: Why is Kennen so weak?
Dude i probably have like a 100% w/r with kennen over like 8 games. Maybe im not THE person to tell you how to play him, but i can help a bit from a intermediate perspective (hes easy once you understand the tempo of his kit) Like his q imo does a bit too much damage late game, not to mention that in solo queue hes basically free wins if you can get a good ult off until you get to about plat elo when your not playing with monkeys. kennens wave clear is subpar until like level 10 and after that you basically oneshot the casters. "His Lightning Rush is so easily shut down, without flash he would never ult anyone" ehh not really, and i have probably only ever flashed to ult if i miss a target in my ult range and have to stun them, like a caitlyn who tries to escape or lucian who dashes away. tips: level up your e second not your w, your w is pretty good, but imo its just preference, i go w max second cuz it feels better to me since more stuns and more damage, but you can easily max e if you like the mobility that much, plus the more you max it the more AS you get after its over. get protobelt first. ive never ever got anything else first. it gives you higher dueling potential and much more mobility. dude dont worry, i think i tried kennen out in ARAM when i first got him and just didnt understand hit kit very well. go in practice mode and get the hang of combos and timings, my favorate, and most practical is probably (e,protobelt,ult, into your passive AS from e, Q,W) which allows whoever you chose to Auto cc'ed for about 3 straight seconds, which dosent sound like alot, but when your smacking them with w and q and ult you can basically oneshot an ADC if you get enough ult procs on them. glhf
: rip ascension-chan. best game waifu.
dude for real, like you could pick whatever champ you wanted, and it was way more fun then the rift. Also you could ban annoying champs like mundo **** mundo
: rip ascension-chan. best game waifu.
so sad, Alexa, play despacito {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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