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: TFT is pissing me off.
streamers have a bypass on the queue. If you are not a famous streamer, idk why you would log out
RomanNid (NA)
: d2 jg smurfing in silver gold lf duo smurfs
add me
: need 1 for silv/gold flex. diamonds on alt accounts.
Ishe (NA)
: [NA] Diamond 3+ Team LF ALL Roles I can play Mid/ADC/Support
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: I just promoted from gold bud. Climbed all the way from silver. I have 60 plus percent win rate on all my main champs, but okay, be rude .
I'm saying don't gatekeep at your elo since like you said there could be golds that are climbing.
: Plat Mid/Ad Lf Someone to Climb With
*P4 0LP* "Must be Plat"
: why did i get placed in a game with 3 adcs twice ?
Quixoft (NA)
: Plat Level ADC main LF High Gold Low Plat Supp main DUO
Ðaze (NA)
: Ranked 5s team Looking For High Plat/Diamond JG, ADC, Support
Ðaze (NA)
: Ranked 5s team Looking For High Plat/Diamond JG, ADC, Support
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: Diamond Team LF P-D Mid for Competitive LoL
it doesn't let me add you on discord so I used to do the VG tourneys nightly back when that was a thing
Nektonic (NA)
: Kings of Eden holding Top and Jungle Tryouts
IGN : FeRR DaZe Age : 20 Time Zone : Eastern Highest Rank Achieved : D4 80 LP Primary roll you're trying out for: Jungle Other Rolls you'd care to try out for (Type N/A if it doesn't apply to you) : Mid/Support Have you ever been on a 5's team? : Yes many Goals for the team : Diamond + Strong points (List as many that apply) : Shot calling and decision making. Ability to turn a small lead into a big one Weak points (List as many that apply) : Try too hard to compensate for a bad play. Invade with less than optimal vision Comfort shotcalling (1-10 Ten being very strong and one being incredibly weak at shotcalling) : 9 Reasons for trying out : Ranked 5s is much better than solo queue, want to improve myself and be part of a team.
: Diamond ranked 5s - Team Blue Milk - Looking for serious diamond mid laner
-IGN: FeRR DaZe -5 Main champs: Viktor, Brand, Fizz, Xerath, Orianna -Availability: after 5pm EST during week, all weekend -Why should you be chosen?: Very serious about joining a long term ranked 5s team willing to work and improve -What are your strengths: Game knowledge, micro and macro strategy, consistency, don't go on tilt. -What are your weaknesses: Don't roam enough
LordTx (NA)
: Ranked Team For Rewards
IGN: Ferr Daze Rank: Diamond 5 40LP Role: ANY, pref Jungle/Mid/ADC
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: Creating Team Plat+
Add me in game. FeRR DaZe. I'm plat
: New 5s ranked team PLat+
add me in game. Ferr Daze
You need a new support. Nobody will join with a Silver. No offense.
CL Daze (NA)
: New League, Must have good knowledge about NA and EU LCS. Want it to be competitive
League is full, just waiting for draft to be available, then we will draft. Please be ready
: New Fantasy League
League is full, can we draft in 20 minutes?


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