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: First Win of the Day missing
Yeah, mine is missing too. {{item:3070}}
: Hey Porocles. I have the most recent MacBook Air (2015 model) and I am having an issue when champ select closes and the loading screen should launch. First, I experience a blank white screen, followed by an empty loading screen with the loading icon at the bottom right frozen. After about a minute, everything finally loads up, but this delay is something I have not experienced before, and it is quite annoying. What would you suggest?
I'm not entirely sure if this will help, but my siblings and I have found that spamming enter, spacebar, and shift sometimes helps. I do not know why, but that fixes like 95% of our loading screens on our Macs.
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: [suggestion] Please let us resize the client
Yeah, I have the same problem. I'm wondering tho if it's only on certain OS's though. I'm using a Mac, which I believe is up to data on Yosemite. I have to turn automatic show/hide task bar on to see the bottom of my form. I also think the client itself shouldn't just start out so large in the first place as it makes switching programs slightly frustrating as you can not simply click on the open tab being blocked
: In regards to 3) yes, comment here and/or submit feedback though the alpha client front page. Lower left of the page just after you log in is the link to submit feedback to the devs, who check these boards sometimes, but will check feedback submitted through the button on the alpha client front page more frequently.
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: 4) The client is separate from the game itself, it switches into a different back end when you load into a game. IF for some reason the Alpha Client isn't letting you get into a game, simply log into the old client and load into the game from there :)
: 1) It is grey at the top. This is their indication that it will be implemented at a later date (see game modes for another example) 2) Yes, this is just a client overhaul, not a separate set of games like PBE (to my understanding) 3) I think that and bug finding is the intent of these discussion boards :) 4) I cannot answer this for certain, but I would assume no. This is an opt in thing, and testing the client is accepting that risk. However, ranked is disabled so you aren't at risk of losing precious LP in this alpha stage of the client.
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: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
When you own all of these runes already{{item:3070}} Its even sadder than amumu having no friends{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} Hopefully theres something good about this if u own everything, like amumu might find a friend with kindred. Prob not tho xD
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Instabuy xD I main jg and play adc alot too, so this is my type of champion :D
: New free champion rotation: Draven, Nidalee, Garen and more!
: Dark Horses: Support Nautilus
I thought this was already a thing, and a pretty good 1 to, considering I'm always Nautilus supp when i play supp... Guess it isnt known enough. {{champion:111}} ftw
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
I GOT POOL PARTY ZIGGS!!! TY TY TY RIOT {{champion:115}}
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: 1st!!! 😃 luv the artwork
Lol guess not lol... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY 🎅🎁🎄
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: Community Creations: Poro countdown to 2015
: Just out of curiosity, does this system know the difference between intentional and unintentional AFKs? Will a player who is experiencing internet problems receive the same treatment from this system as a player who is going into the menu and hitting the "Leave game" button? Or does there need to be such a frequency for the Leaverbuster system to punish you that it doesn't really matter that you have internet issues, as long as it doesnt happen every game?
Yeah. I don't want to be punished if I'm have internet/emergency problems :/ Does the leaver buster reset after a while so that you don't get punished if you reach a certain amount of afks even though your last previous one was like 5 months ago?
: After reading this pretty deep article on Lol's growth, I found myself taking a trip down memory lane and remembered all the good times I've after reminiscing hard...I stupidly scrolled down to the comment section....only to find whiners that want URF back, whiners that can't appreciate the good riot has done...literally, in every article there has to be a scrub that screams about bringing urf back and more scrubs that agree with him/her...why can't y'all just accept that URF isn't coming and stop being annoying brats. It gives an image of an eternally dissatisfied community that, at this moment, with this article leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Feel free to downvote me to death...{{summoner:11}}
I agree; stop complaining. URF will return, so keep yourself busy with the dreams of how much fun you'll have when URF comes back. This is a page about how LoL has progressed, and it's a moving article. Try to enjoy it. Keep calm and play LoL{{champion:150}}


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