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Chermorg (NA)
: -whoops somehow the replies got messed up- No - it should not, because there are many legitimate reasons to ban a champion even if your teammate hovered them. However, we're getting kinda off topic having that discussion in this thread.
Picking alistar jungle is also a legitimate thing if youre lets say an autofilled alistar onetrick. And someone banning your champ, even when youre first pick and theres no risk with letting it through is straight up trolling, and should get the same kinda treatment.
Chermorg (NA)
: This is 100% true. I don't give a rat's ass if you're the bottom of bronze or the top of challenger, intentionally attempting to force people to dodge is **wrong** and it most certainly is against the Summoner's Code and will get them banned. It looks to me like Riot banned him for **multiple** instances in which he was toxic and trolling his team in champ select. ##He doesn't get any special treatment for being Challenger nor for being a streamer.
If im hovering twitch, and a person on my team bans Twitch after ive shown that i wanna play it, shouldnt that be banable too then, since its actually just trolling and trying to force you into dodging? :thinking:
: @Riot: Weren't you introducing some early surrender tech (not /remake)?
If you go into a ranked game with the intention of not trying to win it, i dont want you in it.
Leeber (EUW)
: Yep, it is, because league is a team game.
And thats why im not challenger, afks and trolls are too big part of being able to win
: Ekko is totally single. Which is odd, given he can use his time powers to hit on someone multiple times. His face paint is an expression of his personality - it's his personal symbol.
Hahahahaha loving it :D ''Ekko is totally single. Which is odd, given he can use his time powers to hit on someone multiple times.''
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: Rekkles needs to be near the top, srsly, best ADC LCS period.
Rekkles and Froggen, top 2 without a doubt


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