And you know the funny thing? After MSI, Shurelya's was changed to give mana so it's no longer viable on Vladimir, and Taliyah's wave clear was killed off, with another Q nerf on the PBE. You really cannot make this up. Zed's playrate at Plat+ (according to is 6.39%, the highest of all midlaners by more than 1%. This is pretty much the same with every division below that. He does not drop below 49% winrate anywhere, as the most played midlaner in the game. Lets compare this to Orianna, probably the most well known mage in the game. 2.4% playrate, 48.5% winrate. So, Zed has more than triple the playrate of Orianna, and is somehow sitting at 0.12% under a 50/50 winrate at Platinum and higher. The highest playrate champion I would consider a traditional mage is Lux, with 3.65% (just over half the playrate of Zed), and she has a winrate of 51.25%. That's less than 1 and a half % more than Zed, who has double the playrate. And remember, this is Lux, who received a hell of a lot of buffs not long ago, one of the only mages to actually receive them.
: Just hit Platinum 1, Already getting 'Hey Irelia check out, i am top 15 Garenn in EuNe' or 'Irelia apparently doesn't have a minimap' Or even 'Lol I'm nearly diamond 5 kid you are hard stuck plat forever'. People are SO FUCKING ARROGANT, everyone in this fucking elo thinks they are retired LCS players, like shut the fuck up your in Platinum with 400 games just let me play.
Top 15 Garen? I wouldn't brag about that.
: Can akali get counterplay other than dont be near me? after 6 and 1 item.
I would say the same about Diana to be fair, except replace the sustain with tankier stats. Just don't feel like any of my poke sticks against this champion, plus the only way she wins the lane against mages is by waiting for you to be about 60% health then diving tower with ignite (alternatively take tp so you've always got lane priority, if you back she'll be chunking your tower with her AS). ...wait...feels like I'm describing Tryndamere...
: 1.4 Million Mastery and Quitting Mordekaiser (at least until rework.)
In general the champ is just a mess. The only place you can even hope to play him without being destroyed is top lane, where he plays against split pushers who excel in 1v1 (which he can't do), tanks that scale to late game (which he doesn't) or ranged champions with easy engages (which he doesn't have). He's some weird jack of all trades scenario, he has a very small bit of everything, but as a result he can't be allowed to be powerful without breaking the meta. Also it doesn't help that AP items are rarely "broken" or "overtuned", there are constant cases of champions being able to abuse the new Guinsoos or Duskblade or (more recently) Stormrazor and Essence Reaver, however out of meta AP champs rarely get this advantage anymore. Past cases of AP items of being too strong were dealt with (old Morello's, mega slow Rylais, original Protobelt, original Shurelya's) because mages "dominate" proplay (although it was so dire at MSI, couldn't even play Taliyah without getting destroyed by Irelia, hybrid damage comps just don't matter a lot at the moment).
: Gold/Plat elo is the most cancerous thing I've ever seen :)
Its quite interesting you mentioned this, as i've recently had a number of games with passive aggressive players trying to tell me how to play the game. It's interesting, because I understand their points, but they still manage to be a condescending d-head at the same time. For example, I'm playing Zac, just having a chill game, not looking to push boundaries or anything. Bearing in mind jungle is my least played role, and this is most definitely not ranked. I'm getting constantly abused by the Rakan in chat, who's constantly complaining about the enemy jungle Pyke camping bot lane. Now most of the time I looked bot, I didn't see much farming under tower, the Xayah was pushing lane advantage against the Kog'maw but then the two of them were obviously being caught out multiple times by ganks. After the game, I see the flame is coming from a Plat 1 Marksman main. Let me repeat that, a PLAT ONE ADC MAIN who didn't see any fault in his Xayah pushing like crazy when having massive issues dealing with ganks. I'm a SILVER TWO mid lane main completely out of my element, and yet I could see more than the Rakan could when looking at the state of bot lane. I hate the "I'm a higher rank than you so git gud scrub" mentality. I can only imagine what full plat/gold games are like. It's ok to be pissed off, but don't take that out on other people. In my own ranked games I find myself deleting what I'm about to type in chat because of how easy it is to tilt teammates, who knows how these people think they can climb by being so toxic.
Malak (NA)
: Nimbus Cloak came through after all
Just wondering, as a heavy Ori player, whether Nimbus would be good for finishing people off with autos/Q/W after ulting (Ori doesnt have as much burst early as she used to so it could help). Alternatively, go Electrocute and the ultimate hat replacement on domination, and use the ults lower CD for easy Electrocute procs in lane...not sure if its worth sacrificing Aery's poke potential. Any ideas?
: "You're the only consistent in your team, if you deserve to be higher you'll win."
If you're good enough to climb, it'll happen. However, the real question is how long you have to grind out games to actually get where you deserve
: If you are on a winning streak
I went on what must have been a 7 game winstreak, taking me out of Silver 4 and into Silver 3. I was ONE win away from getting into S3 promos, however I knew the winstreak would end at some point. 1st loss, I picked for Cait for our ADC, and upon seeing Kassadin, I asked for Galio which they didnt have after saying they had all midlaners (fair mistake I guess). I went for Ori, which in hindsight I wish I hadn't, I only had a few secs to pick however. The enemy Twitch jungler made it his mission to burn his summoner spells ganking over and over again, I'm like 0/5 before long, dying under turret, and warding doesn't counter Twitch invis (which is BS, to be honest). However, while this was going on, our jungler made no moves to take advantage of this, and our top laner Illaoi fed almost as bad as I did (she had the worst scoreline by the end of the game). Our bot lane won but the fed Caitlyn completely wasted the advantage she had by dying in the jungle, feeding their assassins even further, denying our chance at a later comeback when we started to catch up in teamfights. Second game, I got my secondary role, picked Shen blind. Irelia was picked against me. Game was a hell of a lot closer, unfortunately our Lee had no positive impact on the early game and there were no winning lanes, however the lack of pressure on our turrets despite our large gold deficit gave us a way into the game. Their heavy close quarter fighting comp (Draven, Irelia, Jarvan) made Shen a perfect addition in teamfights, even though I was stupidly behind, we started a comeback. Unfortunately the game ended when part of the team looked for a pick and deleted the Draven, however something went wrong positioning wise and there was no follow up damage on their Brand support and Irelia, I dont know where our midlaner and ADC were, I thought they were there, but Kass claimed he wasnt after everyone died (if he wasnt there, he wouldnt have died, so I dont know). Unfortunately before we started turning it around there was a masssive amount of flame between the ADC and mid, if that hadnt happened we may have done better early and not been clinging on TLDR: You cant always carry games, you will either be put with players who cannot be carried regardless of how hard you try, in other cases the game will not allow you to carry (bad matchup, junger focus, etc). These games do tend to occur after you've won too much for the system's liking. However, at all costs youve got to avoid tilting yourself into a losing streak, as you'll undo your good work with your wins. Eventually you will learn from the losses and start being able to carry previously unwinnable games, this is when you learn to carry
: I honestly don't even blame losses on bad players anymore...
I don't like how, when queuing for a ranked game, if someone doesn't accept the ready check, it increases your chances of being autofilled. I find that when someone doesn't accept the check, and then INSTANTLY a new ready check flashes up, it almost always means that you will not get your main role and the system has just found a game it can quickly put you in. Just, no.
: So while visiting Australia, I realized I couldn't play league. So I tried to play DOTA2 instead.
I remember starting out with League and literally knowing next to nothing, maining Pantheon, Nasus and Poppy (when she was strong after her rework). Looking back at those times, learning the game, asking my friends who was good to start with and what to do, getting tired of being stomped and playing upto Level 30 on my own, eventually breaking out from top lane to try new roles and becoming a mage main, and now being at the same sort of level as my friends after around 3 years of playing. Hearing about how complicated DOTA is, it really doesn't make me want to try it. I'm hoping to break into Gold this season after improving my play ever since I started, and even with League I know there's a lot that I can still learn, and that's after starting end of Season 5/beginning of Season 6. I can't begin to imagine how long it would take to get to the same position with DOTA
kile147 (NA)
: To be fair, the ones who are planning on using it aren't really designed for DPS. Quinn is totally an assassin ADC hybrid, and Jhin can't really do DPS like other marksmen. From the sound of it if Caitlyn starts using this with {{item:3147}} {{item:3087}} to burst from 1300 range with a headshot (480+(350% AD) Damage at lvl 18) then they will probably nerf some combination of those items.
If I remember correctly they got rid of crits on Caitlyn headshots in the last patch
: why would they nerf everyone else instead of buffing the champions that are struggling due to the changes?
They've been doing that for a while now, it's the reason why ADC's got to where they are now: Assassin's and Tanks got a little stronger, ADC's got buffed, then Assassins and Tanks are nerfed. I thought the original idea of ADC's was for DPS'ing towers, objectives and tanks, at the moment they destroy everything in a 1v1 if the other champion relies on a tricky skillshot or doesn't have 100-0 burst potential. At least if Riot stops buffing the weak and starts nerfing the strong, fights will go on long enough to make skill matter more and ADC's weaknesses will actually be more exploitable
Sotsa (NA)
: Doublelift to join TL, G2 bot Lane to join TSM
Fuck me, right? EU West player that had fun watching Worlds properly for the first time this year and seeing Misfits suprise everyone and Fnatic beat the odds to break out of groups. Now the key elements of both G2 and Misfits are going to America! Why? Money! I can't blame them, but seriously Riot, fuck off. No way in hell is it anything else, considering EU's consistent outperformance of NA at Worlds (no disrespect to NA fans though, I'm just pissed at how this is even allowed to happen). How am I supposed to root for any sort of regional rivalry in the future after the American teams have just bought out some of the best and upcoming EU players going? Is EU going to be the butt of a million and one jokes if Zven and Mithy knock out an EU team when playing for TSM?
: Am I even actually decent at this game?
The most annoying thing about ranked at low elo is: 1. No-one wants to play tank. 2. No-one wants to play champions with reliable CC. 3. No-one wants to take traditional mid lane mages for teamfights. 4. No-one is ok with getting an assist and not a kill. 5. No-one wants to learn the good and bad matchups of their lane 6. No-one wants to ward or buy sightstone 7. No-one considers the needs of their team when fighting (peeling for squishies, etc). 8. No-one is willing to accept they need to improve and would rather blame somebody else. 9. No-one actually cares about objectives, kills are most important. 10. No-one actually realises this is League of Legends, not Call of fu*king Duty. Yes, this definitely does not apply to everyone. But unfortunately these 10 points explain why low elo is just so terrible and why the meta is so annoying. Champions like Master Yi and Vayne are played a lot because champions like this thrive on the inability of teams not being able to work together, of people feeding from bad mistake after bad mistake, and bad team comps. At this level, your best bet is to find the middle ground, the champion that can potentially carry in 1v1's but also have a place in teamfights. I myself like playing Orianna, but sometimes I really regret it when I get jumped on by the fed assassin, or whatever. For these cases, I would play Ahri, not useless against assassins, can be played aggressively and safely, has a very good time early against immobile picks that will come your way, but can also wait out a bad early game for decent late game. Plus, a really nice piece of CC that can easily punish a dive or misplacement, in lane or in late game fights. I can't say much for other lanes, but I'm sure that there are champs in every role that, with a little skill, have the potential to carry more reliably. Besides good champion selection, obviously practice with maximizing your warding potential (placing more as well as placing them in better spots), map awareness (knowing when you're safe to trade or when you seriously need to back off), as well as general knowledge regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the champions you regularly face (the best way to learn being to learn how to play those champs yourself).
: Why don't people understand how to play passive in a losing lane?
A couple of people I play with on a regular basis do this TOO DAMN MUCH. "Sure, of course you'll be able to kill Maokai after going negative as Akali, he does reaaaaally bad when building MR, plus assassins are great to blind pick into a lane full of tanks" -_- "You died invading enemy jungle and now they're snowballing to a victory? Yeah sure, feel free to keep walking around with no vision, it probably won't happen again". "Yeah, of course ADC, I'm so sorry that I'm laning against an assassin who just roamed bot and killed you after you pushed up the lane without vision, totally my bad" I've definitely made mistakes trying to be overaggressive and dying outright, but the grand majority of the time it's because our top laner has a tendency to feed too much, and said fed laner kills me under 1st tier tower, after walking past tier 2....actually this happened once, and it was an Irelia, but when someone feels like they have their pride on the line and just won't accept that they won't win another fight until their laner is 5-0 and too fed for ANYONE to kill, then I just can't rate you as a player at all.
: so with the entire boards crying over how weak turrets currently are you wanna give a rune to help the tanky champs who can tank the turrent damage a easier way to take the turret seems like you are doing the exact opposite of what the boards have been crying over. that the turrets fall to easy, and are no threat to any one with the less bit of armor or hp. hmm and then you put this on a NASUS with his ult and Q and turrets just nothing more then a super minion
Considering that the Demolish rune is another way of taking towers, following the new Herald (and maybe other new runes that i cant recall), I'm hoping that Riot is planning on buffing towers and then giving us these runes at the same time. If you think about it, a team that constantly ganks bot lane (which is arguably still the strongest lane) will now have to start fearing top lane tearing towers a new one. Either you have a top lane fighter that can solo Herald (or with junglers help) or you'll have a beefy tank slapping top lane turrets by constantly applying Demolish. If towers are made stronger, with the existence of herald and demolish, it will spread the sieging power in the early game, and it will give top lane more influence at the expense of bot (which is fair because bot already has a lot of it). However, bringing Demolish into a game will not matter at all UNLESS towers get that buff. They fall too fast already (I agree with the whole idea that you need to protect the towers as much as they protect you, but if you leave some champ like Yasuo in lane while backing, you end up losing something like a third or more of the turrets health in the early game, and against a full mid game team they just crumble). Make towers more of a challenge to take down and I will welcome things like Demolish that will diversify strategy in League.
Yenn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1kT5BqOj,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-08-17T02:25:42.520+0000) > > Can your champ split push? Kassadin, no. I've had this exact scenario with Ahri, Kennen, and other AP champions: they just cannot function against compositions like this. Very few mids can split push either way, they get shit on by high mobility bruisers if caught alone away from a turret.
This is why I was looking into playing Ahri more compared to other more traditional mages like Ori. Set up some ward coverage and with her ult and charm she's probably one of the few midlaners who can actually push to second tier without getting jumped on and dying constantly.
: Instead of buffing mages, can we just nerf adcs
Maybe start with getting rid of {{item:3087}} and {{item:3085}}. Why should ADC's have access to such good waveclear, it makes it that much easier to push the wave and then start snowballing other lanes.
: I can agree that she can be pretty weak when piled on. In a 1v1, though, it's actually really hard for an assassin to dive on her in lane - she's got the shield that stops her from being one shot, and her ulti and the rest of her burst is really easy to land. Which is part of the reason I dislike her. She does so much damage that having a Morello's is pretty much enough to 100-to-0 an enemy squishy (i.e. any other mage that also has just a Morello's), and the ulti is actually impossible to dodge in a 1v1 unless you flash it or have some mobility to dodge with because its area is so huge. That's mainly my issue with her. She's bad at 2v1s, yeah, because she doesn't have much mobility and low cc - so she can be vulnerable in lane. But she's amazing in 1v1s and she's amazing in teamfights too.
The only times I've felt that I hard won lane as Ori, I feel, is when playing against other mages. If mid lane assassins no longer existed, then you would see a lot more of her. But the nature of her damage (all in the ball), means that any nerfs will be treading on a very fine line. To me, it doesn't feel like Orianna isn't OP as such, I would say its more the nature of her kit. She isn't massively reliant on any single ability, they all flow into each other, so if you nerf one ability, it will have a knock-on effect to every other ability too. Neither can you really shift power around her kit, if you were to say "ok, Ori is too much of a bully early, lets hit her Q", where would you buff to keep her balanced? Her ult and W are always used in combo so buffing either will make her teamfight and her burst even stronger. You put it on her E, she then becomes a counter to other burst champions, including assassins. You buff her passive, then Ori's will probably start buying Lich Bane. If you straight up nerf her Q without any sort of compensation, I can't think of a nerf that wouldn't open up a glaring hole in her kit that would kill her off as a champion. To be honest I think the only thing that will help Ori fall in line with the rest of the mage pool is a serious look at the whole AP item tree. She is the best generalist mage in the game, and Morello's is the best generalist AP item in the game. If Morello's is nerfed, BUT AP itemization is improved as a whole to make up for it, then Ori won't be so much of a problem anymore.
: {{champion:11}} already got a visual update (small scale like allistar) and a playstyle update. I don't think he will be touched any time soon
I knew something had been done to Yi, I never have massive problems dealing with him. Get ganked by him early, just run under tower because of his lack of CC. Unfortunately, "just running into lane" is enough thanks to the random morons in solo queue who think its the greatest thing since Faker to somehow avoid any champ with any decent form of CC. It's the only reason Yi and Co can actually carry at this elo.
: Not every support kill is a ks
Seriously, only an amateur ADC thinks a support kill is wasted. Who gets the kill doesn't really matter, what DOES matter is now the ADC has time to farm up for better items, getting first tower, etc. This is the same for every role in the game. Fed up a bit myself of being told that I ks'ed, at best I wouldn't mind if someone is a little annoyed but if someone blames a loss on a ksing teammate, they need a hard reminder this is League, not team deathmatch.
: Assuming 5 VGUs per year, the Tier 1 champions won't be knocked out until 2020
To be honest, I would have thought {{champion:11}} and {{champion:23}} would be ahead of champions like Rammus or Shaco. It really doesn't take a lot for one of these champions to take control of a game, either through splitpushing (Trynd) or absurd late game damage just by right clicking (Yi). I see a disproportionate number of people picking these two champs in ranked compared to normals, not sure whether it's just bad luck or what but my team ends up crumbling more often than not.
: Maybe there should be another universal armor buff
Full AD teams are seen to often at the moment, Imo, all it takes is the other team to have an ADC and another AD hypercarry like Yi or Trynd, and armour doesn't mean jack if you build it, maybe live for a couple seconds extra. Considering every champ in the game got free base MR, upping the power of armour makes sense.
: Have you tried playing against Orianna lately? I'll admit, she is actually difficult to play, which likely helps keep her winrate low. But play against someone who knows what they're doing and you'll quickly find out how bullshit she is. She's a high utility mage that still has a lot of damage. And she's just like Yasuo, where having the right teammates takes away a lot of the difficulty in playing her later in game. I'd honestly rather face Syndra. I'll probably lose lane against her too, but at least winning 1v1s is all Syndra does; she doesn't hypercarry teamfights like Ori does.
I find her biggest weakness is her CC, it's not nearly as reliable as other midlaners. If you are engaged on, your shield is your first response, then your W (which is only a slow and a bit of damage, won't help if you're against a champ that is super sticky). The last ditch response will be the ult which can buy a precious second which can make a difference, especially if you're engaged on by 2 or more of the enemy team. But because of her completely conditional CC (her only effective CC being her ult) if you are ever dived, jumped on, whatever, you are fully relying on summoners and your E shield. As a result, I don't feel like Orianna does particularly well when made a target by the jungler, or when you play against a true early game champ (i've done well playing Taliyah into Ori previously). It's all relative though, lots of mages don't do well when being focused hard early, if any. When it comes to late game impact, Orianna is very similar to Kennen, massive potential to do something amazing, but also massive potential to completely balls it up. Late game, the safety net she has earlier in the game is completely taken away, all it takes is a trash team engage and all will be lost. You cannot force a good Ori ult, very rarely will it come easily. I would agree that late game, you would rather face a Syndra in a full on teamfight than an Ori. However, the reality is that in solo queue, you don't get that in many games. If the team grouped up at every stage and never splitpushed, I wouldn't like to be against an Ori, if the team splitpushed constantly and never grouped up, I wouldn't want to be against a Syndra.
koshkyra (NA)
: Im able to win as Miss Fortune mid against a Syndra by rushing duskblade. Wtf.
Follow your dreams, if a Lucian can kill Faker's Orianna then all ADC's must believe. Who needs accuracy when you can autoattack.
: Syndra nerfs when she has a 47% win rate. LUL > [{quoted}](name=Bears Dont Care,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v6m8AzRI,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-07-15T17:00:19.347+0000) > > I do not get the complaints about Orianna. The Orianna complaints imo are valid. The Syndra ones are not.
Looking at OPGG, Orianna is sitting at a perfect 50% winrate. I understand people's annoyance at her Q costs, but seriously it's the only thing keeping her affloat in an early game meta, you take that away and she drops out of play too.
LankPants (OCE)
: Syndra's a must pick/ban in pro play right now, right guys? I mean just look at the LCK [0 picks and 0 bans in SKT VS AFs]( [0 picks and 0 bans in BBQ VS JAG]( [1 pick and 0 bans in BBQ VS LZG]( [0 picks and 1 ban in SKT VS SSG]( [0 picks and 0 bans in JAG VS KTR]( [0 picks and 1 ban in ROX VS AFs]( These are the games over the last 3 days, 2 bans and a pick. Syndra is clearly such a problem in pro play and not, say Corki or Taliyah who are both picked and banned significantly more. That doesn't fit your narrative though, does it?
Taliyah is only picked because she's one of few mid laners that actually do well in the early game. Surprise surprise, the early game meta combined with weaker AP items means that late game mages cannot compete like they used to, hence a sub 50% winrate.
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Instead of buffing perfectly balanced champs for pro play just nerf Orianna and Syndra
Nerf two champions that already have a 48% winrate. Fantastic idea. Maybe it would actually be a good idea to start buffing the other AP laners and general itemization so midlaners are not forced to choose from an incredibly limited mage pool?
: have you seen the chart of his win rate over game length... at 25 mins it drops harder then the stock market of the great depression
Be honest 25 mins the game is usually decided already.
: What point did I miss? Unless he activated his W you just watch his clone and when he teleports to it, just unload on him as he arrives. If you are too close to him, yeah you'll take damage and he'll heal, but that is remedied by spreading out and not fighting near his clone. Like I said before, in team fights, whenever I am against an Ekko, I'm focusing on my team but also keeping tabs on the clone. Nothing to it.
I think the guy is trying to say that Ekko is an early game assassin who, because he's an assassin, does lots of damage. He also has a low cooldown on his waveclear ability. And if you catch him out with CC, skill, whatever, he'll ult straight out of it. Late game, yeah, you can get him after the ult in a teamfight. But the fact that Ekko can even have his teamfight is kind of unfair considering how safe his aggression is in the early game.
: Cass and Viktor are often seen, even in pro play. The truth is that AP itemization got gutted so freaking hard that a lot of champs got indirect nerfs and knocked out of viability. So now either you get obviously overtuned champions like Syndra, Ahri and Cass, or you get a an ult bot like Orianna. Ekko is the last champion in the entire game that needs buffs. His kit is pure and utter cancer. One of the most uninteractive champions in the game that just clicks R for free damage and/or escape. Donger shouldn't be viable with his kit.
Would agree with this, it feels pretty bad to be an AP midlaner, all you need to do is die once to some AD early game bully and you'll be lucky if you have a tower when you get back. Every time someone carries in low elo (or wherever I guess, depends how good they are) I bet you that the champion doing the carrying is AD, Master Yi, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Vi, Draven, Fiora, Twitch, Vayne, list goes on. I WANT to play more midlane champs, but it feels more and more the only viable midlaners are the ones actually played in LCS, and even then some of those champs will not work in solo queue because they need to fit into a teamcomp, and they have to be able to rely on their team. It grates that people think Ori needs nerfing, just, no. If you dumpster Ori early, she doesn't have enough utility to make up for it. And EVEN if she wins early, she is so fragile later on that she can only carry when in teamfights, she won't be soloing anyone unless they make a mistake. And it's the same story for so many AP champs, AP items have been gutted hard so your only hope is to use your AOE abilities in teamfights. But wait...what happens if you don't make it to the late game in an early game meta? What happens if you're against an early game bully? What happens when *shock horror* you are forced to buy something else that isn't Morellos, the one item that is single handedly stopping almost an entire class becoming completely irrelevant!! Time and time again, if I've bought Zhonyas first, well that was my game over unless my team could carry me until I got damage and some mana regen. And why the hell was every single champ in the entire game given MR with their base stats? Why did that happen?
: And if you pick before she does? If the answer to a champion being uninteractive and overtuned is "counterpick them lul" then there's something wrong with that champ. Also no. What can do against Ori when you're melee?
Why are you taking a melee champion mid, thats just asking for trouble. Unless you're playing assassins who have the best chance of dodging the ball and putting out damage in between cooldowns.
: You can just zone though and tell your adc where they should be standing. You can be a pretty effective support just by positioning correctly and being a threat.
Very true, however a supports positioning will only be effective as a zoning tool if said teammates use that tool effectively, if people take stupid risks and get caught out, even the best support won't be able to save them.
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