: Imagine a rune that would reduce control ward's cost to 50g
Now that would be great. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I think they mean an actual dedicated support that is only ever really been meta as a support and likely only ever will be... {{champion:12}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} and sorta {{champion:26}} If you don't trust your teams to work with you then I suggest: {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:26}} you still need at least one competent team member to deal the damage you cant where it needs to be when it needs to be however these champions can either spoon feed kills when played well or can be so effective at protecting their allies that those allies don't even need to think. Then just get to a skill level where most players will grab the god damned lantern when thresh throws it.
Finally someone with a brain {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: because they are trying to improve que times to make up for their shrinking player base.
I can understand that, but i think every single player would much rather wait 5 min to find a game with fitting players, instead of having to play with unranked ppl, or ppl not fitting to ur skill. I also do not have fun, if i just slaughter the enemys, cause they are unranked, or worse than i am.
: Unranked just means they havent done proms this season. If they were plat or around plat LAST season they would be placed in yours for placements untill their 10 games in.
Yeah but why do they not so well in most (all) cases? If they were around plat they should be easily winning against silver players, not to mention that there are two entire divisions seperating them just rankwise. Wether its a former plat vs silver or silver vs unranked, that should NEVER be a thing. Its Kind of sad that this is in the least cases in my favor, so most of the time my team has worse players (rankwise) and i rlly dislike that. I get the concept of playing vs ppl as good or better than you to get better, but hell i cant play vs ppl two ranks above me All the time....
Rioter Comments
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:143}} play these and oneshot them level 3
: >"But it also means she needs to shield allies JUST as they're about to be hit." That's... kinda the point... Were you around for Ardent meta? Where Janna was broken freelo? It takes a little more skill to use her shield effectively now, yes. The nerf was very much deserved though, as Janna had been way too good for way too long. She still isn't terrible. Also Lux seems like she's in a fine spot right now. The shield never really feels super overbearing.
The nerf took more. Than 2% winrate of every enchanter. Even Karma, she was sitting at a bad 48% already, still got Nerfed. Lulu had 49, janna 51 and nami 53. Now why Was it necessary to nerf all enchanters, instead of just janna and nami, who were to strong. Just because Zed is strong it doesnt mean that every assasine will get nerfed. So why, except out of bias reasons, would you do that to Supports? LUX SEEMS TO BE FINE???? Yes 53% wr Sounds healthy. Wait nami also had 53%? WHEN WILL LUX BE Gutted? Right in the next Patch i admit, otherwise that would mean Riot does like some champs over others.... Wait....
: So zed damage in his lane is fine ?
Nope, but riot lives oneshotting Assasines. And down we. Go with them :)
Verxint (NA)
: You can't just compare their shields in a vacuum and base your claim on that. Lulu's kit has a shit load of useful and reliable tools. Both Lulu and Janna have gamechanging ults. Janna has some of the best cucking power in the game. You can't ever compare just two abilities or it will always look imbalanced.
And that still isnt close to make up for the insane nerfs lulu got since 7.2 and better since s6. Look at zed, or every Assassine. His/their entire kit is gamebreaking and still zed got buffed last patch. He already oneshots without any problems, now its just way easier. Janna has the worst shield of all Supporter atm. Lulu was taken 60% shield duration, q and e scaling, ardent down to 12% an if that wasnt enough already they nerfed the support items because of the toplaner abusers. Lets have a look at janna. She lost her shield entirely, cause u can basically shield one spell now, without even beeing able to at least provide the attack dmg for longer than 3s (decaing) , but if the shield runs of the buff will also. If u now compare that to the current rework or Patch policy riot is following, you can clearly see that they sont want enchanters in this game. Tbh im quiet sure that riot hates enchanters. Why am i of that opinion? EVERY CHAMPION that is getting nerfed will recieve small buffs in return. Look at akali, Look at Ireli, Look at zed (He got nerfed for a reason a few patches ago).However due to riots biasedness and hatred for enchanters they wont and until now havent recieved anything to compensate the insane nerfs all enchanters recieved. Tbh that was the Moment where the dmg meta started, are you happy with that? This game is Massivly Imbalanced and let me tell you enchanters are in their worst Spot since 3-4 years right now. So pls, the man made a good Statement. Lux has insane dmg and a extremly easy shield that is to strong for how easy it is to execute. That was exaclty the argument for nerfing supports. The only funny thing is, lux actually oneshots ppl ontop of her good and easy shield, while lulu and Janna are getting oneshot easily, even if they utilize their kits perfectly. Thers just no counterpossibilty to prevent a 1600 dmg Oneshot. Lulus shield can prevent 300-500(late late game) while janna will also shield around 450.So explain me. Why it is fair that someone can Deal. Over 1k.dmg in less than 0.1 s, while im not allowed to shield properly. Take. 600 of the 1600 burst and ur adc still dies, because the assasine can just Aa ontop. There were times where u as a support had other counterplay than "get not hit" or "buy zhonyas" (<- not. Fitting for. Support, but u get my point). its just not fair to treat some champs different, just because some Rioters like them (lux, yas, zed, urgot, irelia, akali, want me to name more?). Show some love for Enchanters.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZackTheWaffleMan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BXPR4mTQ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-05T20:11:05.101+0000) > > #LC$ > > will become more boring, i guess? I think that's their easoning, at least. 1. Dragon needs to be some mandatory buff abomination because of esports. 2. Have to have the game be XXXX for ages because a patch might disturb pro play. 3. Burst meta because it made for 'the most entertaining LCS ever!' 4. Balance for DA PLAYZ for viewership 5. 'Interactivity' buzzword for more fighting = more exciting to watch, even if it hurts play. 6. Get flamed for calling out imbalances if a pro hasn't discussed it first. 7. Amateur versus professional game is so different, leads to frustrating conversations "well, they might be useless in casual play, but they have to remain that way or else they'll be OP for ~100 people". Esports is the biggest mistake in League history.
How can u be seriously interested in the lcs, the thing that is mainly respnsible for all bad changes riot made in the last two season?
: It didn't help but was the reason it was nerfed Riot figures that if they remove vision it will force a more exciting meta. But it does the opposite as paranoia sets in since there isn't enough vision and the pros play hyper hyper safe
additional they nerfed support items once again, so even i as support do not have any wards early into the game. Except if i exchange all my money for pinkwards. Vision started to go downhill, when they stopped the possibilty to buy wards (additional to the support item, i like them, so dont get this wrong :D). Now Top for example has 1 ward every 90 s....
: Well, since Riot says the ARURF is the best version of the URF modes. All I can say is if you improve urself you will win xDXDXDXDXD
They just dont care, except for money.
: Yasuo torando should take an additional hit to generate
revert =/= nerf. It wouldnt be a nerf to revert maokai to his tank meta status, would it? So it is no nerf to revert yasuo to a previously already critical state.
Mech hi (NA)
: Riot:* announces yasuo nerfs* This guy: REEEEEEE
which nerfs? There wasa revert to a already critical state, but no nerf.
: > [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jEg0vtXc,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-23T22:34:21.644+0000) > > the problem is, its not the nerf he needed. what he need is his shield removed from the game. just like the -5ms was Ok.. are you willing to have his damage massively buffed then?
that wont be necessary, because he already has enough dmg to compensate the loss of his shield. It would just turn him into a skill based champ, of course the yas community does appreciate that. Atm he has to. much dmg the shield and the untouched windwall. Thats to much. U know supports lost nearly 60% shield strengh and got their items gutted ontop, with no buff in return up today. That is what they should have done with yasuo instead. Gut him to make him a high skll=high reward champ, instead of the no brain=reward champion he is.
Infernape (EUW)
: Easiest change would be making Sylas have as many soul fragments as Swain when he casts Hijack on him. If Swain has 1 fragment when Sylas ults him, Sylas has one fragment. If Swain has 3 when he gets Hijacked, Sylas has 3 etc. etc.
or u just give him the base ult, without any fragments because sylas is already way to strong? The concept of stealing ultimates was stolen from dota2 (rubik) , but even in dota 2 it is not close to be as op as it is in lol. Why is sylas allowed to put a new, in many cases better scaling in the ultimates? Sometimes he deals more dmg than the actual owner of the ult. That is juat risiculously stupid. If he already has the broken ability to steal ultimates (point and click btw.... 🤦‍♂️) then he should only be able to use EXACTLY the ult he stole. For swains ult that would mean that he has 0 souls, cause he cant collect souls. If he uses caits it should deal only as much dmg as cait would deal. If he uses brand ult, it should only deal as much dmg as brand does. He should be forced to have their scaling and current stats on his ult. And damn do smth abouth this shield. Supports lost their ability to shield properly, but sylas is allowed to? I feel the bias riot.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZephyrDrake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lLoNj0AX,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-02-23T02:38:06.693+0000) > > yeah because boards also want balance... except that most people here are more than happy to leave champions, if not entire classes, be completely unviable just because they don't like them I do get what your saying. Honestly I do agree that some champions should be left in the gutter, not because of being unliked, but due to the nature of their kits (no one likes yasuo...at all hardly, but god kassadin takes the cake for me in most cases). I could understand if it was the simple general triangle of tanks hating DPS, DPS hating assassins, assassins hating tanks, but it's not just that any more. Literally damage (and mobility) across the board is too high and that's where a lot of the balance problems stem from at present. People REFUSE to comprehend this and riot just keeps making it worse by adding more damage every patch.
Today everyone hates Assasines and bruisers, because they basical had a free season (8). If an assasine. can oneshot a tank, without beeing decently fed (even if he is he should take at least 5 s to kill a tank) the champ class ment to hardcounter assasines. Riots favouritism for some roles is why ppl are raging and wanting entire roles to be guttet. Tbh i can understand that, because i dont think it is fair that Assasines provide nearly no counterplay, except. of expensive items. Even when i poly them perfectly as lulu (assasine hardcounter no1.) i or my adc will get oneshot anyqay, because of the spell is so bugg that already actuvated spells arrive anyways. I had more than 5 games where i polyd rengar perfectly midair, but as he arrived (transformed to a bunny) i got oneshot. Thanks Riot, this is rlly frustrating, like it is to be oneshot. I can feel ur incredible favouritism towards assasines and bruisers in s8. I dont want to be only a snack for an Assasine, because i dont surivive the burst that doesnt provide any counterplay. thats the reason why ppl hate enitere roles, solo because of riots biasedness for certain roles. If they were balanced, or Riot would care for all roles, this problem wouldnt exist. Basically Riot is 100% responsible for how the Community changed.
: @Meddler, why is yorick being completely ignored, hes at 56% win rate
Because Favouritism or biasedness. That is all Riots "Balancing Team" is able to.
: Shen shield blocks Shaco boxes
Why sbouldnt shen block the boxes? They are autoattacking hes blocking Autoattacks. Everything fine there. Shen as champ on the other hand is indeed bullshit since his rework.
: Because this is exactly what would happen. Top laner: Immediately buys support item Now the support can't buy support item. Top laner: Don't worry, I will carry. Support: gg
Why would they? It equals a freelose for them then.
NY64 (NA)
: Why don’t they just make it where only 1 person on each team can buy a support item? (I mean support item as: Relic Shield, Spelltheif, Ancient Coin.)
only the support item abusers downvote... 🤦‍♂️
usul1202 (NA)
: Support items should build up leniency time
Id rather like my 3rd potion, or potoin pink start back, tbh.
: Smurfs
Its not fair at all, but ptherwise riot would habe to admit that they only have 30. 000.000 instead of 100.000.000 players, they wont do that.
: Literally played 3 games of ranked since the season started you can't judge off that lol. Just like you can't brag about your 60% win rate when you've played like 9. In 2 games it could be 40%. Why is everything you say just so fucking stupid?
broski, i have a 70% winrate with 25 rankeds played (mainchamp). but hey go on embarassing urselfe. I said nothing "stupid" until now, only things u as assasine main dont want to hear :) But thats ur problem :) everyone except of assasine mains are of the same opinion :D
: ezreal is free blink yas is a dash that only work on units, its far from a flash way way far from it if you really call ez E *flash* because it cast mana then i will call yas E ******flash******* because of its limit (not to forget that you can hit abilitys easier on yas you know where he is dashing)
We got it. Both are unbalanced and shouldnt be there.
: > Noone, and i mean noone except of assasine mains had a problem with that solution. everyone with more than 3 brain cells knew that this "solution" is stupid. not only assassin mains > A pinkward was cheap and it enabled me to counterplay. Since i have no idea which class you're playing then i'll use example of most broken class in the game, ADCs. Imagine if you could buy a 75 gold item which gives a 900 radius zone where enemy AAs do 0 damage. Would it be cool to negate enemy ADCs with such a cheap item? OF COURSE. Would it be good for the game? Of course not. > Assasines are ridiculously. overpowered, their sealth cant be countered, their dmg got massively amped but their vulnuratbility was deleted enitrely. The other side, all no assasine players, got nothing. Assasine mains had season 8 to have fun. Now its time to stop and gut u back to the high skill = high reward class Assasines stood for one day, instead of the noob beginner class assasines are atm. and if you seriously believe in that then there's nothing to talk about, your bias is too big.
> everyone with more than 3 brain cells knew that this "solution" is stupid. not only assassin mains Funny, but if u have at least one braincell you should realise that this solution is better than an untargetable red sheme. > Since i have no idea which class you're playing then i'll use example of most broken class in the game, ADCs. Imagine if you could buy a 75 gold item which gives a 900 radius zone where enemy AAs do 0 damage. Would it be cool to negate enemy ADCs with such a cheap item? OF COURSE. Would it be good for the game? Of course not. Do pinkwards negate oneshots or burst dmg? I dont think so. So maybe u could make a fitting example? Ontop of that is 75 g much, its 5 lasthits for the possibility to MAYBE outplay the enemy before he oneshots you. Ontop of that it can be destroyed. > and if you seriously believe in that then there's nothing to talk about, your bias is too big. Ehm i dont think so. Look at the Oneshot meta we have. What was the trigger for that? Maybe the introduction of camouflage/invis, duskblade and lethalithy and the nerf of all defensive options? Hmmmm.
: Pinks revealing invisible champions isn't a good solution either. Back in the days most of the invis champions got compensated for the fact that they were visible near pinks. For example, old Shaco had a 220% AD crit on his Q. Now he have 50 flat+40% bonus AD on hit which doesn't scale with crit. That's a huge nerf. Old Shaco could kill you with one auto BECAUSE his Q was useless vs players who knew how to buy pinks. You don't want that back. Back in the days playing anything with invis went like that: Enemies don't buy pinks/oracle? GGWP, you're going to roflstomp them Enemies buy pinks/oracle? Good luck doing anything vs 15 minutes. This was shitty for both assassins players and other players in the game. Current approach to invis is much healthier since MOST of the champions can't burst you in 0.5 sec after leaving invis (Rengar and wukong excluded). If you want to make invis counterable by pinks again then assassins like Talon, Shaco, and Kha will need to be overbuffed
Sorry to tell you this m8. Noone, and i mean noone except of assasine mains had a problem with that solution. A pinkward was cheap and it enabled me to counterplay. I would like it 1000 times more if shaco had his old scaling back, because back then i had at least the option to buy a pink. Now he just comes oneshots ur adc or me and goes bavk invis again. Yes thanks that they changed it from both sides are in a bad spot to Assasines are ridiculously. overpowered, their sealth cant be countered, their dmg got massively amped but their vulnuratbility was deleted enitrely. The other side, all no assasine players, got nothing. Assasine mains had season 8 to have fun. Now its time to stop and gut u back to the high skill = high reward class Assasines stood for one day, instead of the noob beginner class assasines are atm. Everyone can oneshot, especially if u are invisible and there is no way to make u visible, theres not a bit of skill involved.
: its actually painful to read your comments, like I feel my brain cells withering away with each sentence.
Sorry but is this `Erotic Raid Boss' talking? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Why do i even listen to a 33% unranked account xD
: Early boots really help against brand.
: A smurf complaining about smurfs. Huh. If you want your friend to learn the game without facing smurfs, you can't play with them. Simply queing with you, a smurf, is enough to get them dragged into "smurf matchmaking".
You will always be in a "smurf matchmaking" cause riot is not able to stop ppl from abusibg smurf Accounts.
: Invisibility & Stealth are 100% Broken
Make pinkwards like they were bedore the change, so we finally have counterplay vs this stupid mechanic again. Riot just deleted the counterplay measurements against shaco (for example), because i cant target him, even if i wasted 75g for a pink.... thy riot seriously, supports are done with ur biasedness.
: 1) yasuo is 1 of 5 champs I've never played in pvp before. 2) he is being nerfed next patch to compensate the item changes he doesn't get nerfed into the ground because it isn't necessary. you need to focus on getting better at the game rather than just blaming riot for what goes wrong in silver. chill the fuck out and try using your brain
Thats why i have a 65% winrate. Cause im obviously bad. Sorry bro but balance stopped to exist after season 6 and got replaced with this assasine/bruiser favourism that noone except of the affected players does like. Playerbase does dropp for a reason. Sorry but CertainlyT wont allow yas nerfs, or do you want his rank to drop? Lets see with what excuse riot does come up this time {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: 1) yasuo is getting nerfed soon because item changes made him more powerful last patch 2) he is not the highest win rate in 3 lanes, he is the highest in one lane, again because he was buffed by item changes and is getting nerfed soon. 3) he is not loved in pro play, he is almost never played in pro play. he is loved by a lot of players but he hasn't gotten special treatment because of it, other than lots of skins which is what happens with every popular champion. how do you people just spout lies with no shame like this? is it that you're emboldened by our president or what
> [{quoted}](name=EROTIC RAID BOSS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9HhWmgB8,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2019-02-16T23:37:40.720+0000) > > 1) yasuo is getting nerfed soon because item changes made him more powerful last patch Nope CertainlyT wont allow that, because of his baby has to be ridiculous overpowered, so he doesnt drop ranks. > 3) he is not loved in pro play, he is almost never played in pro play. he is loved by a lot of players but he hasn't gotten special treatment because of it, other than lots of skins which is what happens with every popular champion. hes loved by eiot and their designers, especially by CertainlyT. Every other champ would have been nerfed to the grpund, but because of yasuo is so popular they wont nerf him, because they would lose skin sales. Compared to. the daily playerloss, because of the inabilty of riots balancing team i dont think that its worth to keep him op. Pll hate him for a reason. Make him fair to play against and everything is fine. Vut u cant treat aome classes/champs. speical, while u obviously treat others bad (Support especially). That rlly gives us the feeling that u dont want certain champs to be played overall, and u want certain roles do be super bad. If u go on like this u wont have half of yoir playerbase by next year. And tbh stop publishing fake statistics. LoL doesnt have 100 million active players. U have 30. 70 million are smurfs (not calculated, because several acxounts are owned by one player), or inactive accounts. Never trust a statistic u did not fake on your own. > how do you people just spout lies with no shame like this? is it that you're emboldened by our president or what What lies? I think you are just not able. to accept. that ur champ is ridiculously overpowered and does need nerfs immediatly.
: Yasou isnt even an issue compared to the marksmen class but He is an issue compared to everyone else. He is indeed Numerically overtunned He also has no cooldown windows to exploit as a melee opponent. On top of having a redicilously smooth kit that cuts down on time he would be vulnerable if his animations were longer and things like having a windwall shield and a flow shield or his ult is a long suppression as long as warwicks on a 30second late game cooldown that also resets his flow shield and has a redicilous amount of penetration that lasts half the time of his ults late game cooldown. all of that on a champion with 2 item perma crit.
The difference is a marksman will be oneshot. Yasuo however wont even be borthered by my dmg (as support), nor will he be borthered by my cc, except if we gank him has 4 or 5. A champs that requires several enemy champs justvto keep him under control is not balanced. "gank him often early"/camping him is no "counterplay" , nor is zhonyas or "dont feed him". Hes the champ on whom riot lets out all their biasedness and hate towards botalne players.
Anl0rian (NA)
: He can still be CC'd tho, right?
And his dmg will still arrive, eventhough he got stunned by a Alistar (for example).Orr if u polymprph him, he just goes on ulting and when hes done, poly ran off, ao hell oneshot me as next target. Thy for the not existing counterplay.
Baa Woof (EUW)
: So why exactly can the enemy team see how many Mastery Points I have in the loading screen?
And where is the problem? You can do the exactly same. Tbh as support main im rll happy about the chabge, because i finally can estimate the skill difference between my and the enemys adc and jungler. Its a good change.
: There was little to no couterplay available in the ardent meta. Champions like Leona and Blitzcrank should've been pretty powerful in the ardent meta, as they should be able to prey on the numerous squishy targets available to them and a lot of the time they did. However as soon as the enemy completed their ardent censor, the match up did a 180° flip. You were now weaker than the enemy, regardless of which champion you played. Of course no adc is going to burst you down as quickly as a Rengar, I don't even understand why this comparison is here. Games were won entirely through bot lane. If you got fed top lane, it was almost always meaningless if the enemy adc was slightly further ahead. Trying to kill a champion who was killing squishy targets in 4 hits and bruisers in around 9, from 600 range getting a 400 hp shield ever 5 seconds was an excruciatingly difficult task even for champions whose sole purpose is to one shot them. Now please explain to me how this meta is fair to top and mid players and supports that aren't enchanters. We're currently not in an assassin meta. Riot realises assassins are an inherently flawed class and so when any particular one becomes strong they are usully nerfed pretty quickly.
I made this comparison, because u stated adc were dealing to much dmg for providing to little/none counterplay. That is the perfect description of any assasine right now. And bro we are in a Assasine/Bruiser meta right now. Idk what u are talking about. Sure u cant kill the adc when the auppprt utilizes his kit perfectly, thats all hes there for. Sorry that u couldnt oneshot (no skill needed to do that) everybody by pressing one Button. If u focused the support (dead in less than a second) the adc was dead too. Especially as assasine. As tank support (Alistar braum) you still had a decent lane against enchanter. They deal only little dmg and are super squishi especially during the earlygame, where u could easily punish them. Pls explain me how the actual meta is fair for anyone except for assasines and brusiers? And pls. explain me why it is fair to gut Enchanter itemisation, every enchanters kit, his support item and taking one starting potion ontop. This was 2 seasons ago and until now, unlike every other class, we had no compensation buff at all. No basestats where made better, no scaling or spell duration was customized. All we got was 2% shield/heal power, whats kind if the same way to say Fuck you to the community, like riot did with the - 5ms nerf on irelia. What u need to understand is, that it isnt healthy if a champ. oneshots others without providing counterplay. Adcs do provide counterplay and they also did during ardent meta. Not saying they werent strong. but u know, if "buy zhonyas" or "use flash" is my only "counterplay" to an assasine, idk why there was a problem with "killing the support first" or "kill him a few times early, when hes weak" (still they call that counterplay to yas, or draven) as counterplay measurement.
: This. The secret of supporting is recognizing the MVP of your team and supporting him, not your ADC during teamfights.
But ull have to deal with your adc flaming you for not beeing his personal heal slave :P Thanks for the mute option.
: Sit down child, it's time for a talk. I've been supporting for around 6 years or so, and you see a lot in this role you really do. What's important though, is to make sure you're focusing on what you *can* do, how you can improve, and where your time is best placed. ADCs are a varied bunch, some are really dumb, and some are absolute monsters, and you can't expect to get the latter every time you queue up. That said, some ADCs are dumb because they're overconfident, and some need guidance. Good communication with your carry can make the difference between a hellish lane phase, and something resembling actual teamwork. When you can, try and get on the same level as to where you and your carry want to be. If you don't feel confident in trading, let them know, If you think they're being too aggressive gently warn them that you either can't or won't match that aggression. Being honest, but sympathetic tends to be how I keep a lot of my carries out of trouble, and honestly I've found that I rarely get flamed. By and large I do feel that the vast majority of Marksmen I've played with over the years have been great people, with only the occasional bad apple. Second, establish rapport. I can't stress this enough, supports often complain about not getting enough credit for doing good things, well sometimes you have to give to receive, and in this case, it can really help your carry if you compliment them on things they do right. Not only do a lot of people reciprocate the compliment, especially if the two of you are doing well, but I find it makes them trust you a bit more, because they know you're not just on their asses because you hate them. A little bit of trust can go a long way, and help lend that critical bit of validity to criticism you do give, and can help both of you be in a position to adjust to the other's needs. You don't have to kiss ass, just a simple acknowledgment of things they do right, generally kills, CS, etc. Third, some Marksmen are just completely too far gone. Either they're tilted to the moon, or they're just not very good people to partner with. If a Marksman decides that they're going to spew nothing but ridicule, then make use of the mute button. An ally who is more likely to tilt you, is likely more detrimental to your play than any potential insights they might give later down the line. If they're assholes, but are doing well, continue to support them so long as its beneficial to the team. If they're tilting and they're really bad, come mid-game once you aren't bound by lanes, seek out the most impactful member of your team and attempt to help snowball their lead instead. Supporting the Marksmen is part of our job, but our overarching role has always been to "Keep the damage rolling". If the marksmen isn't the source of damage that needs protecting, you don't always need to go out of your way to save them, especially if you fed mid who is cooperating with you might be better served by your protection and CC. Just because you start with the carry doesn't always mean you have to stay with the carry, especially if they aren't....y'know...carrying? Final tid-bit. Always remember that you aren't going to win every game. Ideally you win more than you lose, but remember that part of the whole experience is learning how to improve. If you're losing, that generally means there are things you can improve on. Just because we aren't the main damage dealers doesn't mean we have no agency as to how our games go. Sometimes it's about roaming and finding good places to help snowball more competent players. Sometimes it's about being able to talk a team of misfits into getting their acts together. We're a powerful asset to any team we're on, so we have as much say as anyone whether we win or lose. Focus on what you might be able to improve, and gradually as you get better, you'll find yourself being able to handle situations which seemed completely unwinnable to the you of the past. {{champion:432}} ~~Also Pick up Bard because he's great, no I'm not biased~~ {{champion:432}}
You hit the nail on the head, but still we also deserve a little of Riots love. Since 7.23 we are reciving (passive) constant nerfs, because mid and toplaner are abusing our items and position. And instead of Riot nerfing the critical stuff (looking at you brand) they nerf support items, logically nerfing ALL supports so that the critical ones became even stronger compared to traditional ones. I slowly start to understand the ppl who ask how loong it does take until support in its entirety will be deleted.
: From one support to another; how do y'all keep your cool?
If ur adc sucks and is blamimg you for it, just mute him and leave him after you reached level 6. Many Adcs especially in low elo arent able to use up their brain energy for two, or more things at once (Farming and helping me to poke/healing if its necessary). Just let them farm until they get useful during the lategame and try to carry ur midlaner until then. Or if u have a fitting jungler you can help to counterjungle/ setup kills. The downside of this is that you will get behind level wise. But in my Opinion that is negligible, because youll get oneshot by everyone anyway. Support is sadly the most tilting role, especially after Riot decided to gut support several times (ardent, - 1 potion, worse support items) without peoviding anything in return, like it would have been done with every other class. But still we all try to keep it cool. Ps: i think duoq is no. good solution, because im personally playing worse in duoq. concentration is a important factor.
: No it straight up is the general consensus people had when Ardent and Enchanters were overpowered. Assassins and Bruisers were absolutely useless and any non - ardent support was basically trolling. Games were even more snowbally than before, as whichever team got their bot lane ahead simply won the game, with almost no way for the enemy team to come back. Tanks would get shredded, assassins and fighters would have their kits shut down with the peel provided by most enchanters and mages would generally have their damage shrugged off by an onslaught of shields and heals. Saying you personally enjoy enchanters is one thing, but claiming most players preferred the ardent/enchanter meta over anything we have now is factually un-true.
But still the ardent meta was providing counterplay. You could al1ays. kill the support or the adc because they were squishy as hell. And unlike assasines, they did never oneshot you. Maybe u get killed by 3 aas, but thats not 2k dmg in 0.1 s like rengar is doing for example. No matter what you say Ardent meta provided more counterplay and an healthier Environment, than this current assasine biasedness. I as support had the feeling of beej g able to influence the game, even if my adc wasnt the best. Now im just feed for assasines, especially cause lulus polymorhp is still buggy after 3 years. Now ot doesnt matter how good i utilize my kit, it only dealing more dmg matters....Thy for that btw riot.
Kalikain (NA)
: No, thats an unpopular opinion. Slower laning phases without having to worry about snowballing comps + assassin 1 shots? You can't just say its a popular opinion and believe it so.
I think that we, my. friend, are playing different games. I see thresh as to strong too, but damn do we have more important problems right now. Brand support for example, or every Assasine.
: What? I didn't say I advocated Brand support? I am a Bard main, don't see him mid very often. I just used Brand as an example of a champion who may be found in the support role with enough damage to be a kill threat to the enemy adc and support, even if he is alone whilst his adc is dead/base. (Your English is fine btw)
Yup mb there bro. Im sorry. But Bard and Brand can be mistaken when read fast. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: This is simply a massive misunderstanding. At least 95% of the time you were proc'ing spellthiefs was when you were within this range of an ally anyway and despite what people might be saying on the boards, there is little reason to try and proc it alone. "What if my adc dies and I want to defend the tower?" - If the you're trying to defend a tower alone for whatever reason, you're better off trying to clear out the minions with your autos and abilities instead of trying poke the enemies into leaving. Unless you are playing an exceptionally high damage support along the lines of Zyra/Brand, you likely won't have the necessary damage to threaten them off the tower and are likely putting yourself at more risk by getting so close to them. "What if my adc backs, but I don't want to?" - Again, there is little point in you trying to poke the enemy as most supports that build spellthiefs are exceptionally squishy and prone to getting annihilated if they try and stay 1v2. Generally your time is better spent elsewhere, getting vision or helping your mid laner/jungler out. Not to mention each proc gives out more gold anyway, only 1 with spellthiefs, but when you upgrade to frostfang you get +2 more gold per proc than you did before, which adds up pretty quickly on those who can proc it the best. I am a Bard OTP and have played a lot of games since the hotfix changes and can honestly say I haven't noticed a change in my gold income whatsoever and in certain cases it has gone up quite significantly instead.
You are not playing a support champ, you are playing a a midlaner abusing the support position and income system. Brand is a midlaner, he will never be a support until he will get fitting abilitys. Dmg is no support, nor is a stun that needs two spells. You are abusing the biasedness of riot towards certain champs including brand yas or irelia, just to mention a few. Ppl. like you are part of the problem botlane has. No offense, but midlaner as support should never be meta. Especially because riot gutted all conventional supports (tanks and enchanter) without providing anything in return, like it would have been done with every other champ/class. Support ontop were forced to lose one starting potion and were taken the possibilty to start pot pink. look at every single patch after 7.23. You will find nothing in favor of conventional supports. But hella loads of dmg amplifying buffs for assasines, bruisers and ap mages. Riot made conventional supports lose their position in this game and they replaced it with even more boring dmg and oneshots. Besides thresh gheres noone left. Sorry for the quality of my English. :/
Paroe (NA)
: The support item changes arent to combat a "toxic or cancerous cheese strat top". Theyre to combat the increased amount of vision that the strategy enabled. Just another step in their moronic war on vision.
delete stealth that cant be countered by pinkwards and all is fine again.
: If you're in reference to how they removed the 0cs top lane strategy then please stop. It was not fun nor interactive. Ryze is an extremely difficult champion with a very high skill floor and a high skill cieling, so it 100% makes sense for him to get nerfed even with an overall low win rate, if the best players are still performing very well with him.
No reason to nerf support aswell though. Especially after already nerfing support items because of Riot wanted to break botlane meta. Thanks again for 150 less health and a weaker Support item ontop. How much time is left until conventional supports are getring removed?
: Why the support item hot fix isn't bad
They already nerfed support enough by taking one potion, solo because of midlane mages op status. This is just an equivalent to a big "f**k all of you" towards all support players.
: I feel like 9.2 was one of the most balanced and healthy patch we've had for a long time
Id rather have a meta build around adcs than a meta build around assasines. Want to know why? Theres counterplay vs adcs, but there is still no counterplay against oneshots.
: Riot does. Appearently pro play is more important than the game because of ticket sales and even people at home who dont watch proplay still pay for the pro play skins League's playerbase doesnt know how to protest with their wallets so riot has no need to do anything for the game they just have to jack up the pro play viewer count which will then jack up ticket sales which allows them to jack up ticket prices for the next event. the community dont help people who try to organize a boycott of pro play or the game itself.
Why would i waste money for a Ticket? Whats wrong with ppl? Does everone earn 6k plus a month, or?
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