: Why towers are less effective even without being weaker
> 3. **There's more cc and burst** this
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TheDonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ônyx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A2oci5gl,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2017-08-14T14:23:32.175+0000) > > "Error 404, this string is too cancerous. Please try again" McAfee: "Malware detected:: RitoClient.exe"
Can't forget AVG, at least it auto quarantines lmaos
: That's me :D
: When you find yourself against a Rank 7 Teemo
I find that the ones with astronaut teemo skin is cancer
Mizaya (NA)
: "ADCs are too strong" "Ardent Censer is balanced" Choose one.
LOL "Yasuo is fun to play against" howboudah
: It is being nerfed, anyways. PBE: "Ardent Censer" UNIQUE Passive: attack speed bonus lowered from 20-35% > 25% UNIQUE Passive: Health drain on-hit lowered from 20-35 > 25
TheDonar (NA)
: LMAO "Sorry, let's wait until next patch to play. Cancer detected"
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: they could have made urf really good but they are instead deciding if they will give us legend of the dogshit king or ascension next
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Ônyx (NA)
: Could we NOT get the same champion in 5 consecutive urf games
I know urf is going to be gone, but just food for though for next urf.
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Le Him (NA)
: it has become... self aware
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Ralanr (NA)
: They reverted the changes though.
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: I'm not even sorry
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Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: I'm quitting league.
: TIL It's possible to confuse Singed with Yasuo
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: Isnt that what currently happens? Im not sure exactly, never seen someone not ban in the new 10 ban. They either chose a champ and hit ban, or they chose no champ and hit ban. I have yet to see someone not actually choose something and ban.
No people dont ban it and the game just continues :/
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: idk, that Illaoi looks pretty bad... looks like a free lane tbh.
: Did you try watching the replay with FoW on from his PoV? That might shed some light on it when you have time to do so.
Looking at the replay, its soo fucking obvious that i dont know why i didnt just record it from the get go
: Did you try watching the replay with FoW on from his PoV? That might shed some light on it when you have time to do so.
Looking at the replay, its soo fucking obvious that i dont know why i didnt just record it from the get go
Ônyx (NA)
: Silver Scripter lol
https://vimeo.com/220543674 I know theres a watermark, but im in a hurry :/
: Then did the player see the vision sweep from the plant? Did your laner flash into them to give it away? :3
No lane was shoved in, the angle that I broke the plant wouldn't hit the lane but rather the side oh it, then I placed a control ward.
RallerenP (EUW)
: I found the guy you were talking about... Scripting? He is silver 4, anything can happen especially since no one actually knows how to play against him. I've had great sprees with champs i've never played before. But im not going to rule it out completely. Why don't record the replay and show us where he was supposedly scripting? (Remember to turn off names)
Will do when i get home
: I have a total of over 6000 games played and i have met people who could do that, if nothing else than because of sheer dumb luck. Heck, theres a Zed play from Faker that could be considered scripting im sure, where he is fighting another Zed. Well, chances are he was not but it would sure look like it to you. Who says it was not warded over there? Did you check? They also could have, as i mentioned, play yasuo in normals and practice, and become skilled with him. They also could BE A SMURF who has been straying away from one of their main champions and roles. There are many things that you might not notice, and many things that you could still be oblivious to, even after 1.8k~ games. Your certainty that they were scripting is what bothers me about your post here, seeing as you have very VERY loose "proof" if that. It just seems highly unlikely that you would have met a first time scripter in ranked. Report them and let it be investigated perhaps, but you as a player do not know for certain if they was scripting or not.
It wasnt warded because I used the vision plant before i ganked, if he can't be a smurf he has 3 straight seasons as support and does subpar in that role.. Honestly, i can record the game for you..
: Lol, i just want to point out theres this thing called smurfing. That said, they easily could have just picked up yasuo pretty easily. Last but not least to put the nail in the coffin of your idea that he is scripting....... Are you only looking at the ranked games? Because you said "hes never played yasuo in ranked in the last 3 seasons". So what? I primarily play normals. Are you saying if i do not play a champion in ranked at all, but its a champion ive practiced with in normals, that you would call me out for scripting? Also you will likely have this post removed for "witch hunting".
I have a total of 1.8k games~ Im not retarded i can tell the difference between a scripter and someone who is obviously skilled. He landed all the q's in trades, nadoes and he landed an over the wall flash where i panicked flash in a weirdest way..
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: Play a champion with range
{{champion:77}}..... Either way he can flash r lmao
: I wonder if it will be good on {{champion:240}} . You activate your Violent Tendencies and go ham, then you go Berserk and go ham.
: Every champion that will love this rune (non- ADCmarksman) : {{champion:266}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} These are a rough estimation without gimmick builds (otherwise I would have added Nasus and Nautilus).
: {{item:3026}} lul
lul i need a tanky item, not a "safety net"
k wìx (NA)
: **Any Item that gives significant MR will stop his combo from killing you**, unless he gets super fed, in which case just stay away from him completely until later in the game!
Dreampod (NA)
: The main counter is to prevent him from getting farmed enough that he can annihilate you with R despite having some MR. If you do that he is squishy enough that he is quite killable with a bit of focus or CC that he would need to hit Q and W first to get a kill against a healthy squishy with at least one MR item. If you let him get free farm where he can safely last hit with double Qs then by the point he is a monstrosity it is really too late to do anything much about it - much like a Nasus.
: Don't get low heath. Just dodge the rest of his skills & you should be fine.
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: WHY DOES EVERY NEW THING THEY ADD TO THIS GAME FEEL LIKE A GIMMICK (sorry if that sounds ranty, I'm just sick of seeing so many unreliable and non-straightforward mechanics.)
: Best part about Playing in High elo
Theres nothing more RNG than my own teammates lul
: Aatrox hell yea
i picked udyr cause the team fight potential is greater than ever with these runes, especially panic
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