: Honestly it would be cool if they re did the skin a little to make her clothing more Ionian. That’d be cool.
I Totally agree, with the story it would be very cool to finally see a Riven skin which was based on either her time after punishment or her time during punishment
Infernape (EUW)
: The skin stems from her development. The original version of Riven was a Demacian exile.
You learn something new every day it seems Cheers for the info
Zaghyr (NA)
: Redeemed Riven is a what-if skin that is based around what she would be like if she fully found redemption, it's design is also a homage to Riven's original Demacian design before she was changed to a Noxian.
Well the more you know. Cheers for the information, I had no clue about her original Demacian design
GreenLore (EUW)
: It is currently not canon. I think it was originally designed as a "what-if"-scenario for what Riven would look like if she joined demacia.
Ahh alrighty Cheers for the info I think if it was to become canon it would cool, but hey maybe we will get a Ionian themed riven skin at some point would be also cool
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: i've the same thing with my real account i got ban perment banned and i really spend more than 100Eu on it but this riot will never unban an account They saying we gave u 3 chances ( 10 Chat Rest,25 Char Rest,2 Weeks ) then perm but still that doesn't mean that u have to ban then for ever
what do you mean by chat rest?
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