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TheAdwong (EUW)
: Cannot join the game
It's not your PC, I've had it twice in two days. It's a bug that's why remakes have become 400% more common. And it's right after the patch
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: Season 5 of Duo Esports is starting soon! (700$ Prize Pool)
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: We don't know. They were purposefully vague to avoid a large swath of players hitting the queue at the same time.
Thank god I got on board at first release read some of these post on que times etc. Didn't have and issues and played up till 1pm GMT +1. What happened since I was gone? Any ideas on if this is permanent, of temp (short term or long term?) Sorry lots of questions I know but I really enjoyed the fame mode.
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abca98 (EUW)
: "TFT will be released on June 26th"
Me too bro! Literally waiting up for this
: we need a few more for TFT COME JOIN US!
What, it's not up yet? I literally check 15 mins ago


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