: As long as this dude {{champion:136}} exist in the same game of this dude {{champion:104}}, and they both fight each other in equal terms. The game cant be canon.
Yeah, it's a tough problem. I'd still like for Riot to make another cinematic like A New Dawn, where champions are interacting in the rift
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: Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance
I had a lot of fun this season
: So now that Senna's out the door...
Fiddlesticks is next, then the new champ, right?
: ....and Korean Popstars follow the Western Zodiac....?...........
I mean, the zodiac signs used were Western
: ***
Wait, so you're complaining about nerfs to damage keystones, but earlier in the thread people are complaining about damage being too high. Amazing how Riot can somehow make damage too low and too high! They really are awful
: The game has to stop being shit first to be ruined _again._ Sort of something this thread is pointing out.
: Riot: *wants to think carefully of how to nerf champions without destroying their game* People on boards with big mouths that don't realize pretty much only people that agree with them click on their posts and not to mention people who only want to listen to their own ideas and be enveloped in their own riot sucks bubble: "let's just yell at riot without any real goal in mind, and even if we do have a goal in mind, which is rare because we can't think for ourselves, let's give no helpful criticism and just be vulgar." As someone who has played League since it's been out, I've seen guys like you on the boards throughout it's entire life. Even before the boards, back when they just had the forums, you pests still existed. You all want to complain about how bad the game is instead of just finding a game you like. It's pretty sad. You don't even give good advice, you just yell at riot. You guys will never die out, you guys will never get anything done, but yet you still continue on like a tumor in riot's brain. There's some of you in every type of competitive game. None of you even know how to think outside of the box and it's almost like you complain without thinking. It's sad really. It's like watching animals... No animals are a bit smarter than that... It's like watching bugs, little ants, crawl all over the boards to form their colony of flame riot games. Gross. Still better than the way people hate on WoW though imo. If you guys wanna see some real idiots, check out their forums. I'll try my hardest to ignore you cancerous boards posters, but you're malignant. You just want to destroy. You have no real solution in mind, you don't want to fix anything. You just want riot to hurt the same way you did when that tank Viktor top won against you in a 1v1. You just want everyone on the skins team, all those wonderful people who made your favorite skins, to lose their jobs. Why? Because you don't like how Riven can animation cancel. You just want the music team on riot to not be able to afford rent anymore, even though they get so much praise, because you think Teemo is annoying. To all of you who actually agree with this man, but offered actual advice to riot, or at least a helpful opinion. Go you. You're the type of people who can actually help improve a game. There's plenty of things I dislike in League of Legends, but complaining about them the right way is step 1 to getting that problem fixed.
: Even if clearly some people are enjoying the game, does this mean Riot should continue to push in that direction? I mean, if we are using base game designing logic, it should be the majority of the community's feedback who should define what the game designer should do to get positive feedback in return. Sadly, I don't think the "League of Legends in Season 8 is good" party is the most popular one however, quite the opposite I believe.
Bruh, this place is an extreme minority. r/leagueoflegends is much bigger and even that isn't a good representation of the player base. This is an echo chamber; League really wasn't that bad Season 8. It was actually pretty fun
: > They probably don't care about the boards because most of the people here are just here to complain In game designing, ignoring the community's feedback solely because its negative is just like if a restaurant put rat poison on every dishes and ignore if people are getting sick from it because "its their fault"
: Well, because maybe, just maybe, the "entitled pricks" actually have a POINT?! Given with how Riot has been actively not giving a fuck, we have long passed the point where we should bother with rational arguments. Damage too high, runes are garbage, everything that could have been said has already been said and done and debated in a constructive fashion, and Riot simply does not give a shit. When everything has been said, there is no point to repeat it again and again if the other party is not listening - might as well kick them in the nuts collectively, might work better.
Why would one of the most successful game companies in the world take gameplay advice from some randos on the internet? They've done very well for themselves by doing the exact opposite for the last couple of years
: Why is it that this thread which is basically just toxic hate spew get a fuck ton of upvotes, every comment that agrees with it get upvotes, and every comment that actually has something rational to say gets downvoted? Sure Riot fucks up lol, but I feel like the community (part of it anyway) is more of a problem than a lot of the self entitled pricks in it like to think. Because how could they be at fault right : ^)
Because the league boards are populated with the most negative, illogical players in the game. League continues to do well because the vast majority of players don't actually have a problem with whatever issues are bitched about here. Look up the Dunning Kruger effect, it perfectly summarizes the vast majority of people who complain in Gameplay.
: Can't wait to see how utterly shit Riot makes the game this season with the "Soon" excuse
Maybe you should stop playing the game, if it causes you this much stress
: Zodiac signs have birth years and don't repeat until long after. So they're obviously neither children nor middle aged women, so they must match the above combinations
That's the Chinese Zodiac. The Western zodiac assigns a constellation to every month
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Sometimes, yes. So you want to tell me, that you disconnect 1 out of 100 games, and you managed to reach the 20min leaverbuster times? If this is really the case, then the system is flawed, and sorry for accusing you...
All g fam, a lot of people downplay how they got their punishments on these boards so it's understandable
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: This was obviously not your first offense...(20 min) If your game crashes often, then do not play the game, until you fix it, since you ruin the game for your would-be teammates. This is part of the punishment, if you want to play the game, then make sure you can play the game and not ruin it for anybody. Ps.: "The system incentivizes people to not make any effort to reconnect" - no it makes you NOT to leave games, or start games, when your system is incapable of running it.
My system runs fine 99% of the time, this was the first time I failed to connect in 2 months. You're free to believe what you want, but the fact is sometimes people experience lag or disconnect when connecting into a game.
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Maybe it encourages you not to leave games, or if your system is incapable to run the game, then stop playing the game? :O
I didn't leave the game, the game crashed while I was loading into an ARAM. I've never once left a game early. I reconnected as fast as I could, which was dumb, since I was gonna get punished anyway. The system incentivizes people to not make any effort to reconnect, but that's not what this post was about. I just don't get why I can't even browse the shop while I'm waiting
Kei143 (NA)
: What does it serve? Punishment.
Rioter Comments
: "let's do one massive sweeping change, that'll really fix everything. I'm a balancing god. How has rito not thought of this already? they should hire me!"
goodann (NA)
: This game is fucking trash... they just perma banned me (first game ive ever had a ban in) because I was talking objective in 2 games saying what someone should do and why while I had those same 2 games people saying "kys, or stfu, or just being toxic and flaming in general) Great job riot you really work hard and take consideration into all your banning and reporting don't you. you fucking joke of a community. I'm glad battle royal games are doing better right now. Also glad the gameplay of this game is going to shit. It's matching the terms of use of the game finally. (which if you didn't understand what that meant, I'm saying the set up of terms of use and the reporting system are completely fucking hair brained ideas just like your character idea for pyke and all other high mobility, hi dmg, decent cc, tanks that you have broken the game with. You keep it up! Keep up making your only good game to your companies name worse! -Love your pal, Goodan… ps thanks for perma ban for me telling someone in prelobby "I cant trade you that champion I don't own her sorry"
Post chat logs. I don't believe for a second you got banned for telling someone politely you don't own a champ
BigVi (NA)
: You mean you don't enjoy watching Yi start 0/3 and then just win anyway because of conqueror and taric giving him his farm top?
http://na.op.gg/champion/masteryi/statistics/jungle Yi sitting at under 50% win rate right now. How often does that Yi/Taric team actually happen, because I have yet to see it in a ranked game?
: I love how a good chunk of the comments in this thread are, pick x to counter him. Like yeah SURE BUD, im going to pick a champ that im not used just so i will win my lane. Awesome idea. Now what afterwards? I might had countered him, but chances are that i dont know that said champ very well. So i dont know how am i supposed to play mid and late game. See the problem with this idea?
Then ban him. If you refuse to actually counter pick and instead like taking squishy mages that zed can delete, that's on you. Let me guess, you refuse to rush a zhonya because you'd rather have more dmg. Counters exist in this game, that isn't a bad thing
: well you are right about {{champion:80}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:92}} and {{champion:90}}, all the others are wrong but quinn does also beat yasuo in lane.
No, he's right. Yasuo loses to bruisers. Illaoi is definitely more of a skill matchup because he can dodge her abilities more easily, but the rest are accurate
: * Remove the shield reset on r * Make his ult place him on the enemy when they under tower. * allow enemies to see the minion dash indicator * make dash cost flow * Nerf crit passive * make shield cost more flow * nerf Q AS scaling on * if yasuo misses tornado, q is disabled for 10 seconds. * make windwall one directional * while windwall is active yasuo cant dash * Delete phantom dancer passive "lament" > **and reduce the stupid obnoxious sounds of hid fken e and q spam. Omfg I've never wanted a champion muted more in my life** Not all of these should b implimented obvs. But allot of these target annoyances in yasuo. He had too much freedom with too many get out of jail free cards. These crush this
These are terrible. There's a difference between nerfing a champ and destroying him entirely.
: Essences: Dr. Mundo
Gameplay wise: Unstoppable juggernaut aspect. Ult could probably get tweaked a lil bit, same with his cleavers, then change the rest up. Maybe even go for some Jekyll/Hyde aspect where he becomes the monster in fights. But I want him to be like the Mundo of old, when he really was unkillable (obviously he should be killable, but Grievous wounds have made him so weak now its laughable) Visual: Purple hulking monster in a lab coat. He should be massive and sound like a maniac but still be goofy.
: My first reaction to Pyke...
Bruh chill, it was a 30 second teaser. You're making a ton of assumptions
: > Riot could start making balance changes based off polls on these boards It would still be better than making changes based on competitive, and leaving champions like ryze and kalista in the gutter rather than addressing the discrepancy between their performance in that and high level solo queue.
Kalista and ryze could both use reworks, but how does 2 champions needing adjustments make the entire game bad?
: Well, do you think this post would get this high if people didn't agree with it? Also, I'd assume people are using backup accounts to post stuff since they're scared people will look up their actual accounts. I can assure you he's not the only one doing it.
Literally any post bitching about the game gets upvoted here, this place is pure salt. Riot could start making balance changes based off polls on these boards, and you all would still find something to complain about.
: Winning = not fun. Losing = not fun. Game = not fun.
You haven't played in 7 months according to your match history...
: I just wish riot would realize that the playerbase is extremely unhappy and they need to take everything and figure out what needs to be fixed and what doesn't.. instead of all these little fixes here and there, they need to completely revamp the entire state of the game before it's too late.
Just because you're unhappy doesn't mean everyone is. These boards aren't exactly the best representation of the player base, and a lot of people still enjoy the game.
: I want a team focused game, but I also want allies and enemies with hands. I can't stand losing just because my bot lane went 2/18 and refuses to rotate, or my mid lane has half their mid's farm and doesn't roam, or my top takes ignite and refuses to do anything but push top lane, or my jungler is allergic to objectives and only ganks when the enemy has summoners and vision everywhere. The game is fine for the most part, but for some reason, the skill level of the players is all over the place.
I mean, if your teammates are bad games will be harder to win. That's just a fact. I don't disagree with you that it can be frustrating when players on your team constantly do dumb shit and make poor decisions, but that's a player problem not a Riot problem. Hopefully the addition of the two new tiers (or leagues? whatever you call bronze, silver, etc) will help spread out the talent level so there isn't so much variation in a single division.
: I agree 100%, and it stems into normal games too. I can't go a single game without at least one person doing absolutely terrible and their enemy laner snowballing out of control because of it. I think it has everything to do with players not knowing how to play safe.
Isn't that exactly what people have been asking to be brought back? They don't want a team focused game, they want one where someone can get fed and carry their team by themselves. I honestly don't understand these boards
: If they don't have that, what do they have? Gonna use Talon as a go-to example though this can apply to pretty much all assassins. Talon's Ult CD has at max 60 seconds, minus whatever CDR he gets, and does undodgeable damage if you land a single hit on a target. All his other cooldowns are about as low as anyone else's. His item cooldowns are about even as anyone else's. He has access to invisibility, dashes and massive burst damage. Flipside, supports have access to similarly powerful items with similarly long cooldowns. The shield stacking IS an issue still. Cooldowns from support kits tend to be even to those of assassins, with the exception of ultimates. Taking Sona as the example here; her ult is on a 100 seconds cooldown. 40 more than Talon's with a major chance to miss due to the assassin's mobility/invisibility/untargetability. Janna? 120 seconds. Double Talon's. Nami also 100. That means even if you waste your ult because the enemy support did the same to counter you, you're back online faster and get to have a chance to come back. Your ignite versus their exhaust. If you're worried the ADC might kill you too fast if you get counteracted, you may want to get exhaust yourself. The damage output by ADCs IS an issue. You shouldn't get instantly annihilated by a damage per second class regardless of whether you fucked up your assassination or not. But if a support used their kit to counter yours, the end result should be null. If the support countered your kit and there happens to be someone else with them ready to fuck you over, then yeah, team game fam.
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: You say that, but when friends refuse to play anything else and badger you nonstop to play LoL with them, it's easier said than done. I would have quit long ago if it weren't for that. At latest I would have quit after the mage dumpstering that began after season 5.
Lmao, so you would have quit 3 season ago if it weren't for your friends? They must be very persistent to get you to play something you hate for that long
: No game in history has ever recovered from the downward spiral of staleness. LoL is in a spot where its just a matter of time before the next ground breaking game steals all of its players. Were ALL waiting to get out of here.
Speak for yourself. No one is stopping you from quitting
: I've been saying this since the implemented auto fill. It makes for a horrible experience especially when auto fill almost always is support, and in a meta if your bot lane loses you lose the game it's very important both players in bot lane are mains, and not fills. This is also compounded by the fact mistakes lead to huge advantages even the simple mistakes you don't make if you're playing safe will cost you the game. Honestly, I think I'm just done with League. I really wanted to keep playing, but it feels like wack'a'mole. OP.GG entire team is anyone in autofill or doesn't play their current role { if it's your support or adc 100% dodge} {if it's not your support or adc check to see if they have any games played on the champion they picked if not dodge} { does their main champion in their current picked have a significant negative win ratio below 46% if yes do they have more then 10 games played on said champion if yes dodge} {Did anyone hard counter themselves if so very likely dodge} { Is your adc playing a bot tier adc very likely dodge unless they have a good win ratio on them} { Is your team full AP or full AD if so dodge} { Does your team have no hard CC or no CC to counter specific champions like knocks for Kat if so dodge} { Was anyone remotely toxic during pick/ban then dodge} { Does your comp get countered by their comp IE Kog without heavy CC and D into a dive team if so dodge} { Does your comp have little to no synergy with each other if so likely dodge} {If there was someone trolling or threatening to troll or acting like a troll dodge} { Does anyone on your team have a significant loss ratio or significant losing streak if so dodge} { If for any reason at all you just don't feel comfortable with your current team setup dodge} Only after going through all that do I honestly feel like I might get a decently good game, but the biggest issue right now for me is autofill in general, but specifically autofill adc/support. The other big issue I seeming is people switching mains. Because ADC is strong alot of people are switching to ADC and they cannot play ADC at the same level as their mains so they have no impact.
Do you just dodge every game? It seems like you're setting yourself up to fail in champ select. You've basically covered 80% of games played with these criteria.
: Is it really the easy path? Wouldn't it be more fun to quit the game that is impossible and move onto another game that feels more competitive?
Define impossible? I've seen teammates endlessly spam the ff vote at 15 minutes while we're down 2 kills because they personally played like shit, and we still ended up winning
: Absolutly no way Liandry gets through like this
Riot really took an interesting approach to the Morde rework
: That feel when they have 4 ap but you gotta build armor, cuz adc hehe
Yeah, having a balanced mix of AD and AP makes it harder for the enemy team to itemize against you, that's kind of the point.
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
The reality is that most of the toxicity I've seen in games comes from people who are both playing bad/subpar and flaming about it. The person who is tower diving at level 4 with half health then flaming the jungler for not dying with them, spamming forfeit votes every time they die, etc. The "toxic player who 1v9s and carries the game" that everyone is talking about in this thread, that they can just mute and let him do his thing, he's a mythical creature to me. I've only seen that sort of thing happen a few times. I've seen plenty of players pop off and hard carry, I'm sure everyone including me has done it before themselves, but they're usually not assholes about it
: As someone who often plays with friends, and who has friends of varying skill levels, I disagree. Someone who is legitimately bad at the game can still listen to calls, and they can improve, where as someone who is toxic is already going down a dark path that I just don't want to deal with. I would much rather have a loss on a friendly team than a win with horrible excuses for human beings. EDIT: > Made this topic on the EU boards as well, and it got a massive amount of replies What was the consensus over there?
Exactly. I've had players who were carrying but being toxic rage quit when someone took red/blue buff at 30 min, or someone else farmed a wave that they had pinged. Actual toxic players in chat, imo, are super volatile, and can easily go from "just toxic" to "full on griefing/inting" if they don't get there way. I've rarely had a flamer in chat keep their toxicity in chat without spilling into the actual game, but I've had hundreds of people who played like shit while acknowledging it and working towards getting the win however they could. I don't want to have to suck some flamers dick all game to make sure they don't start inting or briefing at any moment. I don't negotiate with terrorists
L34F (NA)
: my team "opened" at 3 minutes and I tried defending the base 1v5 = I got banned for int feeding
For all the crybabies in this thread complaining how their teammates won't let them give up at 10 min because they're down a kill, go watch Shiphtur's azir game where he carried a 4v5 because MLGB Clown went afk. The fact is, Riot requires 5 votes to surrender at 15, 4 to surrender at 20, and you can't surrender before 15 at all. The fact that you think you can waste your teammates time by giving up early doesn't mean your worthless reports should be counted extra by Riot.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=wolfsanchez21,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HGk01Ld9,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2018-01-18T21:22:45.092+0000) > > I've always been pretty positive in game, anytime I want to get angry at a teammate being stupid or inting I'll usually just type into chat then delete or talk to myself. The game that got me banned I just sot of was having a bad day and snapped at our Lee Sin who was afk farming out of spite. Once I got my account back I made sure to stay positive, and if I ever felt angry again I just mute all. I type a lot less now and don't let people have a reason to report me Did u wrote specific words? Or u didnt type at all beside gg, good job etc?
It's more like avoided specific slurs. I still offer a lot of encouragement to my team, praise them if they make a good play, etc, but if someone screws up or starts to tilt I be careful not to put them down
: > [{quoted}](name=wolfsanchez21,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HGk01Ld9,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-17T22:07:08.208+0000) > > I got a 14 day ban around October, and have since leveled it back up to honor 3, although I think now that the new season restarted honor resets. how many games??? this is unbeliveable.....i was chat restricted twice in october. lvl honor 0 since then.... whats your method? writing particular words?
I've always been pretty positive in game, anytime I want to get angry at a teammate being stupid or inting I'll usually just type into chat then delete or talk to myself. The game that got me banned I just sot of was having a bad day and snapped at our Lee Sin who was afk farming out of spite. Once I got my account back I made sure to stay positive, and if I ever felt angry again I just mute all. I type a lot less now and don't let people have a reason to report me
: Has anyone gotten out of the ''dishonorable'' status?
I got a 14 day ban around October, and have since leveled it back up to honor 3, although I think now that the new season restarted honor resets.
: Only counterplay to 4 man bot is ur mid and jg looking at minimap and helping, that being said its not riots fault its just player skill disparity that one team had a player smart enough to call for it and one didn't have the brains to react.
This is exactly what people don't understand. They take games where there teammates play poorly, and don't make smart decisions, and extrapolate from that that the game itself is broken. The reality is that League offers a competitive environment where being smarter and more skilled than the opponent allows you to win.
JJI744 (NA)
: Of your past 7 games, two were "decided" early-ish, five remained close well into the match. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2694202124/241197996?tab=overview >Fell behind early, made a comeback, lost the lategame teamfight it looks like. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2694161019/241197996?tab=overview >20 minutes of under 1.5k gold difference, fluctuating back and forth. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2694143314/241197996?tab=overview >Neck and neck at 15, then red team made plays. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2694125114/241197996?tab=overview > Eh, its not at 5 minute,s but at 10 it looks like the game-deciding fight happened. Blue team snowballed from there. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2694078299/241197996?tab=overview >Not major tuning point. Blue team made a bunch of small gains throughout the match until they got enough of a lead for a decisive win. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2693977262/241197996?tab=overview >See previous match. Blue team played better and slowly grew a lead. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2693526851/241197996?tab=overview really close match for the first 15 minutes, though once red got a lead boy did they do a lot with it fast.
Dude, don't interrupt the circle jerk. If OP decided his games are over at 5 min, then god damnit, the games were over at 5 minutes!
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