: I guess you have never met ADC players then, because that is exactly what they say. I was watching Doublelift the other day and he was talking about how its funny how everyone in chat is saying Talon is OP because the Talon against him was popping off and oneshotting him, but how Talon is actually a garbage champion. Damage has always been this high, getting caught out as a champion with no defenses always meant death past 10 minutes. Thing is in low elo, unskilled players are always going to play the champions that just rely on 1 shot checking each other because both players are building full damage and have garbage positioning and map awareness.
Because Twitch chat is a reliable source of reference. True, carry on.
DeusVult (NA)
: Player builds 0 MR, eats an entire tanks kit when they are two levels down from the tank dies -surprised Pikachu instantly goes on boards and types up a thread on how tank damage is too high
Right, cause a tank with 0 damage items should be solo killing people while having CC only every spell? -surprised pikachu-
: I should be able to build glass cannon and get caught out, cc chained for 3 seconds and survive -adc players
1) No ADC player has ever written a nonsense like that 2) Nice paraphrasing it’s pretty bad way to sum up OPs main point. 3) There’s been numerous of threads calling for damage to be lowered but when an ADC mains calls for damage to be lowered it’s always seen as a invalid argument followed by a nonsensical response like yours. Nice ADC hate boner you got going.
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: Give Darius R reset-indicator like Pyke R has
Because Pyke R is an actual execute that’s guaranteed. Darius R is not and you can fail to properly reset at times.
: > [{quoted}](name=Áery,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U7FRmWNR,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2019-11-14T01:00:06.956+0000) > > The champion is literally at a 47% win rate and recently had another nerf thrown at her. > > Her late game scaling has already been nerfed as she’s mostly an AS/On hit champ and her E is what put her over the top as her kit is pretty much similar to Kog’Maw and other on hit champions that rely on AS. > > CLEARLY, this thread is knit picking and the only argument is “look at the win rate of her mains” > > Like no shit, you mean to me a person who’s experienced on a champ will know how to play them better and have a higher win rate?*Shocker* > > Meanwhile she’s at a measly 47% overall. People just wanna complain without learning how to get better. Other champions get gutted because of pro play and she shouldn't be an exception. Ask any high elo player. They will tell you she is OP. You can block your ears and yell "but muh stadistics" and it doesn't matter.
Except those champions mostly held a good win ratio in solo queue before they all were gutted in most cases. Do your homework before crying
: Thats not the "only arguement" though My point in including win rates was also to show how frequently she was played, which in total among 15 people was nearly 14 thousand (13,968 exactly with the stats provided) games. and the average win rate for these 15 people was 52.13% which means out of 14 thousand games this abomination was picked, she won 7,263 if of those games. However if you were to look at the entire post, you'd also see that I called out how safe she is, while having an incredibly versatile build path that makes her damn near impossible to pin down when anyone with half a brain is playing her. Not only that, I mentioned how she has the best of nearly every adc wrapped up in one kit Lets list off what she has, shall we? Passive: 5 stack auto passive with an execute that procs off your w provided you have the plasma stacks necessary to proc it Q: Wave clear, pushing power, incredibly high single target burst. Decent bonus ad scaling with okay ap scaling as well. W: Long range poke, and with minimal ap can chunk any squishy it hits at an okay base damage and a 150% total ad ratio, and a 60% ap ratio. Also reveals anything it, and applies 2 stacks of plasma when not upgraded, 3 when upgraded. E: Extra movement speed during its duration (a very important stat for ad carries since it allows them to kite away from oncoming threats) as well as an attack speed steroid which you claim was nerfed, but in reality it's still completely fine at 40% rank 1 and 60% as at max rank. Oh, it also reduces its cool down when you auto someone and when upgraded you have a .5 second stealth. Which, with that reduced cool down you end up having it up quite often in fights. R: Self shield and 1500/2000/2500 unit range dash that while limited to being only on plasma marked targets, its not hard to auto someone once if you get caught out or during a skirmish or team fight to gain that extra distance onto a key target or get yourself away from someone. Might I also mention she also has a 75 / 100 / 125 (Base) with a 100 / 150 / 200% AD/ 75% AP Ratio on that shield? They're also total ratios so its not like Jayce and his bonus ad ratios hindering his late game damage. She has high single target damage, very high scaling and a very good early to boot. She fits in most team compositions and she's probably the hardest adc in the game to pin down because on top of all that burst, mobility and durability She can also build a Zhonyas. Remind me what my only arguement for her needing a nerf is again?
1) You know every single champion has a higher than average win rate for experienced players right? It’s almost as if playing a champion and dedicating yourself to it you’d know how to play them better than your average 47% joe. This argument is literally horrendous and such a knit pick. 2) Congrats, you just described all of Kai’Sa abilities. I can do this too Ezreal, Azir, Sylas, Akali etc all of which have a lower win rate than Kai’Sa. 3) No Marksman has nor would they need bonus AD ratio. That’ll render them completely useless in the early as most of their kits are already insufficient for early game action. 4) But she sure as hell doesn’t have a good early game. The only thing good about her early game is that her Q can shove the wave some decent. Her early game damage compared to other Marksman is quite lack lustre and she can easily get pinned down in the early game due to lack of mobility unlike the later stages where she has better mobility. 5) Nope, hardest ADCs to pin down is and will always be Ezreal and Tristana. Kai’Sa comes no where close to these two in terms of mobility. 6) Zhonya is a defensive item with little trade of damage.
: Start by removing the Q's extra damage on Low HP minions. Or remove her ultimate shield. The ability is good enough without a shield specially when you factor in her burst damage and her stealth. Can also gut her W damage when building AP. There's 0 reason why this ability should be chunking squishies for 40% of their HP. She is not a mage. Honestly there's a bunch of nerfs Kaisa's overloaded kit can take and Riot is taking their sweet time. All of her abilities scale ridiculously, no artillery marksman scales like she does so why is she allowed to?
The champion is literally at a 47% win rate and recently had another nerf thrown at her. Her late game scaling has already been nerfed as she’s mostly an AS/On hit champ and her E is what put her over the top as her kit is pretty much similar to Kog’Maw and other on hit champions that rely on AS. CLEARLY, this thread is knit picking and the only argument is “look at the win rate of her mains” Like no shit, you mean to me a person who’s experienced on a champ will know how to play them better and have a higher win rate?*Shocker* Meanwhile she’s at a measly 47% overall. People just wanna complain without learning how to get better.
: "This community" is a massive fractured one, of which only those who are most dissatisfied will actually take excessive amounts of time away from playing the game to post constantly on forums and boards such as this one. This latest urf cycle is a great example. URF comes back, and suddenly everyone is complaining. URF leaves, and suddenly everyone wants it back. That's because it's two entirely separate groups. Yes, some people wanted what you say, but it's impossible to generalize the community so flagrantly while still being consistent.
The idea that Riot was trying too hard to “enforce a meta” in previous seasons was something A LOT of players complained about in the past not only on the boards but even in Riot polls people never liked this idea. But here we are in 2019 and this idea has literally been the worse single thing to fuck up this game. It’s come to the point where I’m in champ select and I can’t even recognize what I’m going to play/lane against and choose my runes blindly. Honestly looks like they were “enforcing a meta” for the better of this game cause these days this game is an actual dumpster fire when you can’t even recognize what you’re going to play against cause almost every champion is a flex pick now.
: Riot gave up on supports being supports when they made Pyke.
Not really, more like they are listening to this community that has been crying for the longest while about wanting to "play anything any where and build whatever they want" Riot literally took that and this is what we have today and this community should be blamed for it not Riot because you sure as hell bet they'll be making more carry oriented "supports" don't be surprised if they decide to make an actual AP carry support in the near future and this is what the community asked for. This community cried for the longest while to play anything any where and have more diversity and I said that was a bad idea and here we are today and the dumb part is Riot actually supports this garbage with their recent "Is it meta" video, they now support AD Ahri carry, AP Leona Top but more importantly they support the support role for actually being able to play things other than tanks and enchanters and want to include AP, Assassins, Marksmans etc. People are complain about Yasuo being broken in three different roles yet they literally asked for a single champion to be played any where with success. A single champion is designed for a single role and should be as so. Top laners don't want ranged champions Mid laners don't want tanks or bruisers. Bottom laners don't want two carries in one lane. Simple as that but this community asked for it and so they shall receive.
Damocles (NA)
: season 9 champs need to be removed from this game
Neeko and Sylas ain’t that bad but the rest I agree can go. Especially Akali, all that needs to be said was that champ was reworked by CertainlyT.
: This is an elaborate "My teams hold me back" post. If you were a diamond player you'd get there eventually, like it might take you a few weeks of playing the game to get from P1->D4->D3. I remember it taking Yassuo 3 weeks of grinding to get to D2 and then it was plain sailing for him. That's a challenger player climbing from Plat to Mid diamond taking 3 weeks of games, like it's not easy You've got to expect less from Platinum players I think, they're not well-rounded great players, they will have strengths and weaknesses Making the ranked season start in a shit show isn't a good idea at all, also if they didn't deserve their rank they would be a dead weight in games and fall in rank
That's a very poor observation based on what I wrote, but sure.
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yåwn (NA)
: Interesting, so they said PBE is unavailable for "Network Operations" starting 90 minutes ago... about the same time people crashed from their game and can't reconnect. Sounds like someone shut down a few wrong servers. Also... I am sure the Riot staff having anything to do with World's have nothing to do with running their global network operations.
This isn't the first time something happened on NA that people had to wait for prolonged period before everything was solved. Reason being is most Rioters don't come in for work until their regular 9-5 and it's happened in the past before where issues aren't noted until about 9:30am (PST). The people who handle PBE are a completely different team and aren't aware and even if they are aware they probably only pass on a message.
: I mean, my most played summoner spell combination is exhaust flash, but whatever you say.
: ***
Yeah tell me more how a Fiddle Ken and Illaoi will need exhaust in a team fight when they are already good team fighters. Edit: Just realized he edited his message ok then
Moody P (NA)
: Use it against champions with big teamkill moments like fiddle and kennen or Illaoi and you'll see that the summoner is still good It's not meant to be a hard shutdown and it shouldn't go back to being one. But it gives you plenty of time to react to someone who could have otherwise wiped out multiple people immediately if you didn't check them with Exhaust.
Literally none of these champions have no reasons to run exhaust as they are already good in team fights with their huge AoE. Exhaust isn't even meant to be a team fighting ability it's meant to be a single hand use on a specific champion in order to negate their damage. This is why in the past most mid laners ran this against assassins specifically as assassins burst the most. However there's no use as ignite out trades any exhaust user at all stages.
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: Why can you go below 0 lp
You have a threshold of +100 LP (Promos) -100 LP (Demotion). This was hidden before but if you actually did the math -100 LP is a demotion unless you're shielded.
Rupture (EUNE)
: Ezreal giving vocal warnings when certain champions are near
It’s not a bug he’s been doing this for some while now as it suppose to fit in with his explorer kind of lore. As far as I can remember he’s been doing this as far back as S6 to my recollection.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: the "League is dying" argument
League had plateaued awhile ago even if more people are playing the question remains how often are they playing? This could just be old players playing every now and then A better stat to look at would be monthly players. I use to play this game almost daily now I barely play monthly. Not to also mention Riot did state people were more likely to stop playing after URF is gone. Their revenue has dropped. Though this could be cause of all the free things they give out now. I personally have noticed more increased surveys asking about other games and such for comparative reasons.
: Tank meta was the "tank" 1-shotting squishies because Sunfire and Iceborn did so much damage. If you recall some "other tank meta" then please inform me. I really don't think half the people that talk about the "tank meta" even played during that time.
Show me a video of a ice born+ sun fire tank one shotting a squishy and I’ll agree Oh wait.. you can’t
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Noctís (EUW)
: Request , another Semi Locked Camera
I pretty much had to learn how to play with a locked and unlocked camera for the most part because of this I use to try semi-locked but the fact it didn’t reset back to off-set was so frustrating and confusing cause you’d lose sight of your champion so quick.
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Kaisha (NA)
: The whole game is broken.
Not even a single downvote lmao https://imgur.com/oIv4NGY
: So you want to climb ? I got a nice tip for you
This has nothing to do with skill just general toxicity lol...
: silver 4
Yes it’s an easy elo to climb out of if anything
: 49 days later, Spear of Shojin still exists
Riot: Damage is high Also Riot: Let’s introduce an item that’ll maximize your DPS
: because they wanted to drink but the bartender says to them " sorry theres no counter".
Nice circklejerk I'm just asking a genuine question here If anything Yasuo is balanced now, that's a 6/0 Yasuo doing almost no damage with his ult and knockup after his recent nerfs.
Manxxom (NA)
: why is the nasus powerwalking away along with the yasuo is the real question.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0dmgV0Tmw Thanks for asnwering my question btw
: I just played my first Vayne game in over awhile
_"Vayne should never be meta, when she is, theres a problem" - Scarra 2016_
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: sterak's is melee only because ranged champs abused it worse
LMAO he literally contradicted himself
: Hot take: "high damage" is just an excuse for poor macro and bad play.
High damage has been attributed by low item cost, earlier power spikes because of minion gold, lower base armor/MR, runes that output damage. Change my mind.
Neriticc (EUW)
: 2019 and Sheen is still bugged on Graves.
Don’t need a 3k health with empower right click to plague the game. There’s a reason why Riot has left it, he’s already frustrating enough.
IAmTheLego (EUNE)
: Why are Asian servers' rules very different than ours?
It’s not different, it’s the same rules it’s just that it’s poorly enforced that’s why it runs rampant on those servers. It’s like certain laws in certain countries, they may share the same laws as other countries but some are poorly enforced in some countries. On a side note stop trying to justify this behaviour, it’s not accepted anywhere.
: [Gameplay] Yasuo not disabled during ultimate while triggering Sleepy Trouble Bubble
I’m pretty sure J4 and Ezreal interact the same way. Heck even Tristana can buffer this too.
Rioter Comments
: You're right, and I should have actually responded to one of the other Riven-related threads a few days ago. Good call.
Kanzler (NA)
: I never said they didn't. Im asking if they should do so again. Also again, why are you so intent on nerfing the champion when there may be an underlying cause elsewhere? Wouldn't you rather a proper investigation of the discrepancy resulting in a correct decision? Otherwise it just sounds like you want to play wack-a-mole with the nerf bat, then complain when the balance team sucks.
There’s no “underlying” cause other than the fact she’s a popular champion here in conjunction with Conqueror and SoJ. Same concept as low elo vs high elo, low elo will always play less mechanically intense champions vs high elo that plays what is good on said patch and this can be said by region, when you certain play rates of champions they differ by region because of simply personal interest. Then you have pro play vs ranked, same concept. If you look at China Master Yi has always been a popular pick because of how easily he gets ahead and how easily he can boost games. However she’s amassed a high ban rate and win rate across most regions and this is the reasoning for the complaints.
Kanzler (NA)
: Is this not simply a test on playing against riven? Besides, is it really correct to nerf/buff because of one region instead of a trend across all regions? Why are you against more investigation as to why riven is too strong in only 1 region?
Like I mentioned before there are a lot of one tricks in NA compared to other regions. It’s like economics, there is demand if you supply, so why make supply for equality if one sector is demanding more? Also Riot has indeed nerf other champions in the past for being too strong in one region.
Kanzler (NA)
: People are butthurt because they think it's some conspiracy against the west. In reality, it's an interesting piece of data since it widely differs by region. If you are taking a test and 1 of 5 people think it is too hard, would you immediately think there was a problem with the test and drmand changes without additional investigation? It's the same with balance. Is the champion really too strong or does the meta, playstyle, strengths/weaknesses in one region cause the champion to appear too strong?
That's a horrible analogy because a test is designed to test an individual about their intellectual intelligence on the said topic. Raw data on the other hand is facts, whether you believe it on or not. However you're missing the main point here which is in the past certain champions have been nerfed because of certain regions then NA should be no acception.
Kanzler (NA)
: Instead of getting butthurt, maybe you guys should show curiosity as to why there is such a different perception across regions. Maybe she is a noob stomper and us westerners are all noobs {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
How is this butthurt? It's been stated by even pro players that there is significantly more one tricks in NA than there is in Korea or other regions this is why she's being picked a lot. But if Twisted Fate is going to receive a nerf because of his popularity back in S5 Korea Riven should be no exception.
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Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Áery,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zlBGvLeJ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-03-08T22:50:14.052+0000) > > Funny last I checked most of these champions are the most complained about except the 3 I mentioned. Even Riot mentioned some of these champions are a failure such as LB and Vlad. They are the most complained about because they are the most played and people get front row seats to their particular bullshit. If Mundo were to become meta tomorrow, there would be people who say he is the most poorly designed or least enjoyable champion to play against which we have seen happen multiple times in the past. Karthus went from being an absolute joke to suddenly being cancer. Renekton way back in the day was seen as a troll pick then other champions around him got nerfed and suddenly he is the cancer top lander. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the same thing happen to Olaf soon with his pro play he is getting.
Except most of the champions you’ve named have clear counters. Mundo and grevious sounds. Karthus with a bunch of ways to dodge his ult. Renekton susceptibility to poke. These champions are frustrating when they’re strong because they leave you with minimal counter play that even a Rioter themselves said they are poorly designed. Ofc people will always complain about whatever champion is on top the play list but that doesn’t mean they lack counter play, but in this case all these champion lack very minimal and have been nerfed quite a lot.
Jamaree (NA)
: Just because you don't like them, doesn't mean they are "most hated".
Funny last I checked most of these champions are the most complained about except the 3 I mentioned. Even Riot mentioned some of these champions are a failure such as LB and Vlad.
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