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: Just to proof you wrong, i have played a lot of intermediate AI games recently. Yes, for new players, it could be really hard to win games like that -> play vs easy bots, these are way easier to beat. No, if you are just playing vs AI to get ur first win bonus and you actually understand how bot mechanics work, even 1 vs 5 intermediate AI games are literally no challenge for a player, that has some experience and little play skill. I have added some screenshots as evidence. As you can see in picture 4, the only part of the game, that has little challenge, is the early game, when the bots actually have more teamgold than you as a single player have. After like 10 minutes, assuming decent farming and a few kills, you start outscaling bots by far. As you can see in picture 4, after 9 minutes of farming i totally stomp these bots just by having 2 items which snowballs into a 15k lead at the end of the game at 25 minutes. And since there are 4 bots in the midlane, feeding one of the bots, just come by every 3-4 minutes to get the shutdown to make the breakpoint even earlier then 9 minutes. And as you can see here: Even a 40 kills Intermediate bot will NEVER win the game.
If you happen to chose a less powerful champ and bots having a lot of cc/lane pushing there's no way you can win.
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: Bots in Co-OP Vs. AI
Riot not doing a fck.

waht tha danm

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