: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Whens the aurelion sol rework/ buffs coming?? Haven't seen aurelion sol in my last 200games...{{champion:136}} its basically a forgotten champion...
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: I don't even care about the people that flame. The problem also lies with the people who have shitty mics, live in a place where there's constant noise (whether tv or family) and even those who just have some obnoxious music in the background at full blast. It happens all the damn time in every single game that has voice chat
mute them? is that soo hard. and if its push to talk. it would nt be such a problem. are you gona read a whole phrase while in lane fighting or csing? no. no 1 cares. people saying important stuff. summoner spells. ults or pathing. you wont read it every 1 is so tunnel vision. with voice coms. 5seconds you would have alot more information and you can concentrate on your csing. and it has been proven to remove toxicity since people can hear one another. typing is legit 14yrs old acting all hard because they dont know who is on the other end. Play fortnite for example. i get 9yrs old. are they toxic? no... they respect me because im waay older. 14yrs old too. they respect me because they hear me and see my point of view. i can get along with a 12yrs old in fortnite with voice coms. but on leagues.... every 1 is toxic for 2 pings. if we could talk to one another it would solve alot of things. when u get into an argument with any1 ! example : your girlfriend. your dad. your friend. do you text each other or you talk to each other to solve the disagreement. its SOO much easy to misinterpret someones words because you said it in your own way rather than theirs. someone saying shit man that was bad. reading this rather than someone saying it. IS ALOT DIFFERENT. if i say that with a laughing sense u might find it funny and say yeah XD that was bad. or when you read it you think... fuck you man youre bad bla bla bla....when you think someone is mad or youre mad. you read it in a negative way. i type stuff and people say yoo chill...like i am so chill atm im drinking a rum a coke petting my cat on my lap...how chill can i be, people just read it in their own words/way.
: I don't really feel like hearing screeching, hateful, annoying 12 year olds in my ear all game. Just use discord to talk to the one or two people you actually want to talk with.
stfu. mute the damn 12yrs old Jesus. when a 12yrs old types to you and say you're garbage. do you not mute him? then do so with voice coms. what a useless comment. you're probably 16 and talking about 12yrs old. ever played any other game that's a team game. they all use voice communication why??? because ITS a TEAM game. we are not there to write a novel. typing is so 2009. do you hear Dota players asking to remove voice coms? no people actually help one another. when u play cs go and someone is garbage. MOST of the time people try to help and give advice. because typing advice is wayyy to long. saying tho. takes 10seconds. and pings. people only spam pings, wowww sooo useful! and when they do so. i mute their pings... same with voice coms. you're annoying...muted. at least we can get on the same page. if someone wants to freeze, he's just gonna ping !!!!!!. he wont type his intentions. with voice coms. it would literally take 3seconds to say what his intention are. voice coms are the way to remove the games toxicity, its a fcking team game! you type to much. people say... you type to much stfu. you ping to much. people say you ping to much holy shit reported......and 90% of the players are tunneled vision and dont read chat. and how long deos it take to read a full sentence while in lane. You wont read it. PS: alot of people have problem with discord it makes their computer lag. im not one of those. but i've heard alot of people say so.

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