: so nothing i can do to stop a troll kench?
if he eats you, just spam click out of him so he can't travel you into his team. But he will still stop you from attacking for a brief moment, so yeah, you can't
: When Tahm Kench eats a teammate is there a way for him/her to escape?
you can click to be spewn out, but you can't stop him from eating you
: I just don't feel like tank is enjoyable to play anymore.
OP is just crying that he can't rush sunfire anymore and 1v3 everyone
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Playing for fun VS Playing for rank
because it's easier to say that he's playing for fun, rather than that he got overclassed by his opponents, it's an excuse. But still, reality is, as long as you aren't a streamer/aspiring pro player, rank is irrelevant and you should be playing for fun. Ofcourse people get fun out of ranking, but yeah...
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: Make both balanced?
We have to stay true to league of legends man, it won't be league if everything is balanced. Kappa
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: Blade of the Ruined King was seriously over-buffed
I prefer bork being strong, over edge of the night being strong
: How OP was the Dyr?
you can see all the patch notes which affected udyr on udyr's wiki page. (reverse engineer a bit and you get all his previous stats) The champions in itself was never really broken, he just synergized too much with several items over the years (innervating locket, runic echoes,...). At which point he became unkillable with insane movement speed, basically running down every squishy through every possible tower since his W gave him spammable shields You could argue that he always was strong in melee combat and clearing jungle camps, but he was always kept down by cc
Guanxi (NA)
: Athene doesn't really exist anymore, except on a few champions. I can't even tell you what it does now. I think the word they use is "mitigation", whatever that means.
Saw that one trick high elo heimerdinger use it, it gave INSANE hp regen when he used mana, and vice versa. comparable to a warmog for laning phase
MaropaL2 (EUW)
: Tristana Macro?
and also the ulti is aoe for whoever else you land on
: I havent seen an Aatroxx after the update
we could start by not making his rework weaker than he already was. His kit, by design, isn't really working. Basically he wants to get in your face, and just outdps you by being a stat check. There are tons of champions who do that, and much better ({{champion:23}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} ) And because of his passive, he had to give up a lot of base stats, requiring you to build more defensive and give up damage. And that's ignoring his ability related problems, like his Q being cancelled too easy, blood well not being up after using passive, and {{item:3123}} completely shutting down his power in W
: > [{quoted}](name=Hardgore Alice,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=B5JIbwui,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-11T16:24:02.329+0000) > > Ban on sight=alts too > > > XJ9 is in that boat Did you know: Ban on sight, only applies to if your caught...... VPN..... new account go reform and win
VPN makes your ping go higher, I don't think any online gamer would do this Ban on sight is pretty much to prevent them from streaming/posting games to the public, in my opinion. tyler1 never stopped playing, he just can't show us
: How can Riot tell if a permabanned "banned on sight" player is reformed? Example Jensen.
: Should I main mid or one-trick Riven?
don't become a cockroach riven main, you'll reduce your brain size to 0
: why kids play champions they dont know to play on ranked !? RIOT PLS !!!!
Insulting first time ranked players for being kids with that kind of username is probably not very convincing.
: I personally do it because I just like pressing buttons.
: Can we talk about mana on mages?
why the negative bias towards mages? why are AD champs allowed to spam spells without a single mana item? Mana isn't even a resource anymore, and it shouldn't be. Resourceless champions really have no downsides, despite theoretically needing lower combat stats, they don't.
: ***
have you heard of wards and have you heard of map awareness?
: Why is every little nerf considered a dumpstering of a champion?
fun fact: riot once nerfed a champion in patch notes, but forgot to actually put the nerfs in the game, causing the champion to remain the exact same (OP). What followed was an outrage on the boards that he is no longer playable and he needs to be buffed again. So there's that, people like to voice their opinions on subjects they have no knowledge of, especially in this pathetic boards. note: no sources for my claim, apologies, read it a couple years ago from a rioter here
: Passive play-style better than aggressive?
timed aggression. The aggressor that failed a 1000 times knows exactly when he can go for something. playing aggro is more of a learning by failing thing, being a passive player is just an excuse for being bad at laning phase
Eedat (NA)
: The absolute highest win rate of any champ in Bronze is 51.45%
it's probably because anyone that gets a decent winrate gets to silver+ You would need sub 50% winrate to actually be in bronze in the first place, since placements put you at silver mmr
: PSA If you're top laner lost lane pretty badly, don't get into a 4 v 5 on enemy side and flame him
why is this post so centered around toplane, as if a losing botlane can follow into river to get drake
Justiń (NA)
: Special Kind of special in low Elo??
Another case of the above-average effect. You all think you are better than the average player in your ELO, but you aren't
Hige (NA)
: PSA health regen is busted
you can tank turrets longer because of base armor A level 18 nautilus heals about 35 hp every 10 seconds, and 210 for a full minute, which is pathetic
Chikapi (NA)
: How to battle promo series anxiety?
Realise you will not become a pro player/make money off this game. Nobody cares whether you're master tier or bronze tier, we only play this game to pass time anyway
: Yorick's Q On Turrets, Why Doesn't it Work
morde's Q doesn't add the damage, Jax's W doesn't add the damage ~~darius W doesn't add the damage~~
: When your jungler doesn't know how to jungle
you don't do anything except try to solo carry you just have to realize you are in the worst possible ELO, and there will be players that have no clue what they are doing.
xoki93 (EUNE)
: What kind of players do you hate the most? (not "feeders", players with interesting mentality)
I hate the people that just start trolling because someone fked up something or flamed him. We get it, your teammate just made a bronze 5 play or flamed you for your bronze play, are you really that hurt that you give up the game. Even the flamers have a common interest: win the game
Mesperi (NA)
: Corki, Twitch, and Blitzcrank Trio?
twisted treeline is infested with bots getting to lvl 30 for account selling
Iron Wu (NA)
: Tryndamere is actually HARD to play.
judge a champion by how hard he is to get challenger with, Meanwhile bronze baby boards still think warwick is an easy champ and riven takes so much skill, if only there weren't a million riven mains in challenger and the only warwick main pre rework barely made it to master
: Blind Pick Mode where you can ACTUALLY learn new Champions
what is a better learning environment than someone tryharding? What could you possible learn from defeating a first time urgot who has no idea how his abilites work, but you still beat him by spamming buttons like an ape.
: Out of curiosity, why does kayle's intervention prevent hemorrhage stacking?
: Sum Spell Calculator
timers aren't legal to use in league of legends and could get you banned). But you can hover over their summoner spell to see what the CD is, and just time it
Escheton (EUW)
: So...what if we gave supports a special summoner, and powerfull items attached (like junglers)
sometimes I wish riot would just quit their delusional idea of "not enforcing meta" and make class specific items.
Swegmec (NA)
: How the fuck do you counter Xerath?
assassins like fizz, zed,... and all in him everytime you get close
: You realize, Tryndamere can press R regardless of CC. So, if the Tryndamere player does press R, and you don't kill him, you have an undying Tryndamere, spinning at you, and you don't have any burst anymore.
you can oneshot him, then kite him out and deal the last 300ish dmg to him
Bultz (NA)
: Vlad is the most Balanced champion in damage in the game, and that's an issue.
vlad and swain are pretty much in the same weird state right now get ahead and 1v5 everyone while being unkillable or be a minion Which is pretty much all champs that rely on kit sustain, like aatrox. but aatrox is garbage in general
: "Open mid" should be instaban
when people are down 6+ towers, 10 kills and have no jungle control at 18 min in, people actually value time spent in the next game higher than time wasted in this 90% loss game. Not giving up can be equally as selfish as giving up
: Surrender has an S but I don't.
Grades are given for certain timeframes. You will be matched against other people that won games at 20 minutes. And the problem with this is, that all ff @ 20 games are pubstomps, so if you aren't demolishing the enemy team yourself, you won't get high grades.
: Why was (and for the forseeable future, is) URF now an All-Random Gamemode?
you couldn't play ANY non urf meta champ before, you just got facerolled by all the hecarims etc running around every game. People took urf way too serious better facing 2 op champs by lack of the draw, than facing 5
: Is there any reason to Jayce current state?
riot loves their ranged champs if you like melee champs, you can go fk yourself
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Please take a moment to appreciate your junglers.
no, stop fucking over my wave when i backed you stupid EUW junglers
Dynikus (NA)
: >A well-balanced game doesn't get stale from 'meta'. how many games have been relevant as long as league without going through any major changes?
: OFF-META Punishable or NOT? "Answers", Straight from Riot Support (WiP)
Riot just doesn't know themselves what's punishable and what isn't. They made a mistake on the nunu ban and don't want to admit it so they keep spewing bullsht around. If you have to pick for your team who all have to agree, all splitpushing one tricks should be banned.
: Most people complaining about Riot's stance on meta breaking dont know what the 'meta' is.
That's a very hypocritical POV. playing a splitpusher and ignoring your team that all want to teamfight is by this definition also making the team's experience miserable, and forcing them to adapt to his splitpushing. Yet splitpushing is a legit, and even the go to strategy to climb out of low elo.
: I still feel that one of Ryze's balance problems is the fact that Rune Prison exists on his kit
As if his build path isn't a problem. The only 2 items that set you back early game in terms of dps, actually make him power spike without running out of mana/hp {{item:3010}} {{item:3070}}
: Can we nerf Draven's range?
you mean 550, the same as vayne who supposedly has "low range"?
: I think Nasus, Yorick, Gangplank, and Xin can work bot lane in place of a carry
if you want to play only for the laning phase and then become irrelevant because the enemy picked braindead janna who disengages you 24/7
: If you lose to Ryze at level 3, you aren't playing against him correctly and are letting him hit you with all of his bounces/overloads. His mana costs are pretty tremendous to be spamming anything early.
good luck dodging those bounces as a melee character
: This grading system is a tad bit harsh.
The grading system is based on other peoples performance, the only thing the grading system does is give you an S within the x'th percentile of performance. Except for supports, which are more reliant on playmaking than actual stats, the system is decently fair imo
: Why are tanks "tanky" only in the midgame instead of throughout the game?
why would anyone build damage then, if you can't kill tanks with damage items fast enough before tanks kill you
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