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: You can add me in-game name Luminiscous. Let's have a nice talk!
: OwO wats Dis? SuppOwOt Wooking fwr AweptimwistiQ, Chwarismwatiq Silber 4 Pwayer
: you know I have been reading the guides recently and it looks like gold 5 doesn't exist anymore. that must mean you don't exist. or none of us exist. I have more questions than I have answers.
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: Dodging Games
I have to agree. Besides the lp loss for a dodge is so much less than the loss for a game. I'd rather just dodge then spend 30 minutes on a loss. I can guess the counter argument would be you would have people abusing that somehow, but in this system new its the same as if you were to have to wait the 5 minutes from dodging yourself. In that case I'd still rather have people dodge trolling. than a 30 minute loss
: the absolute worse players you can take advice from are plat
Well i figure that diamonds dont roam the boards for players looking for help. they play games
: ***
I don't get it. Why would I want to ask for advice from someone in the same situation as I am.
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: I know how to counter a fed Zed
: Maybe we can have him hold more bullets in his gun... (Incoming meme)
: I know this may seem weird, but buy Rageblade on Jhin. Why is because it has some kinda weird interaction with him where it gives him a few thousand AD with the rest of his full build (which is otherwise standard crit).
doesnt rageblade take a alot of autos to set up to be useful in quick succession. since he only has 4 autos. and rageblade needs 6. its situational.
: Jhin
i think they should remove his execute damage and give his w root a debuf that grants jhins abilities bonus damage. that way he is still a long range sniper assassin. but isnt reliant on his damage coming from the execute damage. since an adc needs to be able to kill tanks. the bonus should be % max healh
: Doing this better than last time
i think maybe the damage on her kit is too much for an adc. i mean look at other adcs. they dont have that much damage in their kit. and kaisa still has autos like regular adcs that are still as potent. and to have mobility like that on top of it. reminds me of a kogmaw but with quin ult
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: 1. Forget about fighting and just cs. Check my history I made a long post to another guy recently about how to improve cs. 2. Play tank divers. This way you can be useful in sponging damage as you learn better how to get back out of a fight. 3. Freezing. Again check my history for links. 4. Best way to learn positioning is to look at replays where you positioned poorly and see where else you could have stood. I canr fix positioning from text alone without the same old "hit the highest priority target that is safe to hit" shpeel. 5. Go to and look up their match up their win rates in different match ups. For both of them cc layering is super important for their best damage combos
How do I position when they have alot of divers or a Fed diver. Idk if I should stay as far away as possible and expect them to come or let them come and somehow outplay
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: If I get knocked up I can't possibly get hit while in the air
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: > [{quoted}](name=Dominick Destine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M8Q8QEuq,comment-id=00070001000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-29T00:14:21.991+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} > > Elsewhere stories/alternate universe stories are non canon and do not count as feats. > > For the love of god, please just stop. I am a fan of Batman and I typically get bunched in with people that argue what you are arguing. Batman [allegedly] defeated "The entire justice league" in Tower of Babel, but also recently after the New 52 Justice League was corrupted by Joker Venom [Both feats are canon].... in both instances it was unbelievable levels of PIS (Plot induced stupidity) and arguably, CIS (Character induced stupidity) as well. These are the closest you will ever get to a canon instance of Batman "defeating" Superman. > > Batman is very cool, but if Superman is even slightly trying, he could easily kill him... and before you pull out the "BUT KRYPTONITE".... Metallo is a Superman villain that has greater base statistics (Can be amped) than Batman by a factor of about 1 million [I.e. about 1 million times stronger, faster and more durable than Batman].... he has kryptonite and loses anyway. > > Superman is overpowered. Does this really need to be presented? just no man, Batman cannot beat Superman if Superman is not horribly depowered and also trying to win.... to put it in simple terms, if Maxwell Lord had sent Superman to KILL Batman, Batman would have died [A canon instance of Superman being mind controlled]. > > To answer your earlier question; Yes, I read comics, maybe you should too.... it shows very clearly that Batman is no match... this is why almost every Batman vs. Superman story requires Superman to be either super depowered or NOT wanting to fight Batman... or both. Nah dude, Batman doesn't need Kryptonite. Batman is stronk af boi. He can knock superman out with one flick of the dick. Superman's anus never stood a chance against the penetration. Meanwhile, just like in injustice 2, he imprisoned Superman in his kinky sex dungeon where he raped him for decades until Superman killed himself in May of 2064.
You got lynched. honestly dominik please do it again it was sexy
: then play ahri with {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3100}} and go jungler. because you didnt answer my question at all.
to answer your origional question hybrid is cool energy and recourceless, but that kinda limits options. and mages/fighters
: well... do you want a champion with phsyical or magical abilities or both? do you want an energy champ, a fury champ, a resourceless champ, a mana champ? do you want a mage,fighter,tank,assassin,support,marksman?
Id say {{champion:103}} is my favorite. however i have a friend that i literally dont play without and he worships the midlane. and honestly as long as i play with him i shouldnt set foot there. hes too good. idk if {{champion:103}} gives you a good perspective. but due to the fact that i tend to go too all in i think a tank is best for me. however i suspect i could grow out of that. any thoughts?
: Try {{champion:27}} you basically just poison the entire lane. Also {{champion:101}} mid, he basically just harasses shooting clear across the lane. {{champion:110}} is probably the best adc for that due to his arrows.
Is {{champion:101}} good recently i dont see him that much. and a good {{champion:27}} makes games comical but he isnt ranged. i think i find ranged also a preference. or at least a ranged ability.
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Sandixcx (NA)
: First you need to get your roles down. If you want to jungle, then sure. Jungle if you want. It's a good idea to only play one or two roles unless autofilled. Don't go mid one game, then adc another, then jungle and top and support and mid, top, jungle, support, adc, mid. Focus on a couple things at once, don't go everywhere at once.
how about a reccomendation. i think that i should learn what the community needs. like if more supports are needed. or toplaners.
: Advice for a struggling player
is cs and lane control the most important. as in. if i were to focus on those things alone first. i could get better. once i have those down?
Sandixcx (NA)
: Only play 1-3 champions. Tbh I only play 1 when it's not ARAM. Even in norms. But I do have a backup that I'm pretty confident on that I can fall to if I ever need. Think about what you're doing and why you're doing it. ALWAYS. Also, work on map awareness. It really helps when splitpushing. If your whole team is behind, don't go for teamfights. Not even a 1v1 unless you're the only one fed. Just farm. Stall. Farm and stall until lategame where the gold is caught up. Don't be that one carry that goes in and does a 1v5, dies, and then throws a possibly winnable game. Also, WARD. This guy has videos with a ton of stuff in them, and I apply them to other lanes even though I don't play Vayne, and they've been a huge help to playing against certain champions.
what if i wanted to jungle
: Creep score is a good place to start, not only that but this is the perfect time to come back, since there is a practice tool now. CS and trading with the enemy champion(s) in your lane inbetween of CSing is very important, generally CS is the way you become strong (gold) you can be 0/4/0 but if you had control over your lane and make it back before the enemy CS crashes on your turret you can have a good amount of gold. So its a good starting point, that and I don't know what position you play, if you play support disregard all I just said (unless you buy {{item:3302}} ) and find help from someone else :b
i dont particularly like sup. but it seems to be unloved
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