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: > [{quoted}](name=IAmTheLego,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OPJPg3Xm,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-04-11T11:51:03.254+0000) > > That's 1 out of like 3 hydra problems. > > Even without duo, it won't get rid of the problem that the op's idea is suggesting. > 1 can just flame like crazy and tilt his ally to ragequit. > "But what about the mute?!?" > > Yeah...many seem to forget it exists and even if they mute it won't stop the player from trolling around like stealing CS or not helping or whatever. Who cares about flaming? It is completely insignificant compared to something like losing lp/mmr for an afk. That isn't a hydra problem, it is barely a "problem" at all.
I'd 100% rather get told to get cancer than lose 20lp.
: Ok so you would just make boosting so much easier. If you and your duo are about to lose the game then one of you leave and the other loses nothing. It is far to easy to abuse and people would just bully one another to leave so the rest don't lose LP.
No I'm saying before a certain point, so lets say its 12 mins in and the game is fairly even, the mid laner flames the jungler for a death and the jungler leaves, the game is pretty much lost in most cases at that point, this is unfair for the top laner, bot laner and support (that happens alot gold and below); Its just an idea to make AFK's abit more fair for the players who lose the fair 5v5 off the game from no fault of their own. Just an idea dude.
: Personally, what they need to do is flex LP gains/losses by total contribution, with a steep penalty for leavers, on a per game basis instead of avg MMR. If you go 15/3/12 and win, and your jungler was a 0/8/3 afk farming flamer, he doesn't get as much LP as you, and if you lose under these game circumstances, you lose less than him. This is very oversimplified, but the general idea is to note contributive factors such as Kill Participation, Vision Score, Objective participation, CS, and whatever it needs to look at to calculate the "deaths per minute" stat in game to keep track of how much exp and gold you feed your enemies) to determine how much of the game you contributed to in the win/loss compared to your other teammates, and math away at it to assign a number out of 100 total points (20LP avg between 5 players, in a perfect world, but literally nothing is perfect, so there will be someone who possibly has a few more than 20 points and a couple people with like 14-18) This would better reflect and reward skilled players, and better reflect and keep down less skilled players and leavers, without completely nuking everything. If you go 0/8/0 afk farm jungler with a vision score of like 8 and no objectives, you're gonna be gaining like 13 points on your win, or losing like 26 on your loss, because you were the lowest contribution to your win, or one of if not *the* highest contribution to your loss. Leavers just need a stiff -35 regardless of win or loss. >.> A win is still a win and a loss is still a loss, but it would make *immediate sense* why your 23/2 mid got more LP than you and your 3/9 top lane did, and would encourage people to focus on ***playing the damn game*** instead of playing politics for who won/lost it. The evidence would be plain as day: 0/8/0 with no contribution takes a big hit (which hopefully demotes them) and 9/11/6 whose back broke loses less (and hopefully *doesn't* get demoted. 15/3/12 with 200+cs at 20 gains more (and hopefully just hit promos) while 3/11/12 gains a bit less, but is still moving up. And obviously, we leave promos as a strict W/L, since you neither gain nor lose LP from them. If someone wants to troll in their promos cause it doesn't lose them any LP, they're still not advancing, and though this can arguably be used by boosters to mitigate their buddy's LP loss, they're still losing LP, and anyone who has the lack of intelligence to say "oh yeah, I'm boosting and need to stay in x elo until my buddy can get to y elo" can "catch these bans" from Riot.
: > [{quoted}](name=IAmTheLego,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OPJPg3Xm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-10T22:00:58.322+0000) > > Okay let's see: > 1- A duo with in a 2nd account (or smurf) can afk in case his boosted pal's team is on the losing side, just to save his friend from losing LP despite the fact that he probably deserved to lose them in the 1st place. > 2- Like my 1st point, MMR will be crazy stupid. > 3- This will increase toxicity to the point a player will try to tilt a teammate and make him rage quit. > > Ever heard of what a Hydra is? A beast with 5 heads that cut 1 head off, 2 more grows back. > And this idea of yours is an excellent example of it. > Offer a "solution" to a problem, 1 problem solved, 2 more problems appear. But in the case of your idea, 3 more instead of 2 will appear so that's pretty much a Hydra but on steroids (like that thing was dangerous enough in the Greek mythology). Easy fix, just remove duo from solo queue. Or just don't make it apply to anyone who queue'd with the leaver. No hydra bs to deal with either. Lets also not pretend toxicity matters as much as leavers.
Exactly, plus after they've done it 3 or 4 times theyd have to make a new account which is alot of effort.
: So I are u saying that if they afk for 3 min before the enemy team is about to destroy the nexus u shouldn't lose lp?
No Im saying before the ff@15 mark or something like that or if they were afk for at least 10 mins before the game ended
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: Give Illaoi Some Love!
I think Illaoi just needs some buffs, nothing changed, i think they should go more into the healing aspect of her tentacles, make her more of a sustain fighter maybe?
: Proposal for an Akali Icon
I was thinking maybe a new skin and they have an icon with it, like the project katarina one, now thats some sexy shit.
BirdGod (NA)
: Omega Squad Teemo basic attack doesn't feel as crisp as the base Teemo
I agree, it feels sloppy, i wish they would make it look more solid, or maybe like he firing an actual silenced rifle or something, this is an old post but was looking it up, its super annoying.
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: Put a manacost on Jayce's R to "force" the tearbuild
Forcing a champion to do something or force a build, ruins the idea of champion in general, no champion should be forced to do anything, making them less verstile or different each type you play
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: Question for Shen mains.
Shen has pretty good engage, I myself not high elo, but i'm trying my best to climb and i find the best toplaner if looking for a tank which can engage, Shen, Poppy, Sion or maybe Malphite. :)
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