Sukishoo (NA)
: No, the only troll material here is you. You're just trying so hard to justify what was already given a proper punishment upon.
And that is your opinion, you werent in the game - you know literally nothing. its an automated system and it failed miserably. it will be fixed, and when it is, ill be back to laugh at you for think you arent an idiot.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Never? Oh really? Nice try
Oh, my bad, i wasnt aware that 1 other time in 1 for all meant u automatically know how shes played in a normal game where not everyone is Zyra. Bro ur fishing ssooooooo hard for troll material, just stop.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Swiftness {{item:3009}} is different from Speed {{item:1001}} . And that's not the point, the point of that was that you rushed those only to end up selling them later. People don't usually rush boots nor do they usually sell them once they have them. You sold them to buy {{item:1001}} and{{item:3285}} and later pick up {{item:3020}} which were proper boots for who you were playing. So you were obviously just trying to hide the fact that you weren't trying in the beginning.
Ive said 10x never played zyra, and i had no counter player to TF gold card brand combo, so i tried those boots, it was a normal game and everyone was going poorly so figured why not. That does not mean i should get banned for doing shitty.
: If you got permabanned over a single game (and had no previous punishments) then you either said zero tolerance words and the ticket was categorized wrong or you should send in a ticket because something probably went wrong.
I didnt say anything really, Brand ran it down lvl 1 or 2? chansed me under tower and traded and i said "Get inted" cause he ran it down. that was about it for the entirity of the game. there is no chat logs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Àátrox,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gPEtPEZO,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-02T15:40:44.198+0000) > > So i just got INSTA banned after a game (First game ive played Zyra, ever....) my entire team did poorly, my ezreal was trolling bot against a Brand/TF (Therefor 1 stun from either and im dead) - I was the support so it was my job to try and save my team when they did stupid sht which they did plenty of... I still outdmged my mid, and nearly outdmged my top - i was NOT a tank support, so trying to save my team almost certainly means im dead - look at EVERYONES scores... WHY would i be banned over 1 bad game? there was no INTENTIONAL inting... wtf is this riot? > > Looked at the link. What was you r chat? cuz you have a better KDA in that match then the majority of my teammates in promos in ranked. That match was just normal.
There was no chat - Ezreal said dont talk to be bronzie like 30 seconds in and began trolling - that was basically the chat all game.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, no. Kennen and Ez went even. Vlad and Shy did pretty bad, but you... you have 21 deaths in 34 minutes. That's Intentional. Especially having {{item:3009}} only to sell them later to act like you weren't feeding.
Good to know that boots of speed automatically means someones an inter, everytime i see a champ buy them from now on i guess ill just report them for inting, guess they better just remove the item from the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gPEtPEZO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-02T15:47:47.440+0000) > > You died 21 times in 34 minutes. That's a death not even every 100 seconds. > > It looks incredibly suspicious to say the least. Might be the system saw such an absurdly high death rate and assumed inting. Woah! He was just having a bad match.... At least that is what you and those below always say whenever I or someone else brings up inters. But this guy got banned and there are certain people that flock to the PB boards jsu tto grief those who have been banned, whether deserved or not.
To be honest, 90% of ppl commenting are simply greifers, cause they can get away with it here without really any reprocussions when they cant do it in game.
: If you somehow get this overturned I'd actually really like to know about it. I've hung out on the Boards *a lot* over the years, and there's only one case I recall where an Intentional Feeding ban was in error. Considering you can still do damage on a suicide run and your deaths slowed down later in the game, managing to out damage one ally isn't enough to convince me (or Riot) that you weren't trying to throw the early game. PS: The name was picked based on some misheard lyrics while I was on a date with the girl that became my wife. I like the juxtaposition of Doctor against Cyanide, and I needed a new username, so I started using it. I picked up League not long after. It has nothing to do with my behavior, in game or out.
Your behavior right now coincides with my comment. my build on a champ ive never played early was an attempt to counter what was getting me killed instantly. TF gold card into brand combo and i was dead every time. It didnt work, so i swapped boots later, EVERYONE had a bad game. plain and simple, i just wasnt in a role to do anything other than get rekt in team fights with their engage and CC.
Khabith (NA)
: After reading that comment, I don't think I would want you as a teammate. League does a good job of permabanning people. <3
It clearly doesnt, because trolls like you are still playing.
: Damage isn't the only or even the best indicator of intentionally feeding. Again, you should contact support via a [support ticket](, as we can't really overturn punishments on the boards.
I already have. However im enjoying all of the trolling and misinterpreted information that the board trolls hahve to offer as entertainment until my ticket is answered.
: Do these sorts of bans typically happen after only a single game? I thought it took more to ensure it wasn’t just a bad game?
Only 1 single bad game i have had. on a champ i had never played, with an equally bad team. yet here i am, banned for something i didnt do.
: Why does ranked make me so toxic
Dont even need to read what u said to simply reply with - This game is toxic, this community is toxic, people in general are toxic. Nothing u say or do will ever change that. just expect it.
: And intentional feeding should result in a ban. Simple as that. Oh wait, that's how it all works already.
Good thing i wasnt intentional feeding then. intentional feeding usually doesnt mean you outdmg ur teammates. I can tell by your name that you're a troll, so i wont feed into you anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=ForFoxSakes,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gPEtPEZO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-02T16:49:20.436+0000) > > His build looks ok?! by rushing boots in order to int and die faster? Again, that's tough to decide without seeing the replay. When I say his build looks ok, I'm not seeing a bunch of tears, or other items that would clearly indicate he wasn't trying to win.
Clearly i was trying to win or i wouldnt hav e outdmged my midlaner as a support.... just because im rusty at the game for not playing for extended periods of time doesnt mean i deserve a ban for having 1 really bad game.
: Considering how incredibly *rare* it is to get banned for Intentionally Feeding (a frequent complaint we see), I don't think this is going to be ignored by just saying "automated system is busted". Your story also contradicts your actions. Your first time playing an immobile champion, playing with an ADC not known for his burst and with no CC, playing *against* two champions with stuns and good burst damage, and you decide "lets tower dive at 2:50!" You *had* to know there was no way that was going to work out. Upon reviving, you come back *and immediately dive the enemy tower again* at 3:44! Your second death is right there at the edge of their tower range. You die again at 4:35 Again at 5:36 Again at 6:21 Bought {{item:3009}} Again at 7:10 Again at 8:01 Again at 8:49 Again at 9:36 Again at 11:49 Again at 13:47 Again at 15:46 Again at 17:06 Sold {{item:3009}}, bought {{item:1001}} {{item:3285}} Again at 19:20 - **BUT HOLD UP!** This is the first death of yours that Jarvan got a kill/assist on! You had 13 deaths in 2v2 encounters with your opposite bot lane. Don't act like you only died because they dog piled you all game, you intentionally fed. I'm not even going to go into the other deaths. You intentionally fed that early game.
Sure thing. made a support ticket. bad game should not result in a ban. simple as that.
: ah and now we insult :) ok let's go with that. I mean, I never ever died 21 minutes in a 34 minutes game, I never even died more than 20 times ever in any game. I tried to say it the nice way, but there is no way you can die that often without being either trolling <removed by moderation>. Now you can pick what you like better. And you didn't even say something about the point that you bought {{item:3009}} as your first item when you were behind instead of something like wards against "getting camped", or at least some hp so you don't get blown up. You say that your Ezreal is trolling and wasn't attacking, so if you knew that why did you still procced to dive and attack the enemies? Did you think if he "let you die" 2 times that he won't the next 19 times? Why didn't you just stay behind him? Why did you go into gold card and enemy tower range over and over and over again, for a total of 21 times? Didn't you get after the 3 or 4 death that there is something called playing safe? Sorry, but don't say I should "unnarrow my mind and eyesight and comprehend" when you come here with such a game. Even if you weren't inting, that's simply too bad to just be a "bad game". You can clearly see that you didn't try to stop dying for even just 2 minutes. Both TF and Brand have no hard engage, so stop trying to tell me that there wasn't a way for you to just stay out of their range, especially with {{item:3009}}.
Resorting to harrassment because you just cant accept that someone had a bad game on a champ they never played - so trying your best to make it out to be something it isnt, when that fails you resort to calling me retarded... why are you even on these forums commenting? you're the exact type of person someone doesnt want to play this game with.
: If that happens one time fine. But 4 times in min 3, min 4, min 7 and min 13? You really thought "hey, this dive didn't work, let's do it again and again when I know I'm "camped". Apart from the fact that it basically is impossible for the wave to be under the enemy tower by minute 4 if it were on minute 3 if you failed the dive. And when you didn't die there you died somewhere in the lane once a minute. Also, you rushed {{item:3009}} on min 6 without any other item but the start item, and only sold it later for the real boots.
I like how you're completely focusing on where i died and when - and not the "Why" - if you read, i said the ezreal was trolling from the get go, refused to help in any fights. and i was against a TF/Brand combo, TF card into brand stun = dead, TF card isnt a skill shot, so literally he just has to auto me once and im dead. i bought those boots to try and outrun him when he was gold carding. So yet again, back to the main point, there is no INTENTIONAL feeding here, just a bad game. so instead of nit picking literally EVERYTHING perhaps you could unnarrow your mind and eyesight and comprehend? But ur EU so i doubt any of thats going to happen.
Scuttle (NA)
: Unfortunately I can't download the game to watch it since it was a draft and not ranked. But I've honestly never seen someone have 21 deaths without inting. It's just beyond my comprehension. Submit a ticket to Riot support. No one can help you here. They may watch the game and determine themselves.
Its easy to die 21 times without actually inting... have a squish team with a troll ADC who just que'd up so he could troll his teammates, and face a heavy CC heavy DMG team that are actually playing to win. - proceed to pick a champ for the first time with no escape. there u go. 21 deaths. that doesnt mean there was any intentional feeding.
Àátrox (NA)
: Banned for "Inting" over 1 bad game where EVERYONE did bad?
I'll just let support handle it. Not even sure why i bothered making a post because i knew before hand that 99% of the people commenting would just troll without comprehending facts. Thanks anyways.
: You can see on the kill map when and where you died. Then I would like you to kindly explain to me how you were "camped" 4 times under the enemy turret.
Sure, diving with ezreal and got stunned by TF card and died. you know, league of legends? sometimes u dive turrets to get kills for ur ADC? just because i died under a turret suddenly means im inting? You can see from my match history i had 1 fairly bad game with a troll teammate. that doesnt mean i deserve to be banned for something i str8 up didnt do by an automated system.
: you had 21 deaths in a 34 minutes game, sorry that's simply not possible if you aren't trolling
Yes it is. if the enemy team sees ezreal say "9x zyra for inting" after 1 death, knowing the automated system is busted they proceed to camp u, ignoring everyone else to pad ur death numbers to make sure the automated system fks u over - And u clearly didnt read, first time zyra, ever... however that wasnt even the problem, my team was entirly squish and i was the support. ofc im going to get blown up by their dmg heavy CC heavy team. that doesnt mean i deserve to get banned for having 1 horrible game out of hundreds/thousands
Àátrox (NA)
: Banned for "Inting" over 1 bad game where EVERYONE did bad?
Yea im aware my deaths look horrible, but as i said, first time zyra, my ezreal was trolling and refused to fight at all watching and letting me dieif i got hit by a stun by TF or brand. But everyone did bad. I was the support, and the enemy team literally ignored everyone and went for me because ezreal kept saying "9x zyra for inting" from literally the first minion wave when brand ran under the tower to trade 1:1 with me. From that point they literally camped me to increase my deaths to report me... because this automated system is busted.
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