: Why I think Sona deserves a Star Guardian skin.
dam odyssey sona made ol girl so mad she started talking like mr. krabs
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SirHydro (NA)
: So, Kayn stomps you all game long, probably killed you ten times. Late game, you go full AP, gimping your team by not going support, get 1 kill, then you brag? Lol and you use a picture of Sasuke from Naruto. It's so fitting. That ego of your's is showing ^__^
: the guy who made this meme is feeling a bit salty that he made it and isnt getting the credit for it Some one told him he should have watermarked it.
: Almighty push _\*Q-AA deletes Kayn\*_
CLG ear (NA)
: [balance] riot can you delete the game
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: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
whats the lore on cyber pop zoe she out here in the project universe?
: {{champion:98}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:12}} All of these champions unfortunately received half-assed work to them that SHOULD have been Ezreal level VGUs, but instead just slapped new paint on ugly VOs and animations and got updated kits, and then were left in the gutters. Not. a. single. one. has a recall animation. None of them have homeguards. Maokai's voice was only updated because Swain's voice actor was on site and they realized they could do Maokai as a side gig. All of these champions need to have their animations broken down and replaced entirely by a while new rigging. I mean, at least Aatrox was newer and most of his movements could be preserved without having him look weird, but even still, a huge chunk of how he moves WAS replaced with his VGU. But when someone like Miss Fortune and Fiora don't have seamless dance animations that don't clip the model horrendously in the process, I consider that a design fail. And Shen still runs with that horrible clipped heel trot, while Singed look like he's having a seizure when he's dancing. And that's not event discussing the like 8 voice lines that Singed and Alistar have, nor Sona and Miss Fortune's continued insistence on calling you Summoner. They're all in a poor state, and Riot for some reason considers this acceptable. They're not modernized. They just look fancy, but the underbelly of the beast is old and rotting. They need to be fixed and completed.
they rly left sona in the dust. they haven't touched her in like, years {{sticker:sona-playing}} {{item:3070}}
: Who's on your list for an Ezreal tier revamp?
{{champion:37}} absolutely. i know she got one in the past but like, that was in 2014 or 2015. thats a long ass time ago look at her, shes dated af even with the DJ sona skin her default skin's model & animations look so stiff compared to other champs. and her kit is like, hello? the way shes currently set up rn with the whole trend of 'earlier games is better!!' she's boutta be left behind in the dust if she dont get a makeover. if they do her justice like they did with ezreal u know my ass is gonna come thru. bet.
: As someone who loves the skin, I agree. As someone who considers the practical effects of this request, I wonder how riot would do it. All I can think of is a "chroma" package that has some new colors and songs for her.
i agree with this 100%, like an alternative form pack with different colors & tracks
Ralanr (NA)
: For a guy who claims he had to eat rats in prison, Sylas is well shaven.
he wouldn't wanna eat twitch he would fucking die {{champion:29}}
: Anyone miss the old original kit on some champions?
: Permaban over a game I wasn't in?
yo yall better come thru for this guy he has 31k BE do u know how many zoes that can buy
EdgeLady (NA)
: It was confirmed they're not, although it was hinted that she's in the same universe as DJ Sona.
dam what confirmed they werent in the same universe?
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: Yasuo is still stupid. And broken.
yasuo gave me clinical depression i feel like yasuo players are the same as genji/hanzo mains in overwatch, they always flock to the ninja character because they're OP or "he looks so cool!!" and they're almost always bm spammers, how many times have you played with/against a yasuo and they haven't flamed you in team chat, or said some really cocky things after getting a kill/an ace in all chat?
: New free champion rotation: Sona, Draven, Swain and more!
Ugh, now there are gonna be nub {{champion:37}} 's ;_; (Sona main here ;_;)


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