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: Janna Main - Janna Mechanics [COMPLETED]
Hey! Fellow janna main from europe here. I've been looking at your match history and i've seen you've been skipping sightstone most of your games. Can you expand on this? Also, what are your jungle/adc pocket picks? I am on a 59% janna winrate in d2-d1 but i struggle to push to master :( maybe my other roles are too weak! I am not a really mechanic player (playing with a really jumpy ping, 80-120 or even worse at times) so i can't really play anything too intensive (vayne, lee sin..).
: How to report a shameless scripter trying to sell their program?
Yes, Riot will try to downvote / delete every thread that talks about scripters instead of dealing with the problem. They are doing some banwave by time to time but that's it.
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: These changes are so unnecessary and kinda pointless. Also, what's with the "swiperino" and "englando"?
Well, the passive change could be ok i guess. The "rework" its pointless, maybe i failed to point out that it's just my vision of the champion based on her art / lore / cinematics. Swiperino is my nickname and 'englando' is a way to joke about my shitty english (which i ask sorry for). Oh, i also find your comment unnecessary and pointless.
Aèrith (NA)
: Ahri's State after 5.2
*Sorry for bad englando * {{champion:103}} I think getting rid of DFG opens up really interesting design options for Ahri. One really plain and simple change on her passive: "[..] Upon reaching 9 charges, Ahri's next ability will ~~heal her for 2 + (Ahri's level) (+ 9% AP) for each enemy hit~~** deal** x damage and heal Ahri for the same amount." With the "x damage" being either something really similar to the current values ( x + level + %ap) OR scaling off the target(s) maximum health. --------- What i'd really like to see, though - but will probably not happen - is some interaction between Ahri's Q and her other spells, together with more control on the orb. Her Q could have two casts. The first sends the orb out, just like now, the second returns it upon reaching max range. This means that the orb can stay out for a fixed - and low - amount of seconds. During this time Ahri gains movement speed and her other spells act differently: **W** will prioritize targets near the orb rather than those near Ahri **E** is now very similar to Viktor's W, slows in an small area around the orb, and charms after a few seconds, ( imagine her orb slowly pulsing pink..!) **R** works as usual, but automatically returns the orb to you when the dash is complete , useful when you dont need your q to reach max range and in line with the main purpose of the spell (running away!). This is probably messed up, but in line with the newer champion releases (which i personally love).
: As a fellow girl gamer, it's not fair that the majority of the female champions are
: Redesign Diana. BUT! With no numbers!
I am pretty late on this, hope you take a read anyway! I will try to make it a quick and simple read. More toughts after spells for those interested. * **Moonsilver Blade** Attacking an enemy affected by Moonlight causes Diana' autoattacks to deal bonus magic damage and reduces Moonfall cooldown by X sec (Y sec on champions) * **Crescent Strike** Same as Live *Wider area near Diana to make melee range Qs feel less dumb (sigh, maybe i am just bad!).* * **Pale Cascade** Same as Live * **Lunar Rush** *First Cast* Diana dashes to target enemy, applying Moonlight and slowing the target by X% (does not scale with ranks). *Second Cast* Diana dashes to a Moonlight affected enemy, dealing Damage equal to X + X% of the target missing health. If second cast of Lunar Rush kills the target the cooldown is reduced by X (fixed amount) * **Moonfall** Another Crescent Sword crashes from the sky at target location, drawing nearby enemies and slowing them by X% for X seconds. Diana can use Lunar Rush to the sword to catch it and apply Moonlight to all enemies in a large area (Counts as Lunar Rush first cast). While Dual Wielding, Diana abilities gain additional effects (lasts X seconds): * **Moonsilver Blade**: Shreds target's magic resist by X, stacks 3 times. * **Crescent Strike**: Fires a second simmetric missle. Enemies hit by both missles take 50% increased damage * **Pale Cascade**: Additionally Gains X (%?) movement and attack speed for the duration of the shield and 3 sec after its explosion. * **Lunar Rush**: Damage is applied in a small area around Diana. --- Passive: I know, no longer cleaves. The reason is simple. Moving the dash on E allows greats pre-6 ganks, i feel like a lower clearing speed is a fair cost to pay. The cdreduction part, together with an higher cd on her ulti, allows for a bit of counterplay and punishes wild roams. Q: It is just fine, except for the hitbox thing. *Being bad feeling intensifies* W: Characteristic and well designed. I fell in love with this spell the moment i saw it. E: Current E is just meh. Pre-6 has little to no use (other than making ranged champions laugh at you). A swap with her dash skill is more appropriate because it improves a large number of midlane matchups. Quite clear what i try to do here: The first cast just serves as engage. The second one is her main source of damage and can be used only on a previously moonlit champion. This is your reward for hitting your Q. I really liked that feeling and wanted to preserve it. Allows for some a la yasuo skillfull plays too, which is fun and entertaining. R: Lore-wise, this emphatize that Diana IS Leona's nemesis. The moon is showing you her gratefulness. Diana dashes , catches the sword and swing it in a circle around her. Badass. On the gameplay side, this is the boost curent Diana is missing during huge teamfights (Expecially if she is behind). *bed time, edit tomorrow*
: Attending Pax Prime? Want to work at Riot?
My English sucks, will you hire me if i make it from Diamond to Challenger? {{champion:17}} Jokes aside, this is a great opportunity, i'm happy for those who can apply. Don't miss it. You can easily tell from your everyday reddit/boards posts that Riot is a great place, with great guys who love their jobs.
: Please nerf the following OP champions
> {{champion:114}} **Fiora** - Her ult shouldn't make her so untargetable. She'll be at 10 hp and use it, and ... Die, because RITO PLS FIX BUGZZ
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Dromeas (NA)
: Blue trinket rework?
{{item:3342}} **UNIQUE Active ** Reveals small location within 2500 / 3500 range for 1 second (120 second cooldown). Enemy champions hit will be revealed for 5 seconds. This does not affect stealth champions. {{item:3363}} **UNIQUE Active ** Reveals an area up to 4000 units away for 1 second (90 second cooldown.) Enemy champions hit will be revealed for 5 seconds. This does not affect stealth champions. **This effect is invisible to enemy champions**. (lol sorry for the giant image, it's 36x36 but still bigger than others for some reason!) **UNIQUE Active ** Reveals an area up to 3000 units away for 1 second (75 second cooldown.) Enemy champions hit will be revealed for 5 seconds. **Reveals stealth champions. ** This would give some value to the 475g spent to upgrade the trinket. Right now you feel like it just does the same job. The other upgrade makes for a more support-ish version of {{item:3364}}
: Galio: One Change that Could Make The Sentinel's Sorrow a Viable Pick
Galio's ult is a lot more devastating than {{champion:32}} This would be a little too strong, i guess. I'd say he should be moved more toward the support role, maybe with his W healing the allied champion (or both, but for less ?) and some tweak to his E, like a better scaling that doesn't punish him for maxing it last and a more responsive spell overall (casting speed i'm looking at you) I'm putting random numbers just to give you the idea. **MOVEMENT SPEED**: ~~20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52%~~ >> 30/34/38/42/48 **MAGIC DAMAGE**: ~~60 / 105/ 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 50% AP)~~ >> 70/110/150/190/230 (+50 AP) Something like Orianna's W, everyone who walks in the area gets a movement speed for x seconds, could be considered aswell. The passive is also fine, since supports often build mres items (locket, abyssal, chalice).


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