RoyiQ (NA)
hey sent a request on discord im a gold 4 jungler
: Low Gold Average Team - Looking for Top or Mid and Jungle
hey would like to hop in the team! im gold 4 atm and a jungler
: Making a Gold / Plat or Gold / Silver team
i sent a request im a gold 4
Ventira (NA)
: He's very tough to play, immobile, and largely short range. I'm not a mid expert, though, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
ok man for sure, thx for all the help!
Ventira (NA)
: Probably mid due to roam and obj control, also the many new tools in assassin toolkits >_>
yea your prob right lol what are your thought on viktor mid? never rly got into him is he a little tuff to play?
Ventira (NA)
: definitely not bot lane lmao
lmao yea saw they got nerfed again... ik mid and jug are still prob best but out of mid, top or jug which would you say is best?
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: So in short, both roles are fun unless your allies aren’t up to par. Mm, understandable. Try not to point fingers all the time though.
ive messed up plenty of times, i dont want to sound like hashinshin or anything its just frustrates me ig. but what role would you recommend?
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: Getting S on them
: Play that champion exclusively, play as much every day as you can, earn S+ every game, and queue up with a full 5 man premade
what if I only solo queue? im in bronze 2 about to hit 1. i do somewhat well but my team normally feed to lose us the game what do i do than?
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: Play Nexus Blitz - 20minute games and high kills = good grades = mad exp


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