: Item Shop Cleanup
Several thoughts about items and their impact. Firstly, **Duskblade** was awful. The original design was a miniature zed ultimate, as such this led to being way too gold efficient when you were ahead and very gold inefficient when you were behind. Thats the nature of assassin champions of course but it led to the champions receiving nerfs after the first duskblade rework. As someone else mentioned, the duskblade passive on your HUD shows you if you've been spotted even if the sweeper passive is on cooldown. This is a problem with no possible way to fix in its current iteration. The item needs a rework and assassin compensation buffs/nerfs to match it. **Rod of Ages** Roll back to season 2 when this item was core on any mid who needed mana and health in lane. It was such a staple that the AP items changed to allow more variety and then everyone just rushed Morello first item all the time. Now, RoA is taken on very few champions and it feels bad to build it. The passive Eternity effect is a really nice benefit but I think it could be taken a little further with adding cooldown reduction to the final item. Theres a lot of mages that would benefit well from a more varied build path but suffer massively from not getting early CDR (I'm looking at you {{champion:134}} ) I would also be curious to see the gold efficiency of RoA compared to other mid starting items at 0 stacks and fully stacked. **The Hex Core** Personal gripe here. You killed viktor for the majority of players due to his presence in pro play and his gold efficiency for his Hex Core but now _All_ Lost Chapter starting items are more gold efficient than the Hex Core until upgraded to it's 3rd tier. Shouldn't have to go Kleptomancy on Viktor to keep up with every other mage in gold. **Spellbinder** Alright this is a very weird one. Most champions do not benefit from this item and building it is very risky. The item is on of the least used mage items and personally I would be none the wiser if I woke up and the shopkeeper had "misplaced" it permanently. **Stinger** I think this item has more potential. Take for example, **Runaans Hurricane.** Why can't it be **Zeal + Stinger?** This would be very helpful for champions that build the item as it condenses their 3 part item into a 2 part, in line with other attack speed items. Perhaps **Phantom Dancer** could also have Stinger worked into it's build instead of Dagger + Brawler glove + Zeal. I can understand damage items being 3 parts, but the fact that staple zeal items, Shiv and RFC, are 2 parts to build makes them much more appealing. More diversity in the attack speed items would be nice to see. **Stormrazor** Delet this. Start all over, the item has been plagued since it's release because it forced ADC to do non-ADC building contrary to the original idea of how an ADC is meant to fight. Slower attacks gave more DPS, that makes no sense. As of current, it is such a niche effect that you are more gold efficient to build a different attack damage item or attack speed item than this hybrid. **Essence Reaver** This item may need some love. It's very niche and I can only think of one champion who builds it {{champion:498}} and she builds it due to being part caster part crit DPS. It is a gold efficient item but the lack of versatility or popularity for it makes me worried the item is a crutch for Xayah. If the item was removed and she was buffed to compensate it could be a balance issue, if the item was improved however we may see other champions start to take it.
: I'm more than a little surprised to see that people are currently stating that Marksmen are currently in a weak position. It seems a very common theme on the boards recently to state that there is too much damage in the game overall and that Marksmen are currently far too bursty for their supposed sustained-damage role. Several examples from the past week alone: [one](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/U6P3Jt8V-adcs-should-have-sustained-damage-not-burst), [two](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/fEeNbAEc-adcs-are-too-weak-and-riot-is-planning-buffs), and [three](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/2hcRYITz-why-do-tanks-not-work-anymore-overkill-damage). I know that it is a small-ish group of people, compared to the overall player base, who frequent the North American LoL boards, but given the number of these posts and the number of upvotes they tend to receive, I am wondering why there is such a huge discrepancy between the results of the polling Riot did and the opinions here on the boards. I know I personally would prefer for games to last a little longer than they currently tend to and for all-in 5v5s to not be over in the blink of an eye, as I feel they tend to now, but is that opinion really so different compared to the larger player-base today?
This is largely in part to the changes to crit items back in mid season and the creation of stormrazor. It forces up front crit damage and subsequent buffs to more bursty marksman (see Lucian and Kai'sa) have led to ADC either having up front burst or being useless when behind until late game.
: Ever thought about making Smite summoner spell singular in each team
This is an idea. That way if people role swap the jungler would have to swap away from smite. There is the potential however that some players hold champ select ransom by taking smite away from the players who would be jungling (for example jungle trades for top, but the support swaps to smite before the new jungler can, therefore the support is the only player fit to go jungle)
: You mention that you're looking into a lot of crit marksmen that are considered weak right now, but I don't see any mention of twitch. Is he a champ that is considered strong by riot atm? His current power relies heavily on twitch jungle but even then he is very lack luster. Bot lane wise he is practically a glorified cannon minion.
Glorified cannon minion. Basically ADC in a nut shell right now
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 30
Perhaps revert the Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver changes. You say stormrazor is strong but in truth the item is an atrocity. It feels absolutely terrible to play against in lane when now bot lane is "Who gets their stormrazor first wins" and then the item becomes basically useless later on when a crit ADC reaches 3 items. It feels terrible to have to rush stormrazor on every single crit ADC because you forced it as the only up-front damage item which is EXACTLY why you changed morello from being the must buy mid item.
: Stop buffing marksman when they're so powerful that they're the only champ type that can be played bottom Stop making balanced decisions off Brazilian silver players that play with their mini map off and die to ganks they should never die to. Jungle is an awful role already and keeps getting worse.
Give me another lane where marksman can function as one of the best picks in that lane and not a one trick and then you'll have the right to speak about "they're the only champ type in bot lane." The game was created since season 2 forwards with ADC in bot lane. It's far too late for riot to change that now without entirely reworking every ADC and giving them a home in other lanes. You then sit here and cry about jungle when hands down jungle is the most impactful role in solo queue right now. "Brazilian silver players" says the gold jungler.
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
I fall in the "I didn't try this year at all because I have yet to get my honor back from a chat mute in February and didn't reach my previous rank due to apathy for lack of rewards" category. It took me from my chat mute in February all the way to April to unlock my honor. And then it wasn't until july that I got honor 1 and began to receive key fragments. That is insanely slow progress. It's demotivating. I didn't have a ton of time to play this season but I would've gone harder for it if I even felt I would receive end of season rewards. While I'll still receive them now if I get to honor 2 (Currently final checkpoint) this news is a little late for people like me who chose not to climb for nothing.
: "SOLD OUT Sweeping Lens is no longer available in the store" Undo this next patch please, be able to cast sweeper into a bush before being in attack range has saved my ass countless times, you've removed purchasable stealth wards entirely and have now removed a vital tool to being able to check a bush without shoving your face into. Think there's a shaco/and or box in that bush? better get in burst range to find out, being able to safely cast sweeper into your front bush helps protect from lane ganks and allows you to effectively defend without having to face check something. Another example of Riot removing or altering something that they take no time to consider how it'll impact different roles or comps.
That is the entire point, you shouldn't be able to clear wards without there being a risk, or to grant vision without having a risk. Too much vision available in the game leads to very stale playstyles and the issue we have right now of stealth champs being overpowered because they can avoid abundant vision. Setting up a trap in a bush should be a playstyle rewarded with good execution, not squandered efforts because you can just trinket from a safe distance.
: Quinn Changes Coming Soon - Strike from the Sky!
My biggest problem with Quinn is her design at its core isn't a solo laner. It's a solo champion who can massively impact the map with relatively no cooldown to do so. Champions with as much global pressure as her (TF, GP, Taliyah, Karthus even really) have well established cooldowns to play around. Quinn can leave vision for 5 seconds and you wont know if she's recalling to gank bot or already in mid, counterplay requires communication and vision from top/jungle to have an early warning. Shifting some of her power to lategame is an option but she's really not about lategame. I'd say it would be better to commit to her early game and give her clear weaknesses other than missing cs to compensate for her globally accessible pressure and the champions nature. Otherwise she risks becoming overtuned again and receiving nerfs and we're back to square one. I think in order to give her a healthy balance, she needs to be treated like the early-game hyper mobile 1v1 ranged assassin she is.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Itemization on PBE (8.4)
While I think these changes are useful, I have some concerns about Rylais. It was the item that truly enabled picks like Viktor to be viable and though I know a Viktor meta in competitive play is rather stale (farm to 2 items and then one shot carries) I feel that unless Rylais is given back its better slow it's still going to be an underwhelming item. Not just on Viktor, but on anyone. The benefit of ADC being able to kite champs is something that enriches Mid lane play. Sure it's frustrating to be a melee unable to run down the enemy mid, but its singed syndrome with a simple cure: don't chase them. Most meta melee champs have gap closers as is right now so I think Rylais can be looked at again to have the slow buffed up (Maybe find middle ground at a longer slow than it is, but not as long as it was?)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 2
Hey Meddler, if you had to speculate what type of patterns or playstyle would you want the new new LeBlanc to take? She used to be a niche edge AP Assassin who thrived off of snowball but sucked elsewise, then she became a powerful pseudo-mage with assassin level damage. Any thoughts on what you believe LeBlanc _should_ be like to play? Also, any news on future work on Syndra to make her solo queue viable again? Thanks~
XinCrin (NA)
: Experiencing 130~ ping consistently
I know of another player having the exact same problem, they have lost a placement game due to unplayable ping caused by the game.
Øtters (NA)
: Battle Boss Malzahar Sound Bug [Gameplay]
Since then I have mindlessly picked Malzahar forgetting that this was a thing, further cementing my frustration T.T
Smyxie (EUNE)
: Tell me about it. Still, I cant invite anyone so I have contacted our support..
> [{quoted}](name=Edorin,realm=EUNE,application-id=6WpmgL9O,discussion-id=bVP9K9hm,comment-id=00270000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-19T15:33:26.634+0000) > > Tell me about it. Still, I cant invite anyone so I have contacted our support.. Are you already placed or is it applying only to people who haven't completed placement games?
: [RESOLVED] 1/16 Matchmaking Issues With Premades
My friend and I both ended Plat 5 and are still unable to duo in solo queue but we ended plat 5 and silver 2 in flex but can still queue up? Riot pls???
Rioter Comments
scazzman (NA)
: > > But what if you're in promos? You dodge-you forfeit. So now your only option, which isn't even viable in any sense of the word, is to play the game through even though you know it's lost before hand due to lack of team coordination and emotions. Yes, there is the common sense answer: Be mature and deal with your auto fill even if you aren't proficient in the role. But honestly, I think auto fill should be taken out completely because it would solve all of the above problems. Yes, longer que times would come up. I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather wait out the longer que for a role I'm confident in, than sit through a shorter que to either be auto filled into a role I'm not as advanced in or deal with a person who will troll because they don't have the maturity level to deal with auto fill. you can't be autofilled in promos
It's not a matter of them being autofilled during promos. It a matter of the person in your team being autofilled and not accepting it while you are in promos and therefore cannot dodge to avoid a toxic player in champ select.
: Updated Client - Known Issues
The champion quotes for banning a champion is extremely loud. Always 100% regardless of the changes to client volume settings. This appears to be independent from the champion lock-in quotes as they are not too loud. Either way this makes it rather annoying to play draft modes on the alpha client.
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
Removing Normal Draft would be a step backwards in a world we're already afraid in. Don't do this to us Riot. Get rid of blind queue <3
: Road to Pre-Season: Mastery Updates
Gaining 10% bonus Armor/MR when first hit is basically a cuck to any burst damage. If your whole combo is fast then that 10% could cost you the kill. Adversely, if you go in and then wait out the two seconds of extra tank stats, any assassin would find themselves in a dangerous position and likely be punished for their champions playstyle against champions with Fearless. I just think either 10% or 2 seconds is too long in the early and mid game which is where assassins really have to thrive to be relevant, even with their planned updates.
: Patch 5.24 notes
I don't know if this is intentional or not but Ezreal's Q doesn't stack a stack of Guinsoo's like one would assume it to do, since it is supposed to apply on-hit effects. Also, when Guinsoo's is stacked fully, Ezreal's Q activates the AoE damage but doesn't refresh the stack of Guinsoo's. This item is already a part of Hybrid Ezreal but it's just not living up to its full potential it seems.
: Most people are on smurfs because their mains are already banned for no reason
> [{quoted}](name=Darkvolcan,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0jW4OdQj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-19T00:18:19.085+0000) > > Most people are on smurfs because their mains are already banned for no reason "no reason" If people were banned for no reason they can appeal it. If theres a reason, they have to accept responsibility. Just like the rest of us do.
: How do you know what their main account is? The only way would be via IP address, but potentially everybody who lives with them has the same IP address. It's just not feasible.
> [{quoted}](name=C9 MonkeyD Luffy,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=0jW4OdQj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-19T00:07:31.925+0000) > > How do you know what their main account is? > > The only way would be via IP address, but potentially everybody who lives with them has the same IP address. It's just not feasible. Good point, I have seen the occasional ones in champ select or in game who say their main's name, but not every one is that open.
Rioter Comments
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You forgot {{champion:60}}
Lyte (NA)
: Whether a player DCs or intentionally leaves, it's still a ruined experience for 4 to 9 other players in the game. Although it isn't the player's "fault" when they unintentionally DC, it's even more unfair to penalize up to 9 players per game while a player figures out their connection issues. If you DC from the game because of League of Legends server stability, Leaverbuster won't affect you and won't count those games. If you DC from a game because of your ISP or hardware, please fix your connection first before playing more games.
> Whether a player DCs or intentionally leaves, it's still a ruined experience for 4 to 9 other players in the game. Although it isn't the player's "fault" when they unintentionally DC, it's even more unfair to penalize up to 9 players per game while a player figures out their connection issues. > > If you DC from the game because of League of Legends server stability, Leaverbuster won't affect you and won't count those games. If you DC from a game because of your ISP or hardware, please fix your connection first before playing more games. Not everyone can 'fix their connection' with their ISP. On top of that, a large issue when you disconnect is that if you take too long to reconnect, the game automatically disconnects you again due to inactivity. So you start the reconnection process all over again. Be it your internet connection or computer/hardware issues either one still causes players to suffer being disconnected from the game twice. This causes players to be even more behind should they reconnect at all. As I know everyone will reply with "Don't play with an unstable connection, blah blah blah," allow me to say this. You pay for the internet, you don't control it. No one can tell when the ISP could drop out or when there will be other errors between your incoming connection. While most AFK is probably user controlled, not all blame should fall on the player when things do go wrong.
Solels (NA)
: Can't connect to chat system; cannot invite people
I cant connect to chat either. I've tried reloading the game four times now.


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