: Riot's at it again! Blatant over the top sexualized champion! Sylas the Magic of Hunky Studs
I def agree, I mean hes cute or whatever so I cant complain, I dont mind as long as people can shut their mouths about the girls.
Nopolis (NA)
: I feel so objectified. I am more than just a piece of meat.
> [{quoted}](name=Nopolis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=J6hdpimn,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-01-09T07:02:13.200+0000) > > I feel so objectified. I am more than just a piece of meat. BAHAHAAHA
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: Base and Winter Wonder Neeko Concept Art
: Are u seroiusly making Neeko's LAUNCH skin legacy?
I love Neeko so hearing this is pretty disappointing but I've already bought the skin and what not so I guess I cant personally complain too much. The really frustrating part is the Peridot/Green chroma being locked behind that stupid content creator program but hopefully they will release it the next essence emporium. {{champion:518}}
: > Its 2018 almost 2019 people _**grow up! **_ The irony.
True, pretty ironic we live in an age where people should be accepting but we still have rude ass people who will just never learn and never change their bigoted ways, thank you for pointing that out xo
: Keep in mind "controversy" is a two way street. LGBTQ Communities still vastly feel they are not represented nor accepted yet (even though from what I can see..... they actually are vastly accepted in the workplace, and in large metropolitan areas, but...... like everything, are topics of "curiosity among communities that have never seen them" - kind of like all "minorities") And I just touched on the side YOU are seeing/worried about. Communities that are small, and predictable, like 5000 population towns.... have rarely ever experienced LGBTQ, so they generally are louder about their confusion on the matter...... just like they are toward racial minorities.... and that ...... is a wound that will take a few generations to actually fix. You're not going to change their minds. You might be able to affect their kid's kids minds though. In my opinion, the LGBTQ community here is making too big of a deal about Neeko's outing, while the small unexposed town net crawlers are making a big deal about it for the other reason. The attention seeking from the LGBTQ seems just as awkward to me personally, and I'm currently training a Transgender man in my department. You know what? Day 1: I was calling him man, dude, male pronouns. I'm not offended in the least. He's at least more trainable and wanting to work than the other guys working for/with me......
Wanting a little representation in a game we enjoy is attention seeking? okay, extend the stigma a bit more why dont you. c:
: So you can't really prove that this neeko kid revolves around this. Almost every champ's kit, lore, and quotes reflect their character. Take my main, LeBlanc, the deciever, appears to people and takes many shapes in her lore, her mirror image plays into tricking people, and her quotes such as "would I lie?" ties it all up. THAT'S how you make a champion identity. thse 3 things all hafta be there, and they have to make sense together, and this whole neeko being a lesbian thing just doesn't fall into place with her champion. Neeko just has it for fanpleasing, just the same as the whole varus thingie.
uhm, who are you to decide what "has to be there" to make a champ valid. Too much entitlement among players sometimes I swear.
: Well if this lesbian thing is such a giant revolution like they say it is for a champ, then it WOULD be integrated into her kit somehow and into her lore
I cant imagine a kit that incorporates being a lesbian--- maybe her lore, but even then the full lore hasnt been released just yet and I believe she does refer to Nidalee as beautiful in her first part.
Aptest (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=377FAlR2,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2018-11-23T18:49:29.785+0000) > > who's playing innocent? "everyone triggered over Neeko being lesbian" This didn't happen. But there are a number of threads saying that it did. The threads saying that some people are upset exist. The threads of the upset people do not. Conclusion: people are not actually triggered. It is a lie. What accompanies this lie? The assertion hat some unreasonable people have a bad intent. And the OP writes herself in a position of a person defending against this unreasonableness. So, to answer your question: the OP, who is "playing the victim". And you. who is in support of her.
Most of the bad posts and comments were probably deleted because of bigotry, just because they arent here for us to see now doesnt mean they didnt exist.
Tegash (NA)
: Cool! It's also Rakan's thematic, and nobody complains about him either! Ezreal and Zoe are the worst offenders for "added in for appeal" sexuality with the stupid love triangle thing, but I haven't heard a single complaint about them! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} It's almost like the only reason people are complaining is because there's a lesbian in the game who talks openly about being a lesbian! Wow!
The truth comes out, smh lol {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
nGio (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ßasic ßitch,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=377FAlR2,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-11-22T06:40:57.785+0000) > > Riot made a miniscule post confirming she's lesbian after her announcement, I just cant understand how this feels so big and forced to all of you... I could understand if they really were ramming it up our ass that she likes chicks but it just isnt that way- Did Riot make a miniscule post confirming that anyone was hetero in the past? Of course not, because it's irrelevant unless it's somehow hard-tied into the lore. It's a double standard any way you look at it, which comes off as pandering.
No because everyone just assumes a character is straight because thats what society accepts as "normal" so when something different or might I say "diverse" rolls around, people are gonna want explanations and thats exactly what riot did, answer our questions, nobody feels the need to ask if characters are straight cus thats just our default assumption. Not that hetero characters need a post at all tbh anyways lmao.
: They're not. People are triggered that some people dislike Neeko and they assume it's solely because of her sexuality. I commend Riot for only confirming she's a lesbian when asked, and not trying to make a big deal out of the (fairly obvious) fact, futile though it was. As always when characters like this are introduced, Neeko is not a character anymore; she's a "symbol for the LGBT community" and disliking her is tantamount to murdering trans people in their beds and pissing on their graves.
No body took it to that extreme but run with that {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It's pretty simple: If Riot includes a gay champ, people are upset that it's 'done wrong'. If Riot doesn't include a gay champ, people are upset that there's no gay champ. If Riot makes a non-gay champ gay, people are upset that 'they did it just to say they did'. I hope this has been helpful to you.
Nobody is ever gonna be satisfied I guess :l
nGio (NA)
: No one is triggered, it just isn't necessary. Imagine if the Aatrox rework came with 'new and improved abilities, and now he's the ultimate lady slayer. He has sex with women....lots of em. Wings and a big sword, and he knows how to use them....on the ladies'. It adds absolutely nothing, and is only there to pander. For all we know, half the roster is gay, or Hindu, or both. Who gives a shit? The problem is that only LGBT gets celebrated and flaunted. It isn't courageous, or incredible, or worth mentioning, just like hetero behavior. I identify as human, and I only really appreciate other decent humans. Your sexual preference, age, color, religion, or any other sub class mean less to me than jack and shit. I get it, you're gay, or you're poor, or you're a cat living in a human husk. Just shut up already and tell me who you are. I don't need big announcements or reveal parties to tell me where a champion's genitals go. I don't find Aatrox more interesting because he swords the ladies, nor do I find the new champion more interesting because shes gay. It's less about the fact that gaming/comic/etc characters are in a minority group, and more about how much emphasis gets put into it.
Riot made a miniscule post confirming she's lesbian after her announcement, I just cant understand how this feels so big and forced to all of you... I could understand if they really were ramming it up our ass that she likes chicks but it just isnt that way-
Tegash (NA)
: Eve has lines that reference her sexuality 1000% of the time, but nobody has a problem with that. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Evelynn is a thot, and tbh I dont even care lmao <3 I dont get why people are okay with killer prostitutes but a lesbian lizard thing with a sharp tongue has everyone shitting their pants. smh ;c
: > [{quoted}](name=ßasic ßitch,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=377FAlR2,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-21T21:36:32.970+0000) > > Sure it isnt nessacary to the game itself but regardless I think its nice that riot took the step towards inclusion for its lgbtq+ gamers. We&amp;#039;ve had speculation around certain champs sexuality &amp;gt;.&amp;gt; {{champion:44}} {{champion:110}} &amp;lt;.&amp;lt; but the fact that Riot has officially confirmed an lgbtq+ champ makes things worlds different. > I feel like a lot of the people who have an issue with it just dont like it for no good reason, most of the reasons ive seen are just: > -Homophobia > -&amp;quot;irrelevant&amp;quot; > -&amp;quot;shoving it down our throats&amp;quot; > -&amp;quot;sexist&amp;quot; > -other random and wierd bs used to hide the fact that some how lgbtq+ &amp;quot;invading&amp;quot; their precious game makes them offended > > Why does it matter so much that she&amp;#039;s gay to you people? Let those that are happy about it be happy about it, why do you feel the need to come in and just be straight up rude and bring others down over something so trivial. We arent forcing you to support it, we got a small announcement of her sexuality I doubt that is shoving it down your throats. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} > > Representation isnt demanded, but its welcomed!!! {{item:3751}} {{item:3005}} {{item:3105}} {{item:3137}} {{item:1056}} {{item:3194}} (I tried to be cute but- ;o;) > Its 2018 almost 2019 people grow up! {{sticker:sg-shisa}} People aren't upset that she's lesbian. People are upset with her poor behavior, and with the idea that being a lesbian excuses that poor behavior and turns it into a positive. She makes leering comments about the women and puts down the men. Her behavior is sexist and distasteful. I feel sorry for people who have been waiting for a lesbian champion. Riot finally introduces one and it turns out to be this travesty. So much wasted opportunity. =\
Its obviously not meant to be taken seriously, a lot of people assume the reason she says these things is because she is lesbian, I cant find a single correlation between being a lesbian and sexism. I agree she could've been made more tastefully but being called smelly should be the least of our first world troubles.
: I'm not. Her character isn't defined by her sexuality, that's a plus. I just don't like the hinting at possibly retconning {{champion:163}} to be trans. Look, I'm fine with trans. Fine with a trans champ, too! BUT DO NOT CHANGE ESTABLISHED LORE! That and you'd change the fantasy behind a character. Little tiny details that change when you retcon a champ like so would be... terrible. Made a NEW trans champion and don't just decide "oh, I'll play it safe to put it on an old champ". {{champion:110}} was already received as a mixed bag by some lore buffs. The video, music, etc. were BEAUTIFUL but... it's a shame old Varus had to die for it, you know? That and Varus is possibly the game's crappiest Darkin. His in-game theme does NOT match his lore. It felt like it was just... smacked on. I will say, though, that {{champion:266}} lore was kinda bland and was an okay retcon. Also, I think {{champion:44}} could actually be made canonically gay/bi if they really wanted to go that route and have very little blowback... just... keep the Ez ship as a meme. I can think of better stories, maybe not ships, but stories. Lore shouldn't be determined by memes. >:( &nbsp; Anyway, I'm sorry I went on a rant there. tl;dr: I hope the Taliyah bit teased in Neeko's interactions was just a nudge and not an actual retcon. LoL lore needs to march forward. You can't rewind in League when you make mistakes. You can only make new actions in the future. Have an actual NEW champion that's trans. It doesn't intentionally limit the spotlight and it doesn't change an established lore.
I agree with that, changing a champs lore just for the sake of trying to add diversity to a game seems like a lazy way to present inclusion. But a trans champ would be lovely (coming from a trans person myself)
: The problem is that many people think that being "progressive" alone makes her above criticism. And the problem I have is actually pretty small. But what really drives me nuts is with what double standards these issues are discussed here. There is also nothing in between you either have to love her "progressiveness" or you are a horrible person, which is insane. [And to make things clear. If you are not bothered by how she was introduced or simply don´t care and just like the character then that is fine! There is a lot to like besides character interactions. And if adding an official lesbian character makes many people happy then I am glad that we have one now. You can have 5 more for all I care, as long as it´s executed well (Varus for example felt shoehorned af imo).]
If the reason you dislike a character is because they are different than you or differ from your beliefs, then youre being prejudiced. And in the case of hating on someone for being lgbt I do think that qualifies as behavior of a bad person. Not that I ever took it to the extreme of calling them horrible people anyways.
: From what I've seen, there are more people who take issue with Neeko's dialogue than those who are bothered by her sexuality. Personally, I can't fault them for that, since a lot of her shapeshift interaction dialogue is either creepy or borderline man hating.
Im tired of hearing the sexism card, who tf cares if she calls boys smelly, most young girls say that >,<
: Age doesn't define progress. It's 2018 and we can explore space but not cure cancer? What gives? I think most rational people don't inheretly dislike Neeko because she is lesbian, but because of the fact that people are focusing only about the fact that she is one. I mean, she is also a shapeshifter half-lizard!! A curious chameleon! I think her aspect of curiosity can make the younger audience coorelate with her, no matter who they are. But people (including Riot, to a degree) are putting her sexuality on a pedestal. Diversity is always nice, but for many, sexuality is rarely a part of their personality. I personally think It's always interesting when characters aren't defined by sexuality. And Neeko isn't that, she is just childish. Though I do understand where people are coming from, it's nice to have representation. But this, for me borders on kindergarden. We should be showing good characters that happen to be LGBT, not the other way around. In general I like Neeko though. It's nice to have champions that don't breathe edge.
I definitely agree with pretty much everything you've said, I think being lesbian is only a small trait to the bigger picture of a character, is it important? yes, is it all that makes up Neeko as a person (or half lizard thing)? no. I feel its more so other people exaggerating the fact she is lesbian rather than Riot trying to make that her key selling point, the first thing that caught my attention was her awesome passive not that she likes girls, but I guess I cant speak for everyone so :p
Zyranium (EUW)
: People making threads like this are part of the problem, honestly this is so dumb, I've seen only 2 threads against, and then 10 other threads with "Why are you guys so triggered about this ?" Just stop seriously, theres actually more people making this a problem than actual people rejecting Neeko for being lesbian.
I made this purely based off the amount of rude things ive seen, so who are you to tell people what and what not to post, thank you, next.
: Wrong, its actually more than that, and that's way too many. A champion shouldn't have to tell you that half the time.
would make sense if it actually equated to half her lines, which it doesnt.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: i honestly don't understand it either Like, league has 140 champs that don't have confirmed sexualities etc, then there's 1 champ that has few voice lines about being a lesbian and then getting confirmed to be a lesbian And people just get really mad at that. Why? {{item:3147}} {{item:3751}} {{item:1026}} {{item:3137}} {{item:3312}} {{item:3285}}
: people get annoyed cuz rito made the champ that way JUST for the sake of it. then in her quotes and stuff she literally makes a reference to her sexuality like 50% of the time. that's annoying. We dont care that she is, we just want a champ that isn't that JUST because.
She has like 5-6 lines hinting at her sexuality. You all are acting like nearly every line is her screaming she's a lesbian.
: Neeko is openly gay for a reason. You're just not used to it.
About time we get something like this, lets just ignore the ignorant homophobes and sip our tea c;
: I stick with poorly designed lore, why else would the elders buy time to ensure their continued bloodline then allow the only gay member who cannot have offspring be the person to escape? The elders would have been better served using neeko's shapeshifting to ensure several young could escape instead of neeko. Either that or neeko is a heartless selfish monster who used her people as a meat shield so she alone could survive instead of using her abilities to ensure several of her people lived in exchange for neekos death.
> [{quoted}](name=Karn Bishop,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1WNl1t0w,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-20T23:47:15.072+0000) > > I stick with poorly designed lore, why else would the elders buy time to ensure their continued bloodline then allow the only gay member who cannot have offspring be the person to escape? The elders would have been better served using neeko&#x27;s shapeshifting to ensure several young could escape instead of neeko. > > Either that or neeko is a heartless selfish monster who used her people as a meat shield so she alone could survive instead of using her abilities to ensure several of her people lived in exchange for neekos death. The homophobe jumped out OxO
: Imagine if Neeko was a male chameleon and after changing into the form of a woman commented on how weak she was. Don't think that would have made it into the game....
I dont understand how being called smelly equates to something women have been oppressed over for many years during the feminist movement.
: Do I Smell As Bad As I Look?
"Sexist" sksksk get the hell out of here, im so tired of these dudes with fragile ass egos getting mad over a small joke, almost every young girl calls boys smelly, are you supposedly mature adults that immature?
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: This is hilarious as your entire argument hinges on neeko being the first gay character and shes not even the second one but third, nobody had a problem with varus being gay just with his primary story of family revenge being deleted instead of added to, everyone recognizes that Taric is fabulous. Shes just poorly developed champion in both lore and kit hence the hate, good storys show you who someone is they don't tell you which is something lgbt designers seem to have no concept of even understanding that point. I also have to question the elders mental state and wonder if the elders are responsible for the homelands destruction because out of all their people to save they choose to save the only one who cannot produce more offspring even though that was the purpose of the elders buying time? Why not save someone in the village who was more like ahri, or rakan? seems a poor choice to save your peoples lineage unless you wanted the lineage to die out then its an excellent choice.
Girl Varus and Taric arent confirmed to be gay, varus is the bi-product of the story of two homosexual lovers, but Varus himself hasnt been proven to actually be gay, and saying Taric is gay based on appearance is bs and just extends the issue with "gay stereotypes". Cant we just have feminine men and not have to automatically assume they are queer??? Neeko is the first official lgbt character PERIODTTT >:O Also your analogy on sacrificing the poor lesbian ones is honestly sad, I doubt the elders cared who they saved based on sexuality lmao.

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