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: [PBE]: Why Neeko was disabled
She didn't lose the ability to the upgrade it though, just had to morph into udyr again to do it and could upgrade it to lvl 5 as though it were a standard ability I played a bot game to test it and had a 5 rank (1100 base damage) ultimate by lvl 9 and could easily oneshot the bots because of it
: Disappointed about Evelynn's rework.
yeah i agree she isnt evelynn anymore everything about her kit is just different she doesnt have consistant damage anymore she is now entirely up front burst live evelynn has great engage awfull disengage, rework has awfull engage great disengage live evelynn has to think about when she engages because she can be punished really easily so has to be carefull with her positioning, rework doesnt give a shit about positioning cos hah get out of jail free execute ult live evelynn had low burst so so more of a chase/beat down character often building bruiser/diver, rework evelynn has no chase or beat down potential and with the new ult is nothing but a burst assassin live evelynn has always been and should always be a hybrid character with ap ad and attackspeed scaling on her kit, rework is only ap with no ad or attack speed everything about the rework just doesnt feel like evelynn anymore, its a different character i honestly thing this is the worst rework riot has done to date, she may end up as a viable character, but shes not evelynn anymore just another boring full ap assassin with none of the charms that made evelynn fun to play
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