: After seeing that Vayne buff, I'm glad I quit the game
I quit too, best decision of my life! ~~No I was permabanned~~
: Lissandra Skin Concept
If Lissandra gets a nature type skin the ultimate has to turn you in a tree.
: What is the easiest way to just win one game in bronze??
Cs properly. it's maybe a bit hypocrite of me to say this, because I'm absolutely horrible at CS'ing, but if you CS well enough, you get a gold lead on the enemy which gives you better items and makes you stronger. You don't need to outplay your enemy if you're 1 full item ahead.
Terozu (NA)
: Then why weren't you complaining _before_ the rework?
Because before the rework you could see her through ignite, pink wards or things like lee sins e and q etc... And who says I didn't complain about this before the rework? Like you would know if I did or didn't...
Terozu (NA)
: It has always been .65 secpnds...
I think that's way too little. You move your cursor over to her and she's gone again, it's extremely difficult and frustrating trying to target her...
: Riot, you guys need to revert Akali's W.
The problem I have with it is that she attacks and she's almost immediately gone again. Let her be risky and give her atleast 2 seconds of visibility after she attacks or something like that...
: The Recent Ziggs Augment Nerf
> I really enjoyed the old League of Legends where missions are actually meaningful. Didn't missions just come with the new client? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Usually if you get a win streak to get into your promos, MMR compensates. Thats why when I hit my promos I take a break to play some norms before tilt/mandatory 50% winrate comes into play. Thats how I got back to plat 1. To clarify, I understand the MMR doesnt cross with norms. But lets be honest- you get on a win streak, MMR compensates. I never do my promos the same day as getting them. I have to mentally prepare for that shit. Gonna do some norms until Im ready for the tryharding.
: Unpopular Opinion: Revert Malzahar
I liked his old W, but it did seem pretty useless... However I'd much prefer his old kit because his passive sucks to play as and against.
AmazoX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mogarl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=X5u4dqXJ,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-06-25T03:19:42.896+0000) > > I could even go for an armor tank item that doesn't have a large portion of it's value in an anti adc, or melee only passive. So that I could buy and sit on a chain vest. {{item:3025}} is the closest thing available, but not every champion has synergies with spellblade. {{item:3110}} exists.
: Can Ignite be Nerfed Already
community complains about {{summoner:14}} ? Better nerf {{summoner:12}}
: @RiotMeddler: Will towers be seeing a mid-lategame damage buff? @RiotMeddler: How about a melee only crit item? Ranged champs get the Runaan's Hurricane... Example Items (the first builds into the second): A melee ONLY item called **Balance** (1450g) (stat efficiency of 107%) which gives... * +25 Armor (500g) * +25 Magic Resist (450g) * +10% critical strike chance (600g) **Balance** builds out of Null Magic Mantle (450g) {{item:1033}} + Cloth Armor (300g) {{item:1029}} + Brawler's Gloves (600g) {{item:1051}} with a combine cost of (100g) **Balance** can be built into a melee ONLY item called **Equilibrium** (3000g) (stat efficiency of ~103%) which gives... * +30 Attack Damage/50 Ability Power (**Adaptive**) (1050g) * +30 Armor (600g) * +30 Magic Resist (540g) * +15% critical strike chance (900g) **Equilibrium** builds out of **Balance** (1450g) and Pickaxe (875g) {{item:1037}} with a combine cost of (675g) -OR- **Equilibrium** builds out of **Balance** (1450g) and Blasting Wand (850g) {{item:1026}} with a combine cost of (700g) You get a good rounding of stats, without the defensive OR offensive stats being too strong (no health, just effective health), but it's incredibly gold efficient while also giving melee champs an exclusive crit item. Might be a bit strong on Jax {{champion:24}}, but since the AD or AP is adaptive, it's not that strong an item overall. But it is effective.
Why put AP on it? No one that uses ability power wants crit chance.
: Now that Rengar, Leblanc and soon enough, Fizz are getting their delays removed, Katarina is going to be the only assassin with delays. Rito favoritism at its best. and Fizz already counters Kata with that R that oneshots her, wp... and when there is a fed Rengar he is so snowbally/oppressive that you can't even stop him while a fed Kata you can stun her OR just wait until 30minutes where she becomes useless, Kat mains are just asking to put Instant Shunpo or/and lower Shunpo cooldown...
I don't really mind Katarina having delays, they aren't as big as the others and her huge Aoe team fight damage is something most assassins dont have. She can one shot a team, most assassins one shot 1 champion. Katarina is pretty balanced right now imo
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
All junglers now receive 15% less exp per camp and assists give 50% less exp Maybe junglers would actually need to jungle instead of ganking 24/7
HeazonZ (NA)
: Rek’Sai’s ultimate feels really weak.
Sometimes I even forget she's a champion. A shame because she really used to dominate.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=yoshi2790,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p4LXnw7j,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-06-02T21:35:20.021+0000) > > {{item:3153}} has attack speed too Still, it's just one attack speed item.
{{item:3078}} and {{item:3153}} are 2 items.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: I'm confused why gaining a decaying 100 MS on a champion who stands still to ult is broken.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Tbh I would personally change his passive and make him AA betweem spells(not like {{champion:236}} though), to make him a better shen abuser. :^) It's not like he builds attack speed amyways besides {{item:3078}} that get's walked all over by {{item:3025}}. And if that were the case he'd still build {{item:3153}} as the only attack speed item.
{{item:3153}} has attack speed too
Destaice (NA)
: “Why doesn’t Cartoon Network care about the potential adult audience?”
Let's just hope they don't f*ck up Steven Universe, especially now that it got really interesting.
: I hear you. Although lately, Talon is WAY worse than Zed. Midlane Irelia is appearing now and destroying. The problem is that low mobility mages like Karthus, Malzahar have no real escape. Karthus has his slow wall and Malz has a silence. But those don't help when most of these enemy champs have mobility skills that can "go thru" the spell area without being affected before we can throw up any defense. Top lane champs are coming mid because low mobility Mages are easy pickings. Come to think about it, gonna post on that one.
Malzahar still has his passive, Q and R to deal with enemies. Way better than other immobile mages who usually just have 1 thing.
GodCarry (NA)
: Riot Support's Response to my Permaban Ticket
Disagree. You don't get permabanned for nothing, or for calling someone a morron. You had warnings, chat restrictions, a 2 week ban. Before this. This means you should be _**very**_ carefully, and that you must change your behaviour. Not calling someone a morron the next game. The **_very first game after your 14 day ban_** Calling someone a morron isn't **_that_** bad and won't get you banned, _**if it happens for once**_ But you probably did it often and said other, possibly worse, things. They warned you enough. And you ignored those warnings.
: I'm going to be real here, patch cadence kinda sucks.
I don't understand your first issue. Isn't it good that they leave things on the PBE for further adjusting?
: Darn I miss Mordekaiser being a recognizable threat to anyone other than however does the programming for League.
> [{quoted}](name=Malevolent Metal,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=rEfEgHLM,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-05-11T04:12:45.025+0000) > > other than however does the programming for League. Oh damn
: > [{quoted}](name=Brooks107,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=rEfEgHLM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-10T21:37:22.505+0000) > > clearly has never seen this image > https://78.media.tumblr.com/4ab48583d0b5c512bba5a30e0a732d3b/tumblr_otq3j906WJ1w1knz1o1_500.jpg https://imgur.com/rg84tVO.jpg[/img] If a mod sees this he ll delete it, and maybe ban me...worth
GodCarry (NA)
: I truly believe I was wrongfully banned. Please tell me what you think.
> --GodCarry: youre a moron It was this sentence that did it all. I don't judge you for this, I've done way worse. But RIOT doesn't tolerate these messages. And they shouldn't. You got permabanned, so I believe you were toxic and got punished plenty before. It sucks, but you probably deserved it. Not for this, but for everything together.
: > [{quoted}](name=yoshi2790,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yoWVznn8,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-11T11:55:04.973+0000) > > When ahead, build defensive. > When behind, build offensive. Shouldn´t it be the other way around? Going full Damage when behind sounds like awful advice
The thing is, when behind, you build offensive so that you can kill the enemy laner. When ahead you build defensive to stay ahead. But again, **_This rule isn't everything _** when you're only a little bit behind you can grab a defensive item to stay in lane better. But if you're much behind the little defensive you can buy won't matter that much. And you'll be more useful when building offensive.
: How to know which items to buy in league
When ahead, build defensive. When behind, build offensive. This rule isn't everything though, but it's something that can definitely help you when unsure.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly I think Jhins teaser wasn't as good as some people make it out to be. The teaser was drawn out for far too long(with him getting teased at the end of 2015 and then only getting released in febuary 2016) and it caused a lot of misunderstandings(there were a lot of people who thought that Jhin really killed Sona,Vi,etc.). And when Jhin was finally completely revealed,there were actually a decent number of people that saw his design as underwhelming,because the white poncho covered most of his character model. Sure over time these complaints faded and Jhin is nowadays one of the most popular League-characters,but his teasers were not as perfect as some people think of them. That being said,I agree that the latest teasers were a bit lackluster(most champs just get a small picture in the roadmap and maybe an ingame teaser?),but I am fine with that,as long as they put the resources to good use elsewhere(like making lore related videos).
I loved the teasers so much! But I must agree, they took so long and were confusing.
: I loved arcane blade, but It should be made into a keytone instead and should add 15% ap instead.
: Lorewise, who wins a 1v1 sniper duel: Caitlyn or Jhin?
Depends on the context: If you put them both a mile apart and say: 'shoot eachother' --> {{champion:51}} wins. If you put them both right in front of eachother and say: 'shoot eachother' --> {{champion:202}} wins. If they can prepare before the fight and you put them in a city --> {{champion:51}} wins. If they can take other civilians hostage --> {{champion:202}} wins etc.... Caitlin is the better skilled sniper. But Jhin has a better weapon, he's also insane and has nothing to lose, thus he can play way dirtier. IMO Caitlin wins, but it depends heavily on the context.
: Stopped for about 2 months, caught up in MSI hype, decided to play again
I quit too. Matchmaking sucks and only junglers and botlane are important. Riot's punishing system sucks, if you type you get punished but if you troll/int/AFK nothing happens. All games are stompfests. I'm pretty much done.
: {{champion:34}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:134}}
{{champion:134}} is trash atm, even with the passive change, she still sucks.
: that was probably more a problem with Ekko. He continued to do it for awhile after Cinderhulk meta ended.
more a problem with ekko? {{champion:84}} Was the one that started this? {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} all did this. It was a problem with Ap assasins + Tank items. Ekko was just the most broken one.
: To this day, the best time I had playing League was during the cinderhulk era
> A couple of small nerfs to Sion, Sejuani and Gragas would have fixed all of the negatives of this season easily. Juggernauts? Tank assasins? Completely broken new masteries? .... There was way more broken in season 5 than just a couple of tanks..
: Ohmwrecker should be a diving item...
Won't work because everyone would prefer {{item:3078}} or {{item:3071}}, whether they are snowballing or not. It just isn't worth it because of the double passive.
: Brand vs Lissandra
I'd say {{champion:127}} , but that's guessing to how strong she is. We know she's strong, but not exactly how strong. She mainly uses manipulation to change the way people think over the years, but he hasn't fought with anyone significant to show us her strength.
JMBakhsh (EUW)
: That Feeder People
: From RiotMadnessHeroo himself: > "I'm personally very in favor of the mana changes. Mages have been dominant Mid lane in competitive for multiple seasons now, and their ability to successfully farm out the wave via PvE wave clearing has been a huge component. I think this is a necessary step if we are going to get other classes back into Mid in competitive, which is clearly a win to me (no single class should dominate a position for multiple years)." i dont think i have ever said this about any riot employee... but IS HE OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND? mages dominant mid lane? OF COURSE THEY'RE FUCKING DOMINANT MID LANE, IT THE ONLY PLACE THEY EVEN EXIST IN THIS GAME. EVERY SINGLE MID LANE EXCEPT 3 ARE MAGES ({{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} ) there are ZERO mages in any other role except support. and the mass consensious is {{champion:63}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} and other mages aren't really champs people want to see in support anyways. thats like saying well it looks like junglers have been dominating the jungle lately, we need to get some other classes in there as well. also supports seem to be crowding out every other class in the support role, this can't be allowed and we need to address this.
: NO, remember Cassiopeia's old passive? We HATED it. We hated that it was a quest. Cassiopeia needed to poisons X number of times to gain Y% more AP and it felt terrible to play; the huge backlash proved it
: Free Excapes {{item:3086}} {{item:3113}} free movement (unconditional) speed to get out of unfavorable fights Ashe ult and passive Draven E W Jinx E/w and passive. Jhin crit and w Kog Maw One of the heaviest aoe slows in the game Kog Maw Does almost as much damage as braum ult for for a comparable slow much lower cooldown and the slow duration persists longer after exiting the zone on Kog maw's E than it does braums's Ult which is the only comparable skill in the game and Kog maw actually has the potiental to build for use of his E's scaling unlike braum, I easily get away with kog maw same as i do with braum because when you run away you dont E at your enemies you E where you want to go and run along the massive slow zone thus anyone who chases you will have to follow you along it rather than aiming at an enemy letting them side step it and continue chasing. MissFortune E on top of your self or the enemy run and the second they hit you with a spell to Break your Strut Press W to start it again at max speed. Sivir Passive Auto attack Q have w bounce for persisting Speed or press ult and run away at mach 10 with your team. Twitch Please his q is an easy get away cause of the speed up and camouflage. Vayne Q auto run Q e Xayah Use of E and her ult Quinn E and q Varus E and ult Please. Sudden mobility is not the only way to get away from unfavorable situations although It doesnt look as impactful Most of these champions have better excapes than Lucain in a Lane and the only reason Lucain's E works as an excape is because after he uses E He presses W and ults to gain Movement speed. Movement speed is played down alot on adcs but the second a tank or bruiser get any movement speed adcs cant stop crying. if Phage got 40+ movement speed on melee auto attacks and 120 on melee kills Adcs and mages the safe back line carries are the ones who will be crying about it.
Those are not escapes, escapes are mobility spells....
: Its their items and their design pholosophy. They cant be safe doing tons of damage And be fast and have free excapes. {{item:3086}} fast same thing with mages {{item:3113}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3102}} (has comparable magic reist to most tank items) {{item:3027}} (has more raw hp than most tank items)
{{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:498}}{{champion:133}} {{champion:110}} What do you mean free escapes? I can only see these having 'free escapes' {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:18}} and arguably you could put Xayah here too with her ult. But most of them definetly don't have a 'free escape' _I left out kaisa because I have absolutely no idea what her kit does._
: Freak The Meta: Blue Build Rakan Mid (DESTROY OTHER MIDS WITH THIS BUILD)
Why not add {{item:3048}} to it? It would give a lot of AP and some ad. Combined with {{item:3089}} You can get an easy 300-400 AP from just 2 items. He has great ap ratios doesn't he?
GenoXx (NA)
: Of all the teasers Riot has done, I still think Jhin was the best.
I still remember watching the Sona getting killed teaser in the middle of the night, and being frightened! The teaser in which we saw his mask also scared me so much! I miss that :)
: If there's any reworks you miss the original versions of, who would they be?
{{champion:84}} Pre-season 5 and assasin changes. [When E did the Q proc] {{champion:134}} since MYMU she hasn't been in a balanced spot. I'll miss {{champion:103}} when they change her kit in the next patches and {{champion:31}} because I absolutely despise playing against the new chogath. Also I'll miss {{champion:39}} , but I havent played her since her rework on the PBE so I can't really say for certain.
: 20% is hardly cdr but w/e.
darkdill (NA)
: Since Lux/Ezreal ship was sunk, who would Lux be romantically interested in?
: I really don't think that Zed is really that strong, here's my analysis why. The thing here is consistency, that's something he strongly lacks. His Q damage reduction on secondary targets, doesn't give him very strong lane control, and he doesn't shove well without W, which is also his main defensive and mobility tool. And if he's controlling lane, you're playing against a champ that's ridiculously bad early game with no good waveclear early on (Hi Lux and Anivia), or you're not playing the lane well at all. Most midlane mages have decent wave-control and a way to establish lane or map pressure. These champions, like Orianna, Karma, Azir, Twisted Fate or Taliyah generally fare pretty well in lane imo against Zed, because you can push and look for vision control and/or map control. The second part is meta shifts, for a long time, Zed was viable in competitive metas due to his damage and side-lane pressure. The problem that exists currently with that is the endless padding of resistances on melee bruisers and tanks, while making ADCs do more damage to break through those, and giving supports more tools to adequately deal with assassins while also making them more susceptible to hug their ADC, such as through the Forbidden Idol changes and adjustments begs the problem that Zed can't exactly easily break through those resistances because of his over-reliance on Lethality Items, the removal of the Old Last Whisper, a bunch of innate damage reduction being added to the game and the abundance of CC. It's gotten a lot harder for Zed to duel these sidelane adversaries because of these factors. I get that a lot of people feel that Assassins are really hard to deal with, and in the case of Zed, can be somewhat unfun to play against, but what I think what a lot of people are forgetting is that Assassins are naturally inclined to be more duelist oriented since they are mostly single target threats, mages are more target agnostic, (except burst mages), and have larger access to high AoE burst, CC and other utility oriented spells within their kit and itemization. As a result, they should be more inclined to excel in 1v1 situations. Plus the 8.7 thing is more of a revert of the the 8.6 changes where his Q did less damage per target anyways. Riot has already said that they just wanted to keep it there since they wanted the overall changes to be power neutral in the first place since Zed was actually pretty bad to begin with given his lack of consistency as an Assassin. since they would be dialling back tanks by making their lane a little more risky by introducing Conqueror and dialling back tank power in the jungle by buffing Lee Sin and Elise (generally shit on them for most of League history)
> doesn't give him very strong lane control Zed is incredibly strong in lane. Just stop. >no good waveclear early on (Hi Lux and Anivia) Lux doesnt have strong wavelcear, E lacks damage and has a too high mana cost, you still have to AA all creeps.
: ban galio 100% one for all. im telling you. you will not win
I won against galio with Morgana, 4 AP and 1 (myself) as ad. We lost early a bit but had a huge dominating mid and lategame
Arakadia (NA)
: You do not however scroll to bottom all the time where the most downvoted posts are.
Did you just assume ~~my gender~~ what I do on the boards?!?
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