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: Before complaining about the PBE Thornmail...
I think they all got it right by just reviewing analyzing the stats that the item got, which it is really unhealthy. Am never the one to just jump in and just agrees with the majority without doing a bit of analyzing of my own unless it's something truly trivial. just imagine this: knight vow ,PBE thronmail & spirit visage picture that on support like Leona thresh & Malphite and teel me how u plan to kill somehting like that.
: Before complaining about the PBE Thornmail...
its seem that u don't play AD carries. that's y u are liking this new item, please go back analyes what is: grievous wounds and cold steel.cause if that doesn't seem unhealthy and unbalance to u then as soon as the patch comes out on the live severes we should play a 1v1 game and u be the AD carrie, heres my summoner name: X zodiah X.
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Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Yeah still awaiting DIANA BLOOD MOON SKIN! THO.
: Blood Moon DIana, Blood Moon Zed.
i was wondering y Diana didn't have a blood moon skin in the first place! since she is the embodiment of the moon itself.

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