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: Hey there Voltiguer! 1) I agree with you that the game can be overwhelming to learn at first, so I actually started a discussion on general gameplay, champions, etc. here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/IrVl1IQK-new-players-and-parents-click-over-here-help-is-on-the-way. It's more targeted at newer players/parents, but anyone is welcome to join! We can discuss wave management, rotations, map-play, lane counters, etc., so other people can benefit from the questions. 2) Gold tracking should be a thing; you watch LCS and it shows each player's gold earned over the entire game. I think it would just make it easier for people to understand who is doing well/falling behind. However, knowing the exact amount of gold an enemy jungler has can allow for some rough, early-game calculations for what camps they have cleared. 3) As for the client ping test, I am super on-board with it; It feels unfair to lag your butt off in a game without being able to test it first, because it affects EVERYONE in the game. I usually use the practice tool or ARAM, but I think there can be better systems in place. I think the DRAW option would also be amazing, as it's a way to discourage and minimize the impact of feeders and people who go AFK (whether they chose to or not). It would be tricky to decide how many votes constitutes a draw, but I respect the idea of people having the option to back out of an unfair game.
nice initiation from you i respect that but that is not a small task you try to do if you envelop the parent counseling into your project you may start from: - psychological effect of playing such a bipolar game where a loss brings anger onto their child and a victory brings happines and pride - how it is better to build some personal space when the child goes into a game - and how to tackle daily tasks, league is realy good game if you take 30 -60 min breaks between games to do something but if you binge play for hours it is contraproductive for the house, life and the game
: Best way to learn some of that is either websites with free and paid videos teaching you champion mechanics, combo's, etc. OR to find a streamer or two that really shares their thought process and tactics with their audience. RTO, SRO are two that have traditionally done a good job of this for people wanting to learn top lane or specifically renekton. There's different types of champions that have wildly different playstyles. Even sometimes the same champion can be played in multiple different ways. I wouldn't focus on stuff like freezing, slow pushing, or even splitpushing if you are really just starting to play. Try different champions until you find a few you really like and learn how to play well on them. Figure out what items and runes work for you. Googling that stuff can be a start, but if it doesn't feel right, take the runes or items that work best for you. Not every strategy or build works at every skill level. Once you feel comfortable with a few different champions you can do other things. Like learning wave manipulation, freezing, splitpush, etc. You can learn more about teamfighting, flanks, etc. Also you can examine the champions that you enjoy the most and figure out if they have something in common. Like do you enjoy skillshot champions or more point-n-click champions? Do you enjoy the tanky champs, bruisers, squishy damage dealers? Do you like to get up close and personal with opponents or prefer to keep your distance? Figuring that stuff out will help you pick more champs to try... similar to how someone might get more artists/music recommended to them based on their known preferences. Don't try to learn everything at once. Doing that will leave you burned out and confused or overwhelmed. It's ok to mess up. Just do your best to learn from your mistakes and/or figure out what your mistakes are. When I first played ranked, I fed a lot. And people got to call their roles at that time, so being bad and new meant I got shoved on support role (least desired role by players at that time). But even when people were jerks about it and would today be insta-banned for what they said to me, I did my best to understand what they were mad at me for and tried to learn from it. And by the end of my first season of ranked I would often find myself 1v2 killing the enemy adc and/or support as a sona or leona - not something most players could claim. So even if people are rude about how they talk to you... try to find what went wrong and focus on that rather than tilt. Neither of us might be the next Faker, but we can still improve and learn.
i dont mean to be disrespectful but: yes mechanics... your ability to hammer nails are very hard to attain but i dont think you should be supposed to learn how to swing the hammer and master it so that you discover you cant carry a lot of sand with it and the game feels the same in some situations so it could be better if the champion had some inClient way of telling you what your champion (tool) is supposed to do you still can test out secret and hidden ways of playing ad teemo or tank morgana or ad fizz or ap ezreal but in general there is a meta that most people follow in the end nobody tells you how to build your shovel to help you moove sand
: Some of your suggestions near the top make sense. RIOT could do way more for beginners. But the suggestions at the bottom all boil down to personal responsibility. You can't make someone play on a PC that can actually keep up. You can't make idiots use the bathroom before they sit down. And you can't tell a kid not to start a game in his bedroom, if his mom is probably going to come in and make him quit and go to sleep. You can't stop someone from trying to shovel handfuls of Miniature Snickers into their fat ass while playing and you can't stop someone from being so drunk they can't see the letters on the keyboard, piss themselves, and pass out. There is no way to legislate that crap out of the game without losing too much $.
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: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Hey RIOT would there be any chance to make in future changes some low elo help like: 1.) a way to learn champion counterplay, matchups and champion potential knowleadge available through the client Maybe also some game plans or missions to achieve best possible expected play of a champion or role played (example: push first wave hard then freeze; or try to farm from afar and try to get minions; or abuse early game preshure and try to get gold advantage because your team cant win tf if your team doesnt have 2500 gold lead...) It could be explained what to do after "laning phase" and when does that phase end is it at 14min or 20 min or 25 min or later. if grouping means going from 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid and 2 bot map distribution to 5 mid which champions are better for teamfight and which are better to splitpush in a formation [1 top +3 mid + 1 bot ] or is it better [1 top or bot + 4 mid] which champion make good combo on botlane which champion should be safepicked top/mid if you pick first and on the other hand the counter matchup if you pick after your opponent which teams can benefit from an early preshure jungler [xin zhao] and which shoud take a lategame scaling champion [karthus] i know this change wouldnt affect proplay since all alredy know what to do but it would greatly help low ELO to learn faster without trying to play all the dead ends It seems to me everione on the web knows everything how to counterplay any champion but only through 3rd party software or webpage statistics services or youtube videos 2.) an in game team gold difference score it is realy important to know if our team has the upper hand or not if we should risk an aggressive tf or make the enemy siege as hard as possible i think a few patches ago you could tell the strenght of the enemy team just by looking who is fed and who is not but now with all the bounties going up and down it is hard to know who has how much gold and how big of a threat who is 3.) Game pause option + client ping test we have all seen how in pro play matches are interrupted just so that one player can adjust his keyboard settings or other reason so this option is available but not given to the public but many times there comes a player who must go answer his door or he is holding to go to the bathroom in this unexpectedly 50+ minute games and people simply loose focus and just break to make a crucial mistake that costs the game people go afk to restart computer or reboot internet acces point because they notice alredy in the first minutes they have 800+ ping thus theese people go and waste 5 to 10 min to solve a problem but at that point the game is wasted and unfair for teammates that have no way of carriying nor can they remake maybe a DRAW agreement between teams because someone trolls or is afk ( i think people would gladly agree draw on an unsportsmanlike game to report a player and play a fresh game) --------------------------------- please take a look if anything could be done to implement these user friendly user interface changes tell me your oppinion on theese matters


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