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FatTaco (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=XvqbAgrF,comment-id=006b0001,timestamp=2016-01-17T02:13:08.387+0000) > > One of the biggest issues with a true Solo Queue is playerbase segmentation. Players in NA don't know this, but many LoL servers around the world don't even have all queues; in fact, some servers only have Ranked Solo/Duo Queue for specific times of the day, or specific days of the week, and no Twisted Treeline, Normal Draft or Ranked Teams at all. So for these servers, it would have been a HUGE benefit to players if we could have a single competitive queue instead of forcing players to either play solo, or play with friends in a ranked environment. This is why we wanted to see if Dynamic Queues could work, and we are doing everything we can to see if we can make it a great experience. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and we have other ideas in mind. > > We know it's hard to believe, but there are more players interested in playing a competitive ranked queue with friends than there are players interested in a solo ranked queue experience. We still don't know what's the best final call and we're working non-stop looking at the data this weekend, but these decisions aren't as easy as some players might think. Keep it in this game, this is the only change you've made that I can see actually makes a improvement for the game, no offence to the Tribunal revival but I find this queue and champ select to be a very effective way to tackle toxicity and actually allows me to enjoy the game on a daily basis with a lot less frustration. Coming from CSGO I find Dynamic Queue to be a step forward into the future of online gaming, having premade lobbies set up for a solo rank experience is the hassle free and can be super fun, even playing solo and running into premades I find no issue with this goal you are making with this change.
You know why Dynamic Queue is good for CSGO ? Because playing against a premade isn't a problem, you have vocal chat too, the premade don't have a huge advantadge because they play together. You can play an equal game of skill. Now imagine a game of LoL, where 4 people in the other team can communicate quickly because they are premade and have voice chat versus you that don't have any voice chat at all because Lyte don't want it. You are at a disavantadge for all the game. That's not fair in a competitive mode, where each game matter. When I play normal game with a few friends, we play for fun, without pressure because there is no rank, no LP, no promotion or relegation and it's nice, I'll try new build, fun botlane or whatever because I can, I play with friend and the fact that we are in premade will give us an advantage and so giving us the possibility to play crap comp because we can communicate quickly that the other guys and manage easily any thing they do. In any competitive environment (Tournament in a real sport, Ranked in games, etc) you need to be fair with every participant, that mean giving the same rules, the same weapon for everyone, if some participant have something that other participant don't have, you ruin the competitivity integrity of the Tournament/Games and any result will not mean so much. It's like if in Football, one team need 3 yellow card to be out instead of two because a few players in that team play together since a long time. it doesn't make any sense to give an advantage to one team and not the other when there is a Ladder.
: I agree that this is not an ideal situation, but I'd gladly play as the +1 in my solo games if it means I have the option of queuing with my friends more often. This game is just more fun with friends.
You know what will be really cool ? Different Queue : - One only Solo, for Solo players with a "Solo Ladder" => Each player have an individual "Solo MMR/ELO" => Exemple "Solo Gold III" - One Dynamic Queue for Duo and Trio, with a "Party Ladder" => each player as a individual "Party MMR/ELO" => Exemple "Party Gold V" (You don't have to always play with the same friend) - One 5s Ranked for team who want to compete together with a "5s Ranked Ladder" => The team have a "Team MMR/ELO" => Exactly what we have right now in 5s Ranked With that, you get rid of the 4+1 and the 3+1+1 situation, I think that a lot of people will agree that's the best compromise to satisfy everyone. What do you think ? You can play with your friend without having an edge against your opponent, Solo players can play in a Solo environment and we got the 5s ranked for a more LCS style.
: You can still play alone! And you'll be paired against an enemy team that has a player who is also playing alone so you aren't punished for playing alone.
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
Lyte, you're the one who was saying that vocal chat in game will raise harassement and toxicity without even trying to test it on LoL. But with the Dynamic Queue you give to premade, the possibility to outplay any solo player, not with something in the game, but with something outside, you are giving an edge to people in a competitive environment. Look at you differents concurrent : - CSGO : Dynamic Queue in Ranked but Voice Chat for everyone, premade don't have an advantage over solo player. - Dota 2 : 3 differents Ladder : Solo (1 player) => Solo Elo/MMR, Party (2 and 3 players) => Party Elo/MMR and you can play with any friend, you have a different ELO that Solo and Team (5 players). As you can see, there is no 4+1 or 3+1+1, because again, giving an advantage in normal isn't a problem, in the end there is no Ladder, but giving an advantage in a competitive mode isn't logical and **fair** at all. HOTS : Was using Dynamic Queue, all the community was against, they changed it and take exemple on you and 2 days ago they annonced that they will do something quasi-similar in normal game. No one want to be the solo player with 4 premade, because the solo players knows that their decision will not be taken in consideration during the game. Seriously, think about it, the moment a premade take a decision with vocal and do it the solo players will not have one second to say something, because the team will already be on the move. Instead of being one of the Actor of the game, solo player will become just an Extra, following the hero and his friend on their adventure.


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