: Should Riot Create an Appeal System for Permanent Suspensions?
To reemphasize, I am in agreement that the genuinely toxic players who spread hate should be kept off the game, but those who vented out of frustration should be at least given a format that gives them a chance to get the account they've spent countless hours and/or money on. I understand that the creation of this appeal system would cost money, but for a multi-billion dollar company who "cares" about its users, it is chump change in the big scheme of things.
Chermorg (NA)
: There have been multiple cases, even at least one in the past couple days, where someone got their account unbanned when it was incorrectly punished. Appeals based on "this punishment was inaccurate and should never have been issued", if valid, will **always** be granted. Appeals based on "I just want one more chance" will **never** be granted. Most of the appeals are of the second type.
When you say incorrectly punished can you extrapolate please? As in the player was banned for no apparent reason, or as in the player was in fact toxic but given too extreme a punishment? Because i'm referring to the idea of acceptance of toxicity but being over punished for the issue at hand.
Ulanopo (NA)
: >However, I think that it's an absolutely abhorrent digression to not allow so much as an appeal to the basic deletion of an account. This isn't true. You're always welcome to appeal by way of support ticket. It's really rare to win the appeal - it only happens under certain highly specific circumstances - but the possibility does exist. The larger reason why the "punishment volcano" is structured with little leniency is because Riot's statistical analysis shows that people who are going to reform generally do so regardless of the punishment applied. A warning and a 14-day have approximately the same effect, so they choose not to screw around. They want to remove problem players as quickly and cleanly as possible while still holding open the opportunity of reform for those who choose it.
As far as bans from "toxicity" go there is a zero percent turnover rate on appeals that come in to riot, meaning that if you've been banned for toxicity, you have no chance of getting that account back.
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