: It's been happening to me a lot more frequently lately, like you said about 1 in 5 games
Huh wow didn't expect a bunch of replies all of a sudden on this 3 year old post. Unfortunately I am still getting this stupid bug, even though I have a new computer now, so I know it's not that.
: New free champion rotation: Xin Zhao, Xayah, Vi and more!
Just my opinion, but I find it kinda messed up that Riot puts Mordekaiser on free week when he is still bugged to hell and they haven't put any serious effort into fixing him.
: Hey! I'm down to play a 1000th win! I'll send you a request in game!
Hey I just started I custom 5v5 with my friends since I didn't know how long it was going to take! Are you willing to wait 25-30 minutes? If not, that's fine and thank you very much!
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Sukishoo (NA)
: You can't. You can only see your current level and no one elses.
Then what's the point of displaying the honor level on everyone's profile if it's just going to be blank for everyone else?
: New Permament Gamemode and New Champs
Uh... For your new gamemode idea, aren't you pretty much describing One For All?
: Just do it!
I used to be a Rengar main before the rework, and while I don't play him as much now, he's definitely not bad by any means. You can't pick him into every team comp and expect to go 20/1/4. Although it takes a few more brain cells now, his new kit still allows him to one hit squishy's with ease if you aren't behind.
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: Patch 6.6 notes
Cho'Gath buffs instead of nerfs? His passive is feast without a cooldown, his spells are easy to hit, and his ult is way too strong.
TehBats (EUW)
: An idea for a new gamemode
This would be a nightmare to code.
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: New Annie Skin
Does she really need a new skin though? :P I play Annie a lot but I think that 10 skins is enough.
: But then, they cant communicate to you, only with pings, and most dont ping. If people start getting toxic, mute JUST them, give them a bit of a chance. I usually dont complain about feeders until the after game screen, easier to see the whole game and how it played out.
The problem is, I am usually the one who is toxic in the first place. I just can't help but telling my feeding Tryndamere top how bad he is, no matter how hard I try. If I mute everyone, there won't be anybody to flame.
: Help me get out of silver! Plz / TY
I'm in silver, and I know I could get to gold, but the stress of playing ranked takes away all of the fun. Play nonstop full AP Annie mid. Her Q resets half the cooldown when it kills an enemy, and it FULLY restores the mana. This means it is really easy to get cs early game. Level 6 to late game you can easily one shot anyone on the enemy team, even the tanks. You could probably even destroy the enemy team all at once with a well placed Tibbers and W. TLDR - Annie OP play Annie to win game.
horther (NA)
: Cosplaying
Andrasta does some pretty nice stuff.
: Recommended Champions???
Well the normal term for a champ that you are describing would be ADC, or Attack Damage Carry. I'll list a few, but you could search for more yourself. Jinx Caitlyn Graves Miss Fortune Lucian Ashe Draven (Higher Skill Level) Kalista (Higher Skill Level) There are more, but I would recommend one of those.
: because im always going to be first pick on ranked Q. yup. didnt think this one through before? please dont say "ask first pick to ban" cus half of the time they dont listen. they ban players who they have trouble with.
: how do you jg against shaco?
Ban Shaco, problem solved.
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: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
So anxious, got up way early today to check to see what skin I got. Been about 8 hours now, still waiting. :(
Annié (NA)
: Letter and Number Keys Don't Work When Loaded Into Game
: This bug has something to do with your computer. Short of rewriting the program, there is no fix on Rito's end. The problem is that when you connect to the game, the letter and number portion of your keyboard never connects. Your computer still thinks you are trying to type on the desktop. I don't know what kind of computers specifically have this problem, or if it is only older ones, or if it has something to do with viruses, or if you have dropped your computer, or what. But I usually just play using the arrow keys or the Numpad, as those keys usually still work. You have to not rely on activated items though, and it is a bit difficult.
Well this is the second computer I've had this problem on, my first one was rather old, however this one I got less than a year ago. I am sure I don't have any viruses, I did a scan just a few days ago, and I just scanned again now. I remember there is something in the game files I could delete that I saw on an old thread. It actually worked as well, but you need to delete it every patch, and I forgot what it was...
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Same here man, over the past 2 weeks, I have saved 975 RP for this skin, and I am really tempted to buy something else right now... Please rito please.
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: Arcade Vel'koz!
I thought it would be weird at first, but after reading and looking at the drawings, I think it looks really good! I love it!


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