Emo Twink (OCE)
: Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?
Yasuo already got a lot of removals. The original iteration featured a much stronger shield, as well as 25% flow generation per E, and a +20% passive general flow generation on the W. Also windwall is balanced, get over it. If you fire your entire kit into it, it's your own damn fault, same as if you ulted someone with banshees or morgana shield. It is baitable, it has a long cd, and it has both a minimum and a short maximum range requiring Yasuo to be close to the action in order to block stuff. There is also tons of stuff it doesn't block; against someone like Darius or most other melee adcs, Yasuo only has 3 skills. I don't object to removing the turret safety though, that's been a stupid no-brain change from the get-go.
: The problem is that Rito probably don't keep track of all the details of loot box openings, shard disenchantment, shard rerolls, and other events necessary to revert everything reliably, so the only thing Rito can do without potentially removing other legally-acquired contents from the abusers' accounts and getting into legal trouble is...nothing.
Would they really get into legal trouble, though? Doesn't the AGB state that they only rent content to you, and that they can remove or fuck with your account willy nilly?
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
LMAO @ people overreacting on this thread, and their absolutely crazy jealousy. Some people got free stuff. Big whoop. What's so bad about it? "But but but but but I PAID! I PAID WITH BLOOD AND TEARS AND MY FIRSTBORN CHILD" you guys blabber.... and completely ignore the possibility that the people who got free stuff *also* probably purchased RP the legit way too. It's not like it's impossibe for the people who used this bug to have "contributed" to Riots wallet just as much as you did, or possibly even more. It's not like you are an inherently more valuable customer than them. The only difference is that you didn't have the luck to use this bug. And I am not at all convinced that many of you wouldn't have used it, if they got the chance. I admit I would have in a flash, no regrets. Now lets ask yourself the question: What *is* so bad about people getting free stuff? Is it bad for Riot? Well, yes, but not terribly so, from what it appears: they make lots of money, and the reported number was small. It's not like league is going to shut down from this. If that were a real risk, we'd probably see something different happening. Besides, companies are big boys; you as a customer shouldn't give a fuck anyway about their fiscal health. That's their job, not yours, and they often do it at your expense. Is it bad for you? Not in any direct way. You don't get hurt. You don't lose your already existing skins or RP. You don't get demoted a division, or injured, or thrown into jail. A world were a couple of people that you likely don't know and will never now got a couple of free skins barely differs from a world where that didn't happen. The only thing it affects is the likelyhood of you being able to do the same, since Riot will likely take measures to prevent this from happening again. But other than that, it doesn't affect you. And that brings us to my main point. You guys aren't mad about your so-called "contributions" not being acknowledged. You guys don't care about the morality aspect - I've read none of you getting fired up about the artists and coders, who'd legitimately have a reason to complain that their work was stolen (although, again, given what Riot makes, it's a drop in the bucket, and I sincerely doubt that their salaries would get slashed, so they don't actually suffer from this) - you don't care about the legal aspect. All you care is that YOU didn't get free stuff. That someone else did. That someone else gets to enjoy something you guys don't. It's even more silly if you consider that errors are a fundamental part of human nature. No one is perfect. There is no person who never made mistakes in their life. On every job, mistakes invariably happen. Even surgeons sometimes fuck up. But the difference is, that in some jobs people die if you screw up. In some jobs, mistakes literally can't be afforded. This isn't really the case here; no one truly loses anything, aside from the poor chap maybe who made the mistake. This isn't a life or death matter. And it's certainly not consequential to you. Criticism is warranted, but the overdramatic way in which some of you guys post is simply unreal. You guys act OUTRAGED about trivial bull**it like this, even though there a dozens of worse and important things going on in the world! And that goes doubly so in light of the explanation Riot has given; that it is difficult for them to do so without screwing other things up. I believe them. I have never seen a company who was happy about losing money, and somehow I don't imagine Tryndamere in his seat saying "Yeah! Fuck the system! Fuck our playerbase! Let them keep it! BWAHAHAHA" _*thunder strikes in the background*_. I also don't see what they could get out of this; if they wanted someone to give free stuff, they'd just do it quickly and quietly. As for compensation... I would like to have that too. I like free stuff. But really, it doesn't make much sense in this context. Neither from a pragmatic or a moral standpoint. Or tell me: How many stores do you know off, that give every customer a free coupon every time someone filched something off of them? Should a jeweler who's been robbed silly really compensate all of his customers by giving them goods worth the stolen amount? Tell me just how exactly that makes a lick of sense. The whole " but I PAID!" spiel is just more fake outrage.
: Yeah but every single rune in the sorc tree is designed for mages to use, there is really no need to cater to bruisers/fighteres here. If they can use it as they are now.. then i am fine with it.. but if they cant, they have to go somewhere else. Just like no mages or adcs can use keystones in the resolve tree and no one other than adcs/fighters can use precision tree keystones.
What about Camille or ADCs who run comet? Are those suddenly mages now? And "go somewhere else"? Where? There currently isn't a single good keystone for bruisers. Most bruisers before the runechange liked to run Fervor; there is no such equivalent in the runes.
Xilixer (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=G3fUvBOG,comment-id=000c00010000,timestamp=2017-11-30T03:02:34.666+0000) > > Answered down below, copy pasta provided for your convenience: > > No, but we will probably extend the hiding option in the inventory to champion select in the future. No ETA on that btw, we're working on a lot of bugs (like the ones listed) first. > > We are not letting you delete them because they're part of our technical fallback to make sure you never get into a game without any runes, especially since runes now have the power of BOTH old runes and masteries. Someday, we hope to expand this "emergency" functionality to help with cases where you partially finished a page (the hope is that we can fill in that last blank slot with a rune from the premade page instead of switching the whole damn thing). that's the players fault not the systems. if they wanna try and mess around with their runes/masteries during champ select that's on them. if worst comes to worst they can fall back on another rune page that they made.
Except it _is_ the systems fault, since - correct me if I'm wrong - a fresh player only gets 2 pages without buying any others, and pages are still expensive as fuck. There are 20 different combinations of main & secondary page alone -- and that's not getting into which masteries you actually pick, which changes depending on the champion and the meta. Granted, not all of these combinations are probably practical - but a fairly new player can't even customize for every role without either falling back on (non-customizable) presets or buying additional pages. WIth the que sometimes forcing you to play in a position you didn't actually pick, it's actually unavoidable to change your pages on the fly ocasionally.
: Instead of showing off cocky behavior, why not show some sportmenship?
I like being the villain sometimes, so I'll act intentionally cocky - either I win and have my fun, or the enemies win and it feels super satisfying for them.
Poske (EUNE)
: Dominion quests never said capture the BOTTOM
So what? You'd still see it marked on the minimap. Not an issue.
: Dominion was my favourite gamemode and while I was salty and upset when they removed it, I absolutely understand why they did. The gamemode wasn't really well designed, since if you fell far enough behind, the enemy team could just spawn camp you and you'd have little to no counter play. In those instances you didn't even have any base turrets to fall back on for defence. Balance was an issue, and later bots also became an issue, and because it started with a small player base it wasn't profitable to make balance changes to the map, which meant things got worse and the player base dropped further and further until it was no longer worth the effort for Riot. The gamemode also in part limited Riot's creativity, since things like Azir Passive,Morde's Dragon Ghost, or Yorick's Ult wouldn't make sense at all on Dominion, where there is no Dragon or destroyed towers. Riot had to either intentionally release things that were broken on Dominion (which admittedly they did a fair bit) or they had to hold back from using those features entirely. I spent the first 9 months the gamemode was out playing only dominion, and encouraging all my friends to play too, but while the matches were exciting and fast paced, most people just didn't take it seriously, with a lot of my friends at least saying it lacked any real strategy. I'm sad to no longer be able to play Dominion, but I'd rather the gamemode be retired than have it be an unplayable mess.
TBH, I think your post is quite off the mark, no offense intended. * Frankly, if enemies spawncamped you, you got outplayed bigtime. The increased moneyflow meant that everyone got items faster, which in turn meant that snowballing was less of an issue. In order to noticeably feed the enemies, you'd need to go something like 0/15 or some shit; one or two deaths meant little in comparison to SR. That would be no different from games where 2 lanes feed their asses off and you surrender at 20. Also, lets not pretend that turrets do jackshit if you fall behind. * It didn't limit Riots creativity at all, since they didn't give a fuck to begin with. Azir, Tresh, and Bard were released when Dom was still around; they straight up disabled that part of Azirs passive on Dom, and eventually adjusted the other two a good while after. Reworked Yoricks Ults would actually be decent on dom I think for pushing turrets. Also, Riot doesn't give much of a shit about TT either, so something being broken on alternative maps doesn't seem to be high on their issues list. * Bots are an issue in both TT and Coop-games as well AFAIK; I don't see why that would be a reason to remove dom specifically. In any case, once you played a few dom games, you were out of the botzone - bots understandably didn't make it very high in the matchmaking. * Despite you claiming that balance changes were "unprofitable", they did actually happen. A small team of rioters - mostly represented by RiotNome and ManWolfAxeBoss - pushed out a few changes every now and then, and started adjusting champions a while prior to dominions removal. So I find it a queer thing to claim; surely they would not have bothered - especially in a time when the dom community was declining - to do them if they were such a strain on their resources? * Anyone who said dom lacked strategy wasn't serious about giving it a try to begin with. Dom even had it's own meta, and there was a number of different comps you could do, and things you had to pay attention to. * It was far from an unplayable mess. It wasn't perfectly finetuned, sure, but it's not like SR is much better with it being in constant flux. Remember the league of cleaver? Or sated devourer? Release Vayne? Release Zyra? S2 Supports? S3 Slapfire toplane? Release Cinderhulk? Yasuo after his first buff? Guardian angel rush? The fact that Yoricks ult used to break with nearly every patch? Or Azir, who was bugged for weeks after release? SR's meta has been junk several times, and we still get issues that need to be hotfixed every now and then.
Poske (EUNE)
: the 5 capture points had names Dominion had random quests Caputre a windmill,minefield HOW THE FK AM I SUPPOSED TOKNOW which one is which ...
Nonsense. People always called them top, mid, and bottom. No one ever cared about the Riot names.
ltmetal (NA)
: Personal opinion: Anytime someone in our community alienates or disrespects someone on the basis of their birth should never be tolerated. Discrimination and alienation based on gender should be a bannable offense and every responsible member of the community who witnesses it should come to the victim's aid and help them to feel like they are a valued part of our community.
Question: What makes insults based on gender so much worse than regular insults? Is it really worse when a girl is called a dirty whore rather than a retarded %%%got? If yes, why? And how do you discern between those who insult because they don't like your gender, and those who just want to shit on you ? Also, insulting people is a bannable offense already.
: If you want to talk about malicious degradation, then you're opening a whole can of speculative worms. There have been no real studies which can confirm that women receive more rude, derogatory, or otherwise i'll willed communication from players in online games. Now, the only study which i'm aware of is incredibly flawed, not only post hoc cutting data for arbitrary or no reasons, but also just in the manner which the data was compiled. But, i'm going to assume that you do receive more than average malicious comments. It makes sense if you keep playing with new people. In game, your sex is impossible to determine, unless you tell someone or use a distinctive name which can be assumed to be a female. The obvious solution to telling someone would be to not bring it up, and if someone probes, divert/ignore. Now, if you are seeing problems in say team speak ( or discord now idk, i've been around since the ventrillo days ) then the solution is to simply outlast them. It sounds tedious and it is, because some bullies are persistent. Return no positive or negative approval of the things that both you, neutral if it's absolutely mandatory that you respond for some reason. There is some evolutionary rational behind such actions. Men are on average both physical and mentally more steadfast, resulting in high strain activities. In that when someone is spending time doing the things with a group, they get aggressive towards the new person. This occurs for both men and women, except due to the development of the sexes through selection and survival of the fittest combine with necessary division of labor (gender roles) by ancient man, the men on average will be more capable of enduring activities. As such, women who are less likely have a more rigorous initiation process into a group. That's not to say this a one sided sword. Similar occurs to men in different roles which require different innate attributes, developed through evolution. Child rearing is a good example of this. It's common to assumed that men in child care fields are pedos. Simply because they require a more tedious process of analysis to be accepted. Now as far as league is concerned when it comes to male vs female aptitude, a few key factors do make sense. Tracking motion on the mini-map, and relatively high speeds of player movement and projectiles (and health bar depletion now lul). [ http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/09/120907-men-women-see-differently-science-health-vision-sex/ ] Men tend to be faster to react to a new situation, as a result of women being more prone to plan out a series of actions before acting, which given the increasingly high flow of the game, you have less time to compile data of circumstances prior to needing to act (something which i actually dislike about the design direction of the game). [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EknWzynlZAY ] ___ TL;DR some bullies serve a purpose in society, and they exist for both sexes and are more common to express their malicious behavior towards unknown people who are in an activity which they are statistically unlikely to excel in. For a series of reasons, both as a result of the game's evolution and the fundamental design of the game, league of legends, and most action oriented games, is a game better suited to the average male than the average female. The biggest problem you're going to have is meeting new bullies which feel the need to again push you, ignorant of your capabilities. Power through it, find a group of people who you can stand or don't behave in that way, and play with them. If it's a pug, then just avoid revealing personal information to them. lol inc down votes because i'm claiming bullies and harassment aren't inherently bad to a society of a sexually dimorphic species.
Nah, I downvote people on principle whenever they say "inb4 downvotes." If you want to post slightly controversial stuff, don't be insecure about it.
: A reasonable meme
: I do believe that was only Dominion. Can't be certain, because I joined in s5, but I'm pretty sure, at least...
As others have sad, Fortify was on SR. Eventually removed because teams with 5 of those could stall pretty hard. What was on Dominion was Garrison; it interrupted capture attempts, buffed the towers regeneration, and raised it's attackspeed. Was incredibly handy to have, especially as tank alá Leona or Nautilus. You could do clutch-denies of points, and then proceed to tank 2-3 people with it on the tower under the right circumstances. It could also greatly weaken enemy points, so it had some application for pushes/dives as well.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Walking is a broken mechanic Riot needs to get rid of. So, every champion can slither like Cass and not buy boots or have fins, like Nami. They are perfect examples of champions utilizing the "walking" mechanic properly, without going too deep into OP territory.
AhmCha (NA)
: League isn't dying
Technically, it is. We all are.
: Because Riot hates AP and gives them terrible items.
Like Morellos and Zhonyas? Or Voidstaff? Lol.
: honestly I don't think any champion in this game doesn't do damage. How would they be functional if they cant even kill a minion or anything? you need damage to do that.
: Why do they have to? Because of the Recruit a Friend thing? They removed Wriggle's, though.
Was Wriggles really from the referal program, though? It might be just another Touhou reference, like ghostblade
: "All Xin Zhao changes have been reverted to his July 13, 2010 state".
: What does everyone think about new galio
It's a bit laughable to call this a rework; it's effectively a new champion.
: they've explained this before. if they were to do that, it would be like opening pandora's box. where would it end? you cant have 75 items in the game locked for only specific classes to use. builds would become so linear that there would be very little choice in what to build. there would just be a couple static builds for every class. not fun
That's a slipery slope fallacy though. Nevermind the fact they already started it with Runaans & the hydras - so according to your logic, the box is already open - there's no reason why Riot should suddenly go apeshit and lock down every item path. I mean, obviously Riot intended for carries to never build Hydra under any circumstances - so they simply prevented them from doing so. Seemed to work fine, if you ask me, and I don't see why it shouldn't for anything else. If an item for a certain class is used by another class that's not supposed to build it, restricting them is much more reasonable than nerfing the item, which also hurts the champions it was intended for. Granted, the distinction between classes isn't always the clearest, but Range/melee is an easy one.
: They just need to accept that his rework was a fail in about every way. It didn't solve any of the issues he had while failing hard on the thematic side with that usless glowstick chaseing a ninja... ANd atleast for me, he even got a lot less fun to play in the process. There is just nothing good that came form that rework in the end,** they kept his ult mostly unchanged and thus forced him to have a poor basekit** again, he's still rather uninteractive in lane when good, he still has not much more to offer in a teamfight than one taunt and a loing waiting for cd+energie, and he even delivers alot less on the ninja theme while also offering less options for off-builts due to the lack of offensive scaleings.
> [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oVTYesIv,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2017-03-11T16:02:18.960+0000) > > They just need to accept that his rework was a fail in about every way. It didn't solve any of the issues he had while failing hard on the thematic side with that usless glowstick chaseing a ninja... To be fair, part of Shen's appeal is the paradox that he's a tanky ninja, and I remember quite a few people mentioning that when they anounced the rework. Also the one thing the rework accomplished was getting rid of his infinite poke+sustain. It didn't do much else, but that it did.
: I actually kind of liked Vel'Koz's rework and Vlad's had promise but I hated pretty much everything else about the MYMU
What did they even change about Vel? I always liked Vel, but it's ages since I've played him.
Ralanr (NA)
: People have sued for more petty reasons probably.
There's not much you can sue Riot for, though; the EULA clearly states that Riot can ban you at any time for any reason and that you own absolutely nothing.
: Gather around, children, and listen.
Anyone remembers laning against Morgana back in season 1-2? No? Neither do I, because she was permabanned. There used to be so much QQing about Garen that it even got mentioned in the JoJ. People cried so much that Garen became a certified badass in-lore. And can you _imagine_ that people claimed Zed to be UP on release? Good ol' times.
: Why do people find death depressing?
Because life is awesome, and I can't get enough of it. I don't want to lose people important to me, I don't want to be lost to them, amd I don't want to lose the ability to enjoy - or experience - things. Doing or making awesomethings is well worth minor inconveniences such as you listed. Besides, you don't need to be dead to drop these worries. Just giving less fucks could solve these already. Death itself wouldn't be _that_ bad actually, if we'd knew for sure that it didn't last forever. The prospect of eternity is what's scary.
: So uh, this isn't going to go live, is it?
Meep Man (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SpicyThighs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ro2RWPJH,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-09T21:00:40.152+0000) > > Nah, mine are WAAAAAAAAAAY worse {{champion:55}} My Q is like 500 mana {{champion:92}} Why am I always oom?
That's funny because Riven really_ did have_ mana shortly after release; the bar was just set to zero, and Riot hotfixed this after afterwards when some people bought mana items.
: >But alas... Derp 2x critchance completely ruined it the kit. The crit, the zero CD _woosh woosh woosh woosh,_ the wall, and the free-stat-giving ult that triggers when someone sneezes on you rather than a knockup is what ruined the kit.
50% bonus pen on the ult was unnecesary and it's definitely too triggerhappy, ( I mean, trundle pillar; seriously?) but the wall and the dash are fine imo. The Wall has decent cd, a fixed range, and it doesn't do $hit against any non-projectiles, with some projectiles flat out ignoring it. You can also walk through it if it's safe, and it can be baited. The E has pretty low range, is slower than most gapclosers, and only really strong if there's a crapton of things around you; outside of a minionwave, there's not much whooshing. Compare that to say, Akali or Nid; both can stick and escape much better than he can, and they're not the only ones.
: Can Shen not be a tank? Like seriously what NINJA is a tank? Rework him please. Isn't his rival Zed or something? How the hell is he supposed to beat him if he does nowhere near the same amount of damage?
Well, a ninja tank certainly is unique. And the rivalry makes sense thematically, too; Zed kills, Shen protects.
: how to balance zed
Should probably reduce Q's energycosts, or he'll run out OOE immediately.
: No. He doesn't. Yasuo is still a train wreck (Like I said; poorly designed champions are hard to balance and are usually OP or UP), Kalista takes control over her support and invalidates melees, Zed is one of the most annoying champions in the entire game and is obscenely safe, Thresh IS **STILL** OVERLOADED AND BROKENLY POWERFUL, Zyra he worked with someone else to design and is actually really good, and finally, Darius. I actually don't have much to say about Darius, except that his E is gating him from being buffed. To be fair, not his fault. I don't really think Darius is a problem in the grand scheme. His concept can work. Given this track record, I think he can design extremely unique champions, but he consistently makes them horrible to play against _or_ with. Pardon me for not having much confidence in his designs for the future.
Regarding Yasuo, I always found his kit to be pretty cool actually - with a few tweaks, you'd have a nice tank based around mobility and a fat, refreshable, 800 damage shield. But alas... Derp 2x critchance completely ruined it the kit.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Are you sure?The guy predicted that the next champ would be ekko,that he is a black kid with white hair and that he has time travel powers. And even if the info about the ability was made up,then it still looks like he reverts everything except for his physical condition.
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/VELolYKj-ekko-the-boy-who-shattered-time?comment=000100000000000000000002 Also, from what I've heard, the guy who leaked the kit even admitted on making the skills up.
GreenLore (EUW)
: actually if you believe the leak and look at the trailer,then he might actually revert everyone on the whole map.
The leak has been confirmed to be false, though.
qetzel (EUW)
: Rek'Sai is an independent woman - she does not need a man. But Cho... Definitely Cho. Have you seen how big she is? Vel is big enough, but I don't think diggy and fly-y work well together.
Vell, Vel floats, so she can neither hear nor see him. What a cruel twist of fate.
iLuma (NA)
: Ekko is the New Champion! But who is the other guy?!
Plottwist: The other guy *IS* Ekko, the boy is merely bait.
: "Bard, that was the worst Ult I've even seen, let me fix it with mine..." {{champion:432}} averted.
{{champion:432}} now ults Ekko.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Kinda reminds me of the Kid from Bastion.
Same here. White hair, adept fighter, and pretty grim - fits well.
: Would this be a fair change to Zed?
Well, they did that change because he apparently assasinated "too fast" - you couldn't react to him. Make of that what you will.
: Ekko looks cool and all, but we all know what will happen
Eh, I think he'll be based on taking hits in some way - In the vid, he always dodged things/rewinded time *after* getting hit.
Tmoose (NA)
: Removing champs?
Won't ever happen. It'd be both a financial & PR disaster - other than pleasing a few angry pisspots, nobody would gain anything from it. First off, all the work that was put into that champion - designing them, balancing, programming, testing, Q&A, etc - would be completely wasted. The playerbase of that champion would be supremely pissed, and it's not a good message toward the guys who made the champion either. They also can't just _delete_ content that was paid for. Aside from any potential legal issues, the amount of player backlash would be immense - People would be hesitant to spend RP for multiple reasons, and the bad publicity would just really hurt them in the long run. So they'd have to reimburse **everyone** who has bought the champion and any of his skins, which would cost them a metric fuckton of money - and setting that up would probably also require a lot of work, since you can't just send out X refund tokens to everyone. And it's not like they need to; if they really don't want a champion in the game, they can just nerf him into unplayability. They did so in the past, more than once; one of the biggest examples is the old Eve, who was allowed to be shit and trollpick material for years. Still a scummy move, but much more subtle; the only real downside is angering the playerbase of that champion, but otherwise it's nowhere as bad. And people will still buy them & their skins occasionally, and definitely after a rework. The only time they would do this probably would be immediately after release; and both Riots internal testing & the PBE would have to drop the ball really, really, reaaaaaally bad. Azir's release was problematic, but to warrant this, it would have to be 100x worse.
: Every champion's abilities is replaced by their ult.
4x Last breath - one good nami ult (or two, or three) and a team is going to be melted. In the meantime, shaco splitpushes somewhere with his clone army.
: An ADC rightclicked me and said outplayed so I...
Pfff, once I right clicked... on the ground ! Totally outplayed those skillshots.
Rioter Comments
Utora (NA)
: Rek'sai Q&A [COMPLETED]
I know I'm late to the party, but I'm very interested on what the relationship between the Void and Shurima is, and especially on what and how the ascended think about them. According to Azir's story, Ascension was originally only to be used "in times of direst threat" ; were the Xer'Sai (or other voidborn) meant with that? And what does Azir himself think of Rek'Sai? Dismiss her as a legend? Fear her? Is he annoyed or angry about her harming his people? Is she a threat to him? In the Rek'Sai teaser, we're also shown that the caravan was on it's way to what looked like the restored capital of Shurima; what would've happened if they managed to reach it? Would Rek'sai have let them go; does she stay clear of "Azir's territory", or would she have simply nabbed them and quickly burrow back? Arrg, there are so many questions about this... but here's a last one: Can the voidborn ascend? Or would there simply be a pile of ashes left if they tried that?
Rebonack (NA)
: > This definitely explains why the removed the towerpart of Azir's Passive ASAP. > Also, it doesn't hurt to raise Awareness - we can't possibly know if Stashu would've thought about it considering the amount of attention dominion gets. It would actually be pretty cool if Azir could cast his passive on allied controlled points. Have that create his tower that needs to be destroyed before the point can be captured. That would actually help a *ton* in giving him a unique identity for Dominion. But that would require effort, of course. And if we've learned anything of late about Riot and Dominion, it's that even half-assing it seems to be asking for too much.
Well, I don't think including Azir's passive would be actually easy; given how much of a mess Riot's coding seems to be (based on what they themselves are saying, years of playing this game, and the fact that dominion is pretty old) it looks like it would have been difficult; though it would have been awesome if he could've done that, I wholeheartedly agree.
: Sorry to say but SR is the map most players use and the game is mainly balanced with that map in mind only curbing the power of the strongest on the other maps. The reason why it is not happening on other maps at the same time is because it costs resources that will have to be used again every time she is rebalanced on for SR. I get that it sucks but that is how it functions.
This definitely explains why the removed the towerpart of Azir's Passive ASAP. Also, it doesn't hurt to raise Awareness - we can't possibly know if Stashu would've thought about it considering the amount of attention dominion gets.
Rioter Comments
: One question.. if azir has 2 soldiers up u can place the cursor on one of them and press E to dash to it. Correct me please if I'm wrong but pressing E causes u to snap back to the closest solider right? If i have a single soldier up and i press E i won't snap back to it 3/4 of the time. Instead I have to place my cursor on it to snap and then its 4/5 chance of working. It's annoying since it makes all dash combos unreliable.. Idk if it's intentional bt shouldn't u snap/dash to a soldier with E automatically without needing the cursor? If only one is up at the time ie
Actually, E is working alright, there's just one thing that's really unintuitive about it: You can't cast it if the cursor is outside Azir's E-range. Complete Nonsense if you ask me.
: There is no issue and the play experience is equal. Stop trying to play with a locked camera.
If there were no issue, people wouldn't complain about it. Even while playing with an unlocked camera, purple bot will have to scroll more than blue bot, if only because the Hud is in the way. Locked only makes this issue worse. Sure, you can flip the Hud, but this feels uncomfortable for many long-time players. Also, some people simply can't play with a permanently unlocked camera, but are completely fine with unlocking for the sake of roaming/looking around around the map. It's not fair for those players to get screwed over by weird angling. Riot gave these people the option to use permalock; they either need to support or axe it, because anything else is just halfassed.
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