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: If 3 champions were going to take over the world who would be the most successful?
{{champion:106}} {{champion:79}} and {{champion:34}} . Volibear is a bear, Gragas would get everyone drunk so they wouldn't be able to fight them, and Anivia would cause endless winter.
: Make up a silly, yet obviously fake rumor about riot games.
Riot games is owned and operated by {{champion:27}} , Dunkey even proved it folks.
Gankie (NA)
: Misheard League of Legends Quotes...
"Kill the enemy when you see em! -in bed." {{champion:81}}
: As Halloween Approaches, I rise yet again... With RP to give.
Also the person above me is terrified of ducks.
: As Halloween Approaches, I rise yet again... With RP to give.
Here is my story of Icarus, THE DUCK. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One frosty October night, the duck who went by Icarus was out, searching for a present to give to his girlfriend, Nucluney, for her birthday, which coexisted with halloween. Unfortunately the humans had picked the park clean, and nothing was to be found, until Icarus decided to check in the water. What he found in the water would change his existance forever, and it all started on that October night. While Icarus was swimming in the water he noticed a shiny object on the riverbank. He swam under and tugged with all his might to free it, it was a shackle connected to a three foot long chain. When he pulled the chain out of the water, a foot floated to the surface. "Holy quack!" Icarus shouted. He then brought the chain back to their nest and hid it under some branches. The next morning, something was strange, the foot seemed to be alive, and had followed him back to his nest, he awoke to the smell of not only stinky, but rotting feet! He did his best to keep quiet, but let out a little quack. It woke up his girlfriend, who's name was Nucluney. When she woke up the foot seemed to disappear and in it's place? The chain sat upon the spot where the foot just was. "Uhh, happy early Birthday!" Icarus said to Nucluney. "Why thank you Icarus, what is that?" Nucluney questioned. "It seems to be a chain that humans kept prisoners on, but I'm sure it would be a great necklace." Icarus responded, making it up as he went along (kind of like this story) So she put it on, and they had wonderful day, however late that night Icarus heard a scream! He awoke and noticed Nucluney missing from her spot in the nest, in fact she wasn't anywhere he could see! So he went down to the source of the scream, the pond where he found the chain. To his horror, he found Nucluney, stuck under the water, with the shackle connected to the chain around her neck. It seemed to have pulled her under the water to kill her. Still wondering what the scream was, with much sobbing now, Icarus turned around, and saw the ghost of his girlfriend! "I'm sorry it ended this way, Icarus, but that chain is evil, never come back for my body or you will die too!" The ghost wailed. "It's all my fault, though, but if you wish me to leave, I shall." Icarus sobbed. That next day Icarus wouldn't leave the nest, he was still in shock. It wasn't until his friend, Daryl, showed up that he even said a word to anyone. "Hey Daryl, I'm feeling really down, could you tell me a horrible duck pun joke?" He asked. "Sure thing Icarus! Okay what do you get when you cross ducks and fireworks?" He asked. "Firequackers!" Daryl screamed as he finished his own terrible joke. Icarus told Daryl he felt better, but only because he wanted to be left alone. Later that night Icarus awoke to himself being dragged upon the ground! He looked and saw that the same chain that had killed his girlfriend had attached itself to his leg and was going to pull him under the water! As he was dragged under the water Icarus looked up, and saw his girlfriend. "At least we'll be together," he thought. As he let out his last quack, he had finally seen the light. But the curse of the chain wouldn't let him go so easily! Now it's said on Halloween night, you can see the ghost of Icarus, the chained duck, or Chained Icarus, paddling around that same pond, warning about sticking your bill where it doesn't belong, and making terrible duck puns. So remember, when you see chains at the bottom of rivers, LET THEM BE! THE END _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How'd you like my story? You could say that it was a quack of a good time! {{champion:122}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:55}}
: Shurima event ends September 21
They should have a daily match system like Smite. With modes like Ascension and U.R.F.


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